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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi gave him a light glance and a tuneless ‘hmmm’ sound.

Li Chen laughed heatedly. “So am I graduating to drink to both of your–“

“Don’t say that in front of him.” Jiang ChengLi interrupted easily. “He isn’t ready, but I’ll inform you. Have the red packet ready.”

Li Chen listened and patted his pants pocket. “I have it all saved up. I’m sure it’s ready for you and your eight kids.”

Their destination was the hottest amusement park in South City, and since it was the holiday season it was bustling with activity.

When they queued up to go through security. Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi were behind the others. The alpha carefully protected the person in front of him, helped him take his card and ticket and advised him to be careful of bumping his hand.

The ticket inspector, who saw through everything, smiled and said, “You two are so sweet.”

Shi Yu blushed and handed over the tickets as he frowned. “Just friends.”

The ticket inspector hesitated, and saw as Jiang ChengLi laughed quietly. “In pursuit.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it happened to be heard, word for word, by the small gossip group in front of them. Lian Jing and He Huan both had an aunt’s smile, and tacitly looked at each other with a crazy exchange of glances.

The ticket inspector was amused by Jiang ChengLi’s remark, then looked up to find the omega’s ears were red. Why was he still chasing? Didn’t they think the same?

The five people played on several rides. Lian Jing and He Huan, those two bold omegas, rashly went on the roller coaster and as a result they felt sick and unstable when they got off.

Shi Yu became a human pillar. He supported them both to stand and was taking care of the two delicate omegas with difficulty. But, when they were helped to the restaurant, He Huan and Lian Jing came to life and started thinking about what to eat.

Li Chen saw that Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi weren’t hungry and smilingly sent the two out the door. “You go for a stroll. I’ll watch the two inside.”

Lian Jing and He Huan, who had been relying on Shi Yu all morning, agreed. Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows a little and took the initiative to grasp Shi Yu’s hand. “Then let’s go shopping for a while.”

Shi Yu was held by him for a moment before he reacted, but just as he intended to break away, he found several girls were looking at Jiang ChengLi.

Jiang ChengLi seemed to be the focus of attention all the time.

For some reason, Shi Yu wasn’t very happy.

Jiang ChengLi felt his hand being gently clutched. He turned around and saw Shi Yu was looking down and pursing his lips, his cheeks seemingly bulging.

He was a little cute. Jiang ChengLi restrained the thought and whispered near him, “What’s wrong?”

Those gazes that fell on Jiang ChengLi were suddenly cut in half.

Jiang ChengLi’s palm was warmer than Shi Yu’s, and his grip was quite comfortable. Shi Yu whispered, “I want to put you in my pocket.”

Jiang ChengLi paused, understood his meaning and smiled uncontrollably. “Mn, for you to hide away.”

The two stopped in front of the haunted house. Shi Yu wasn’t enthused about large entertainment facilities. He was more interested in spirits and ghosts. The staff gave the two a blue ribbon before they entered the door. “Anti-seperation ribbon, it can be tied to the wrists.”

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes, raised his hand and hooked Shi Yu’s right ring finger.

The soft ribbon looped around his fingertip and formed a small knot. Then, he wrapped the other side around his own right ring finger. “Tie it for me?”

Shi Yu was silent for a moment. Just when Jiang ChengLi thought he was going to refuse, he slowly lifted his hand and clumsily, carefully, tied a small knot for Jiang ChengLi.

When Shi Yu walked into the haunted house, his vision instantly darkened.

Jiang ChengLi’s gaze was tender. He softly took his hand, and asked in the darkness, “Does this mean we are engaged?”

Shi Yu walked a long way in silence. The haunted house route was very lengthly. In the beginning section of the path, nothing scary popped out other than the dark and bright ghost fire. He stopped at the first intersection. “Jiang ChengLi. If I say yes, then will you still fly away secretly?”

Jiang ChengLi held him for a moment, felt as Shi Yu’s fingertips stretched out and gripped slightly tighter. “I’m sorry.”

This was an apology for having not said goodbye the first time.

Shi Yu was blank faced, only said quietly, “At that time, I thought I had found a treasure. I was thinking about how to support you in the future, but you left.”

He had also told the little ice dragon, if you want to leave remember to leave him a note. But in the end there was nothing.

“I’ll never leave again.” Jiang ChengLi clasped his hand. He looked down to take Shi Yu into his arms, only to realize that they weren’t close enough for that.

“… Really?” It was a grumbled inquiry.

He carefully raised his hand and stroked Shi Yu’s fine soft hair. “I won’t leave if you give me all the bright crystals you’ve collected, huh?”

Shi Yu thought for a moment. “But all the ones I collected are worthless.”

“I like it.” Jiang ChengLi smiled with his eyes half-closed. His warm, deep voice sounded like it had been soaked in molasses and the pampering melted in the air.

Shi Yu couldn’t help but blush a little. He also couldn’t find the words to continue. Instead he urged, “Let’s go. Don’t delay others.”

