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Chapter 76

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“What did you eat?”

After saying that, Dewitt bowed his head and kissed Wen Jin. His face was flustered because when he returned to the office after the meeting, he suddenly found that there was no Wen Jin in it. He looked around. Dewitt had no time to open the light screen on the desktop, so he rushed out unconsciously.

There were too many things happening in Assyria in the last two days. The fact that Wen Jin was left alone in the arena had been bothering Dewitt for a long time and a lot of scenes were appearing in his mind.

Fortunately, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Wen Jin.

Looking at the scene of the little dumpling running towards him with great spirit, he could hardly slow down. Having the little fox in his arms ,as if he had responded to him, he was full of energy and could not help smiling at the corners of his lips.

Just then, Cassey knocked at the door and came in.

“Marshal.” When Cassey came in and saw the long-lost fox, he was stunned at first and then again, twice in all. For the first time, it was because he felt as if he hadn’t seen the little fox who had been around Dewitt almost every day for a long time. For the second time, it was strange why he thought he hadn’t seen it for a long time.

He and Marshal meet every day and the Marshal went out with a little fox every day, so this meant that he should see the fox at the same time, right?

Cassey stared at the fox in Dewitt’s arms with a dull look and then he saw the little white fox’s eyes.

…They seemed a little familiar.

It felt like he had seen those eyes somewhere and looking that way, Cassey thought.

“Well?” Dewitt looked at Cassey and his voice pulled the latter back to reality.

“Ah, report.” Cassey said, passing a document to Dewitt, “This is what you asked me to look up. Indeed, as you think, the public opinion has been controlled by people behind and so far, things have not been out of their control.”

Public opinion?

Wen Jin and Dewitt heard these two words and paused, wondering if it was the comments he had seen in the past two days. Could this be controlled? How did one control it?

“That is to say,” As Wen Jin was thinking, Cassey’s summed-up everything from the other side. “What’s going on now is what the initiator wants to happen.”

The initiator? Wen Jin tilted his head and felt that listening to them, his one fox head became as big as two.

Dewitt said, “Continue to check.” After a pause, he added, “Two hours later, you’ll go to meet the Uttar Ambassador with Melson to protect his safety until the banquet is over.”

Cassey stood upright, “Yes!”

Why? When Wen Jin was in the canteen, didn’t he hear someone say that Dewitt and Melson had a fight? Why was Cassey protecting Melson? Were those people really just talking?

In the gap between Wen Jin’s thoughts, Cassey reported several important things and then withdrew from the room. Before leaving, Cassey looked curiously into the room. Because he was somewhat surprised to find that the young man who had spent the past two days with the Marshal, who looked so beautiful, was not in the Marshal’s office at the moment.

The young man was now known to both the military and the House of Representatives, mostly because he broke the Uttar’s mind and many others had inquired about him. But Cassey himself did not know where the other party came from. Those who inquired about him were so attentive, that young man… was the information going to someone else?

The instant the idea came out, it was rejected by Cassey with the sixth sense.

He felt as if he had missed something.

When he saw the fox, he didn’t see the young man. When he didn’t see the fox, he saw the young man. Cassey touched his chin.


At this time, Dewitt simply glanced at the papers Cassey left. He stretched out his hand to touch Wen Jin’s fur before he seemed to suddenly remember, “Baby, where’s your clothes?”

Wen Jin had long since tightly folded his claws around his neck, stepped on Dewitt’s chest and answered frankly, “Lost on the road.”

He just felt that his legs were running slowly, so he changed them into four legs. Would he have to bite the clothes that hindered him back?

It was just a few pieces of clothes, but it was a bit bad when clothes were scattered in the corner of the army. Dewitt was thinking about what he wanted Cassey to look for and pick up along the road.

Then the smile faded from Marshal’s face.

No, it was not just clothes…

Reaching out and touching Wen Jin’s butt, Dewitt’s brain flashed and thought: Wen Jin’s underwear!

“Wait for me here.” At the thought of this, Dewitt stopped just as he was about to sit down. He reached out and put Wen Jin in his arms on the table.

