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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Lian Jing and He Huan had no way to complain, so they had to ask Shi Yu.

After all, the school sports meeting was in the afternoon and the class teacher had been very strict in catching violations lately, so if they were reported, they wouldn’t have a good week.

During the morning exercises, the three of them set out with a thermos box given by Lian Jing, but the student union wasn’t open.

Shi Yu was about to give up when Lian Jing clapped his hands. “Look at my memory. The student union office isn’t open on Mondays. Let’s go to Building A.”

Each year’s Alpha and Omega Classes were separated from the regular classes because the school was worried about accidents that could affect each other, but it did not affect the normal movement of students.

Since the three people were not in any special periods, they figured it was fine if they delivered something.

A2’s classroom was near the stairway. A few boys were idly leaning on the corridor handrail, saw that an Omega Class student was coming over and started a commotion. Most of the language was frivolous and unkind because it was Shi Yu.

Shi Yu walked in front while Lian Jing and He Huan followed behind.

It was obvious that the two of them pushed Shi Yu, but now they acted like two quails, as if the A2s were some man-eating monsters. The tall man from A2 noticed the difference and looked out the door, and glanced at Shi Yu with a slightly stiff expression.

This omega went for A1’s alphas again?

Heh, cheap enough.

Shi Yu stopped at a window of A1 near the back door where Li Chen was sitting. He reached out and knocked on the window sill. Li Chen, who was writing a question, looked up and smiled brightly when he saw it was Shi Yu. Without waiting for him to say anything, he got up and shouted towards the back of the classroom, “President, it’s for you!”

Li Chen was like a high decibel loud speaker. With his voice, the whole class’s eyes fell on the door.

The two omegas behind him panicked as if they were thieves. They shrunk behind Shi Yu and wanted to turn into two remora fish stuck to Shi Yu’s body. The alpha by the A2 door intentionally or not looked at A1’s door. He seemed indifferent, but was actually full of jealousy and disdain.

He really didn’t understand this group of omegas. All of them were alphas, so why were they fawning over the A1 group?

The A1 students looked curiously at the omegas outside the door, two men and one woman, all good-looking students. Alphas would also value appearance first and were interested in the students standing at the door.

Especially the one who stood at the front. His features were so beautiful that they were almost open, but his temperament was very cold, especially for the alpha with a strong desire for conquest and exclusivity.

But this omega was looking for Jiang ChengLi. They had no chance.

The boy in the front row who was handing out homework recognized them. “Omega Class students? Welcome!”

A few girls next door followed suit and said, “Is Classmate looking for someone? Come on in. Don’t stand at the door.”

When Jiang ChengLi stood up, a few other students joked and coaxed, but they were well-intentioned and didn’t sound harsh. Lian Jing and He Huan looked at A1’s classroom curiously. Except for the fact that there were more people, there was nothing different from the Omega Class.

Jiang ChengLi strolled to the back door with a hint of a smile. “Something wrong?”

The two of them were in a position to make a mistake just by looking at each other, so Shi Yu had to do it himself.

Shi Yu didn’t like so many stares. He held up the thermos box in his hand. “They are looking for you in order to admit their mistakes and hope you will let them go.”

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes to look at the object in his hand. “What is it?”

“… Dim sum.” Shi Yu didn’t actually want to say beef meatballs.

It was the best bribe gift Lian Jing and He Huan could think of.

The male students who were sitting by the door listened to the whole process then laughed and joked. “No, President. They actually came over to give you a gift on purpose and you didn’t even let them off the hook?”

“You weren’t that cruel before.” Another boy followed and teased. “But it’s worthy of the Kaolin Flower, to not even be shaken. If I had been at the point you were, I would have poked myself in the eyes.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Look at the students, so scared.” A female student came around from the back and took a box of chocolates. “I’m treating you guys to a treat in return.”

Lian Jing touched the tip of his nose and looked at He Huan. “I’m sorry, the President hasn’t received it yet…”

It was like in-laws giving each other gifts.

