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Chapter 92

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When starving people saw food, they would be like sex maniacs fucking beautiful people or misers seeing a huge mountain of gold. The same excitement and joy was beyond one’s control. In a flash, this excitement could bring these people a lot of strange actions. 

When JinYu saw how a bunch of fruits appeared out of nowhere, he sighed deeply. They really were giving the performance of a rapacious wolf.

Of course, once one sated themselves they wouldn’t really want to move…

“Oi oi, did you guys come to explore or did you guys come for a vacation? Are you guys just going to lie around like good-for-nothings?” JinYu looked at the crooked fellows before him who were at a loss of words. “Hurry up, we’re going to survey this area then go to the last place.”

However, those who were lying on the ground and heard JinYu’s words still pretended to be dead. Luckily, as JinYu’s best youngest follower, Shan Bailu was able to answer with dignity, “Older brother, we’ve really felt as though we’ve suffered through enough today. You should just tell us what the last place is like directly. We’re listening, and it seems like you’ve been there before… Anyway, it’s impossible to go around the entire planet in a day, I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to go home! I want to eat meat!”

Hearing Shan Bailu’s words, JinYu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He really wanted to step on that guy’s face and smudge it into the ground. Was their energy just going to peter out like this? What happened to the excitement and vigor?! As expected, you guys aren’t tough enough yet!

However, even though JinYu was exasperated with his younger brother, but in reality he was powerless against the current situation. After all, just before they suffered a lot in the desert and now that they were in a more comfortable place everyone except those with strong willpower no longer wanted to move.

Hey, do you think Li Xiao and Jin Qian and maybe even Chengliang were the kind of people with strong wills? Well you’re correct. However! Right now you guys don’t have anyone to fucking kill or anyone to fucking chase, with a good rest who would want to go out and exert themselves again?! Those kinds of people definitely can’t stand firm or strong, and won’t they just get abused? It’s not like you guys can’t do it again!

So Boss Jin looked at all the people beasts one by one with extreme disdain. You guys can beg but since you guys were waiting for this I’ll just sit down and bite into my bagel and say, “Actually although I said the next place was super important, with the current situation, there won’t be any benefit to going there right now and doing extra work. Considering the current situation of you guys, let’s rest a bit and then explore this area to see if there’s anything to satisfying our hunger. Those who are hurt are also starving. Let’s wait until the beasts are settled. I’ll use the express service to get food sent as quickly as possible and then we can consider sending other assistant or herbivore beasts over.As for the minerals and other things, let’s take it slowly and just wait until the beasts are settled then figure it out.”

JinYu’s words were directed towards the few who didn’t want to walk anymore, so some of them directly ignored this guy’s blatant ridicule. Either way, the fact that they were able to return soon was always a good thing. Although this planet was good, they still preferred the kennel to a place where they had no food.

“Big bro, what beasts have you decided to send over? Bring a big white shark!” Shan Bailu’s eyes were shining with excitement. This fellow really was crazy.

“En, how about setting a big white shark up your ass??” JinYu said coldly, “With your close proximity, I wonder what kind of cross-breed you guys will produce.”

Shan Bailu was choked by this sentence, making his face form a strange expression. Jin Qian’s laughter next to him made his skin crawl.

“Older brother, if we can’t, we can’t… The oceans on this planet are so large, the great white sharks don’t really matter in comparison.”

JinYu rolled his eyes then said, “There’s nothing that huge about it. However, you seem to think this is still Capital Star. There are numerous beasts with all kinds of abilities at the Capital Star that are quite different from regular animals here. However, if they come over, it’ll be too difficult to predict what will happen since they’re so fierce. I first need to find a group of harmless beasts that are similar to the ones here. We first need to let them adapt to this place and then we can move forward.”

Hearing this, Shan Bailu nodded, this was quite true. After all, unpolluted and clean state of the planet was still relatively precious. It should be well protected. However, thinking of what was wrong with Shan Shao, he just realized something he couldn’t quite comprehend.

Just what was the fellow?!

