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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


The police car on the open road wound up running wildly and drifted around a corner. Sitting in the passenger seat was an officer clutching the handle to stabilize his body. The acceleration made his adrenal hormones surge, making his mouth dry. He swallowed his saliva and could not help but look sideways at the man who was driving next to him.

These days, vehicles were basically self-driving, but there were some things that only manual driving could do. For example, an ordinary police car could almost drive at the speed of a mecha. Although the usual chase would also drive at the speed of life and death, it was not to this extent!

The man who was doing such a crazy thing had no expression on his face, only the tense muscles on his arms revealed how difficult a task he was doing.

Thinking about the meeting just now, this Major General Ji directly drove him to the passenger seat next to him, and without hesitation, switched to full manual mode, turned off the speed limiter, and turned on the horsepower to the maximum—

The next second he was given what felt like a mecha experience.

The officer wanted to cry. Will I walk away from this car alive?

And just as he approached his destination, the officer suddenly saw the smoke rising. He squinted his eyes to confirm, and said, “Major General Ji, that seems to be the direction of the warehouse.”

Ji Cheying frowned, his jawline taut and his sharp, dark gaze revealed a frosty pressure all over his body. Looking at the smoke, his hand on the control panel tightened again, and even the skin of his palm turned blue-white because of the excessive force.

However, the police car was always just a car, and now raising the speed to the maximum, the horsepower was already at its limit. It was not a mecha. And even if Ji Cheying wanted to speed up, he couldn’t do it.

Ji Cheying’s eyes were filled with hostility.


Without a hint of slowing down, the vehicle sprinted at maximum horsepower. The officer in the passenger seat looked at the approaching burning warehouse, saw that the driver still had no intention of slowing down, and he shouted, “Ji, Major General Ji, it’s going to crash!”

The warehouse was right in front of him, and looking at the flames, Ji Cheying narrowed his eyes and didn’t let go of his foot on the gas pedal; even though it was already at the bottom, he added a few more pounds.

Immediately after, under the officer’s alarm, the police car was like an arrow that had left the string and rushed directly to the warehouse—

“Holy shit!”

Bang! The airbag popped, the side wall of the warehouse burst through the hole as the police car, like a fierce beast, crashed headlong through the wall and directly into the warehouse.

The searing heat was instantly transmitted into the car. Ji Cheying unbuckled his seat belt and kicked the door as well as the rocks and burning crates pressed against the door outside.

The officer looked up from his airbag and saw Ji Cheying kicking the door open. He couldn’t calm his frightened mind and shouted, “Major General Ji! It’s dangerous!”

But at that moment Ji Cheying had already run into the fire with great strides.

The officer wailed, then hastily grabbed his walkie-talkie and contacted his teammates who had been left behind, saying, “Hurry up! Remember to send a fire truck!”

Then he also hurriedly unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, a tongue of fire shot up, forcing him to take two steps back, but he gritted his teeth and dashed forward to jump over the fire belt and follow it. That guy was an ancestor, if something happens in the Noel City area, their Noel police department will be finished!

“Xie Quan!”

“Xie Quan!”

At this time the fire in the warehouse had just started, and the fire had not yet completely spread, but the smoke had begun to squeeze out the oxygen. Ji Cheying covered his mouth and nose, trying to find him.

Squinting by the light of the fire, he finally found a few people lying near the door.

His pupils fluttered, and he quickly ran to the side of the prone people.

There were seven people lying on the ground, and he frowned, squatting next to one and turning the person over. He probed his nose and found that there was still breath, and he patted the other man’s face.

“Hey!” However the man was already unconscious, and Ji Cheying frowned and walked over to the other man, and the same thing happened.

What the hell had happened here? Where was Xie Quan?

Then he spotted a familiar person. It was Márquez.

He knelt down beside Márquez. “Hey—”

By this time, Márquez was also unconscious because of the previous electric shock plus the smoke.

The officer finally caught up with him and was shocked to see the situation. “Major General Ji, what’s going on?”

Ji Cheying’s lips were pursed and his hands were clenched into fists. Although he was anxious and worried, his sense of responsibility as a Major General of the Empire made him unable to leave these people behind to look for Xie Quan.

He picked up two people on his left and two on his right, and he yelled at the officer, “Quick! Get the men out of here!”

The officer nodded and picked up one of them and walked with Ji Cheying to the gate.

As he followed Ji Cheying, he watched him carry the two big, strong men, but he still walked lightly and moved quickly, as if he wasn’t carrying them. The officer secretly felt this was definitely the S-grade alpha Major General; his physical quality was really different from the normal people.

