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Thank you, Anon, for the Kofi!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


Possibly due to getting an inhibitor in advance, the first wave of the heat was not like a tsunami that swept through the country in the past, but like squeezing toothpaste, rising in small waves. The feeling was like riding a drop tower1, up a little down a little, over and over again, just not to the top. It was like someone scratching your itch, but doesn’t relieve the irritation of the itch.

Xie Quan was tormented by pheromones. Lying on the bed, he could not restrain the slightly open mouth from gasping for breath, eyes looking into the void gradually disoriented. His collar was also peeled open, revealing a clear and obvious collarbone. However, this was not the official arrival of his heat, and he could not use an inhibitor yet.

Every time it came to this time, he hated how he was an omega. What’s so great about being an omega? He didn’t want to have children either.

The entire room was now filled with ice and lime fragrance. As early as the first day he moved in, he had added pheromone isolation measures, so his pheromones were sealed in this apartment. At the same time, he turned on the pheromone purifier.

But even so, the ice lime fragrance was still strong and tight.

This was a high purity pheromone that only an S-grade omega would possess.

However, Xie Quan felt his omega identity was very disdainful, let alone being an S-grade omega.

What was the use of high purity pheromones? To attract better alphas and produce more powerful and superior offspring?

Fuck that shit.

A top alpha at least had a pressure to make use of.

The only good thing about being an S-grade omega that Xie Quan knew of was that, like all A-grade alphas and omegas, he had a high level of mental power. This mental strength included willpower, concentration, multi-linear thinking ability and so on.

This was why the country’s first-class researchers, scholars, generals, officials, etc. were basically top alphas and omegas. This was where Xie Yi’s belief that a beta was unproductive came from. However, in fact, the betas also had their own advantages, that is, longer life expectancy than the alphas and omegas and a healthy body.

Both alphas and omegas had some inherent weaknesses known as companion diseases. Xie Quan’s companion disease was his headaches.

In severe cases, Xie Quan could even pass out from the pain. The most frustrating thing about the companion disease was that it could not be cured, but only relieved.

The universe was always fair.

Xie Quan sat up from his bed, then got out of bed and walked to his workstation. He needed to find something to calm himself down.

Xie Quan pulled a blank design drawing out of his drawer, and to make up for not having seen the mecha museum, he began to draw a design for a mecha. Although his mind was foggy and he had a vague ache, the blank sheet of paper that Xie Quan saw already showed the shape of the mecha he would design.

It would be a humanoid agility mecha, three meters tall and covered in an inky blue, like the dark night and starry sky.

As he concentrated, the abrasiveness and thirst for desire that came with his heat was left behind until Xie Quan’s pheromone finally exploded to its peak as he designed the mecha’s shell. The pen fell to the table and Xie Quan let out a few heavy gasps that he could hardly contain.

That gasp reached Ji Cheying through the terminal.

Ji Cheying was about to pour himself a glass of water when he paused, his gaze filled with shock and panic.

What did he just hear?

However, as if to dispel his doubts, there was another whimpering sound.

It was thin and soft, like a kitten.

This sound… was too ambiguous.

And anyone who had ears could hear the suppressed desire in it.

No matter how Ji Cheying speculated about Xie Quan before, he only had one thought in his head at this time. He turned on his side of the sound frequency, then coughed heavily a few times to remind the other side of his presence.

A few seconds later, Xie Quan’s voice came from the other side. “What?” The voice was different from the usual, low and soft with a hoarseness, and listening to it made his throat tight.

Ji Cheying’s head was empty for a moment. Then, he coughed lightly again, raised his eyebrows and said with emotion, “It seems that you have indeed recovered.” If he had the energy and mood to play with little Xie Quan, it seemed there were no big problems.

Xie Quan’s voice cleared up a bit, but he still hadn’t gotten rid of that raspy voice that makes him want to go crazy. He asked, “Can I hang up now?”

The urgency in these words made Ji Cheying speculate whether Xie Quan was ready to hang up the communication and have another round.

Although this was someone else’s personal matter, thinking of the youth that not long ago looked as if he was going to a hospital’s emergency room, Ji Cheying still exhorted before hanging up the communication.

