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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu leaned against the door panel, breathing very softly. Sweat fell down his jawline as he seeped pheromones. He was a little annoyed. How come Wang Zhou had not fucked off?

“No need to pretend otherwise, I can smell your pheromones.” Wang Zhou ambiguously touched the door handle. “If an omega in estrus is not properly handled, your glands will have lasting trauma.”

Shi Yu chuckled and restrained a shudder. “Then I’ll trouble Uncle Wang to help me get the inhibitor from my school bag.”

“Child, there is a ready-made, alpha suppressant, here. Why do you need inhibitors? Open the door. I will take you to a better place. If you run out of energy later…Then we will have to settle for the bathroom.” Wang Zhou’s voice was like a viper’s hiss that sent chills down the spine as it passed by the ear. “It’s not good to be in such a place for the first time, is it?”


The door of the bathroom was violently kicked open and hit Wang Zhou’s nose straight on.

The fishy blood instantly overflowed his nasal cavity. Wang Zhou woefully fell to the floor. He hadn’t expected an omega in heat to still have so much strength.

“I think it’s good that Mr. Wang was punched for the first time in the bathroom.”

Wang Zhou looked up. Shi Yu’s gaze was straight and sharp, austere and cold, like the moon shadow in the pale night of the distant sky. The end of his eyes were stained pink. The watery glow created an almost demonic look and the expression they held hadn’t the slightest sign of being controlled by lust.

The omega’s arrogance stimulated the alpha’s nerves. Wang Zhou pointed at him in annoyance. “You dare to make a move on me? I’m a dominant alpha!”

Shi Yu kicked his fingertips away and looked down at him, “I’m underage. You dare to have nasty thoughts about me?”

Wang Zhou’s face twisted in anger. His mind was broken. He stared viciously at Shi Yu’s back. Pheromones, like a spider’s chewing teeth, sent webs straight towards the omega.

The red wine flavored pheromones wrapped around Shi Yu. All the discomfort he had strongly suppressed suddenly went out of control and the strength to lift his feet disappeared.

Wang Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.

This omega was not unaffected, just too stubborn and pretending to be seamless.

He almost had been fooled.

As if slowly observing his dying prey after injecting toxins, Wang Zhou tugged Shi Yu’s wrist.

The fragrance of the exotic world was like a gauze on the alpha’s five senses, Wang Zhou’s deep-seated greed and delusions instantly appeared. “Tsk, at first I wanted to treat you well, but since you have such a temper, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“Ah, let go…”

“Let go.”

Shi Yu was yanked up. Then he heard a slightly cold male voice.

Wang Zhou’s shoulder was kicked hard.

Shi Yu should have been dragged down too, but a hand gently slid in front of him and easily separated him from Wang Zhou.

The coldness was pervasive. The frosty pheromones quickly covered the deep-sea foreign fragrance, reducing it to nothing. All of Wang Zhou’s desires were blocked by the frost and snow.

Shi Yu looked up and saw Jiang ChengLi’s sharp and beautiful jawline.

“Just try touching him again.” The teenager’s tone was deep and cold, with an immovable threat.

Wang Zhou was appalled and wondered how this eighteen year old alpha could display such an overwhelming intimidating power. Reason was frozen by the awe-inspiring pheromones. Wang Zhou watched the alpha lean down to pick up and carry the omega away before he came to his senses.

Blood gushed out of his nose again. He wiped it away woefully and cursed.


Shi Yu struggled at first, but after smelling Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones he became like a pendant. He did not want to leave, he only wanted to move closer and closer to Jiang ChengLi.

Then he heard the alpha’s unpleasant reprimand. “Don’t move around.”

“No…It’s hard.” Shi Yu involuntarily clutched Jiang ChengLi’s school jacket as if he wanted to bury his head in it and keep rubbing.

The action was like that little cat at home that didn’t know what to do… 

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes deepened a little in warning. “Shi Yu, move and face the consequences.”

But apparently the omega, whose sanity had run away, wasn’t sure what the consequences would be and not only rubbed his collar, but panted against his neck.

