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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Lan’s husband was a European gentleman. His ex-wife was also Asian and his two sons, 18 or 19 year old alphas, were both mixed-race children with deep facial contours that looked dazzling.

Shi Yu was nervous enough when he was facing Shi Lan, let alone when she was joined by her husband and two stepsons. 

Oh, and a little girl.

The four of them at the door attracted a lot of attention. Shi Yu hadn’t been able to bear it.

Shi Lan smiled and took him into her arms, then introduced him to her husband and stepsons. “This is my child, seventeen years old. He looks like me, right?” She turned back. “This is your stepfather, his Chinese name is Tang Yi.”

Tang Yi’s Chinese was good. He said calmly, “Hello, Xiao Yu, we often hear your mother talk about you.” He turned back to support the two children. “These are your two gege, Tang Chuan and Tang Ye.”

The two alphas smiled in greeting. The little girl in their arms copied them, then her pretty features fell and showed an unhappy expression when she looked at Shi Yu. “Humph.”

“She’s a bit shy of strangers.” Tang Chuan helplessly stroked the top of the little girl’s hair. “She’s called Alice, She’s our–“

Tang Ye added, “Little niece.”

Shi Yu smiled, but it wasn’t a fearful look.

Tang Yi booked a restaurant before he got on the plane, and they went straight to dinner after they found Shi Yu.

Since she recognized Shi Yu, Shi Lan’s heart was hanging in the country for the most part. So, they had decided to move back to the country because of Shi Yu and  they had just finalized a large house in November.

Shi Yu put down his fork. The pasta in front of him wasn’t to his liking. “If you are trying to accommodate me, you don’t have to.”

Shi Lan took a small sip of wine. “I asked you before, and you also do not want to go abroad. This time mom came back to accompany you. Is that not good?”

Shi Yu lowered his eyes, it felt like half a day before he finished the sentence. “It’s too much trouble.”

“There is no such thing as trouble.” Shi Lan held his hand. “Growing up in the Lian family wasn’t a good life. I, as a mother, didn’t care about you and can already be considered a failure. Now you are almost at your college entrance exams, and you differentiated into an omega. We cannot always trouble the Jiang family.”

Tang Yi also nodded. “I know that the Jiang family’s alpha and you like each other. We don’t intend to interfere with the two of you, but as your mother said, premature cohabitation is not a good thing. Especially since your pheromone fit is so high.”

Shi Yu pursed his lips. It had seemed more dangerous for him to be with Jiang ChengLi the way things were going.

“After you go to college, I won’t interfere with how you guys develop. But before the college entrance exam,” Shi Lan gently patted his shoulder. “Let me make it up to you and be a responsible mother, okay?”

Shi Yu spent the rest of the dinner in silence.

The five people in front of him were talking and laughing. He didn’t fit in with the family.

On the way back, the four juniors sat in the back seat. Tang Chuan and Tang Ye knew he was an omega, and subtly pulled away from him.

The little niece Alice sat on the passenger side. She was secretly lying down and was staring at Shi Yu.

The first person to talk to him was Tang Chuan. “I heard that your grades are very good? I transferred into a domestic university, N University. Do you plan to take the exam?”

Shi Yu shook his head. That didn’t seem polite enough, so he added, “I haven’t decided where to go.”

Tang Ye tugged his brother’s collar. “Don’t care about him. Where you want to take the test is up to you. But I heard that you have good grades?”

Shi Yu nodded again.

Tang Ye reacted for a moment, as if he had a sudden realization. “Do you want to take the same university exam as that alpha?”

The car suddenly fell silent as soon as the words left his mouth, and all eyes moved to Shi Yu.

Shi Yu lowered his eyelids. He was silent for a long time, then faintly whispered, “Mm.”

Tang Ye and Tang Chuan looked at each other meaningfully. Alice, who was sitting in front, looked at him for a while then slowly turned back.

When he got out of the car, Shi Yu’s phone shook slightly.

[Little pigeon, will you come again tonight?]

[The cat at home says she misses you.]

Shi Yu looked at those two messages and his ears got a little hot. Jiang ChengLi had always preferred to pour out his likes to him on sight. He quietly tapped his phone screen, deleted then typed. It seemed that tonight’s dinner made him lose control of his emotions. He hesitated for a long time and sent a sentence: [I also want to].

But he couldn’t go back.

Shi Lan and Tang Yi were full of action. They hadn’t given Shi Yu the option of denying. 

The parents lived on the second floor and the four children were on the third floor. Shi Yu’s room was on the far right, and he was told that it happened to have a view of the morning sun.

After a hectic night, Shi Yu was lying wearily on the bed. An omega in heat had little energy, and he was exhausted as he slipped under the covers.

The deep sea pheromones emanated freely in the air and his skin was soon coated with a thin layer of red, his breaths hot.

Involuntarily, he suddenly yearned for Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones.

Knock, knock…

The sound was coming from the window.

Shi Yu reluctantly propped himself up, disoriented for a moment in his new bedroom before he found the right direction and pushed open the window.

The evening breeze was tinged with a very light chill. Shi Yu watched as a small ice dragon gently landed in front of his window. There was a layer of freezing fog on the trees in the yard, and the wind blew past Shi Yu. He rubbed his eyes. Jiang ChengLi, who had turned into a human, sat on his windowsill, his eyebrows as clear as the moon. “I heard that someone missed me?”