“Huh? What does it have to do with the President if I invite you to eat?” The girl unceremoniously stuffed her hands in her pockets and tilted her head. “You smell good. Is it cream?”

Alphas were more active than he thought. Lian Jing blushed instantly, stammered to say thank you and quickly left half of the chocolate for He Huan.

He Huan was also defeated by the alpha’s charm and the courage she had gathered before had already leaked out. She tugged Shi Yu’s coat corner and whispered to him, “Do me a favor.”

Shi Yu thought to himself. ‘Now you two know how to be shy.’ He sighed and whispered, “President, we know we’re wrong, do us a favor again.”

Jiang ChengLi’s mind was slightly moved when he heard someone talking behind him.

“That’s good.”


Not at all.

He’s not good at all.

He took the thermos box Shi Yu handed him and pretended to be righteous. “This is the last time.”

Li Chen snorted out a laugh and leaned forward against the door. “It’s okay. A1 will cover you. President has a hard mouth and a soft heart.”

Someone followed. “Yes, yes. Come and play often! We aren’t the same as A2. Don’t be afraid!”

Jiang ChengLi’s lips had a little smile. He stepped forward to block most of their line of sight. “I’ll walk you to the corridor.”

Shi Yu looked at him for a long time. His emotions were a bit complicated. That night he felt that he and Jiang ChengLi had reached the bottom of the line with each other, but why did this person now seem to have changed back? As if the conflict between the two of them had not existed?

No wonder it was hard to pin down an alpha.

Jiang ChengLi’s majesty as an alpha was a natural one and the stares and comments from A2 when he came had mostly dispersed. Jiang ChengLi sent people to the stairway and quietly watched.

Lian Jing and He Huan looked as if they had been reborn.

Before leaving, Shi Yu hesitated. “That…basketball–“

“Shi Yu?” came a refreshing teenage voice behind him and a very faint smell. Lu Zhao looked upstairs and smiled. “It’s really you. Why are you here?”

Shi Yu paused, only to find that it was Xue Song. Lian Jing and He Huan also smelled it. This alpha, who interjected halfway, had the same blocking agent as Jiang ChengLi.

Tally! What kind of demon is messing with my CP!

You want to use the same blocking agent to attract the attention of our kids?

Shi Yu looked back at Jiang ChengLi. He seemed to smell it too and frowned.

“Today, I sprayed the blocker you gave me.” Lu Zhao said with a smile.

Lian Jing, He Huan, “!!!!” 

What, what, what?

The color of Jiang ChengLi’s eyes dropped to the freezing point and without a word, he turned away.

Shi Yu was too late to stop him. He could only look back at Lu Zhao. “Great. Keep it up. Bye.”

After the words, the morose face went downstairs.

Lu Zhao was left alone in the same place. He scratched his head in confusion.


The sophomore basketball game started.

The game kicked off at 3:00 p.m. The Omega Class and Class 6 were the second game, which began at 4:00.

Most of the student council officers went to help maintain order. Li Chen stood at the door and knocked. “President, aren’t you going to watch the game? The second game today is for the Omega Class.”

He had seen the scene at the staircase this morning and if he hadn’t been educated, he would have gone to the next class to send Lu Zhao to his death.

Jiang ChengLi was flipping through materials and didn’t even look up. “No.”

Li Chen was quite unfortunate, but thought about it. The thing that he sent to the omega…not long after, to have found out that it was forwarded…Forget it, he still didn’t want to.

“Then I’ll go down first.”

After those words he gently closed the door.

Once everything was quiet, Jiang ChengLi put down the pen in his hand and reached out to press his temples. After a long period of silence, he licked his canine teeth and got up from his desk.

The assembly was at 3:30 and Shi Yu was still stiff when Xue Ze led the warm-up. It was a bad feeling to be caught off guard. Shi Yu involuntarily looked around the circle. Jiang ChengLi did not come. He wanted to explain to Jiang ChengLi about the blocking agent…but he probably didn’t want to see him.