The amusement park’s haunted house was very high quality, whether it was the various organs inside or the sound effects. While Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi hadn’t met other players inside, they had heard continuous screams.

Crossing the corner, the darkness clicked, followed by overhead organs that clattered down and an upside-down female corpse suddenly fell down.

It was two meters from the ground, but the sudden appearance was still quite scary. Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu stood in place. The two people were undisturbed as they stared at the grim-faced female corpse.

“It seems to be a dummy.” Shi Yu seriously examined it for a moment then raised his hand to grab a handful of the hair that was hanging down. It was very brown.

Jiang ChengLi pulled his hand back from the female corpse’s head. “So bold?”

“Should I be afraid?”

Shi Yu heard his laugh, then both his hands were held. “Mn, you shouldn’t. Let’s go.”

The two walked for a while, during which all sorts of strange ghosts appeared, but they all came back empty-handed. Shi Yu leisurely commented on each one. “Average. No. Not scary.”

Finally they came to a narrow, empty exhibition hall. Only three people could pass through the place. Jiang ChengLi touched something glassy when he explored the way.

He frowned slightly. The dragon’s vision was a little more sensitive in the dark than normal people’s. He saw something on the inside of the glass and dragged Shi Yu into his arms.

Shi Yu was caught off guard and fell into his embrace. He heard a ‘ta-da’ sound, but all he saw was light beyond Jiang ChengLi’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s a little scary, don’t look.” Jiang ChengLi gently clasped the back of his head. “I’ll take you out.”

“What is it?”

“A pile of rotting fake rats and fish bones.”

Shi Yu didn’t refuse and let Jiang ChengLi usher him out.

Jiang ChengLi coldly skimmed the contents of the glass booth. It wasn’t rats and fish bones, but the simulation of an evil dragon. Possibly a fire dragon or something. Its face was hideously ugly.

But he knew his omega’s curiosity in this regard. Even with this ugly guy, he could seriously look at it for half a day. Jiang ChengLi wasn’t willing. He would be jealous even if it was a fake.

Shi Yu walked quietly for a while, found Jiang ChengLi still had no intention to release him and got a little impatient. “Let me go.”

Jiang ChengLi dropped his hand but lightly captured his fingertips. “Now it’s my turn to be scared. Can you hold me and walk?”

Shi Yu, “…” You are too much.

The two of them had a standoffish moment, then a hand leisurely grabbed the two people’s tied ribbon. Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu simultaneously turned back to find a female ghost behind them.

This was an NPC in the haunted house. They didn’t know how long she’d been following them, probably because she’d gotten tired of not finding anyone.

Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi looked at each other and heard the NPC say slowly, “I… I’m dead… I have to… go…”

Jiang ChengLi, “Excuse me, the ribbon is falling off. Can you loosen your hand first?”

NPC, “… Sorry.”

Shi Yu, “I’m interrupting your work, bye.”

NPC, “… Bye.”

The NPC jolted after walking back a long way. No, I’m here to scare people!

She ran back with teeth and claws, but the young couple had disappeared.


Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi ended up running out of the haunted house. They hadn’t wanted the NPC to wake up too early. The two looked at each other as they exited the security gate and laughed out loud in unison.

Shi Yu, with one hand covering his stomach and the other hand held by Jiang ChengLi, looked at him with his eyebrows arched and a smile on his face.

Jiang ChengLi only laughed for a moment, then gazed into his eyes. “I said before that I would not let you laugh in front of others.”

Shi Yu, stopped laughing and looked at him. With an open and provocative tone, he said blithely, “Then I’m not laughing, ah.”

Jiang ChengLi took in his vivid and bright expression and said, “You look good when you smile.”

Shi Yu was stunned. He was just about to speak, when someone behind him called his name.

“Shi Yu?” Lu Zhao called out in surprise. “It’s really you! What a coincidence, I’m also…”

The last half of the sentence stuck in his throat when he saw Jiang ChengLi. Lu Zhao’s expression suddenly turned into alert resistance. “Jiang ChengLi is also here.”

The blue ribbon that connected their ring fingers was particularly eye-catching.

Shi Yu saw he was looking, and chose not to hide it. Instead, he held Jiang ChengLi’s hand openly.

Jiang ChengLi felt it, and restrained himself from giving an overly harsh smile in front of his rival. He said slowly, “What a coincidence.”

Lu Zhao refocused his eyes and looked at Shi Yu again. “I was stood up. Since it’s such a coincidence, why don’t we play together?”

Shi Yu looked at his slightly pleading and expectant eyes and was unable to say no. Instinctively, he turned back to look at Jiang ChengLi.

The alpha raised his eyebrows slightly. The hand that held Shi Yu’s tightened a little.

Shi Yu thought he was reluctant. He just opened his mouth, when Jiang ChengLi said, “Sure, as long as you don’t mind.”

Then, he added a thin smile, an invisible demonstration and provocation.


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Sue R
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Awww… they are absolutely the cutest together. Even destracted an NPC. 😂🤣

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