Actually since coming here, Li Xiao and Chengliang most likely guessed the secret about this planet. In reality, JinYu’s previous joke wasn’t really like a joke, it was like he was really communicating with the planet. However, in Li Xiao and Chengliang’s opinions, JinYu’s “old fellow” didn’t mean that this planet was that terrible. What they thought was that an ancient holy beast was guarding the planet. Or something like that. Anyways, these two people were definitely better than a certain third junior. 

They were ignorant until now and though that before JinYu really was joking around… Chengliang looked at Shan Bailu and sighed into Li Xiao’s ear, muttering, “Just look, this guy is in this kind of situation. He’ll definitely be beaten and abused by that unscrupulous doctor!”

Li Xiao glanced at the guy next to him then said coldly, “Just like the way you treat me?”


In a flash, a certain mega-orange lost all its color and started to swear and how, “How could it be how could it be!! Xiaoxiao you have to believe me! I’m not one of those shady guys!”

Li Xiao heard this and didn’t even get to open his mouth before Jin Qian sneered, “I don’t think there’s any other person who is more shameless than you are. For real.” 

If this guy wasn’t shameless, then he wouldn’t believe he could shake the firm Li Xiao. However, this kind of person was actually quite pitiful. Looking at a guy like that, it seemed like he would be beaten to death… … Li Xiao looked calm and upright but it wasn’t so easy to fool him.

In comparison, it’s still his own Xiao Bai that was the best, tsk tsk, if you bully or flirt, you’ll get your hair burnt to crisps or bitten, but you better not touch him.

Consequently, a certain unscrupulous doctor shook his head next to Shan Bai Lu and said to him, “I think Chengliang is stupider than you.”

Hearing this Shan Bailu first nodded in approval. He wasn’t a dumbass! However, halfway through nodding his head, he suddenly stopped. In the next moment, he caught on fire. “What’s the meaning of this? You said he was stupider!!”

The prediction came true. Jin Qian happily laughed, “No, you heard me wrong. I said you just have integrity.”

Therefore, Shan Bailu succeeded.

Jin Qian turned around and looked at a certain mega-orange that lost to Shan Bailu and smiled.

The beasts nearby all couldn’t help but scorn the scene occurring in front of them. Da Bai looked at Baozi, Wang Wang looked at Er Hei, and they all nodded their heads with satisfaction. Their eyes were really good. To find the first half you had to find the second!

And Xiao Xue, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Bao who were watching on the side all had unhappy looks on their faces. Is it that great with your partner by your side to stimulate the beast? Is it that much better?

Our cute house, will still have food! Dogs and cats, do you have something nice to eat like that? —— This is what Xiao Bai disdained. This was Xiao Xue and Xiao Bao, no explanation needed. 

With enough difficulty everyone finally got a rest. JinYu and the others felt suffocated just by walking a small half of this rainforest. Even though this was just a small half, but the stuff they harvested made JinYu want to use a truck to pull it.

However, even though they harvested different kinds of fruits and materials, the last step was easier. When JinYu and his group appeared in front of the group of powerful and hungry beasts with a pile of food, the beasts… Instead of howling happily and rushing forward, or using their cuteness to get food, but rather correctly worked together to rouse their spirits and worship.

“……” Looking at the group of frozen beasts, Boss Jin’s teeth ached. “I think my house is full of cheeky and bullying cute beasts.” This group of beasts owed a lot! A lot!

Hearing this, Qi Qinglin’s face suddenly had a strange expression. He finally wanted to say something.

“Actually, I think while waiting for you to go back and looking after them, I really won’t think about them at all.”

If it couldn’t be done right then they would all impulsively do whatever they wanted In reality, that house was too fucking refined by a certain someone. After all, if parents weren’t home for five days, then the consequences would be bad. 

“En? How could that be~ They should be very obedient.” JinYu had a small smile, trying to relieve the other person.

And Qi Qinglin and Baozi and WangWang’s eyes simultaneously started drifting. They thought about how they could tell these guys to hurry up and solve the issue.

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