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Chapter 96

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


However, no matter what, even those who were robbed of food and silently cursing and angry at JinYu’s apology still recovered their face. Looking at the beasts that were beaten by Chengliang to the point where they dared not utter a word, the big guys felt that the beasts weren’t really all that much. Wasn’t it just a few bites of food? Do our houses not have anything? A couple of breakfasts for those beasts in exchange for their ferocity! Seriously worth it!  

Of course Anjie’s big bosses weren’t as bad as other people said they were. Of course, even if one was good-natured, didn’t it depend on the person? In other words the big bosses or their underlings have more or less done something with the beasts in the shops. Getting to this point, Golden Rat felt that it’s fucking suffering was the worst! These despicable big bosses! Did they think it was okay to bring its favorite barbecued meat and invite it to come out of the mountain and inquire about its enemy, wife, lover, son, or father? They treated it like a lord then! And now, you’re fucking treating me like a grandson?

Mercilessly grabbing a gold coin with its tail, Golden Mouse ground its teeth. Seriously! Just wait until next time you poke around in other people’s business, I’ll just double the price!! And then I’ll expose all your hidden secret, will you guys still dare say I eat free food?! I don’t play around with those who haven’t grown up! Why are you guys wronging me so, seriously! In this way Golden Rat turned towards it’s old enemy right next to it, this eagle beside it is probably the second most miserable. En, of course but how can that this fellow’s eyes are still so good? Whoops! Its old man has to have good eyesight, it saw a trace of calculation and content in the eagle’s eyes.

Suddenly, Golden Rat bit its own lip. After painfully shouting, it shivered once it realized the beasts could not see it. Fucking fuck fuck! How could something it saw be considered incorrect! There are at least twenty middle-aged beasts who are experienced in all kinds of battle. How sinister! There must be at least ten different fighting beasts! With so many experienced veterans in this store, for such a situation to happen, this situation must have been planned and premediated!

Golden Rat seeing half of the beasts with their heads drooping down here, couldn’t help but shake it’s head. Even though it was being judged and evaluated by so many experienced old beasts, it thought that after all this, it would have to carefully think about its actions beforehand. After all, most of these guys were abandoned at birth. Although they suffered, they were afraid that with the way humankind dealt with situations, there would not be enough beasts with formal training.



Gold Rat sighed, turning around to discover that the guy with the search and rescue dog lying on its stomach was also sighing. The two beasts heard these sighs and both looked towards the source of the noise and saw the elatedness in each other’s eyes. Sigh, even though half of those beasts weren’t bad elder instructors, as for happiness, you guys should be glad they’re all fucking grown up! Think about all the hellish training and teaching they will face in the next few months, they’ll definitely pay for being so young. 

The situation having finally ended, the older beasts followed the younger ones into the yard and started to instruct them. Da Bai and WangWang haven’t seen each other for awhile. Together, with Xiaolu and Big-tailed Wolf, they walked towards the veranda to reminisce about the past, or in other words, all kinds of fights.

In the end the couples left in the room were JinYu and Qi Qinglin, Shan Bailu and Jin Qian, Li Xiao and Chengliang, and… … a lonely dragon (they’re referring to Long here).

The latter saw the three couples standing before him and thought if he should have brought someone else today. This was so obviously not good. The issue was that if he did bring a partner, should he have brought a man or a woman?

The spoilt eldest Long boy thought this was a very difficult question to explain. 

“Young Long, besides helping Big Da Bai with its account, is there anything else you need to do?” JinYu asked Long Changxiao, thinking about how they could potentially work together in the future and the food for beasts situation.

Long Changxiao nodded, even though his family’s Big Da Bai was resisted by younger beasts for the foods costs, his family really didn’t lack in money. The only thing was that there was only a month until the Southern Trade Conference occurred. At that trade conference, he had a favor to ask of JinYu and Qi Qinglin. 

“Jinzi (nickname for JinYu), have you heard of the Southern Trade Conference?”

JinYu glanced at Qi Qinglin and nodded. “We know about it. Isn’t it just where the wealthiest families on the Capital Star gather for all kinds of illegal and legal trade? What else is there to it?”

Long Chanxiao laughed in spite of himself. He looked at Qi Qinglin; the Qinglin’s family’s subordinates seriously had guts. He had listened to his subordinate’s reports these days, it seemed that there was something wrong with an important batch of goods for the Qilin clan’s current chief and the chief’s partner. Long Changxiao was seriously worried about it. If he couldn’t deliver, what would happen to him? Of course, thinking about it, the Qilin clan’s chief was super top notch. What would his grandfather say in this situation?

