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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi was a little helpless when Shi Yu threw himself in his arms. He reached out and gently nudged the omega’s face with his fingertips; smooth and tender, like soft egg whites.

“Shi Yu.”

The omega was unmoved.

Got it. Drunk after one cup.

He leaned over, tenderly picked the omega up and took him into the bedroom. His pheromones were freely released, giving Jiang ChengLi the trance-like illusion that the person in his arms wasn’t a person, but a little lost mermaid.

Jiang ChengLi had just put the little mermaid on the pillow, when the little mermaid abruptly raised his hand and hooked it around his neck. He was forced to lean down, one hand on the side of Shi Yu’s waist. He said helplessly, “I’m afraid to hurt you.”

The little mermaid leisurely opened his eyes. His long fingertips gently traced up the back of his neck and almost touched Jiang ChengLi’s sensitive glands.

Jiang ChengLi narrowed his eyes a little. A dangerous aura slowly rippled out.

Like a little fish, whenever he touched him, he could immediately show his sharp teeth to bite him. 

Shi Yu was confused. One hand hadn’t the strength, so he used two hands together and rubbed President Jiang’s head.

“Where are your horns? Where are the horns of my little dragon cub?”

Jiang ChengLi, “…”

He snapped his wrists, shoved the man under the blanket and forcibly bundled him into a ball. “You like little dragon cubs, huh?”

Shi Yu had drunk without face. If he hadn’t dared be so bold as to disobey the law, it would have been completely impossible to tell how much alcohol he had ingested.

“Yes!” The answer was crisp and clear.

Jiang ChengLi blushed slightly and sat on the edge of the bed. “How much do you like them?”

“Invincible – like!”

So you’re the lively type when you’re drunk.

Jiang ChengLi raised his hand, fingertips fell on the tip of his nose. “Heartless little one.”

Shi Yu buried his face into the pillow, and quietly peeked at him.

Jiang ChengLi chased his eyes. It seemed that his answer just distracted him, and he was now contemplating something else.

He didn’t seem too happy.

“I also…like…”

Quietly, like a little kitten purring from somewhere.

Jiang ChengLi’s eyelashes twitched, a night butterfly flapping its wings. He raised his eyes, his gaze was deep and searching. “I didn’t hear you clearly.”


In fact, this was the first time Shi Yu had faced the human form of Jiang ChengLi and made a serious confession. He was in a trance for a moment and almost dismissed it as an illusion of nothingness.

“Say it again.” Jiang ChengLi coaxed in a low voice. Underneath his calm, unruffled expression, he hid a shocking wave.

But the little mermaid in front of him just looked at him for a moment, slowly turned his head and stopped talking.

Jiang ChengLi stared at him for a long time, his voice hoarse, “Cheating me?”

“I don’t dare…I like you.” The young man, buried in the pillow, replied in a low voice.

Jiang ChengLi felt like his heart was hit by something hard, rippled after-effects were in his ear, were buzzing.

He said he didn’t dare.

“Why don’t you dare?”

Shi Yu hadn’t moved, and didn’t appear as if he wanted to answer.

The alpha’s hand carefully dropped to the back of Shi Yu’s neck and touched the skin as if he were a small animal. His fingers caressed him. “Why wouldn’t I dare? I’m not a beast.”

The warmth of Jiang ChengLi’s palm came through the skin on the back of Shi Yu’s neck. The pheromones met and fused in the air, they fit to the extreme.

“I’m afraid. The person you’re looking for, it’s not me.” He wasn’t part of this world. What he got was more of an abandoned shell. Now that he was living in place of the original owner, he didn’t know if the original owner was the one that Jiang ChengLi was looking for before he came.

He had waited for more than ten years in his last life. He knew the pain of asking for something and not getting it. He didn’t want to be a despicable thief. Shi Yu could continue to live with nothing, but he couldn’t quite bear the pain of having and then losing.

The despondency and loneliness in his eyes that he’d never revealed before was like a sharp awl, and Jiang ChengLi’s heart hurt.

Why would his omega think that?

“How could it not be you?”

“Why could it be me?” Shi Yu’s lips curved in a self-deprecating smile. “In case I need to disappear one day and I admit to liking you…Do I still have the courage?”

Jiang ChengLi reached out, loosened the bedding and scooped Shi Yu up into his arms. “So, you’ve been running away.”

Shi Yu averted his eyes. His long-hidden secrets were plucked away, and he was left with nothing but the wretched truth.

“You are so good. So many people like you. Why is it to be me?” He said, half-aware, and moved closer in Jiang ChengLi’s arms.

In his past life and present life, he had nothing.

He once thought that if not for the high degree of pheromone fit, would he and Jiang ChengLi have had the chance to meet?

Jiang ChengLi said he had slept and woke up in this world.

Then there was a chance that he wasn’t the dragon who made a pact with Shi Yu in his last life.

How dare Shi Yu like him so easily?

Jiang ChengLi hugged Shi Yu, lowered his head and kissed the tip of his ear. He was certain of his answer. “Although I don’t know what you’re worried about…I can tell you that the person I’m looking for must be you.”