He said in a deep voice, “You are so weak, take it easy.”

“…” Xie Quan, who had just finished taking an inhibitor, looked puzzled. What was this man talking about? But he still agreed, “Okay, thanks for your concern.”

Then, he hung up the communication.

The pheromone in his body gradually calmed down, ushering in a short period of clarity. Then, Xie Quan tilted his head and looked at the ceiling. At this moment, he finally had the leisure to think about one thing. That is, why the microscopic ladybug-type robot he designed appeared on the fallen “alpha”.

Although there were some of his works in circulation in the black market, which included the design as well as the finished product. However, the microscopic ladybug robot was a gadget he designed to pass the time and was not circulated to the public.

He took out the ladybug robot he had used to block the signals from the security cameras from his backpack and placed it on his fingertips as he looked at it carefully for a while.

Activating the robot, Xie Quan closed his eyes and concentrated on reconfirming it.

It was indeed correct.

The microscopic ladybug robot today was indeed the same as the one he was holding, judging from its electromagnetic flow frequency sound and the amplitude of its wings. At the very least, from the underlying design, it was the same.

Xie Quan opened his eyes with a puzzled look in his eyes.

Was it just a coincidence?

Maybe it just so happened that someone had designed the same one as him?


After dinner time, Ji Cheying received the surveillance video sent by Henry. It was a surveillance video from the Rock Street crime scene seven days ago.

On that day, he happened to meet Xie Quan at the scene. What was Xie Quan doing there at that moment?

From 2:00 p.m. onward, Ji Cheying played it at triple speed.

As time passed, however, his brow tightened.

The sky was darkening on the monitor, even after the day’s footage had been broadcast. However, from the beginning to the end, Xie Quan’s figure did not appear.

Not only that, even he himself did not appear on the surveillance video.

This video had been tampered with.

And Xie Quan had a high chance of being the culprit.

What did Xie Quan use to tamper with the surveillance video? And for what purpose?

Ji Cheying’s eyes were dark.

The killer of the beta case was also good at deleting traces?

Ji Cheying’s face was cold, and he was unhappy about this speculation.

Then, he played the surveillance video of Xie Quan’s afternoon again.

Watching it, another suspicion rose in his mind.

Indeed, Xie Quan’s reaction to pheromone was too strange.

It was like…just like an omega’s.


That night, Ji Cheying had a dream in which the cool young man’s face was flushed with lust, his clothes were disheveled, his peach blossom eyes were misted with moisture, his lips were slightly open, and he let out an itchy faint moan. 

Xie Quan’s bony, white and slender hands were stroking himself. Seeing Ji Cheying, he even extended his hand to him and pulled him over.

Then, with that voice full of desire, he asked icily, “Aren’t you going to be a competent bed partner? Or are you going to just watch?”

After that, Ji Cheying woke up.

It took a second to figure out what was going on.

It took two seconds to doubt himself.

It took three seconds to escape reality.

Little Cheying swelled up and screamed, making his existence known.

Ji Cheying got up from the bed with a wooden face and went to the bathroom.

Ji Cheying, you’re really getting good. Masturbating while on a case. Even masturbating to a possible suspect.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Drop tower example: The High Fall at Movie Park Germany


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August 29, 2022 5:16 am

Hilarious lol little C! Oh oh I see someone maybe in lust, I also wonder about the bug robot, who is trying to do wrong and frame XQ. XQ is really something else, his character is refreshing! Thank you for the translation and editing!

August 29, 2022 7:06 am

So if XQ designed that bug and it was never released to the public, that surely means whoever is doing this, is someone who was once (if not still), around him? Or, who found/stole one and deconstructed it to copy. If they were aware of him, would he be of them?
Can’t control your dreams, JC… or little JC for that matter 😉🤭
Thanks for translating, Note and editing.

August 29, 2022 1:59 pm

Thank You for the new chapter ( ˘ ³˘)♥

September 18, 2022 4:29 pm

Xie Quan is so funny. “F*ck that sh*t”. That was an lol moment!

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