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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Gu Jun stopped next to Lu RanKong and whispered, “Let’s have dinner after the inspection.”

“That can wait, it’ll be too late after you’re done.” Lu RanKong whispered, rubbing his nose.

Gu Jun gave him a blank look, “Then tomorrow…”

Lu RanKong nodded.

“Bring your man with you…” After Gu Jun said this, he patted Lu RanKong’s shoulder, followed the crowd and walked out.

The gate slowly opened and the outer soldiers at the entrance immediately dispersed, with guards on either side.

Lan Yu, worried about what would happen at this time, also followed. Only when he saw Emperor ChengFa and Gu Jun get into their own car, the chiefs were also in their own car, did he ease up in his heart.

“Come on, let’s go to the old people’s home too.” Lu RanKong said.


The soldiers at the bottom of the hill were informed and had already left early to prepare for the old people’s home, and the soldiers at the main entrance also quickly withdrew and ran to the end of the convoy.

They went along with the convoy and continued to be on duty at the old people’s home. The military vehicles at the front of the convoy had already started to open the road, and the soldiers at the back were still trotting to get into the vehicles.

“What’s wrong?” Lu RanKong saw that he looked different, so he asked.

Lan Yu frowned and said, “I feel like everything is going too smoothly.”

“Is it bad that it’s going well?” Lu RanKong stroked the top of his hair.

Lan Yu took his hand off and said, “It’s because it’s going so well that I’m a little nervous. It doesn’t feel normal.”

“Think about it, K would have known he didn’t have a chance inside, so why would he go in? And this time there are too many people on the outside, so there’s a problem with not only one Chen YuTan, but also the four teams of Goseti garrison suddenly out of the picture.” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong’s face relaxed, also began to think about this question.

A soldier jogged past them, but he pulled him back and asked, “Has Captain Lin been sent away?”

The soldier was about to rush to the back of the convoy to get into the car, and was about to break free when he realized it was Lu RanKong, and hurriedly stood still and said, “Answering Colonel Lu, two whole teams of soldiers and three military vehicles have just been sent to escort him to the military headquarters.”

Lu RanKong asked again, “Who led the team?”

“It was Captain Wu…” The soldier replied respectfully.

Lan Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Captain Wu? I remember that Lieutenant Colonel Jiang was sent to escort.”

The soldier replied blankly, “No, I just saw Lieutenant Colonel Jiang.”

Lu RanKong’s voice lowered, “Where is Commander Jiang? Where is he?”

“He was inspecting the situation of the convoy.”

“He was on guard duty at the perimeter. Shouldn’t the inside man be in charge of the convoy?” Lu RanKong asked.

The soldier replied, “Originally he wasn’t in charge, but at first there was an unconscious officer in the forest, and after the incident with Captain Lin, two groups of officers were deployed to send them away separately, so there was a shortage of manpower, and some senior officers from the periphery were also helping with the work of the internal staff.”

Lan Yu heard this, his heart began to drum, Lu RanKong’s face also turned bad.

The long convoy began to move forward and the mid-range vehicles were starting up. Luo Yang stood by the far side of the highway watching the two, and when he saw them meet their eyes, he pointed to the moonlight center car not far away, meaning it was time to go.

“Let’s go, let’s follow it first.” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong had just lifted his steps when the terminal rang.

“General Liu…”

“Are you still at the mental health center?” Liu Deng asked.


“The command post just received a report from the escorting Lin Zhu personnel that he suddenly passed out inside the vehicle and a Lontan person who had died emerged from his body.”

Lu RanKong hung up the terminal and said to Lan Yu with a stern face, “Something’s wrong…”


“There was indeed a Lontan person in Lin Zhu’s body, and it has also died suddenly.”

“Sudden death? Just like the Lontan person on the Star Warship?”

Lu RanKong nodded, “Yes…”

Both of them had a sinking feeling in their hearts.

Lan Yu abruptly looked at the front of the convoy, the black stretch limousine that Emperor ChengFa was riding in had just driven through the curve.

Lu RanKong obviously thought of this at the same time as he did, and immediately called Liu Deng’s terminal and said urgently just after he got through, “Stop the convoy, right now!”