Jiang ChengLi lightly touched the nape of his neck and back, like he was petting a restless pet.

Shi Yu was drowsy and gradually fell asleep.

Jiang ChengLi looked at his unconscious face and was pondering for a while, when the person in his arms moved again. Shi Yu’s eyes slowly broke open, like a cat waking up and looking for a reassuring pat.

After searching for Jiang ChengLi, Shi Yu suddenly rushed into his arms and in his voice was a wisp of aggravation. He called his name, “Jiang ChengLi.”

Jiang ChengLi softly responded, “Hmm?”

Shi Yu frowned and intermittently expressed his resistance. “Eight is too many…”

Jiang ChengLi’s fingertips gently stroked the top of his hair and wondered what strange dreams the little omega had had in the past ten minutes. “What eight?”

Shi Yu muttered in a low voice, “If you want eight…I will not give birth for you…”

Jiang ChengLi lost his smile. “Dreaming of giving birth to my child?”

The omega only mumbled unintelligibly in his arms, the words muffled as if he was falling into a dream again.

Jiang ChengLi gently tugged his earlobe, his eyes drooped with tenderness. “You dream of giving me a baby, and you still say you don’t like me? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to admit it, I’ll just keep chasing after you.”


The last vacation of the sophomore year was over, and exams of all sizes came one after another. Soon, the last semester began. It was late winter when the final exams ended, and everyone was wearing coats.

Shi Yu put his stationery away and dragged himself out of the classroom.

Students came and went, hurried past.

Shi Yu put his things away and Lian Jing smilingly gave him a candy. “It’s vacation, see you next semester.”

Lian Jing, it appeared, unilaterally thought that he and Shi Yu had become better friends since that day’s dinner at Jiang ChengLi’s house. He was a little shy before, but now he was hooking up with Shi Yu and was doing whatever he wanted.

Shi Yu looked at the candy he put on the table, then turned around and took a bag of cookies from his school bag to reciprocate.

Lian Jing looked at the vanilla flavored cookies and his eyes almost glazed over. The king of his family actually gave him a snack!

Shi Yu frowned hesitantly and added, “See you next semester.”

Lian Jing, “…”

Lian Jing, “Ahhhhhhh! He Huan, the King said to me–“

He Huan, with a quick eye, covered his mouth. “Noisy! I got it! Can you stop fussing?!”

Then, He Huan received cookies from Shi Yu.

He Huan, “…” Ahhhhh!

Shi Yu finished sharing the cookies that Jiang ChengLi had slipped him that morning, packed up his things and walked out the door. When he got to the school gate, the phone in his pocket vibrated. He opened it, and it was a message from Jiang ChengLi.

[You didn’t eat the cookies?]

Shi Yu looked back to make sure no one was following him before he typed: [Putting surveillance on me?]

Then Jiang ChengLi sent him a screenshot of Lian Jing’s circle of friends.

Probably this was the first time he received Shi Yu’s cookies, so he sent several pictures in a row, with the text: [Eros great cookies, bless me as an adult immediately!]

Jiang ChengLi: [Want to distribute snacks to classmates? Tell me. I will help you prepare. This is for you to replenish your strength.]

[You have to eat more during the rut.]

[…I’m not hungry.]

[Naughty kids are tougher talkers.]

Shi Yu thought President Jiang might be too stressed out from the final exams, his speech was unorganized. He was just about to return the message when a phone call came in.

It was Shi Lan.

Shi Yu hesitated for a moment. He hadn’t quite known how to talk to Shi Lan, but still he picked up the phone, “…Mom.”

“Eh, I just got off the plane.” There was some noise on Shi Lan’s side. “Are you out of school yet?”

“Just got out.”

“I’ll pick you up. We’ll have a family dinner. Stay at school. I’ll come get you right away.” Shi Lan’s phone hung up extremely fast, not even leaving him time to react.

Shi Yu held the phone for a minute before he saw that Jiang ChengLi had also sent him a message. It was an emoji, a small cat wagging its tail, full of expectation.

Shi Yu was suddenly a little impatient. He tapped the screen and sent a voice message.

President Jiang, who was in the final meeting of the student council, saw the screen light up and stared at it quietly with downcast eyes.

The Vice President, who had just collected the information, smiled and waved. “President, the meeting is over. Quickly deal with the message.”

A few of the officers laughed along. “President has worked hard this year. After the next term, you can focus on your own business.”

Jiang ChengLi nodded slightly. “It’s been a hard semester for all of you.”

After that, he walked out of the classroom and gently clicked on the voice message from his omega.

Shi Yu almost never sent him voice messages. He hadn’t seemed to like hearing his own voice from other places. Even in the video that happened to be recorded, he said a word only when he had no choice but to make a sound.

Jiang ChengLi heard Shi Yu’s slightly lowered voice. It had a bit of apology, a very rare meekness and gentleness. “Jiang ChengLi…My mom is back and wants to pick me up to go out for dinner.”

“Can I go back later tonight?”

“Or maybe not go back.”

Three in all.

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes and silently listened to omega’s voice twice more before finally sending him one back. “If you can, come back early.”


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