The parent-teacher conference had already begun, and no one was walking around the campus at night. Jiang ChengLi took the shortcut and carried the person into the school doctor’s office. The school doctor was not in at this time of day.

Jiang ChengLi put the clingy omega on the hospital bed, but Shi Yu tugged on his jacket. “One more…one more moment.”

He knew who was in front of him, but that couldn’t beat instincts. Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones were too useful for him.

“I have to close the door.” Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyelashes. “Your pheromones leaking out will affect the other students.”

Shi Yu struggled and bit his lip, then reluctantly let go of the corner of his coat.

The small movement from the omega as he tried to curb his pain; in the alpha’s eyes was a trifle of resignation and pity. Shi Yu’s symptoms were particularly severe this time due to Wang Zhou’s deliberate pheromone stimulation.

He was like a fish lacking water. After struggling, only exhaustion. High heat burned his sanity and he wavered near unconsciousness. In a trance, he heard Jiang ChengLi calling him, but he didn’t understand. His grip on the corner of the blanket gradually became too tight.

Half-awake, he felt himself being turned over and his face was forced into the pillow.

He heard someone whisper in his ear, “I’m sorry.”

Then he felt two cool flaps of softness against the back of his neck.

In the blurred field of consciousness it was snowing. Tiny delicate snowflakes fluttering down with the winter wind onto Shi Yu’s skin, melted by body heat, permeating the flesh and blood, but not cold. The wind was very gentle mixed with a faint cold fragrance, frost and snow; the winter wind. With his body every ring was the ultimate fit, like silk.

Shi Yu felt his body’s dryness locked up by the winter snow.

After Jiang ChengLi’s last injection of pheromones Shi Yu briefly passed out.

Jiang ChengLi pulled away and used his fingertips to wipe away some of the saliva that had stained the glands on the back of his neck.

Not willing to take advantage of the situation, he had just asked Shi Yu how he was doing but he could no longer answer. The high fever on the back of his neck was a warning that the omega would be in critical condition if he wasn’t soothed.

He was helpless.

But fortunately for him, as an alpha…this omega tasted good.

Jiang ChengLi licked his lips. His mouth was filled with the strange fragrance of the deep sea. It was fantastical and mysterious, more special than all the pheromones he had ever smelled. Jiang ChengLi looked at the bite marks he left on the back of Shi Yu’s neck. They were slightly out of proportion.

All his suspicions were confirmed. Jiang ChengLi had a primal desire for Shi Yu as an alpha toward an omega.

From the beginning of that dream to the first temporary mark, now.

Jiang ChengLi raised his hand and found that a layer of blue glowing scales had appeared on his arm at some point. The closer Shi Yu was to him, the more the scales emerged. He had some kind of wonderful reaction and Jiang ChengLi could not help but want to return to his original form.

This was not a good sign.

As he contemplated this, the omega slowly woke up.

In a bit of a trance, Shi Yu thought he saw that President Jiang’s pupil color was a bit strange. Like the blue sea glass he picked up that day. But on second inspection, it reverted to black as if it was just a passing illusion.

There was discomfort at the back of his neck. He touched it to find teeth marks.

“Hiss…Did you bite me?”

Jiang ChengLi looked bland. “You were in a critical situation and there were no inhibitors. If you keep this up, you’ll be hospitalized a second time.”

Shi Yu blinked.

Jiang ChengLi did not take advantage of him, but saved him.

Jiang ChengLi thought he would be angry, but to his surprise, the omega just whispered softly, “Thank you.”

Unexpectedly frank.

“You know you’re in heat and didn’t bring inhibitors?” Jiang ChengLi sat on the single chair next to the hospital bed and gazed at Shi Yu’s face.

The first time was an accident, the second time was just reckless.

Shi Yu pursed his lips. “In my school bag…It was blocked by Wang Zhou.”

He couldn’t let the scum outside that coveted him get the inhibitor for him, right?

Jiang ChengLi asked a question with a somewhat cold, indifferent look. “Your parents don’t help you?”

