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The Omega Can’t Pretend to Be a Beta After Accidentally Witnessing the Major General’s Susceptible Period

by Fei Tang

Year: 2021

Genre: BL, omegaverse, interstellar, mecha, missions, disguises, lying, military

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 98 Chapters (Complete)

Translator: Addis

Editors: SpringBreeze and Kiramekineko

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


The top alpha, Major General Ji Cheying, disguises himself as a down-on-his-luck beta to carry out a secret mission. One day, when he goes out to take out the garbage while wearing a pair of torn socks, he comes across the poor nephew of his landlord, Xie Quan, a good-looking beta staying in the dirty and terrible basement.

The two look at each other, each feeling slightly sorry for the other.

No one expected that one of these two miserable people was the prestigious Major General Ji and the other was the most powerful mecha engineer in the Empire. And to Ji Cheying’s surprise, this beautiful beta confessed his passionate love for him!

He was torn again and again under the prudent choice to refuse the other; after all, this is a mission, not the time to talk about love.

When the mission was over, and it was time to talk about love, it was Xie Quan’s turn to become baffled, “Who do you think likes you? Who confessed? I didn’t; I’m not; don’t talk nonsense.”

Ji Cheying: ???!

It was only then that Xie Quan unexpectedly realized that the Imperial Major General seemed to have mistakenly thought that he was in love with him.

A few months later, Major General Ji, who had entered his susceptible period, was violent and fierce, unable to be approached by strangers. However, his eyes were red, and he was tugging at Xie Quan, his voice hoarse, “You little liar, cheating on my feelings and not taking responsibility.”

Xie Quan sighed, lifted his hair, and tore off the invisible gland patch, finally revealing the omega gland at the back of his neck, “Bite it. I’ll give you a bite.”

Ji Cheying gritted his teeth, “You’re a fucking omega?”


True love has nothing to do with identity and gender.


Chapter 1: Both Are Miserable

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“Xiao Quan, we are overbooked. There is only this one room left so make do with this place first. When there is another empty room available in the future, you can move there.” Xie Dongye took the key and inserted it into the door lock, then pulled a few times with great effort before the rusty door was pulled open with a ‘creak’.

He looked at the door with some disgust, but said, “It’s okay, the door is a bit old. Use some force, or you can put some lubricant on the axle wheel.”

This basement was only a single room, with only a half window near the ceiling, so it was rather dim and humid. Not only that, there was even garbage and stains left on the floor from the previous tenant, and there were numerous bugs crawling past his feet.

Xie Dongye looked a little embarrassed, and began to mutter in his heart.

This actually belonged to Xie Quan’s father, an inheritance left over from his father’s death, but back then, Xie Quan was young and his uncle temporarily managed it. However, this weak conscience was immediately dispelled by Xie Dongye’s wife, Janice, who followed him in.

Janice entered the room, stepped in on exquisitely clean high heels in this single room, used ten seconds to walk around, and then looked behind her. She looked at the young man standing at the door, kindly smiled and said, “Xiao Quan, this house is still quite large. It is definitely enough for you to live alone. This is the first floor, so it’s quite convenient since you won’t have to climb the stairs in the future. Once you tidy up, it will be much more comfortable.”

She looked at the young man carrying a shoulder bag, wearing a somewhat old T-shirt with jeans, the style very ordinary, and a style almost all street stalls sold. However, she had to admit that her cheap nephew looked very good. His handsome face was not baked by the sun, and had eyebrows stroked like a painting, as well as a tall and slender body. He stood there quietly, looking young and gentle even in his common T-shirt and jeans.

Looking at her nephew, she thought of her own child and Janice’s heart was a little jealous. How were they from the same family, but looked so different? But once she thought about it, her own child was a precious omega, while Xie Quan was just an ordinary beta. She dissipated that bit of displeasure in her heart.

So what if he looked good? He was a beta. The school he graduated from was also average so there was no future for success. Xie Dongye was thinking of getting him a better room. Are you kidding? The rooms have to be rented out at a high price, and the rent collected was for her baby to spend.

Xie Quan, carrying his two boxes, looked at the bad environment, but he did not show a trace of displeasure. He just lowered his eyes and promised in a small voice, “Yes, thank you, Uncle and Aunt.”

Janice nodded in satisfaction and pulled Xie Dongye’s hand. “Then we will not bother you as you unpack. We will go. Your cousin is still waiting for us to pick him up.”

Xie Quan nodded, then hurriedly pulled the luggage into the house through the open door. The process was delayed because the wheels of the suitcase stuck to the garbage causing him to stumble. “Okay, Uncle and Aunt take care.”

Xie Dongye looked at Xie Quan and had a trace of intolerance in his heart. He handed the key to Xie Quan, in the end said, “If you need anything, talk to Uncle-“

The words were not finished when Janice squeezed his hand and glared at him with great intensity. Xie Dongye was a little afraid. “Okay, okay, we’re leaving.”

Once the door closed, outside the door, Janice irritably whispered a lecture, “Why are you trying to act selfless? Are you trying to shamelessly give us trouble?”

Xie Dongye scowled. “Hey, he’s a relative! He’s the only child of my older brother.”

“He’s not your child, and you haven’t seen each other for more than ten years! How can you still think he is a relative if there are no feelings?!”

“I was being polite… he may not necessarily take it seriously.”

