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Chapter 75

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Assyrians could clearly tell that in the past there were not very many eye-catching beasts in their lives. Recently, their sense of existence had increased sharply by several times

First, two days ago, the super-large contract beast which was attacked by the Zheng troops in the mountainous area and then the news that the contract beast of the scientific research institute had turned into a human being exploded out. The two storms had not passed and the authorities had not responded positively. Then, two days later, another wounding case of underground gladiatorial Arena broke out on the network.

And unlike the blurred pictures of the previous white fox incident in the mountains, this underground Gladiator event had spread out in a high-definition video directly on the Internet. Although some shaking and some noises were mixed, the whole process had been clearly shot and the angle of video shooting was just right.

From Cecil and the beast going on stage, to the fight between them, to the beast’s opening mouth and biting Cecil’s throat, then the video stopped abruptly.

For a total of ten minutes, as if to deliberately create some effect, the dim light and the tense breathing on the screen were infinitely amplified in the video, especially with the final abrupt stop. Nothing but a dark picture, almost everyone who watched the video felt it was creepy.

[Why did it stop? My heart is about to jump out just looking at it and suddenly it’s gone? What happened in the end? Was that man bitten to death? What is the final result? Didn’t you finish sending a video?]

[This end of the video has not come out. I had friends at the scene and they were absent-minded after returning. Noone knows if that player was bitten to death, but not only did that happen, all of the Qi beasts in the field went out of control and directly attacked the audience.]

[My family lives in the vicinity. I saw a lot of people gathering around that day. I didn’t know what was going on. The military department, the Zheng Army and the medical hospital all came. That’s what happened? That’s terrible, isn’t it?]

[Bitten? Ha-ha, we should take a good look to the people who like contract beasts and remind them of this all day long. One day, they will be killed. Whoever is crazy about you, they should let the contract beast and get out of Assyria! Now that people have been attacked and wounded, who knows what’s going to happen in the future.]

[We should make the Qi beasts leave Assyria+1. It’s good to say that some of the large Qi beasts seem too scary. As for what happened in the suburbs that day, the authorities have not responded to it until now. They are extremely disappointing. Don’t let the Zerg war go on. Let’s kill ourselves first.]

[… If you want to say that all the beasts injured humans, then blame the people who put the beasts first in the illegal underground arena. How come nobody said that they were there? Shut up! Were you so badly injured that you were going to die? Did you fight back? Is this not a beasts instinct?]

[Shocked Bailian, it can wash the ground. One day, he was bitten by Qi beast. Before he died, he had to struggle for love, funny face.]

[Shocked Bailian+1 My cousin was also on the scene at that time. After returning home, it was said that she had several scratches on her body. She was in a trance. So far, she has not been able to wake up. I really think that the group of Qi beasts should go to hell. At this time, it is best to accompany them to hell by the people who maintain Qi beasts.]

The comments were still refreshing and things were not over yet.

As if it had been calculated in advance, just at the climax of the comments, there were some others who began to follow the wind watched a video that was mentioned in the comments after only three minutes.

The video was no longer a battle between Cecil and the Qi beast, but a chaotic scene after the lights went out. All the people who turned on their sound could hear the screams of the people in the video and occasionally, when the lights flickered, the fierce look of the contract beasts that flew towards the people.

Although the clarity of this video was far less than that of the previous one, the chaotic and unsteady shooting mode, as well as the most authentic screams of panic, exacerbated the tension in the hearts of people watching the video.  

Such a small video had spread rapidly on the interstellar network, with the previous paving, this time very quickly, it received an intense response and comments.

[… God, seeing this video almost reminds me of the nausea of the Zerg homicide video I saw a long time ago. Is this the second devil that Assyria is going to meet again?]

[It’s frightening. Why do these people go to such places? There’s always a sense of self-seeking. Is it okay if they don’t go and no one knows how many people have been bitten to death…]

[Some people talk too much. Is it funny when a beast bites someone and a strange person appears? Did you see the scene? If the authorities don’t respond to this, I’m really disappointed with the present Assyria.]


At this moment, Wen Jin was bored as he sat in Dewitt’s office, brushing through the comments on the Internet. Eighteen hours ago, Dewitt began his pivotal meeting after meeting.

Wen Jin thought it was interesting to read these messages on the internet, so at first, there was no comment in his mind. However, when the situation lasted for eighteen hours, Wen Jin’s unhappiness was stirred up.

Wen Jin, who had learnt to recognize more words this time, opened the light screen on Dewitt’s desk somewhat angrily and stretched out his hand on it and wrote a large “18 hours” in a twisted way.

The big fool didn’t even try to find him for eighteen hours!

Staring at the big line on the screen, Wen Jin hummed.

[What kind of meetings are they? Why are they going on for so long?] Wen Jin wrote a row of eighteens in succession in several reports for Dewitt. Finally, he pushed the screen in front of him and slumped his body in Dewitt’s broad chair with an unhappy face.

The room was quiet, which made Wen Jin recall that twenty hours ago, the underground arena was lit up by light and he did not know whether it was because of the glare, or because of the gentle whistle, the action of the beast at that moment, as if someone had pressed the pause button, one by one, was fixed in place and did not move. Shortly after the Qi beasts stopped moving, a large number of soldiers poured into the venue. They controlled the Qi beasts one by one. When they passed Wen Jin, many soldiers also showed curiosity on their faces because of the people surrounded by Qi beasts.

