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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze stood at the bathroom door, saw Long Yuan’s tail, and was instantly shaken in place. The green scales were particularly conspicuous on the white floor, faintly emitting light, and were especially beautiful. He froze for a moment, then immediately felt a strong pressure with a shock that could not be ignored, giving him the illusion of being provoked.

The calm power in his body steeply tumbled, as if he wanted to fight it, and because of the strong pressure, he instinctively collected himself and showed a sincere gesture of submission.

“What are you doing standing still? Come and help me.” Long Yuan reached out towards him.

Yu Ze came back to his senses. Worried about accidentally exposing himself, he became secretly alert to his own situation, and lifted his feet to approach Long Yuan. His eyes fell uncontrollably on Long Yuan’s tail and he wondered, “How did you become a mermaid?”

Long Yuan’s cocked tail fell to the ground with a clatter, leaving only his upper body to be seen, and he stared at him, “What mermaid?! It’s a dragon tail!”

Yu Ze reacted. Long Yuan was a Green Dragon Awakened, even if the scales looked like that of a fish, he was not a fish.

“Sorry, I said the wrong thing.” Yu Ze hastily apologized as he gave a small explanation, “Your tail is really nice.”

So much so that he subconsciously thought of a mermaid when he saw Long Yuan, whose upper body was human and whose lower body was like a fish’s tail.

Long Yuan immediately forgave him and was slightly smug, “Of course it looks good, it’s my tail!”

Yu Ze thought he was particularly cute and couldn’t help but smile and nod in agreement.

When Long Yuan saw this, a rare emotion of embarrassment rose up, “You were the one who complimented me first.”

But he wasn’t the one who complimented himself!

Yu Ze replied, “Mn, I’m telling the truth.”

He walked up to Long Yuan. As he did, he saw his wet yukata, blushed, and averted his eyes slightly. The yukata was made of cotton, and when wet, it clung to his skin in a sexy way that made his heart beat faster. Just looking at the muscles rippling under the fabric, Yu Ze could tell what kind of power was contained within.

Yu Ze was shy, and Long Yuan took his left hand and used his strength to straighten up his upper body. Yu Ze sensed the pull and hurriedly extended his right hand to help Long Yuan, but his hand froze in mid-air.

How was he supposed to help?

He felt unable to start, it seemed that no matter where he grabbed, it would be too intimate.

At this time, Long Yuan’s tail was uncontrolled. His body suddenly slipped, and Yu Ze did not have time to think about whether his actions were appropriate. He smoothly wrapped his hand around Long Yuan’s waist, and the downward fall immediately stopped.

“I’m too weak.” Long Yuan disliked himself and stared at his tail with a depressed expression.

Yu Ze reassured, “It’s your first time having this bestial part, so it’s not easy to control.”

He understood why Long Yuan wanted his help, the redness on his forehead obviously came from falling down and hitting it because he was not familiar with his tail. His hand subconsciously wrapped tighter around Long Yuan’s hand, and his face flushed before he spoke, his tone nervous, “Let me carry you back to your room?”

He would never have proposed this in the past, he was not that strong.

Now there was no need to think about it because he had plenty of strength.

Long Yuan’s eyes paused on his face for a moment and then he smiled, “Sure!”

He let go of Yu Ze’s hand and reached out with both hands to wrap his arms around Yu Ze’s neck. The distance between the two of them closed in an instant. Yu Ze froze, holding his breath, as his left hand wrapped around Long Yuan’s waist, and he leaned down to support Long Yuan’s tail.

Only when his hand touched the dragon scales, the tail trembled violently and shrank back.

Long Yuan breathed heavily and let go abruptly, “I’ll go by myself.”

The movement was too hasty, he did not stabilize his body and tilted to the left.

Yu Ze’s hand was strong, and he grabbed him tightly, “I’d better help you.”

