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Chapter 97
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although the BaoZi and DaBai were in the corridor are offering heartfelt comfort and sympathy to DaDaBai, who was covering its ears and head, the scene in the room at this time was quite at odds with their dispiritness and helplessness.

An expression of agitation was revealed on Long ChangXiao’s face which rarely showed vivid emotions. He walked up to JinYu and slightly inhale, “I know that you have different powers from others and am also clear about the power behind Qi QingLin. However, the deposit of Carbon Ion minerals is of major concern. I hope you are not joking with me.”

When JinYu heard this, he put an arm around Long ChangXiao’s shoulders and raised an eyebrow, “Do you think I’m the kind of person who plays jokes without considering the situation? …Although I don’t consider the situation sometimes, I can definitely tell that this is not the time to do so.”

Long ChangXiao could not help but give a bitter laugh when he heard JinYu’s words. How could this person not pause for a while? Although he cared about and felt differently towards this guy who looked so refined but was black-hearted, he also had to admit that this person really made one have an urge to ferociously give him a beating sometimes.

According to Long ChangXiao’s understanding of JinYu, since this guy could still talk with a smile, he was most likely confident of success in the things he said. This person probably possessed a strong advantage, or had the initiative in the matter.

As expected, the Big Boss Jin who was next to him happily opened his mouth when Long ChangXiao thought of this, “Hey, how much food for beasts can you get in an hour? It’s best if the food is meat.”

Long ChangXiao raised an eyebrow, “What does this have to do with the food for beasts?”

JinYu shrugged, “It’s strongly related to this, isn’t it? At least in the future, those beasts can be regarded as the original inhabitants of the planet where the Carbon Ion mineral deposit is? Think about it, if you want to mine the mineral deposit, don’t you have to bribe those beasts first? Otherwise, they can delay your mining progress to death just by making some trouble.”

Long ChangXiao’s face was pleased instead of surprised upon hearing JinYu’s words. It would be easier to implement the plan if the original inhabitants had come out. After thinking about it, Long ChangXiao told to JinYu, “I can gather enough food to feed a thousand combat beasts for three days in an hour. Do you think that’s enough?”

Big Boss Jin’s mouth dropped open. Even Shan BaiLu and Jin Qian, who were standing next to him, looked surprised. Although they knew that Long ChangXiao was a rich man, such extravagant spending did not seem like the strength a branch family could have, even if the branch family was of the Long Family.

“All of a sudden, I feel that my estimate was too low…” JinYu was slightly dazed as he tugged on Qi QingLin’s clothes, the unwilling look in his eyes being rather obvious. When Big Boss Qi saw the meaningful glance cast by his partner, the corner of his mouth twitched and he looked away without responding. One could not be too greedy, or they would surely incur punishment. The reason why Long ChangXiao could show such a big hand was probably because he attached great importance to the Carbon Ion mineral.

Although Qi QingLin thought in his heart that it was an honor for them even if his partner defrauded everyone on the planet, if he fleeced them too much, he was afraid that he and JinYu would fall for their own scam later… So it was better to be more realistic.

Qi QingLin was about to knead his partner’s hand to remind him as he thought about this, but before he could make a move, he saw JinYu suddenly pinching his own face ruthlessly. Then JinYu directly told Long ChangXiao, “Young Master Long, you can contact your subordinates to deliver food now. I will take you to look for the Carbon Ion mineral as soon as the food arrives. Besides that, there’s something else I have to discuss with you after we get there. Apart from the matter about Carbon Ion mineral today, I have other important things to tell Brother Long and I hope we can become collaborators in the future. ”

Long ChangXiao observed JinYu’s solemn look and could not help but wonder. As far as he knew, there were few things that could make JinYu so serious. Usually, the things that could make him show such a serious expression were more or less related to beasts. Could it be that the Carbon Ion mineral was related to the beasts?

But now it was obviously not the time to think so much. Long ChangXiao gently pointed at his right wrist and dealt with the issue of the beasts’ food in a moment. After dealing with this matter, Long ChangXiao looked up at JinYu again, “Is it convenient for me to bring another person along if you want to explore the mineral deposit?”

After hearing this, JinYu pondered over it before shaking his head, “It’s better to wait until I show you that place first. The place is somewhat unusual, and it concerns to my life. I don’t want to lose my life because of an individual’s negligence. That’s definitely the most humiliating way to die.”

Since JinYu had protested to this extent, Long ChangXiao felt bad to insistently demand more. At this time, Jin Qian glanced at the colorful Lost Butterfly Beast. It had become almost identical to its recorded image after one night of JinYu’s great efforts. Jin Qian informed JinYu and the rest, “Since you’re going over, I will not stay here for long. Although I don’t know how you made it so that this little fellow has an indication of its wings re-growing, it’s still rather weak now. I’ve decided to take it to our Residing Immortal Garden (留仙园) to raise it until it is completely healed. I’ll be more assured with that.”

“En, you’ve finally decided to leave after dawdling until now. I thought you were going to freeload forever! An early death brings about an early reincarnation, go on, go on! Ah! Don’t forget to transfer the gold coins you owe me to my light card!”