After that, a sweaty Dewitt rushed in to look for him, took him back to the army quickly and received a line of correspondence one by one on the way. Then, he stayed alone for eighteen hours.

Wen Jin bit a piece of dried meat and decided to go to the canteen. If Dewitt hadn’t come back after he came back from the canteen, he would go straight to catch the people responsible.

Dewitt had put something on his terminal before and said that if he wanted something to eat, he could go to the canteen and eat anything directly. He said that it tasted good.

Considering Dewitt’s strong figure, Wen Jin was subconsciously confident of Dewitt’s statement that he could make a meal like that with hi small tail. It shouldn’t be worse, so he looked forward to it a little.

The door opened, Wen Jin walked out, instantly sniffing, his eyes warm with the thought of the food fragrance and he walked quickly towards the dining hall. However, he had just taken two steps and suddenly a man came out from behind him and hit him heavily on the shoulder.

Wen Jin was stunned. Then he saw the soldier who had hit him, waving his hand perfunctorily to apologize. Then he rushed straight into the dining hall and sat down at a table already occupied.

“Hey, did you hear that Marshal and Prime Minister Melson had a fight?” The soldier’s voice was very low, but Wen Jin’s ears could be heard clearly from a hundred meters away, not to mention his close proximity. He frowned slightly when he heard the words.


“Upstairs, haven’t they been having meetings? It used to be an internal meeting of the Ministry of Military Affairs, but now it is a meeting with the House of Representatives. It is said that the Marshal and the Prime Minister did not seem to agree and collapsed the negotiation.”

“What, collapse? How could it collapse?”

“It’s about Qi beasts. Everyone said before that they didn’t attach importance to Qi beasts and neglected Qi beasts. During this period, however, it became more and more boiling and Qi beasts have become more and more out of their control. The House still seemed to think that they would have to survive this period of time and make further investigations, because in two hours, the Uttar Prince and his envoys will arrive. Can this new hatred and old hatred be added up without breaking down?”

By this time, Wen Jin had walked over to the dazzling counter.

With his nose twitching and with a slight glance, Wen Jin, a gourmet expert, knew that these meals were not bad, but they were definitely not as good as what Dewitt made at home.

But he was hungry now. He ate all the snacks he had left in the space before. So, Wen Jin ordered a big table.

In the military canteen, such behavior could be said to be very noticeable. So Wen Jin casually found a table, sat down and was instantly shrouded by several curious eyes.

His face appeared very frequently in the army these last two days and he had been discussed for a long time. Besides, many people saw the scene of Dewitt returning to the scene and pulling Wen Jin out. At this moment, the relationship between Dewitt and him had become a hot dinner topic for some people.

Wen Jin just listened from the corner with great enthusiasm. They were discussing whether Dewitt and Melson were talking about after their negotiations fell through. After Wen Jin sat down, the topic changed.

“That’s who I was talking about before, the one with Marshal…?” The man who bumped into Wen Jin asked his companion in a low voice.

“Yes, it’s him. Brother or lover? Which do you bet on?” Someone at the same table asked teasingly.

Wen Jin wrinkled his nose.

“Well, it’s not good for us to talk about the Marshal like that.” There were honest people trying to stop them, “Marshal is not married, even the object is quite normal ah.”

Wen Jin ordered a little on the table and his squinted eyes showed a sign of appreciation. After that, he felt a little angry and stared at the bowl in front of him. He wondered how he could be happy now because someone maintained his small tails image.

“Gee, gee, you don’t know. Didn’t I just say that upstairs talk broke down?” The soldier who bumped into Wen Jin at the door said again, “There’s also something about it. It’s said that the Uttar Prince seems to be particularly interested in the Marshal. The Prime Minister wants the Marshal to meet him in two hours.”

“What? How could Marshal be willing?”

“He won’t, plus with the previous underground arena issue, it seems very complicated. Anyway, the two of their talks collapsed directly. Someone said that the Marshal took people away directly and the meeting did not even start.”

When Wen Jin’s ears heard the words “took people away.” He shifted in his seat and the unhappiness and depression swept through him. His eyes couldn’t help but shine. He swept through the whole table in front of him at the speed of light and emptied it. Then he rushed straight out of the canteen.

Not long after rushing out, it seemed that Wen Jin disliked running too slowly on both legs and was distressed by his clothes. Wen Jin casually found a hidden place to change and his four legs rushed all the way to Dewitt’s office like a small wheel.

Just as he rushed into the corridor of the office, he saw the door of the office opened from a distance. He could clearly see who the person was and Wen Jin’s eyes were bright. His four legs kicked on the ground, climbed up along Dewitt’s leg and was dragged away by Dewitt when he climbed to the other side’s waist. 

Wen Jin squinted and jumped up. Two white furry claws caught Dewitt’s neck. It was not until his claws caught Dewitt’s neck that the little fox suddenly reacted to his action as if it were a little too active and intimate. At that moment, his pointed ears drooped like an airplane.  

Dewitt’s face also changed from the initial stunned reaction to a refreshed one. He walked back to the office with the little fox in his arms, closed the door, raised the corner of his lips, nuzzling the tip of his nose into the white fur. “What did you eat?”

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