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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


There was rain in the evening and the sky darkened earlier than usual. When Shi Yu pushed open the door of the Lians’ house he looked up and saw Lian ZiJin’s rather excited expression…Like a hyena seeing food.

When he tried to help him, Shi Yu stopped him with his eyes and Lian ZiJin was defeated but didn’t dare to get angry. He could only stare at the man as he walked into the bedroom. Although Shi Yu had been out for a while, the Lian family had not yet emptied his room.

When Mrs. Lian knocked on the door, he had just finished taking a shower.

The omega sitting on a chair was blow drying his fine soft hair. The curves on the side of his face were warm, quiet and beautiful. His jawline was not alpha sharp, and his neck was white and delicate. Standing close, she could smell his omega scent mixed with a unique light fragrance.

It was a look that any alpha would like.

Shi Yu realized someone was standing behind him and his eyes were a little austere. “Yes?”

It was a pity that his personality was not pleasing.

Mrs. Lian. “I came up to call you for dinner. After all, ah, everyone else is an alpha, and letting them come to call you is not very good.”

“Where’s my mom?” Shi Yu drew away, looking meek and drooping his eyes. In fact he’d put up a twelve percent vigilance.

Mrs. Lian hated this look, but had to hide her disgust. After all, she had special guests tonight. “Downstairs.”

In the living room, Lian Yucheng was chatting with a man who looked to be in his forties. Shi Yu had just come downstairs when the man’s eyes wrapped around him like a snake, sliding over every inch of his skin.

Shi Yu felt very uncomfortable.

“You came down? I’d like to introduce you. This is Wang Zhou, Uncle Wang.”

Mrs. Lian took Shi Yu’s shoulders and pushed him into the middle of the living room with a bit of force.

Wang Zhou looked at Shi Yu with a smile. “Eh, this is Xiao Yu, right? He looks so much like his mother.”

Shi Yu noticed that Mrs. Lian’s expression got a little ugly after this comment.

Lian Yucheng didn’t interrupt, just sat indifferently on the sofa as if he was not involved. The relationship between them had never been good, and they hadn’t spoken more than a few words since he was young.

“Xiao Yu. Ah, your mother is still abroad but should be back in half a month. She entrusted me with the task to come and see you. She is currently settled abroad. The first few years of her career were busy and only now has she had a little achievement. She wants me to take you out of the country.” Wang Zhou stood up and walked to Shi Yu.

The pheromones were the smell of red wine of unknown vintage…This was an alpha.

Shi Yu caught the look on Lian ZiJin’s face, who was peering from the balcony. He pretended to be disappointed and regretful. “Let’s wait for Mom to come back.”

The omega’s loss was heartbreaking to watch and Wang Zhou smilingly gave Shi Yu his contact information. “Your mother told me to make it up to you during this time, so you can talk to Uncle Wang if you have any needs.”

A less than harmonious dinner followed. Shi Yu ate his fill and then found an excuse to go upstairs.

Wang Zhou leaned back in his chair. The gentle voice in front of Shi Yu was gone. “He’s good-looking. Quite appetizing.”

Mrs. Lian’s eyes shone. “Mr. Wang, our Shi Yu, in addition to having the character of a little light, is good-looking and has a good academic performance. If you marry him, he is more than suitable.”

Lian ZiJin added, “And he also differentiated not long ago!”

Wang Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the second floor. “What pheromones does he have? I don’t want anything too vulgar.”

Mother and son looked at each other in silence. They really did not know what Shi Yu’s pheromones were.

Wang Zhou sighed. “Forget it, I’ll explore it myself.”

After sending the man away, Lian Yucheng walked to the balcony to smoke.

“Hmph, can’t let go?” Mrs. Lian followed him out. “Lian Yucheng, I’m telling you, while I worked so hard to give birth to ZiJin, I knew exactly what you were doing outside! You and that woman both owe me! What’s wrong with Wang Zhou? A successful alpha, divorced…how many omegas are waiting for him?”

Lian Yucheng extinguished his cigarette and indifferently threw down the words, “As you wish.”

Mrs. Lian calmed her heaving emotions and sneered, “Marrying Wang Zhou…It’s better than being defiled by unknown wild dogs outside.”


As the midterm exam was approaching, Shi Yu could only settle in with the Lian family even if he resented them. Nan Zhong’s Omega Class all took their exams in the A building, while the alpha classes shared an exam room with the regular class.

On the eve of the exam, the school arranged to spray a large area with a daily barrier to provide a good environment for students to take the exam. Shi Yu followed the exam room map to A1 and sat down at a table with his exam information.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he smelled a cold, frosty smell of snow just as he sat down.

In a trance, it took him back to the day he was first differentiated. It seemed to be the same smell that soothed him then. But the smell was only there for a moment and disappeared before he had time to identify it in detail.

After that, the exam bell rang.

Two days of exams went by in a flash, and Shi Yu put away his pencil five minutes before the end of the last exam.

The questions were finished and he had double checked everything over. He held the pencil thoughtlessly as he recalled the past few days in the Lians’ house. Wang Zhou, although he sent messages to him every day, did not act eagerly, but like an elder who was entrusted to care for him.

Shi Yu usually wrote and drew when he was distracted, and he accidentally traced a small, light image of a dragon on the desk. Shi Yu realized that he hadn’t brought an eraser and awkwardly wiped it with his hand.