“They aren’t my parents. Who knows which nooks and crannies he leapt out from.” Speaking of which, Shi Yu turned back. “President, why were you in the bathroom?”

Jiang ChengLi’s face was expressionless. “There was a table asking for your information. I called out and you didn’t answer, so I came to look for you.”

Shi Yu didn’t think twice. “So we’re filling it out now?”

“Already finished checking.”

Shi Yu bowed his head and said, “That’s efficient.”

It took five minutes for the heat to fade from his body. He looked up to find Jiang ChengLi staring at him, seemingly in a less than pleasant mood. Shi Yu looked at him and felt a sense of weakness but didn’t know where it came from.

“You’re not feeling well either? Or are you affected by me?” He asked tentatively.

When he wrote the test questions earlier, there was a question that said the omega’s pheromones would affect the alpha’s as well.

“I marked you, and as I perceive it, you are my possession.” Jiang ChengLi said in a light voice. “Before the temporary marker completely disperses, I will be able to feel if you are contaminated with other alpha’s pheromones.”

He was prompting Shi Yu to remember to carry the blocking agent with him.

Shi Yu understood and opened his hands wide. “I didn’t expect that, come on.”


Jiang ChengLi looked at him.

“The alpha can feel the marked omega and will swear sovereignty with pheromones. Since it’s hard for you, let out your pheromones.” Shi Yu said.

Jiang ChengLi was silent.

He had talked to Shi Yu about this…but there was the second half of the sentence. Swearing sovereignty with pheromones was something one did after an alpha and omega had established a relationship.

Shi Yu on the hospital bed just opened his hands, waiting patiently for Jiang ChengLi to lay down his pheromones. As if he really just wanted to politely appease him. After a moment, Jiang ChengLi’s right hand caressed the back of Shi Yu’s neck with a slight teasing smile on his lips.

Jiang ChengLi held a small bottle of blocker in his other hand and gave him a head spray.

Shi Yu’s expression changed from bewilderment to a slight sulk as Jiang ChengLi put the blocker into his hand. “Take it and spray it well. I’ll check you when I’m free.”

Shi Yu, “…”

Without waiting for a response, Jiang ChengLi opened the door to the school doctor’s room and walked out.

The night breeze swept by. He unbuttoned and fiddled with the collar that had interfered with his breathing for so long. After a long time, with a very faint smile, he concluded, “Little Spring Peach.”


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July 26, 2021 9:15 pm

Whoops….Prez Jiang turning away an opportunity😎😎😎

July 26, 2021 9:23 pm

Loving their interaction! He is always there for him eventhough he tells his friend not to mention the name around him! Lol that Wang man is really a creep seriously lol I loved the “little spring peach” at the end with a smile by Prez Jiang ❤️❤️❤️❤️

July 27, 2021 12:12 am

That would be it for this Wang pervert. Shi Yu won’t come near him ever again. The Lian hypocrites will get a nasty surprise. Mad respect to Jiang ChengLi, that’s how an Alpha should behave. Looking forward to them finally forming a pair.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 27, 2021 2:47 am

I love how different ShiYu is to how Omegas are usually written, which as a character I suppose comes from fact he wasn’t always one.
Thank goodness ChengLi turned up in time. What will the consequences be at home though. He needs to get out, but easier said than done at his age.
Thank you for translating.

July 27, 2021 7:21 am

I don’t understand how Shi Yu can be so stupid as to keep going “home” with those vicious people rather than stay with his friend. Wang isn’t going to give up. Shi Yu and Jiang have only postponed a horrible problem. They frustrate me, but thanks for the chapyter!

July 27, 2021 9:58 am

What does “swearing sovereignty” mean? Is that like Jiang ChengLi promising himself to Shi Yu? Or is it like putting JCL’s pheromones on Shi Yu so other alpha will know Shi Yu is already ‘taken’?

November 18, 2022 1:37 am

I like their personalities and interactions 💖

March 15, 2023 8:12 pm

love this tension!

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