However, Wen Jin, who had just recovered from the separation of eighteen hours, stopped Dewitt’s movement with one claw. He stared fiercely at Dewitt with his eyes. He also grabbed Dewitt’s hand with two hind legs. His voice was very cold. “What are you going to do?”

“Where have you just been?” Dewitt did not answer any questions.

Wen Jin stared at him. “The canteen!”


Dewitt looked down. Fortunately, it was not a restaurant. There shouldn’t be many people in that area, but it’s impossible not to be found. The marshal, aware of this, felt a sudden increase in his sense of crisis and there was only one thought left in his mind – he had to race against the clock to find the little fox’s underwear! 

So he did not argue with Wen Jin. He put the unwilling fox on his shoulder and rushed out.

At first, Wen Jin did not understand what Dewitt was going to do. Was there a meeting again? He hated meetings, but before the underground arena thing he also realized the seriousness of his small tails position, being busy was normal.

If he took him with him, it was okay to go to another meeting, but…

After a while, Wen Jin looked around him at where they were. It seemed that Dewitt was not going to a meeting, but to the direction of the canteen…

But also… not?

When Dewitt reached the area of the canteen, he stopped suddenly and began to look around for something.

Wen Jin:…?

What was he looking for?

His two fat hind legs pushed on Dewitt, lifted himself up and looked down, only to see the slippery floor. So he tilted his head and looked at Dewitt. “What are you looking for?”

“Clothes.” Dewitt looked around. “Where did you drag your clothes?”

“Chee?” Wen Jin hesitated, then stretched out his finger to a corner, “That -“

As soon as his voice fell, Dewitt saw a soldier coming in from another corner and his eyes just fell on Wen Jin’s finger. From Dewitt’s direction, it was a corner, but from the soldier’s direction, it was a straight road.

So it’s obvious that the other party saw something there, with some doubts and hesitations in his eyes.

Dewitt’s face sank in an instant. He rushed forward three steps. Before the soldier approached and saw what was scattered, he took the lead in walking to the place where Wen Jin took off his clothes. He stood directly in front of the soldier and squatted down, seizing the middle of the clothes with great precision. A pair of underwear and then… directly tucked them into the inside pocket of his coat.

The whole process flowed smoothly and when Dewitt was doing the crouching, he tried too hard and too smoothly, so that the little fox on his shoulder flew up a little bit and the latter quickly pedaled his short legs and grabbed at Dewitt’s shoulder.

Watching Dewitt quickly tucked his underwear into his coat, Wen Jin responded.

Before these underwear were wrapped around small Wen Jin, the closest way possible, his small tail actually grabbed them directly and stuffed it into his own clothes…

Wen Jin’s old fox’s face was hot and he put out his paws and pushed Dewitt’s head, “Dirty.”

Dewitt kindly turned his head and kissed the pads of his paws before picking up the other clothes Wen Jin had dropped on the ground and folding them. Then, with the soldier’s magical stare, Dewitt straightened his back like a dog and walked back to his office.

“This.” As soon as he entered the office, Dewitt took the underwear out of his pocket and looked at Wen Jin very seriously. He decided to educate the little fox, “Don’t throw it away.”

Wen Jin had been a little embarrassed by the small underwear, but now it was lifted directly and immediately his heart was a little hairy, “I did not throw it away.”

“Do you have this space, too?” Dewitt also knew that the kid probably had no habit of wearing clothes anytime and anywhere, but underwear was so important that he should get them back at any time. What if Wen Jin was not there when he came back and his underwear had been picked up by others?

Dewitt thought he might go mad.

“No.” Wen Jin glared at him and refused to admit it.

“Here you are.” Dewitt wanted to take off his bracelet, but he was severely interrupted by Wen Jin’s claw.

When the soft little pads were about to hit the metal in Dewitt’s hand, the latter’s hand suddenly closed, avoiding the small claws hitting the metal and turned to hold Wen Jin. “Baby, this really can’t be thrown away. You told me today that I can pick it up, right?” Dewitt said, with sincerity on his face.

Wen Jin was a little embarrassed by him. He put out his paw and pushed him. He was bored to death. A pair of underwear made so much noise that he could not even wear them after such trouble.