The vehicles at the front of the convoy were already moving out of sight, and Lan Yu rushed to the driver’s side of one of the vehicles in front of him, ripped the soldier driving it off, and said to Lu RanKong, “Come on, let’s catch up.”

The convoy was slow and long, and the vehicles in this section had not yet started, so Lu RanKong stopped, “No, don’t drive. The road is narrow and blocked, and the cars in front of us are not yet moving, so drive slowly.” He jumped into the woods along the road and said loudly, “This is a mountain road, so they will come around to the bottom. We can run faster from here.”

Lan Yu decided to go around the front of the car and jumped off the edge of the road.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” Luo Yang shouted anxiously from a short distance away.

Seeing that Lan Yu and the two had gone into the woods without looking back, he also simply jumped down after them. There were no roads on either side of the highway, so the two of them wove their way through the trees and shrubs as they raced down the slope.

Lu RanKong’s figure was just ahead of him, appearing and disappearing like a cheetah weaving through the forest. Only halfway through the run, Lan Yu saw through the gaps in the trees, Emperor ChengFa’s stretched black car was driving fast from below.

The two sprinted out of the woods onto the road and continued to jump off the edge of the road, heading for the next bend, with Luo Yang panting and following far behind.

The front of the convoy received Liu Deng’s order to start sounding the warning siren and slowly stop at the roadside, followed by those vehicles to the roadside to turn off the engine.

But in the middle of the convoy, Emperor ChengFa’s car didn’t have the slightest intention to slow down, and went straight to the front. The mountain road was narrow, so the car on the side wheel overhang as it quickly squeezed past.

All of this happened too suddenly, so everyone was too late to react. In a cry of alarm, some guards and officers jumped out of the car in an attempt to intercept, but were directly hit by the car.

The limousine continued down the mountain road and didn’t slow down at all.

“Emperor ChengFa is still in the car! Think of how to stop it! Quick!” Someone woke up and shouted, and several military vehicles roared after them.

Lu RanKong had already rushed out of the woods onto the road, with Lan Yu following close behind. The two men glanced quickly at the convoy blocking the road, stepped onto the front hood of one of the vehicles, and tumbled off the edge of the road again.

The two of them weren’t in the foliage of the woods anymore, but only some low shrubs, so there was no obstruction to the view. Lan Yu ran and looked in the direction of the road, and after ten seconds, saw the black car that was coming this way.

Lu RanKong had run to the edge of the bushes, and as the black car passed, he leapt a long leap, heavily landing on the roof of the car with a thud. The vehicle was fast, and his body swayed a few times, so he hastily crouched down to grab the edge of the car to stabilize, and then pulled open the passenger door of the car.

Lan Yu followed the vehicle, running with all his might on the side of the highway, grabbed the top edge of the door at the moment of approaching the car and also jumped swiftly into the car.

Lu RanKong got into the car the moment he saw two people were struggling in the back seat. Colonel Jiang from Goseti had a shiny dagger in his hand and was about to stab Emperor ChengFa. Emperor ChengFa tightly strangled his wrist, and there were blood marks on his white shirt, near his abdomen that were gradually expanding.

In front of the seat lurched a motionless guard, unknown if he was dead or alive.

Lu RanKong roared and lunged through the gap between the two seats with a syringe in his hand.

Lieutenant Colonel Jiang looked down sideways and decisively withdrew his hand. He swiftly pushed open the car door, and at the moment Lu RanKong lunged, a green shadow emerged from his body and flashed out of the car, disappearing into the bushes under the road.

Commander Jiang collapsed softly in the back seat.

Lu RanKong couldn’t care less about the Lontan person who ran away, staring at the knife wound on Emperor ChengFa’s abdomen, his face gradually paled, and his whole body began to shake minutely.

“Quick… help me… I can’t hold on.” Lan Yu was about to follow and get into the back seat when he heard a weak voice coming from the driver’s seat. He turned his head and saw the driver with an abnormal face, struggling to control the steering wheel, with a wound on his back, oozing blood.

Lan Yu quickly climbed to the driver’s seat, pushed the driver to the side and let him fall on the passenger side, while he took control of the steering wheel and stepped on the brakes. The vehicle didn’t slow down even after several times of connected stepping.

“Brakes… done… broken.” The driver finished this sentence and passed out.

This was the downhill plate road, the black car’s speed was getting faster and faster, Lan Yu only had control of the steering wheel, from the rearview mirror to see the situation in the back seat.

