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Chapter 93
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After they returned to their temporary base camp, they stayed until the early morning before leaving. In actual fact, there were no problems with the other crippled beasts. The beasts would naturally be all right if they had a good rest here.

The reason for the delay was due to JinYu purifying the toxin and repairing the nerves in the Black Phoenix body. Other than this, there was also the problem of a certain unscrupulous doctor.

When everyone was about to leave, the eyes of this fella unwittingly and suddenly turned to a black butterfly beast and then it could be moved no further.

It had to be mentioned that this unscrupulous doctor especially wanted a Lost Butterfly Beast because the eldest son of the Jin Family thought that, whether in terms of its coy appearance, its ability to knock out a crowd with a flap of its wings, or its coquettish skills with different manifestations, the Lost Butterfly Beast was absolutely a perfect match for him!

Due to the strength of the Jin Family, Jin Qian could easily find a beast that matched his power the moment it materialized. When Old Jin learned that his darling grandson’s ability was ‘intricate perfection’, he was in an extremely good mood and gratifyingly prepared to find a good beast for his grandson.

But what stupefied Old Jin and all the members of the Jin Family was that upon facing four Level B, two Level B+ and one Level A beasts that his grandpa found for him, a certain immeasurable doctor – who was only twelve years old at that time – just circled around these monsters and directly turned around and left. He threw out this sentence before he left, “I only want the Lost Butterfly Beast!” His grandpa was totally angered half to death, yet he did not have the heart to hit his grandson.

Despite this, the so-called ‘selfless parental love’ meant that after knowing that their generation’s most outstanding eldest grandson wanted a Lost Butterfly Beast, the elders of the Jin Family hoped to fulfill their grandchild’s wish and live up to their strength as the older generation. Thus, depending on their people and connections, the Jin Family put in their utmost effort but were unable to find a domesticated Lost Butterfly Beast. As a result, the matter of Jin Qian’s beast dragged on for ten years.

When Old man Jin felt that all the old fellows in his family were about to be bedeviled by the Lost Butterfly Beast and was about to take forceful measures, Jin Qian left a note saying that he would go to a Desolate Star and find it himself. In actual fact, he did not want his elders to worry about him any more. Jin Qian told himself that this was the last time before leaving. If he could not find a Lost Butterfly Beast after going above the Desolate Star this time, he would obediently listen to his grandfather’s words and find a good support beast after he came back. After all, he was somewhat unable to manage on his own with his fame and workload increasing.

Jin Qian was entangled by all kinds of strange and interesting matters from JinYu after he came back, and he didn’t have time to think about the beast. It was only until this time when the group rescued the abandoned beasts that the eldest grandson of the Jin Family thought of his own Lost Butterfly Beast.

Jin Qian thought it was an opportunity when he left. Although he knew that his way of thinking might be absurd, he thought that he would definitely be able to find the Lost Butterfly Beast, which was said to have been completely extinct, this time. The reason was just because of the existence of this guy who was more like a cunning and kind-hearted humanoid beast than a person. Sometimes, this notion would surface in Jin Qian’s mind—

This man was like a source of energy that was able to attract all the beasts no matter where they hid or whether they decided not to come out again.

Even when he was about to leave Earth, Jin Qian did not find the slightest trace of the Lost Butterfly Beast. He had looked for it seriously and carefully among those beasts, but he did not find the existence of the Lost Butterfly Beast at all.

Jin Qian even thought at that moment, maybe the Lost Butterfly that existed in the recorded images which had been so beautiful it was akin to a dream, and was able to make the people that saw it feel blessed and cherish fond hopes, was completely extinct because of human greed and desire.

Jin Qian felt depressed upon thinking like this. To think that after thirteen arduous years of searching for the beast, it had never existed from the beginning.

So with this mood, Jin Qian was ready to go back to find an Level A support beast. However, he inexplicably looked up at a black butterfly beast with patches of gray the moment before leaving. At this time, the butterfly beast was fluttering around with one half of a wing. When it saw Jin Qian suddenly looking at itself, it didn’t know what it was going on and wobbled as it fluttered its wing, releasing a multi-colored halo.


“This is it!”

Jin Qian was in a state of extreme shock and excitement. He rushed to the black and gray-patched butterfly beast that only had one wing and then quickly walked around the butterfly beast that was at a loss. He murmured to himself at the same time, “It’s the right light. Only the Lost Butterfly Beast is able to release it! But it’s current appearance is very strange… It’s reasonable to say that the color of the Lost Butterfly Beast should be an existence that glimmers with the ultimate halo… It’s very possible that the beast had mutated, but it’s a little too far-fetched. Couldn’t be that it made itself black?”

