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Chapter 95

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Bright and early the next morning, Beast Shop #138’s extremely easy-going and kindhearted Big Boss Jin was startled awake.

The so-called ‘startled awake’ definitely wasn’t because he was startled awake by noise – wasn’t it because the other big boss also sharing a bed with him didn’t have any shame at all? But even though Big Boss Qi could use special powers to block all the outside noise, but he still couldn’t do anything about a certain thing that had existed since the beginning of mankind, which was why JinYu was woken up even though there wasn’t any sound.

“… I don’t know why, but I feel a very strong wave of resentment! And also, some killing intent with the resentment?!” JinYu sat up, looking very seriously at Big Boss Qi, “Say, is there some assassin nearby?”

Hearing that, Qi Qinglin couldn’t help but look over and twitch his mouth. Him helping screen the noise out was already helping that horde of dine-and-dash beasts who kept courting death. Except – well, shit always happened, as evident here. The people that they had screwed over were already extremely resentful, so not even Qi Qinglin could control it. In other words, those fellows should just be resigned to their fate.

“…en, shouldn’t be assassins.” Qi Qinglin was silent for a second before he thought a little and said, “Perhaps our neighbors are here to see us?”

JinYu nearly burst out laughing. “Who are you kidding. Our neighbors? Are you talking about those people who do nothing but eat all day and show off and fight? Why would they have the time to come see us? They would rather avoid us over all else normally, okay? Almost as if we bullied them a lot, so they’re feeling extremely pitiful and resentful or something…”

As Big Boss Jin spoke, he suddenly stopped, his face stiffened a little and he looked at Qi Qinglin, who then waved his right hand. All the shouts and howls and door-kicking sounds being blocked earlier all hammered mercilessly into JinYu’s eardrums, to the extent that for those few seconds, he couldn’t hear anything clearly.

But a few seconds later, after he understood what the howls increasing in volume were saying, JinYu’s entire body felt like it was twitching. Dine and dash, useless, evil tyrant, etc – all phrases that never had anything to do with him were now all being thrown at him one after another? And the main offenders who brought about such consequences seemed to be the beasts who were saying they absolutely hadn’t made any trouble just the day before?

As a result, JinYu revealed a grim smile. Good. Quite good. Very good.

Beasts who could make all the bigshots on AnJie feel so furious truly deserved to be called his beasts. They really had his style and attitude… but if they dared to make such a mess, then they should also take responsibility for it. Complains or whatever – he didn’t want to hear a single word. In addition, after not seeing them for a while, they grew quite bold, didn’t they? Allying with each other and collectively lying to him? With that kind of nature, en, toiling away bitterly on earth or in the capital star for a year should be enough.

In any case, he wouldn’t really bully these fellows. At the most, he would change the tastes of the food a little bit so that all their meals would have equal nutrients. For example, changing the meat-flavored ones to veggie-flavored ones or whatever. One has to endure hardship if the beast wants to be successful!

But at that point, Big Boss Jin couldn’t really understand it again. Clearly there was food and water at home, and even an extremely talented chef beast, so what exactly was wrong with those idiots that made them make these people so furious? If they dine and dash, they didn’t know to give a cost of the price?!

Confused, brows furrowed, JinYu ran down in his pajamas.

But before he could even go down the stairs, he saw all the beasts sprawled out downstairs, dispirited, looking up at him pitifully. If it wasn’t because he had already more or less figured out what was going on upstairs, he probably would’ve felt extremely sorry for them if he saw them now.

But, well, not now—

“Who’s going to explain? For better or worse, I need to know how you all managed to provoke the entire street of people to the point that they want to come in and kick all of you in a span of just five to six days of me not being home?” Saying that, JinYu turned and saw Shan Bailu, who was sitting on the couch pretending to look dejected, but in reality, both of his eyes were radiant. He instantly sneered. “Why are you sitting there? Go open the door, I don’t care what you do, but you’re going to make them all shut up! I’ll talk to them later after I figure out what happened here!”