Lu RanKong looked at the wound on Emperor ChengFa’s abdomen and stretched out his hand as if to touch it, but it was hanging in the air. His eyes were red and cold sweat flowed down his forehead.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. I’ve been through much heavier stab wounds before.” Emperor ChengFa was worthy of the emperor. When things were chaotic, although he was wounded, he was still calm, and squeezed out a reassuring smile to Lu RanKong.

“There must be a first aid kit inside the car. Quickly find the healing instrument and use it on them.” Lan Yu saw Lu RanKong had messed up his mind so he hurriedly reminded him.

Lu RanKong woke up from his daze, opened the car cabinet, found the first aid kit, took out the small therapeutic instrument handily, and used it on ChengFa’s wound.

“Xiao Wu and Xiao Wei are also both injured. Go and treat them quickly.” Emperor ChengFa breathed a little sharply.

Lu RanKong lowered his head to adjust the treatment instrument and said gruffly, “I know, can you not say anything?”

ChengFa half-slumped in his seat without retorting, only looking softly at the top of his head.

The entire valley echoed with the shrill sound of sirens as the black car sped ahead, with other military vehicles chasing close behind. The mountain road was narrow, but the curve was very sharp. Lan Yu’s eyes were on the front, his hands firmly grasping the steering wheel. After a sharp turn, the body drifted out diagonally, the rear wheels were hanging half outside the edge of the road.

All those who watched the car shouted out in surprise, a breath hanging in their chest, not letting it out.

Seeing that the car was going faster and faster, Lan Yu knew that if he continued at this speed, he wouldn’t be able to turn the next corner and the whole car would roll off the road. He looked at the bush next to him, which was the slope between the upper and lower highway, and made a quick decision in his mind.

“BaoZi, hold them tight!” He shouted.

Lu RanKong and he were in tune with each other and instantly understood what he was planning to do. He quickly put the safety belt on the unconscious Lieutenant Colonel Jiang and driver, held Emperor ChengFa tightly, then hooked his foot on the guard who had flung himself on the ground and said, “Ready…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lan Yu steered sharply to the left, and the car went off the edge of the road with a whoosh, flying into the bushes next to it and heading up the slope.

The half-high shrubs blocked the windshield and Lan Yu’s view, so he gripped the steering wheel to keep the direction of forward deflection. Occasionally, he hit a small tree or two, which hit the car, snapping and cracking.

The car was slowing down after a bumpy ride up the road, stuck between two small trees and turned off. Lan Yu listened to the rapidly approaching sirens behind him and sat back in his seat, breathing a long sigh of relief.

A car had already stopped on the highway, and several figures rushed over. In the forefront was a frightened Gu Jun, and since people hadn’t arrived yet, he was loudly asking about the situation.

“Call a doctor, father is hurt.” Lu RanKong climbed out the car window and yelled.

Gu Jun grabbed the sergeant behind him and asked urgently, “Where’s the doctor?! Is the medical car following?”

“Yes, we’re on it. The medivac is right behind us.” The sergeant hurriedly said.

More and more vehicles came to a halt, and several doctors came running with stretchers.

Although Emperor ChengFa’s face was poor, his mental state was still okay. When the doctor unfolded the stretcher, he even pushed away the person beside him to lie down on it himself.

“His Majesty is in good health and the wounds aren’t deep, don’t worry.” The doctor quickly checked Emperor ChengFa’s wounds, and several soldiers lifted the stretcher and headed for the highway.

Some went to move the other wounded inside the car, as Lu RanKong took Lan Yu’s hand and the two, together with Gu Jun, followed the stretcher in silence.

“It was so close, so close. You were all in the car, I was just…” Gu Jun’s voice was still shaking as he walked supported by the small tree next to him. Apparently his legs and feet had lost their strength.

Lu RanKong walked forward to hold his arm and said comfortingly, “It’s okay, I’m here with Xiao Yu, we’ll be fine.”

The two brothers rambled on, and Lan Yu walked and listened, his eyes unconsciously looking to the left. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, and his pupils suddenly tightened. A green figure rushed out of the bushes from the left, silently lunged at the stretcher in front of him, and a cold aura flashed in his hand.