Thinking of the pain of his eggs that he had experienced earlier. Wen Jin could not help shivering again.

While the little fox was struggling to decide whether to wear underwear or not, Dewitt took the opportunity to put the underwear in a small drawer in his office. After that, he sat down in his chair and began to comb through the fox’s fur. It was a good thing nothing happened to him just now.

“I just wanted to go,” Wen Jin, who had no idea whether to wear his underwear or not, decided to stop thinking about the brain-burning problem. He had seen so many messages on the Star Net before. He felt uncomfortable after reading some of them, but he didn’t know how uncomfortable they were. He decided to go straight to Dewitt. “When I was in the canteen, I heard someone say that you had a quarrel with the Prime Minister.”

DeWittt paused and his voice was not salty. He commented, “It’s still very fast.”

As he spoke, he laid the fox on the table, stretched out his hand and gently curled his belly fur.

Wen Jing narrowed his eyes and felt that the feeling of being pressed and looked down was not very good, so he pushed his legs one by one and the next second, the black-eyed youth appeared on the table.

Almost at the moment of his youth’s appearance, Dewitt let go of his hand and let Wen Jin come forward and sit on him. When he saw the baggy clothes Wen Jin was wearing, Dewitt’s lips evoked a smile.

He didn’t know whether it was after little Wen Jin became a human being that he pulled out a piece of clothes to wear, or whether he was laughing at the little fox who was in such a hurry that he didn’t even wear the clothes properly that a large area of skin was exposed on his chest.

“Come on, why were you quarrelling?” Wen Jin sat on Dewitt and looked down at him.

The latter’s legs moved and adjusted to a posture that allowed Wen Jin to sit a little more comfortably. From Wen Jin’s angle, he raised his head and saw exactly what he pulled out when he raised his head, the curvature of his neck and the protruding and sliding Adam’s apple.

The fox’s heart stirred and Wen Jin swallowed his saliva.

“We didn’t.” Dewitt was telling the truth. He and Melson were sitting in today’s seat. They represented not only each other but also others at the meeting. So it was impossible to break their faces and quarrel until the end of the day. He was not a quarreller either.

However, the atmosphere in the early hours was really stiff and it was no wonder that such rumors were spread.

Wen Jin was not very interested in whether he had quarreled with Melson or not. He asked him if he had not and then he began to ask the more interesting question, “On that day in the arena, were the contract beasts under someone’s control?”

The first beast to fight Cecil was injected with medicine. Later, the beast began attacking the rear and then suddenly stopped attacking, this was all accompanied by whistles.

Wen Jin had seen this method of controlling beastson Honghuang before.

“Yes.” Dewitt nodded. 

“Why?” Did someone want to use them to kill the Assyrians who watched the game? The people present were hardly hurt.

After Wen Jin asked this question, Dewitt thought for a while, as if he was trying to make Wen Jin understand it well. When Wen Jin saw that Dewitt was serious, his eyes became serious and he waited quietly for him to finish.

“In Assyria, there are two kinds of people. The ones who are used to depending on each other and ones who are respected by another because of their strength.”

Wen Jin twisted his head and seemed to understand.

“Not only admiration, but also worship, longing and infatuation.” When Dewitt spoke of the last two words, he paused heavily. Then his index finger touched Wen Jin’s lip and gently rubbed it on it. He took it back before Wen Jin responded and continued. “The gap between the two nationalities is very wide, from form to way of life, but they still allow intermarriage, even to the peak of mutual trust and set the law of intermarriage between nationalities. However, time has changed the two nationalities, weakening the powerful ones, strengthening the weak ones and abolishing the old intermarriage laws. The formerly powerful nation began to be dominated by the formerly weak nation, even spit on. What do you think would happen if a mass casualty of today’s dominant ethnic groups broke out somewhere at this time?”

Dewitt talked a little bit about this to Wen Jin before, but when he uttered the last sentence, Wen Jin felt as if something had been badly dressed. He looked at Dewitt in a daze.

Once strong, it will always leave a strong shadow, even now in the dominant position. At this time, a large-scale wounding case broke out and Wen Jin felt as if he understood some of the unknown and indignant language and videos on the internet.