“Who knows? He may just look at our family’s situation and want to stick to us. I’m warning you, Xie Dongye, do not meddle in the matter. Putting him in this house is enough.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Inside the door, Xie Quan looked at the messy room, took a deep breath, and the timidity on his face disappeared and was replaced by a few moments of helplessness and exhaustion. He sighed, “All right, let’s clean up first.”

Then he put his box on the table since the floor was too dirty. While opening the box, he consoled himself, “After all, since I’m fleeing, I can’t ask for too much. Having a safe place to land is good.”

Moving the layer of clothes laid on top of the box, it was full of some mechanical parts, cords, chips and so on, neatly sorted and put away. There was a small box with medicine placed in the corner. He looked at this box of materials, revealing a look of joyful obsession, and then after half a second of thinking, he decisively reached out his hand to a part.

He was still muttering to himself, but his tone was much more relaxed and pleasant than at the beginning. “Half a basement is also good. I do not have to be afraid of someone peeping into the window to attack or something. And the basement sound insulation is also better since I do not have to block the windows, unlike the laboratory. The rent isn’t high either. Good, good.”

In the process of speaking, his somewhat slow and methodical speech speed was different. His slender and dexterous fingers were like pressing the acceleration button as they flew across the different parts, assembling them together.

In less than fifteen minutes, a simple robot as tall as his calf was built under his hands. He took out his terminal from his backpack, which was a palm-sized disk, connected the terminal to the robot’s chip, and he loaded the artificial intelligence he had created earlier into it.

Pressing the power, the robot moved. “Good morning Mr. Quan, congratulations on arriving at your new home – yaaaa!” The robot broke down and screamed, its two eyes glowing red, “Are we in a junkyard?!”

Xie Quan was speechless.

He had forgotten that this AI he had created was not quite like him, slightly…well, emotionally rich.

Xiao Bai cried, “Mr. Xie Quan is so miserable that he can’t escape the same ending of entering the junkyard as us broken brass.”

Xie Quan felt the effectiveness of the consolation he had made for himself earlier diminish a bit as he explained somewhat feebly, “This is not a junkyard, this is my new residence.”

“Residence?” The light in Xiao Bai’s eyes flickered a few times, although it was a face that didn’t even have a shell, with its internal structure exposed, it still didn’t prevent Xie Quan from reading a suspiciously contemptuous emotion on its face.

Xiao Bai himself jumped off the table, then while taking the cleaning tools and began to clean up, while saying mechanically with an emotionless voice, “Mr. Xie suddenly likes to live in the junkyard, although the previous laboratory was very messy, I never thought Mr. Xie would finally decide to live in the junkyard himself.”


Xie Quan decided to go out and go shopping, and by the way, he made a note in the little book he had in mind to remember to weaken the emotional expression aspect of Xiao Bai a bit in the next update. Xie Quan carefully examined the gland patch on his neck. That gland patch was different from the gland patch on the market as it had a very light artificial skin, stuck on the back of Xie Quan’s neck, it was completely invisible. Therefore, no one had ever suspected Xie Quan’s identity.

He was not a beta, but an omega.

He was also not the nephew of Xie Dongye, whom he had never met. They just had the same surname. Therefore, he did not feel a bit of hypocrisy and meanness towards Xie Dongye’s family. But even if they were real relatives, he probably wouldn’t feel anything.

He was naturally slow and cool in the matter of feelings, which was probably the fairness of the gods. After giving him mechanical talent, they also took something away as a price.

Xie Quan took some effort to pull open the old and somewhat unusable door, with the key in his pocket, ready to go out, but as soon as he opened the door, he saw a man.

The man’s eyebrows were deep, his forehead hair was slicked back, revealing a full forehead. He was tall, wearing a T-shirt, revealing the smooth and tight muscles of his arms, looking very strong.

Such strong arms were currently carrying two bags of garbage. In the garbage were several convenience store and fast food containers and used paper towels. He seemed to be walking down the corridor and was a bit surprised by the sudden opening of the door, so he stood still.

Xie Quan subconsciously glanced at him, then saw that the other party was wearing a pair of slippers, but wore them with a pair of socks, socks that had a hole in them.

On closer inspection, the clothes were also highly worn, not only had some holes, but the sleeves of the T-shirt were threaded.


He hadn’t seen a young man dressed in such embarrassment for a while.

It seemed that there were many poor people in the big city.

And at that moment, Ji Cheying looked behind him at the room that was like a junkyard, where the robot had entered the kitchen just in time to not be exposed to view. Then, he looked at this beautiful-looking beta with a bit of pity.

Living in a garbage dump, how tragic.


The author has something to say.

Xie Quan: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone who doesn’t even have a nice shirt to wear.

Ji Cheying: A nice kid, how come he lives in a garbage dump?


 Xie Quan = 谢泉 = withering small stream

Ji Cheying = 季澈英 = seasonal clear water blossom


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August 16, 2022 6:04 pm

Very good first chapter! I already like the AI a lot and am looking forward to its reactions lol I’m intrigued who is he hiding from? Also his “aunt” is a bit critical much! Thank you for this new novel, it’s translation and editing! ❤️❤️

August 16, 2022 6:54 pm

Ooooh a new novel and it’s already intriguing.
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I can’t believe!!!!!!
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January 7, 2023 1:04 am

Lol at first Janice seems like a botch but then u realize she’s correct to distrust Xie Qian, this “nephew” no one has seen for 10 yrs…

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