All the hair on Shan Bailu’s body stood on end with JinYu’s sneer and glare, and he jumped up at once… and then he shamelessly grabbed Jin Qian and went off. Even though that half-baked doctor was extremely infuriating, and bringing him along to steady the situation would ultimately make him pay a bitter price, but! He really didn’t dare to be rash with the current situation at hand.

So, as Shan Bailu dragged Jin Qian over to the courtyard, JinYu and Qi Qinglin sat down on the sofa, waiting for the beasts’ explanation.

Looking at their boss’ expression growing darker and darker, finally the beasts couldn’t delude themselves any longer. They collectively turned to look at DaBai, who served as the boss of all the beasts. Naturally, it also involuntarily assumed the equivalently important ‘give boss an explanation’ responsibility.

DaBai looked at the beasts, and some dejection flashed through its eyes. Then it went up and explained to JinYu how today’s tragic events came about.

Roar. 【First it was because the chef beast went home to visit family, so nobody was cooking here. But when the chef beast left it also left enough food for five days for everyone to eat. But because there weren’t any limits and we were … bored, everyone at all the food in two days.

JinYu’s mouth twitched furiously at that. He nearly sputtered out “good-for-nothing foodies!”

“So then you went to dine and dash?” JinYu’s eyebrow lifted. “I don’t remember telling you all that you could dine and dash. No matter what, that’s still the fruit of other people’s labor, unless they’re willing to give it to you, you still have to pay!”

Aooooo~ chirp chirp! 【We were going to pay! But they closed their doors as soon as we went!

That’s because they didn’t want to be eaten out of house and home by you lot. JinYu rubbed his forehead, and he felt like his brain hurt.

“Tsk, you guys… just whose food did you eat? How much? Based on standards, you should repay it by at least fifty percent. No matter what, we’re in the wrong, so we have to compensate.”

JinYu’s words, regardless of the way they were spoken or the resolution hidden with them, were both very correct – nothing was wrong. But the beasts couldn’t help but feel as if something was too perfect? Just as they were trying to puzzle out what wasn’t right, a somewhat cool and low voice spoke from outside:

“Boss Jin, since even you now know that all the mistakes and tragic results from this mess were brought about by the beasts at your side, how can you still say something so – so matter-of-fact, naturally, something so shameless as giving a fifty percent discount?”

Hearing that voice, the beasts suddenly realized just what had changed. But before they could get too happy, someone else had already revealed the benefit the beasts would have gotten, and had even voiced protest. As a result, all the beasts angrily turned to look at the person who intruded.

But when they turned to look, they didn’t see anything at all at first. How strange, were their eyes going bad?

JinYu was also a little surprised to see the newcomer. This person actually dared to say that to him, when typically they did business he was always haggling over everything? The coldness index on his face was nearly surpassing Qi Qinglin’s, something JinYu never thought he would see.

“Young Master Long?” What’s up with you, aren’t you normally on our side? But you’ve run so honorably over to the enemy camps today? Or could it be that DaBai had been seduced by the enemy’s white polar bear? So you had no choice but to stand on the opposite side?

JinYu’s current thoughts definitely could make someone go speechless. Fortunately, nobody could tell what he was thinking underneath his smiling exterior. But even so, Long Changxiao was sensitive and could hear a hint of confusion and slight anger just from the three words JinYu spoke.

Immediately, Long Changxiao sighed, and he handed a thin piece of paper over to JinYu. Quite a few hoofprints were stamped across the top.


“This is the cost of the bill from numerous beast dining halls after the beasts from your shop screwed over a month’s worth of my DaBai’s food expenses. Because your beasts’ personalities and external appearances are truly somewhat, hm, special – I only asked around a little yesterday before I saw this bill today.”

JinYu’s face instantly went from a calm smile into black fury. His slender eyes were extremely round, and finally, he spoke after a long silence, “You guys didn’t share with everyone else?”

In the next second, some medium-sized beasts hastily shook their heads and started shouting.

【No, no, we brought it home and ate together!