As JinYu waved and drove people away, he said something that made a certain unscrupulous doctor’s veins jump. Thinking of the huge debt he owed for the so-called ‘Earth Sightseeing and Exploration’ one-day tour, the unscrupulous doctor thought that he must have had a brain spasm at that time. He really had never experienced such a confounding ‘Sightseeing and Exploration’ since he was born!! …Okay, nowadays, you could sell anything at a high price if you had a distinguishing feature. Unfortunately for him, there really was a rather distinguishing feature.

JinYu stared at Jin Qian’s back that carried a ghastly chill and cheerfully laughed. But he rolled his eyes shortly after laughing happily. Shan BaiLu was such an ungrateful and vicious person. JinYu was the big brother that had taken him in, yet this fellow abandoned his eldest brother and ran off with his paramour without saying anything?! Did this fella want to bathe the beast cubs or become the training partner of the juvenile beasts?

But if Big Boss Jin saw the current look on his little brother’s face, he would not have such a notion. Shan BaiLu stared at the unscrupulous doctor in front as he fumed with rage between gritted teeth, He felt bitter, hateful and indescribably remorseful and his pair of big eyes could almost bore two holes in the back of the man. Was there anyone more of a bloody bastard than this guy in front of him?! He actually used his previous help and assistance to blackmail him!

Fuck, how could the Third Young Master of the Shan Lang Family be blackmailed by others?! …What was even more of a scam was that if his father heard that he was familiar with the eldest grandson of the Jin Family, he would probably be itching to shove him into the Jin family as a servant! In any case, they were one of the Ten Great Clans in the South. Appearing as anything related to the Jin family was all good, right?

But no matter how depressed Shan BaiLu was at this time, the current situation for him meant that he had to follow the unscrupulous doctor to the Jin Family… Hopefully after returning, his eldest brother would not be so angry that he would directly throw him to DaBai and the rest as spare rations.

“Hey, what are you staring blanking at? Hurry up and get in the car. It’s takes more than a day’s travel to reach our family’s second courtyard from here.”

Shan BaiLu was depressed and frustrated as he grabbed the shoddy little wolf, which had already grown up sturdily and robustly, and desperately rubbed it. The latter looked at his master sympathetically. No matter from which position, his master was always the super weak one… As for the unscrupulous doctor, the shoddy little wolf and the two jackals who had been defeated by the little wolf, felt that they should avoid if they could and ignore if they were able. If they could not avoid or ignore him, they would pretend to be dead.

Sometimes, the intuition belonging to a beast must be regarded as the truth.

Almost forty minutes after Jin Qian and Shan BaiLu left, a line of freight trucks stopped in front of the gate of the Number 138 Cute Beast Store in the Dark Street. Although the trucks were opaque, JinYu’s neighbors immediately knew what was in the trucks—

Look at their family’s gluttons howling. If it wasn’t the favorite of the beasts, they would all write their names upside down!

Looking at the line of nine trucks, the moguls of the Dark Street were somewhat unable to accept it. Although JinYu was raising close to a hundred beasts – both big and small – and he often bought bags of food with another man and several Level A beasts, with an entire ten trucks of food that was delivered all at once, could this fella be intending… to stuff his trouble-making beasts to death?

Only those who had their brains struck by lightning would be so ridiculous.

So, what was this guy going to do? Why did they think the food in these ten trucks was too much. Therefore, it was suspicious, it was really really suspicious. So, they had to keep watching!!

After Qi QingLin had packed up ten trucks of food easily using his ability, JinYu brought XiaoXue, WangWang and ErHei, and led Long ChangXiao and DaDaBai to the newly excavated basement and disappeared into the shop at the next moment.

The same time they left, the Long Family’s Long ChangLi received a secret message from his subordinates. Looking at the few characters written on it, Long ChangLi’s expression gradually turned from gloomy to complacent. Since I have found the clues, don’t blame me for being cruel, cousin!!

“Humph! Long ChangXiao is regressing the longer he lives. The Jin family and that something JinYu, he can’t even find a powerful ally when he finds one, and he still wants to fight for the inheritance rights with me like this?!”

While Long ChangLi could not help but be immensely pleased with his incomparably bright future, a young man that was also in the Ten Great Aristocratic Families could not help but raise his eyebrows at the news brought back by his subordinates. Long ChangXiao was not that kind of brainless guy. It was needless to speak more on the strength of the Jin family, thus it was natural for him to have close ties with them. It was just the other person…

The young man raised his mouth slightly and pressed onto cap on his head, covering his eyes. He suddenly chuckled, “If so, the shop called Number 138 Cute Beast Store may give me a nice little surprise and bring me delight.”


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November 25, 2019 10:17 pm

I need to know who is this new guy and who betrayed Young Master Long!

Thank you for the chapter!

October 6, 2021 11:56 am

What beast is Da DaBai? Don’t think it’s a name mentioned before. I wish the Author would describe new characters ~ it gets confusing enough with so many beasts (I even made a list for myself, so I have some chance at keeping up!).
ChangLi is horrible; who is this other young person? Not Qi Qinglin’s younger brother, I hope.
Ta 4 translating.

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