Murmuring like this, Young Master Jin was ready to stretch out his hand to wipe the wing of the black butterfly. Yet, he had to take several steps back due to a heat wave as soon as he reached out.

“What are you doing?” Jin Qian’s mood was disturbed and he because annoyed. With a frown on his face, he looked up was about to release his anger. In then end, he was forced to suppress his anger because his target was not a human and was even a beast that could not be offended. He could only put on an insincere smile, “Aren’t you going to see why your father is standing here staring at me?”

The latter let the one-winged black butterfly that was as big as a palm hide behind him in a big boss style… Well, in fact, there’s no need to deliberately hide at all. The black butterfly flew off far away when this fella came. However! Even so, it could not watch the human bully beasts!
So one man and one beast began a stare down until a piece of hail rained down from the sky.

“Tch! Jin-zi, don’t make trouble. This beast is very important to me.” Jin Qian’s head was smashed by a hail stone. His expression turned a little ugly but before he could continue, he was thoroughly stifled by JinYu’s words.

“Don’t tell me that you can snatch it away?”

Jin Qian smiled bitterly upon hearing this and shook his head, “How could it be. I’m just very excited. You know, I’ve been looking for the Lost Butterfly Beast for thirteen years. I’ve traveled to three Desolate Stars to find it, and I almost died there. I had already given up all hope. Now that I’ve found rescue in desperate circumstances, how could I not be excited? But even so, you can rest assured that I dislike and even hate those who arbitrarily deprive a beast of its freedom and life for their own selfish purposes. I will never be like them and treat a beast that way. So whether this black butterfly is the Lost Butterfly Beast or not, I will respect its choice.”

JinYu nodded his head in satisfaction after hearing this. This is more like it, otherwise, he would not be able to do it. But since this unscrupulous doctor was so sincere, he could still lend him a hand. This was also a good thing for the Lost Butterfly Beast. At least he could be sure that this man will treat this Lost Butterfly Beast extremely conscientiously… Well, even though this fella had lost a wing and was disabled.

After walking a few steps to the black butterfly, JinYu looked on as it wobbled in the air while flapping it’s single wing and could not help laughing. He reached out and sighed, “Don’t you feel tired while flapping this half wing of yours?”

Siss siss. The soft voice that humans could not hear gently drifted to JinYu’s ears. [… I became nervous… And forgot…]

So JinYu could not help bursting into laughter. He watched the black butterfly slowly land into his own hands and shook his head, “You can even forget this. You’re really worthy of being the beast that our group of people is concerned about. But let’s not talk about this first. Did you see the man just now? I can guarantee that he didn’t lie and doesn’t have any evil intentions towards you, so can you answer my question?”

Siss siss. [Yes, yes! Grandpa Wind Wolf said that you are our patron saint. I will answer whatever you ask and will not lie!]

Hearing this, the corner of JinYu’s mouth twitched. All right, his status as a medium would probably remain in this group of beasts for a long time. Speaking of which, should he find that something old wolf and have a heart to heart talk? If he continued duping this fellow, would he be worshiped and bowed down to when he walked to the heap of beasts?! JinYu really did not have the face to stand this.

“Cough cough, that, what is that? Are you a Lost Butterfly Beast? If so, why are you like this now? And if you’re not, what’s that beautiful halation you just showed? Is it your power?”

JinYu asked several questions in a row that everyone cared about and attached great importance to. When the Fire Phoenix heard this questions, she wanted to signal the black butterfly with her eyes so that it would be able to skimp through the questions and would not be seduced by the unscrupulous doctor! …When this fella was healing itself, he even said that it would die without descendants if its injury was a little more serious! Fuck! The dignity of a Fire Phoenix is inviolable! What’s more, fuck, he said that it could not do it! If you’re a male animal, you can’t say you’re unable to do it!!

Jin Qian had no idea that the reason why he was really hated by this seemingly protective and serious Fire Phoenix was because of his joke. When he finally knew about it in the future, he had no idea how many times he had been plotted against by this fellow! But even so, he didn’t care much at that time. Anyway, he was already dead with no descendants. What else did he need to say? Ahahahaha!

Of course, everyone looked very serious and a little nervous at this time. They all looked at the black butterfly and even stared at JinYu’s face.