After hearing that, JinYu didn’t have any signs of continuing to be angry.

“How many coins did they screw DaBai out of?” JinYu sighed and asked Long Changxiao. This fucking group of scourges.

Long Changxiao’s mouth couldn’t help but curve up when he saw JinYu’s somewhat depressed and resigned expression. It was rare to see this person’s weakness. Thinking of that, Long Changxiao decided to waive the food expenses he had been screwed out of, but then he heard JinYu say very righteously:

“You can’t waive the bill ah. That’s absolutely impossible. In any case, DaBai allowed them to screw it out of its food money because they were his juniors, and also on behalf of me. Since DaBai can even bear being screwed over, these youngsters should also take some responsibility. Money isn’t an issue, what’s important is the morality and way of resolving the issue! So, giving 30% discount is enough.”

The beasts collectively twitched. If it weren’t for that last sentence, then that would truly be too perfect.

Some humor flashed through Long Changxiao’s eyes at that. Finally, he declared a total of ‘700’ coins.

Hearing that, JinYu snorted and nodded. Sure enough, this person had a great mind, and he was worthy of being called the biggest of the wealthy third generation. Furthermore, he also faintly exceeded the imposing manner of the first generation. Which meant, cooperating with this man would definitely give JinYu stable profits.

A quite pleased smile appeared on JinYu’s face again at that. He was originally planning to directly discuss the issue of food with this Long clan moneybag, but a tiger’s roar from outside the window gave all the people and beasts in the room a fright.

JinYu was about to question the source when he saw Li Xiao and Cheng Liang both come in with darkened faces, followed by Xiao Lu and the big-tailed wolf, both beaten black and blue.

JinYu sucked in a deep breath of air as he looked at the fellow who had left cheerily the night before but now looked too pained to even twitch. He directly asked, “If you have any anger to vent, do it at them, it doesn’t matter, please hit away! Don’t bother holding back on my behalf! Really, as long as you don’t beat them to death it’s fine.”

Hearing that, Li Xiao’s tense face loosened slightly, but didn’t relax completely. Cheng Liang immediately started to stretch next to him, revealing a big grin. “It’s fine, it’s fine, Jinzi, relax. I’m very well aware it isn’t because of you. You’re also a victim! But no matter what, after I learned of the situation, I gave the big-tailed wolf a beating because it led your foodies down into my food storage basement, wasting the rations I’ve stored for centuries! I won’t haggle about that. But, the so-called ‘enduring misfortunate together’ – even the yellow wolf was beaten up, so you guys should be happy to be beaten up by us too! Don’t worry, me and Xiao Xiao will be very gentle!”

As he spoke, Cheng Liang charged towards that group of beasts, followed by the rise and fall of the beasts’ howls as they were smacked in the head or butt. Even though Li Xiao didn’t follow Cheng Liang and also beat them up, if a beast tried to hide or slip by, Li Xiao would ruthlessly find them. As a result, beasts who wanted to flee had two more bumps on their heads.

After the bigshots in the courtyard learned of Cheng Liang running around hitting the beasts, the bigshots finally felt as if some of the anger in their hearts had been vented a little. Finally, they wouldn’t fucking be freeloaded off of anymore! Who knew who these beasts had learned from, staring at the food in their hands from the start of early morning? It was so unfair, those bigshots weren’t able to eat breakfast for numerous days in a row, okay!

And also a psychological damage fee! Damage fee!!

As if JinYu heard their thoughts, he just happened to look over and say, “Everyone, I will tell them all to go apologize to each and every one of you all tomorrow, carrying their own hidden stashes of money! You all mustn’t feel embarrassed. This is our fault, I guarantee that they will use the most sincere intentions to make amends and apologize!”

Hearing that, all the bigshots first nodded, before they processed what he said and all stiffened, their eyeballs nearly bugging out. Carrying their moneybags, going to their doors to apologize? Fuck! Are you sure you’re not telling them to bring empty bags or bombs or something to come threaten them or collect debt?! What kind of crappy apology is that?!

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