“But why did they do that?” After a long pause, Wen Jin frowned and asked curiously.

Although there was a feeling of enlightenment after listening, he still felt that such an incident was too sudden. Such a sharp contradiction was not necessary for the already powerful and dominant nation. They were already in the highest position, but for the once powerful nation, it was impossible.

So who was the vested beneficiary of this matter?

Dewitt looked at Wen Jin, letting him think seriously. He could not resist kissing him. Then he leaned his face on Wen Jin’s shoulder. He first sniffed Wen Jin’s neck, then reached out and squeezed Wen Jin’s wrist, turned his head to one side and put his head on Wen Jin’s body thoroughly.

“Well?” Wen Jin was stunned and did not respond to Dewitt’s intimate movements. His thoughts were still on his own question. “Is it the Uttar?”

Dewitt’s head was still buried in him. “Baby is so smart.”

Wen Jin paused and then he realized that the big fool had been leaning on him for a long time, so he had to push him away and had no time to worry about his nickname.

“Hold on.” Just as Wen Jin’s hand was pushed, Dewitt’s tired voice came out, “Just a minute.”

Wen Jin was stunned, frowned and suddenly realized that he had eaten, slept and surfed the Internet in Dewitt’s office. What about Dewitt?

“How long has it been since you slept?” Wen Jin asked somewhat unhappily, “You worked too hard, could you work without rest? It’s not good for your health at all.”

Wen Jin remembered that his little tail was busy before. He often ran out in the middle of the night and started working as soon as he woke up. He couldn’t help being angry and wanted to give him a warning. However, when he noticed that Dewitt was breathing softer and softer on his body, the warning became subconsciously quieter and in the end it was almost silent.

He raised his hand in silence and patted Dewitt gently on the back. It seemed a little astringent, not often done, but full of tenderness.

Wen Jin had been in this world for a long time. Most of the time, he was thinking that he must find a way to return to Honghuang. As he slowly learned about the world, Wen Jin did not change much, although he did have some interest in it.

Until today.

Looking at Dewitt’s tired appearance and the chaotic Assyria behind him, Wen Jin gave birth to a kind of hatred of this iron and steel world. Wen Jin’s heart ached secretly and he even smashed his mouth angrily. His face was very ugly. Even so, he reached out and patted Dewitt on the back, still quite gentle.

The sun shone through the window and the whole office shined like a picture.

At that moment, however, something changed quietly, breaking the peaceful atmosphere.

When Wen Jin sensed that something had begun to raise secretly and poked at him with great spirit, the whole fox froze.

He just released his gentle hand and felt like he was feeding the dog.

Just then, Wen Jin heard a light laugh.

It was Dewitt’s.

“Baby.” The man raised his head from his shoulder and was still a little tired, but for the first time his eyes smiled, with a deep expression in them. Looking at Wen Jin’s eyes was like looking at the most priceless treasure in one’s life. He reached out and pulled Wen Jin into his arms. He touched the long hair behind Wen Jin’s head with one hand. He leaned over and kissed his face.

And this time, before he felt that he had wasted his tender protests, Dewitt uttered a sigh, “I finally know.”

Wen Jin was preparing to hit someone’s hand.

“Why do I love you so much?” Dewitt said, grabbing Wen Jin’s hand, which he had just touched on his back, repeatedly, gently pulling it up and kissing him.

The Marshal looked over and saw Wen Jin’s hot face. He felt that the wrist he had grasped did not struggle. Dewitt’s heart quickened, rubbing his finger against Wen Jin’s cheek. “And you?”

Wen Jin looked up at him.

It was not the first time that Dewitt had said something like that, but it was the first time that he had asked him so frankly about his feelings.

When he saw the seriousness in Dewitt’s eyes and realized that this time the other party seemed to really want an exact answer, Wen Jin’s eyes flashed with a trace of confusion.

But this confusion was only fleeting, because when his eyes and Dewitt’s eyes came face to face, all the confusion disappeared as he stared into Dewitt’s light blue eyes full of strong feelings, as if he really could take him into a new world.

Wen Jin gently reversed Dewitt’s hand and nodded so subtly that it was almost impossible to catch it.

But Dewitt saw.


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