Long Yuan was not at all comfortable with this. However, Yu Ze stood up with Long Yuan in his arms, and when the front of his tail was in the air, his right hand reached under his tail and he  steadily picked Long Yuan up.

“Ah…” Long Yuan did not have time to hide, and the stimulation from the tail made his body shiver,making him let out a muffled grunt.

Yu Ze tensed up, “What’s wrong?”

He tilted his head slightly, and felt a cool, soft touch on the side of his face. When he realized what was going on, he froze.

Long Yuan also froze, looking at the pink cheeks in front of him. He pursed his lips as his face heated up.

“It’s okay, you walk faster.” His voice was tight.

Yu Ze haphazardly responded with a ‘mnn’, and quickly moved out of the bathroom. His line of sight was focused straight ahead with not even a slight downward deviation. The bright lights of Long Yuan’s room enveloped the two of them, and Yu Ze’s mood suddenly soared. Too beautiful!

Long Yuan said, “Just put me directly on the floor.”

Yu Ze looked down, the floor was covered with a soft carpet. It was white and sewn with various colors of silk thread, of which the gold thread, which shone under the light, was particularly conspicuous. Yu Ze remembered very well that the last time he helped pick up the rhinestones, there had been no carpeting.

Long Yuan noticed his expression and asked proudly, “Does it look good?”

Yu Ze carefully put him down, “It looks good.”

Long Yuan said, “I designed it myself. If you like it, I will customize another one for you.”

“No need.” Yu Ze hastily refused. This kind of material, at first glance, was not cheap.

Long Yuan frowned, “Why? Don’t you like it? Are you lying to me when you say it looks good?”

“No,” Yu Ze waved his hand, “I’m serious.”

Long Yuan replied, “Then it’s a deal.”

Yu Ze, “?” A deal on what?

Long Yuan didn’t give him time to refuse, “It’s too late, go to bed, I’ll call you in the morning.”

Yu Ze saw that Long Yuan’s clothes were still wet and he looked like he was not doing well. He was not sure so he asked, “Where are your clothes? Can I bring them over for you?”

“No need,” Long Yuan replied, “I like water, it’s comfortable. Don’t worry about it, go to bed.”

Yu Ze said, “Call me if you need anything.”

Long Yuan smiled, “Okay.”

The next morning, Yu Ze woke up a little dazed, thinking about last night’s events, and got up in a hurry. He went to Long Yuan’s door and knocked gently, “Long Yuan, how are you?”

The door opened in a short while, and Long Yuan was leaning against the door, yawning. His long legs were slumped, looking especially long.

Yu Ze asked, “You can freely bestialize now?”

Long Yuan nodded, “Practiced all night. Later on, A’Yan and the others will be coming over. They helped me take leave so that I could catch up on my sleep.”

Yu Ze looked at the obvious dark shadows under his eyes and nodded, “Can I bring your breakfast back for you?”

Long Yuan gave a low laugh. Because he had just woken up, his voice had a hoarse sound that didn’t belong to a young man, and it sounded a bit seductive, “Why are you so nice?”

Yu Ze’s heart was pounding and he stammered a bit, “Roommates should take care of each other.”

Long Yuan was not satisfied, “So, if it was someone else, would you do the same?”

“Mn,” Yu Ze nodded honestly.

Long Yuan gritted his teeth, “You won’t have another roommate.”

Feeling that he was not too happy, Yu Ze did not say anything in response, but he knew in his heart that if he went to the Logistics Department, he would have to change dorm rooms.

“I’m going to the cafeteria,” he said.

Long Yuan made a sound. Yu Ze turned around and went back to his room to change his clothes. When he came out of his room, he saw Long Yuan leaning on his door.

Long Yuan said, “I just forgot to remind you, if A’Yan asks why I took time off, just say I got my dragon tail and worked out all night,” he said in an aggravated tone, “No mention of you sending me back to my room.”

Yu Ze understood. Long Yuan did not want something as unglamorous as a fall to be known.