Shi Yu paused and averted his eyes in embarrassment. “…Who says I missed you? I miss the cat.”

Jiang ChengLi reached out and stroked his slightly red cheek. It was a little hot. He moved a bit closer and rubbed Shi Yu’s forehead, then he curled his lips in a smile. “Meow.”

“…” Shi Yu wasn’t able to hold back his laughter, and rubbed his palm very easily. “If people knew that President Jiang learned to meow, the forum would collapse.”

Jiang ChengLi touched his forehead again and brought him to the bedside. “For a mature and excellent alpha, a must-have lesson is how to fight for favor.”

As Shi Yu lay on the bed, Jiang ChengLi looked around the bedroom and fished out his medical kit.

Jiang ChengLi had specially bought this for him to put his inhibitors in. Shi Yu hadn’t wanted to bring it at first, then put two small stickers on it so he would carry it around.

After all, the design on the stickers was a dragon.

Jiang ChengLi helped him to take out the suppressant, held up his wrist and rubbed it gently. “No patch today?”

Shi Yu leaned against the bed and lazily plucked the corner of the quilt. “Not yet, just finished taking a shower.”

“No wonder you smell good.” Jiang ChengLi finished and laughed. “Just like a little kid.”

His movements were so light that Shi Yu hardly felt any pain. After the liquid was injected, the hot flush that had spread through his body dissipated, and he hugged the pillow. “Why did you come over?”

“I was home alone, had a hard time sleeping, and it just so happens that someone said they missed me.”

This wasn’t a logical statement, but Shi Yu didn’t bother to correct him.

“So…take me in?” Jiang ChengLi somehow brought out his dragon horns and tail, then deliberately raised his tail in front of Shi Yu. “I specialize in helping children tuck in for twenty-four hours.”

Shi Yu thought this person was very cunning. “I do not lack a quilt, I lack pillows.” He leaned over, vacated a small space and patted. “This place invites co-renting for small dragon cubs. I provide the bed, he provides the cuddling.”

Jiang ChengLi scrutinized him for a long time and seriously concluded. My little friend is a cunning little friend.

Jiang ChengLi came over this time with the intention of pacifying him, but still enjoyed watching as Shi Yu bargained with his little game of tag.

Shi Yu finally got to hold his little ice dragon as he wished, all soft and warm, and slept until dawn.

The next day he was awakened by a knock on the door. He went to open it in a daze, as he held the same little ice dragon asleep in his arms.

“Breakfast…” Alice opened her mouth and froze. “What are you?”

She wasn’t very good at Chinese. She stumbled over her words. and her expressions didn’t make sense. Shi Yu quickly realized that she was asking about the little ice dragon he held.

Shi Yu looked down. The little ice dragon had woken up but he wasn’t moving in his arms and was acting like a doll.

President Jiang’s casual adaptability was still very strong.

Shi Yu coughed and looked serious. “This is my pillow. I like dragons.”

Alice’s eyes quickly lit up, and she expressed her delight in fluent English, “I like it too! Will you let me hug it?”

Shi Yu felt it as the little ice dragon touched his knee with the tip of his tail, meaning no. He tightened his hand and gave Alice a hard no. “Sorry, I’ve been in heat lately and I’m a little resistant to different smells.”

Alice wasn’t yet divided, but she liked to use perfume and instantly understood what Shi Yu meant. She replied regretfully, “That’s a pity.”

After she left, both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

When Shi Yu came back from washing up, Jiang ChengLi had already turned back and was on his bed, enjoying the residual pheromones.

When he saw him come out, the corner of Jiang ChengLi’s lips raised slightly. “It’s dangerous. Our private meeting was almost discovered.”

Shi Yu threw him a new toothbrush and towel. “So please ask President Jiang to leave immediately, and fly away.”

Jiang ChengLi got up and reached out to catch Shi Yu’s fingertips. “I don’t want to go.”

“No, it’s too risky. It’s not good for my mom to see you.”

“Your mother likes me.”

“President, show some respect.” Shi Yu looked at the phone on his pillow. Lian Jing had sent him several messages: [Come out today! We are so free today!]

He showed it to Jiang ChengLi in order to illustrate how cold and ruthless he was in evicting guests. To his surprise, Jiang ChengLi leaned on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Take me with you, or I’ll turn back into my original form, go downstairs and let that little sister hug me.”

Shi Yu, “…”

Finally, Jiang ChengLi was the size of the palm of his hand and Shi Yu tucked him in his pocket before going out the door. Jiang ChengLi waited until they were in the mall’s restroom before he returned to his original form. Shi Yu very carefully listened to the movement outside the door to confirm that no one was there before he came out with Jiang ChengLi, one after the other.

Lian Jing and He Huan had been waiting at the meeting place for a long time and were surprised to see Shi Yu with Jiang ChengLi.

Li Chen,with a lollipop in his mouth, was the only one with a look of, ‘I knew you two would be together,’ and he even nudged Jiang ChengLi. “President, did you meet student Shi’s parents last night?”

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Yup, still don’t like the mother, but bringing her entire new family to China because of her own kid is admirable.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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They seem to finally be getting closer as people, aside from pheromones. Hope it lasts.
Shi Yu’s mother seems genuine and with a seemingly successful husband (buying a large house) and family, it doesn’t seem like they need anything from Shi Yu.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Awesome. Soft, sweet and flirting.

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