Siss… [I am a Lost Butterfly Beast. However, I’m no longer a purebred Lost Butterfly Beast. Ever since human beings discovered that our powers can be used to make something called psychedelic incense three hundred years ago, our clan and even our branch clans had been hunted and killed by human beings in large numbers. Although we are Level A beasts, we are only Level A beasts of the support type. There was no way to compete with humans in terms of attack and defense power. After a hundred years of this, most of our clans had become extinct. Seeing that our species was going to die out and there was no possibility of survival, the clan was divided into two fractions.]

[One fraction decided to migrate to the Desolate Stars to look for a refuge and the last Pure Land, and the other fraction was us. Our thinking was that our clan was killed by human beings because of our powers and appearance. Compared with going to the Desolate Star and continuing that nightmare, we might as well abandon our carapace and try our best to combine with other clansmen or change our appearance through the use of various plants. If this happened, then as long as we no longer release our powers in front of human beings, even if the humans find us, they will leave because they can’t recognize us.]

[So, after more than one hundred years of on and off combinations, our clan had become like this.]

JinYu fell silent for a long time after listening to the words of the Lost Butterfly Beast. Although natural selection and survival of the fittest were the universal truths, the fact that the change of these beasts was caused by human greed and desire was still unacceptable to him. It was also because he had heard these words that JinYu suddenly realized that the conflicting views between human beings and beasts had reached such an irreconcilable level after he came to this world.

JinYu’s expression is rather ugly. Jin Qian, who has been watching his expression, could not help his heart doing flips. Could it be that this black butterfly was not a Lost Butterfly Beast? But before hearing the final conclusion, Jin Qian was still gritting his teeth and unwilling to give up.

After a while, JinYu told the people around him what the black butterfly had just said in an extremely quiet voice. Then, he stood where he was and did not talk to Jin Qian again.

Truth to be told, he now had no intention of letting XiaoHei follow Jin Qian. It had not been easy for them to have hidden themselves. If it followed Jin Qian, wouldn’t it just be openly telling people that the Lost Butterfly Beast had changed into another appearance, thereby beginning another period of massacring?

Jin Qian’s expression became very complicated in an instant after hearing what JinYu said. There was anger, consolation, happiness and helplessness. At last he took a deep breath, “It seems that I really have no fate with them. I won’t ask it to be my comrade anymore.”

He was unable to let himself bring danger upon the Lost Butterfly Beast Clan, even if it was only ‘a possibility’. Jin Qian seemed to have no energy at all after this statement. He slowly walked to the others and waited for the rest to go back to the Capital Star together.

Although everyone thought it was a pity to see Jin Qian like this, they did not know how to comfort him.

At this time, the black butterfly that was lying on the palm of JinYu’s hand suddenly flapped its wings and looked at JinYu. JinYu was stunned for a moment and in the next instant, he could not help but smile at Jin Qian and say, “Hey, XiaoHei asked you, don’t you have any method to put some makeup on it or something? In any case, technology is so advanced now.”

Everyone showed a kind smile and Shan BaiLu even cheered directly. At this time, Jin Qian showed a rare silly smile that was totally different from his shrewd appearance. He went forward to cup Xiao Hei in his hands giddily.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I promise to disguise you until your biological mother can’t even recognize you!”

Hearing this, everyone fell silent for a moment before they continued to laugh.

JinYu looked at the beasts that were anxiously eyeing them and waved with a smile, saying, “I, your Boss, will go and find food and comrades for you, and I’ll send you meat tomorrow. Bear with it for today! Don’t be anxious! And you! Yes, you! Watch over your father and little brother and wait for me to come back! Don’t be like XiaoXue!”

Under the worshipful eyes of the group of beasts and the twitching and rolling eyes of the Fire Phoenix, JinYu’s figure finally flickered before it completely disappeared.

At this moment, there were hundreds of little brothers from different gangs and forces lurking in every corner of the East, West, North and South and even the periphery of the Number 138 Cute Beast Store located in the Dark Street of the Capital Star. These guys were gnawing at fast food and staring straight at the pitch-black villa in relative bitterness and speechless.

Fucking shit! Why was that group of disasters sleeping yet they still had to keep a surveillance over them and were unable to sleep!! The Boss had clearly sat in a carriage and left, all right? How could he suddenly fall from the sky in the middle of the night! Fuck! It’s not like he’s an Immortal!

In the next moment, a blue light, which was not dazzling but was very obvious in the dark night, suddenly fell from the sky. The destination was the Number 138 Collective Disasters Store!!


The mental states of all the squatting little brothers were highly concentrated at this moment, and someone had even extremely excitedly reported via the Light Network, “Reporting to the Boss!! That group of evil bosses are back!! You can collect your debt now ahhhhhhh—!!”


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