“Mn, I won’t say anything,” he responded.


At the Feng family, Feng Hai finished his final exams and was thrown by Feng Sheng to the army for a full week of closed training. The intense training strengthened him a lot physically, but the bracelet genetic testing program never responded. He got his bracelet back from the butler and ate breakfast while going through his friend’s group chat messages.

[I can’t believe Feng Ze is quite tactful, he took Young Master Yuan down as soon as he went to the Awakened Department.]

[Also what an ice beauty. He won’t eat unless Young Master Yuan is there. He has such high vision.]

[He is also lucky to become a carrier, otherwise how would he have the opportunity to join the Awakened Department to meet Young Master Yuan?]

The small group of five friends kept sending messages. Feng Hai put down the glass with milk with a thud, [What’s going on with Feng Ze and Long Yuan?]

Someone in the group quickly responded, sending several screenshots in quick succession.

[This is my brother’s screenshot from the Awakened Department’s forum. Feng Ze went to the Awakened Department and became roommates with Long Yuan, and after that, they run and eat together every morning, and their relationship is very close.] 

Someone teased, [Feng Ze is so good at climbing up the ladder, A’Hai, you’ve always disliked him.]

[That’s for sure. Before he met Young Master Yuan, the best person Feng Ze knew was A’Hai. He was so snobbish, he must have had his heart set on it.]

[A’Hai actually did not say, really not enough…]

Bang…” Feng Hai looked at the picture of Feng Ze facing Long Yuan with a shy face. His expression turned ugly, with a wave of his hand, the glass fell to the ground in pieces.

Feng Ze never had a good expression when facing him, and he was always cold. He was obviously just a subordinate’s son, what gives him the right? How come when he faced Long Yuan, he was a different person?

Feng Ze despised him!

He came to the conclusion and was furious in his heart, especially when he thought of the first time he met Feng Ze as a child. He had kindly invited Feng Ze to play games, but Feng Ze refused, and he was even more furious.

“What are you doing?” Feng Sheng came out from the study and scolded with a sullen face, “You seem to have not trained enough, you are still so impatient.” He instructed the maid, “Sort it out.”

The maids tidied up the floor neatly as Feng Sheng sat down in the main seat. Feng Hai got up and apologized, “Sorry, father.”

Feng Sheng questioned, “Tell me, what is it?”

Feng Hai gritted his teeth, “Nothing.”

Feng Sheng stared at him. Feng Hai then bowed his head nervously before rolling his eyes and looking up, and furiously saying, “Feng Ze and Long Yuan are together. He came from my house, but became an Awakened person who actually defected to the Long family. He’s clearly not putting my family in the eyes!”

Feng Sheng looked at the butler, who immediately understood what he was thinking, “Feng Ze is still in the Freshman Department.”

Feng Sheng asked Feng Hai, “Are you sure Feng Ze and Long Yuan are together?”

Feng Hai showed him the messages from the group, “They are so close, they must be.”

Feng Sheng mused, “With Long Yuan’s status, there’s no way he would look at a Mushroom Awakened,” he sneered, “It’s better if he was an Awakened.”

Feng Hai wondered, “Father means?”

Feng Sheng replied, “Don’t ask too many questions.”

After breakfast, Feng Sheng called the butler to the study and asked, “How did the experiment go?”

The butler’s eyes glowed, “It works, but unfortunately there are too few things.”

Feng Sheng looked cold, “Then exchange it with an Awakened. Do it but don’t let Feng Ze’s Awakened identity be exposed.”

The butler nodded, “Yes.”


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Hating FS and FH. Long Yuan protect Yu Ze. Thanks for the chapter!

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Thank you for updating!!!!

January 12, 2022 10:25 pm

So now, Long Yuan’s group and the Fengs are working against eachother. I really don’t like those scheaming bast***s, and even if I know Yu Ze has to die in this world to go to another, I don’t have to like it.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
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