Before he could finish erasing it, the bell rang and the teacher instructed the students to stop answering questions.

After the examination papers were collected, the omegas were urged to hurry back. After all, it was an alpha classroom. Shi Yu had no choice but to leave a blurred mark on the desktop along with a small note to apologize to the owner.

Half an hour later, the alphas returned.

Jiang ChengLi saw the note on his desk, written with a black marker.

[Sorry, I forgot to bring the eraser, I didn’t mean to scribble.]

When he looked down, he saw the little dragon lying lazily in the far corner, with a round belly and a soft tail looking like it was ready to be kneaded.

Jiang ChengLi laughed. “…It’s quite cute.”

He smoothed out the note and pinned it into his notebook, putting it side by side with the other note inside. Jiang ChengLi then packed up his things and left the school.

Nan Zhong graded the papers efficiently, and that night Jiang ChengLi received the results for his second year of high school. He scanned the first ten and his eyes stopped at the second place finisher.

Shi Yu had thirteen points less than himself.

And Li Chen, the second place finisher in previous years…dropped to fourth.

Jiang ChengLi didn’t hit Li Chen, just first turned to Shi Yu, who was sitting in the list without saying anything. He sent a screenshot of the results.

[Here’s the midterm assessment. Next is the Omega security awareness assessment].

Shi Yu had just finished his dinner and pushed open the door to his room when he found his phone vibrating.

He checked it and asked: [Omega security awareness assessment?]

Then Jiang ChengLi sent him a practice test.

He opened it.

1: As an omega, what should you do when you fall into estrus?

2: What is the legal age for an omega to be marked?

3: When is temporary marking of an underaged alpha and omega allowed?

The first few questions Shi Yu still had some impressions of, but answering the latter…he almost gave up.

[What do you do when you are forcefully marked by an alpha?]

Of course you break his legs, right?

Shi Yu filled in the last blank, submitted the test, and got his score. 27.

Shi Yu, “…”

He sent the results to Jiang ChengLi.

[…I forgot that you are an older differentiated omega and have not taken the omega security awareness course.]

[What if I don’t pass this one?]

[If you fail the course, you can’t get a scholarship.]

Shi Yu instantly tensed up: [That won’t work. How can I pass?]

Jiang ChengLi looked at the security lacking omega’s response with some amusement: [The topic is quite simple, I will help you through it.]

Shi Yu thought President Jiang was going to send him a document or a presentation or something like that. What he didn’t expect was a voice call request. He was slightly startled when the phone vibrated and fumbled to accept it.

“Can you hear me?” The clear voice was quite textured, like a feather talking through the ear, making people’s hearts slightly crisp and nice.

Shi Yu inexplicably felt his ear was a little hot. He didn’t dare hold the phone too close so he put the other on speaker. “Hmm.”

“The topic is not difficult. You are the first to score so low.” Jiang ChengLi felt a little helpless. He thought this kind of topic should be common knowledge.

But Shi Yu, in his last life, aspired to be an alpha. After rebirth, he was a beta, and his understanding of omegas was really shallow.

“Inhibitors should be used during estrus, no strenuous exercise…You know all these basics?”

“I know.”

“Under what circumstances is the temporary marking of underage alphas and omegas allowed?”

Shi Yu pondered for a moment. “When there is no inhibitor?”

“It is when the omega pheromone concentration reaches seventy percent and the unconscious vital characteristics begin to change. At that time, if the passing alpha does not give temporary markings to appease them, it is equivalent to seeking death.”

“The value is too specific, right? Omegas are not a machine.”

Jiang ChengLi heard his low complaint and lost his smile. “So it’s just a test question. One or two temporary marks are not particularly impressive to an alpha or an omega, and can be given appropriately when the omega needs and trusts the alpha.”

“Oh.” Shi Yu unconsciously touched the back of his neck.

“The effect of multiple temporary markings on omega?”

Shi Yu said, “Attachment to the alpha?”

“It’s not just that. Multiple temporary markings will cause the pheromones of the alpha to affect the omega, and the omega will involuntarily have other feelings for the alpha, which is dominated by the pheromones. At the same time an alpha’s possessive control over the omega will also be elevated.”

This was the omega having a one-way binding with the alpha. An omega would be controlled by pheromones and become involuntarily subservient to the alpha but the alpha would be sane and sober. If you meet up with scum…It was possible that an alpha could control many omegas.

“How does an omega react when they are first temporarily marked?” Shi Yu asked along with the test questions.

“Mild effects will be limb weakness, dizziness. Occasionally it will be accompanied by…” Jiang ChengLi paused subtly, “physiological reactions.”

Shi Yu involuntarily changed his sitting position. It was obviously a normal physiological phenomenon. Why was it that President Jiang said it so differently?

“The part about the reproductive cavity. An alpha and omega must have autonomous will to finally form a knot.”

The common saying is that when love is thick, water comes to the surface.

“A knot?” Shi Yu picked out the word. “What does that mean?”

“It means the alpha goes in and locks inside the omega.”

The overly simple and crude words caught Shi Yu off guard and the next moment images appeared in his mind. It was like steam was gushing out of his head and he blushed completely.

As an alpha…Would he know that much?

On the other end of the phone, Jiang ChengLi closed the omega physiology textbook in his hand as if nothing had happened, his earlobes slightly red.

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