Everyone in the room was focused on Emperor ChengFa on the stretcher, not noticing the green figure in the bushes.

Lan Yu rushed towards the stretcher at the same time as he did, and leapt up and kicked as he raised the dagger in his hand, hitting it squarely in the wrist, and the dagger made a long arc in the air and fell into the bushes.

Then with inertia, he continued forward and blocked the front of the stretcher. This series of movements were also made in a flash, and at the same time, the green shadow in his pupils enlarged, and instantly swooped in front of his eyes.

Lan Yu only felt his head buzz, his mind began to drift, and there seemed to be Lu RanKong’s roar in his ears, but his voice seemed to be blurred through deep water. He felt that his whole body began to become lighter, and seemed to slowly float up and hover in the air.

Lu RanKong rushed out as the green shadow burrowed into Lan Yu’s body, clutching the injection in his hand.

‘Lan Yu’, however, flung himself to the ground at that moment and rolled down the slope, avoiding Lu RanKong’s blow. His body was still in spasm, but he rolled a few times, then got up and ran quickly, moving very smoothly.

The two sergeants drew their waist guns and aimed at his back. Lu RanKong knocked both guns down with his hands and shouted, “Nobody shoots!” He followed his back and chased him out.

‘Lan Yu’ dashed out of the bushes onto the road, flipped over a parked car and jumped into the lawn below the edge of the road.

Lu RanKong was right behind him and as he caught up to the road he heard Luo Yang’s voice, “Colonel Lu! Colonel Lu! I finally… finally caught up to you.”

Lu RanKong ignored him and continued to chase with a sullen face. Luo Yang looked at the two figures in front of him and panted to keep up. At the foot of the hill was a docking pad, where two small civilian Star Warships were parked, in the process of warming up, surrounded by a few workers for maintenance.

Lu RanKong chased after ‘Lan Yu’ in front of him, getting closer and closer. He saw Lan Yu running towards the Star Warships and immediately shouted to the workers, “Close the doors! Close the doors!”

The wind in the mountains was so strong that the workers didn’t hear him and looked at the two men in confusion.

“Close the doors!” Lu RanKong shouted at the top of his lungs as he ran.

One of the workers finally responded, “Close the door! He’s telling us to close the door.”

As the workers scrambled to the ship, ‘Lan Yu’ had already rushed to the door, reached out and pulled the man off, leapt on board and closed the door quickly. Lu RanKong rushed to the Star Warship and watched it roar loudly before slowly taking off. He spun around twice in place like a trapped beast and punched the large, half-high bucket of water beside him.

With a bang, the tin of the bucket dented.

The workers were still shouting in panic, “The Star Warship is being driven away!”

Someone ran to the right, “Get the doors of the Flying Eagle closed. It was booked by the same guest and is now warming up as well.”

“Yes, yes, close the Flying Eagle, and then go to the police and get the Flying Iris back.”

As soon as the words left their mouths, they saw a silhouette sweep by them, and the man who had started shouting at them to close the ship’s doors was dashing towards the Flying Eagle, which was parked not far away.

Lu RanKong looked up at the position of the Flying Iris as he ran towards the Eagle and leapt up to the door of the ship. Just as he was about to close the door, he heard Luo Yang’s breathless voice, “Wait for me! I’m coming!”

Lu RanKong reached out and pulled him upward, closing the door before the workers could catch up.

The small Star Warship was already warmed up and the instruments were working properly. Lu RanKong dashed to the console and skillfully pressed a row of buttons, instructing Luo Yang, who was still standing behind him, “Go to the co-pilot’s seat…”

Luo Yang hurriedly went to the seat beside him and sat down, and the seat automatically adjusted and fixed him in the seat.

With a boom, the Star Warship slowly took off, rocking and climbing to mid-air, then instantly flying out again with a sky-shattering sonic boom.


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Fatheemat Sulayman
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Is that K in Xiao Yu body again,I really hope Lu Rankong catch up to him and kill him, and save lan Yu

August 25, 2021 2:01 pm

That makes 2 possessions in one day :(. My theory is that LRK will get there in time but Lontan K will escape. Or the lontan inside Xiao Yu isn’t K but a subordinate or underling. (Tysm for the translation btw! I really appreciate all the work put into the translation and the daily updates! Thank u!)

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Thanks for translating and editing.

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