“Omega Class players, take your positions!” In the center of the court, the PE teacher blew the whistle.

Shi Yu was tapped on the shoulder and abruptly shifted from quiet self-reflection into buzz and boisterous cheers. He felt a sense of soul possession like in a trance and before he could fully adjust, walked onto the court.

He stepped into the daylight-lit stadium. Stood in a world where people and places were raw. An extremely strong sense of rejection enveloped him. Suddenly he was a little dizzy and the back of his neck vaguely sore.

The whistle was blown and the game began.

The enthusiasm between Class 6 and Omega Class was on par, but because of their numbers Omega Class’s cheers seemed a bit weak.

They were in an especially disadvantageous situation.

“No, does that boy from Omega Class know how to play ball? So dumb?” Someone wondered.

The girl next door couldn’t help herself. “Pfft, that’s Shi Yu. He can’t play ball at all. His motor nerves are terrible.”

The person next to them realized. “Oh, that’s the one from before in class 6.”

This was heard by a girl in class 6 and she turned her head. “Eh, don’t involve our class 6. He’s gone now. He has nothing to do with our class.”

“You guys hate him that much?”

“That’s true, I’ve always wanted him to transfer to another school. His character is so bad. Only the Omega Class is good for fools…”

Lian Jing’s face was hard to read and Xiang Wuzhu took him by the shoulders. “Other people’s mouths are not our business. We just trust Shi Yu.”

Halftime, 16 to 27.

The Omega Class was losing.

The other four teammates were discussing countermeasures. Shi Yu was silent with his sweatband on his head, head down. He was well aware of his poor form.

The teammates wanted to say something, but finally just patted his shoulder. The game, the stares, the gossip, everything was aimed at him.

Xiang Wuzhu was the class president. He was just about to stand up for him when a figure suddenly appeared behind him. He froze, then saw Jiang ChengLi approach, reach out and rub Shi Yu’s head.

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes fell on the court as if it was just a routine patrol by the student President. His voice was low, “It’s for you. Return it to me when you win the game.”

Shi Yu felt the weight on his head disappear and the slightly cold pheromones fell on the back of his neck followed by the sight of something in his palm.

It was a…blue wrist guard.

It had a strong winter snow and cold frost smell on it.

It was Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones.

In an instant, all the irritation and uneasiness was swept away.


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Sue R
Sue R
August 6, 2021 7:55 pm

They are somehow connected but Shi Yu doesn’t know.

August 6, 2021 8:42 pm

Tsundere Prez Jiang….you shouln’t give our cute Omega Shi Yu hard time😅😅😅

August 6, 2021 8:45 pm

Come on super Shi Yu show them who’s boss in this game!

August 6, 2021 9:07 pm

Did ChengLi do that on purpose?? ‘Cause honestly if he can influence Shi Yu with his pheromones and used them to deliberately mess with him (“teach him a lesson”) right before the basketball game then ChengLi has just dropped to absolute asshole in my book.

I hope that’s not the case but if it is…🔪🔪🔪

August 6, 2021 11:47 pm

President Jiang ChengLi is very considerate. Thank you for the chapter

August 7, 2021 12:28 am

Thank you for the chapter!

August 7, 2021 3:13 am

Thanks for the chapter! Wow,that really affected him!

August 9, 2021 1:02 am

There’s a definite connection between Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi. As the Alpha that temporarily marked him, his scent seems to still have a strong affect.
Glad he put aside his jealousy and annoyance, to support Shi Yu.
They need to talk. More misunderstandings.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 10, 2021 8:59 am

They definitely should talk to clear things out! They are not saying anything, but there seems to be a connection of some sort! I love how SY is a leader and has a strong character! Thank you for the chapter! ❤️❤️

December 13, 2022 12:57 pm

If he knows what happens while he is a little dragon why is he giving SY such a hard time. He disclosed to the little dragon that he’s a transmigrator so of course he is not totally aware of all the social cues and nuances.

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