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Chapter 90
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although the big BOSS wanted to see what would happen if they let the quicksand take them, this rare act of innocence of his didn’t get the approval of anybody else.

Seeing Qi big BOSS’s unhappy expression, Boss Jin said to him under his breath, “You know, I think it’s fine that you want to try sinking into the quicksand. Really, I wanted to try it too! But now isn’t the time to explore right? We have plenty of time after this to come back and try again. The Earth isn’t going anywhere, we can just do it the next time?! How about it?”

Qi QingLin thought about it and decided that his partner was right. Looking back, he saw the collective sad gazes of people and beasts alike directed towards him. With a quick flash of awkwardness, he quickly whispered, “Rise.”

Thus, no one needed to try the suicidal motion of drowning themselves in quicksand.

Everyone was a bit beaten after coming out of the quicksand. Of the seven beasts, XiaoXue, WangWang, and XiaoBao looked the worst. JinYu felt that they shouldn’t stay here any longer and should look for an oasis to rest.

Although for a normal person, finding an oasis in the desert requires a lot of stamina and astonishing luck. Otherwise, sinking into quicksand might be a better way to go. However, for boss Jin and his companions, conquering the desert was easy. With JinYu providing the general direction, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang trotting ahead, DaBai carrying XiaoBai while dragging XiaoXue, ErHei and BaoZi protecting WangWang and XiaoBao, and BOSS who held onto JinYu simply flew…

It wasn’t long before they reached an oasis.

An oasis in the desert was always a sight to behold. The usual greenery looked usually pleasant in the desert and that clear as glass lake, refreshed their body and heart.

XiaoXue, WangWang and XiaoBao, when they arrived, the first thing they did was charge into that lake while screaming. Li Xiao and Cheng Liang also vigorously washed their face in the water. Just as JinYu thought they could finally rest and start looking for food in the jungle, a scream from Shan BaiLu came from afar.

“AHHHHH——-!! Boss save me!! You half-baked doctor!!! I’m in the quicksand!!”

Hearing the scream, JinYu couldn’t help but feel his lips twitch. Good, good, for some reason, they just can’t get over the quicksand thing after arriving here. But when he thought about it, his frowned slightly, if Jin Qian, that half-baked doctor, was with Shan BaiLu, then why did he let him drop into the quicksand?

But no matter what, if his underling asked for his help, he needed to take a look. Not only that, there was someone here whose eyes had been gleaming the moment he heard the cry…okay, even without him having to open his mouth, they had teleported right in front of Shan BaiLu.

But what they saw could only be described as weird.

“…Xiao San, from what I recall, quicksand doesn’t just stop at your mid-waist even if you stop moving. And I don’t recall you gaining DaBai’s abilities either.”

Shan BaiLu was also confused but although he wasn’t smart, he was shameless. He looked up at JinYu and said in all seriousness, ‘Boss, I didn’t think the quicksand was this shallow.”

Hearing that, JinYu’s expression just darkened further. Before he could speak, though, another, chilly voice sounded, “You just stepped into a hollow mineral deposit okay. Don’t go thinking there is quicksand everywhere. Even if it was true, it isn’t enough to bury your stupidity.”

“What did you say?!” Shan BaiLu exploded after hearing that.

“What did you say?!” This time it was JinYu.

“There is a mineral deposit here, Shan BaiLu just stepped near the bottom of it that’s all.” JinQian ignored the former and said to the latter, “I have to say, you’re really lucky. I was originally thinking that from what I knew of the minerals on Earth, even if there was a lot, there was little we would find precious now. Other than gold and silver that hasn’t changed, there wasn’t much else.”

JinYu’s narrowed at what he said, “So you’re saying there is precious minerals that didn’t originate on Earth?”

JinQian nodded, “If I’m seeing things correctly, what’s in front of us is carbon ion crystals with some energy. This stuff can be used to make ‘carbon ion cold weapons’, that’s all the rage in the Capital Star. But because there is little of this material, there is only a thousand of these weapons made. And from a rough estimate…this desert has enough carbon ion crystals to make tens of thousands of those weapons.”

Before JinQian even finished, JinYu’s eyes became blinding bright. Just then, from the side came Cheng Liang’s cry of shock and what he said made JinYu feel as if he was already the richest man alive. “What the fuck!! Are you kidding me?! Why is there accompanying tiny energy particles?! There must be a massive amount of energy crystals!!! If this was discovered by those beasts and humans, how crazy are they going to get?!!!”

Thus, you-know-who boss laughed contently. He suddenly felt as the desert was amazing, look at this gold like sand! Just looking at it gave off a pleasant feeling!

On the other hand, Qi-big-BOSS didn’t share his joy at all. All he thought was that this desert was so boring. If it had rare mineral deposits, then why doesn’t it have those castles buried under the sand? It’s not even as cool as the Endless Desert of the Capital Star. At least he found an underground village there.

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