Right! That was just a dumbass who was sent to the nursery, he had to be deranged.

“JinYu, even though it’s known as a trade conference, it definitely isn’t only about trade. At the same time it determines the direction of progress in the Capital Star for the next ten years. There are various political parties and powerful leaders who display their strength at the conference. If you wish for greater benefits for yourself in the future, no matter what, you need to show some kind of power at this conference. So, this time at the trade conference, you can see the reach and influence of Capital Star’s most powerful people.”

Hearing this JinYu couldn’t help but sigh. This Trade Conference was seriously amazing! Thinking of his own small role, if it weren’t for the person next to him, would he even have the qualifications to attend? However, if Long Changxiao said this to him, did this mean he wanted his help? Thinking of this, Boss Jin laughed darkly. The sound reached a certain person’s ears, causing them to be on alert and stare at him:

“I still haven’t said anything.”

Hearing this JinYu nodded. “Yes, this is true. You still haven’t said anything but have I said anything yet either? I only laughed a bit.”

Hearing this Long Changxiao and the others simultaneously rolled their eyes. If you don’t say anything but just laugh, it’s the same as you making a comment.

“I want to rent Da Bai and all the beasts. I want to go on a trip to the third wild planet this month.”

JinYu’s eyebrows jumped in shock. “You want to go to a wild planet? Don’t tell me you, someone who’s opened a restaurant, want to go to a wild planet and find delicacies.”

Hearing this, Long Changxiao’s lips twitched. His face was completely devoid of strength: “A commercial store is just a business. This time, I want to go to a wild planet to find suitable mineral reserves. The amount of strength doesn’t depend on property, but depends on force. The arsenal is a very important point to improve. At present, the heavy ion sword is the most cutting-edge weapon developed by the munitions factory. This kind of heavy ion crystal mineral is only found in one terrority of the Capital Star’s Long clan. The only other places it can be found are on the first wild planet and the second wild planet. However, the three satellites around it don’t have the ion crystal. If I want to fight Long Changli, then I first need to find a weapon that is on par with his. So, this means developing the arsenal.”

“Tsk Tsk, before when I was at the Royal Hunting Academy I already said, you already beat Long Changli very early on. BUt your grandfather always thinks that he can’t deal with the damn guy in office. He has the strength to fight yet doesn’t fight. Now, you want to fight him? I don’t know how many times harder it would be for you.” Jin QIan spread his hand and shook his head. “My grandfather says your old man is just lazy and doesn’t want to bother himself yet goes to bother your father and you. Of course, there is some benefit to this. For example, at least you and your uncle aren’t messed up. Looking at the successors of Long Clan, besides Long Changli, there’s no one else who can make lots of trouble. Everyone else can’t even compare.”

Hearing how Jin Qian talked about him and his grandfather and the entire Long family, his face grew even more frigid. Even though he was a bit unhappy, he had to say that the unscrupulous doctor was right. At first, he didn’t understand why his grandfather had to fight Long Changli for leadership. It wasn’t until he heard the reason and current situation that he understood why and made the decision to bring the Long clan back to normal.

Now, because of Long Changli, the Long Clan was on the verge of becoming the private and hidden force of the milterary. The army headquarters was a bottomless black pit; everything inside of it was super dark and super deep. In the end, the current Long clan might eventually become the victim of this bottomless black pit.

JinYu looked at Long Changxiao’s expression and felt a bit worried. He thought it would be best to not sell out completely. No matter what, he had to think of the future with long-term partners. He should try to create opportunities for mutual trust and goodwill.

“So basically, there’s another place with a lot of rare ion crystal ore.”

Long Changxiao was stunned when he heard the words. For awhile, he said nothing.

“Either way, we’re now brothers. How about a twenty percent discount?”

Hearing this, Baozi, who was pacing back and forth in the corridor just outside, hit Big Da Bai and woofed. [Don’t you think the boss is getting worse? Before he even said he’d give your master a thirty percent discount. It’s only been a day but the price has increased.”

Big Da Bai’s response was to silently cover its ears and eyes. It didn’t hear or see anything! One fucking saved its life and the other is its master. The life-savior benefactor is resisting it’s master, should it just attack the life-savior benefactor then? Stop harming an innocent beast caught in the middle of this!

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Thank you for the chapter!

June 11, 2020 6:58 pm

The issue was that if he did bring a partner, should he have brought a man or a woman?

The spoilt eldest Long boy thought this was a very difficult question to explain.

Lmao!!! he starts to question his sexuality? HahHahaha

October 6, 2021 11:30 am

How is Long ChangLi still DaBai’s master? Wasn’t their contract broken?
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