The location where these people fell was not far from the door, and in less than a minute Ji Cheying ran a round trip. In five minutes, all the people were moved out. After putting the last two people on the ground, Ji Cheying stood up and didn’t give himself a moment to breathe before rushing into the flames again.

“Major General Ji!” The officer was unable to intercept him and could only watch as Ji Cheying’s figure disappeared into the flames.


The officer wiped his sweat as he looked at the warehouse, which was now completely engulfed in flames compared to a few minutes ago, and Ji Cheying’s figure, which had disappeared into the orange flames.

This man was crazy.

Their police department was going to be finished too.

Agilely dodging another flame-wrapped plank that had fallen, the tongue of fire was stopping Ji Cheying’s progress like a living force. He looked around in panic and shouted, “Xie Quan!”

Damn it! Where the hell was he?

Ji Cheying’s eyes were dark as ink, but he searched the warehouse in general and saw no one, and was about to search again when the police car, half stuck in the wall, went up in smoke.


Ji Cheying turned and ran outside, and then he lunged out of the warehouse at that instant, BANG! the police car exploded in flames, the fire shot straight up into the sky.

Ji Cheying rolled over and stood up, and the officer came over and said, “Major General Ji, are you all right?”

Ji Cheying stood up straight, his eyes reflecting the light of the jumping fire, and asked, “When will they arrive?”

The officer replied, “Ten more minutes.”

As soon as he finished answering, the officer’s breath suddenly tightened as if a mountain was pressed against him, and a cold chill soaked into his bones, making his hair stand on end. His eyes unconsciously took on a frightened look as he looked at Ji Cheying.

However, Ji Cheying, who was emitting the pressure, was expressionless. “Okay, you wait for them here.” Only his eyes revealed the cold anger he had at the moment. Pointing at the group of people lying on the ground, he said, “These people, I want to see at least one alive.”

The alpha pressure was not like the pheromone; the beta with immature glands was not insensitive.

The pressure could be clearly felt. Even if there was no unpleasant rejection or unconscious submissiveness to another alpha’s pressure like for an alpha, for a beta, an alpha’s pressure could cause discomfort. Now, when confronted with the pressure of an S-class alpha, even though Ji Cheying did not release his full power, the officer felt the urge to flee.

With a great effort to stop his subconscious feet from running away, the officer nodded and said, “Yes, sir.”

Ji Cheying looked at the man on the ground with a cold gaze. The score would be settled later, what was more important now was to find Xie Quan.

He just hoped that Xie Quan was still safe and sound. He turned around and walked away.

The officer looked at Ji Cheying’s back at this moment, but did not dare to ask where he was going. When Ji Cheying’s back disappeared from view, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Only then did he realize that he had a back covered in cold sweat.

It was horrible.


Because the circuitry of the nearby area was cut off in its entirety before, the surrounding area was all dark at the moment, and only the moonlight allowed people to barely see the road clearly. This port had been abandoned for a long time, it was sparsely populated, and there were few buildings. For the sake of the convenience of transporting goods, the road was quite spacious and smooth.

And in this deserted road, only the sound of the waves can be heard, there was a sound that stands out.

Creak, creak… It was the sound of machine joints turning.


“Mr. Quan, I think you need professional medical treatment.” The small hundred twittering inhabitants of the body of the housekeeping robot said, “According to my preliminary judgment, the previous kick may have caused a contusion of your abdominal internal organs with the possibility of rupture and bleeding.”

Xie Quan covered his stomach, taking one step at a time. He had indeed been experiencing a sharp pain in his upper abdomen as well as his left rib cage, which was not obvious before but now became abnormally painful when he walked around. However, he just frowned slightly and continued walking without a hint of faltering.

“It was a little slow,” he muttered.

Xiao Bai was through his terminal connection with the star network as the entrance, and then from the star network invasion into the square within a kilometer into the device. He had been waiting for Xiao Bai’s invasion to succeed, and although it had finally succeeded, it had taken a little longer than he expected.

If the situation was more urgent, his life may have been in danger.

“How to make it faster…” He muttered to himself.

While thinking, the pain was slightly less pronounced.

Seeing that Xie Quan did not answer himself, Xiao Bai urged again, “Mr. Quan! You need a doctor!”

Xie Quan sighed, the wound on his face was being strained at this point, but it was nothing in comparison to the pain in his abdomen. But Xiao Bai was right, this was indeed not a situation he could handle on his own.

So he asked, “Xiao Bai, check the nearest private clinic on the black market network.”

In his case, he definitely couldn’t go to a hospital. He had to find the kind of black clinic that served fugitives.

Xiao Bai quickly obtained a list of private clinics in Noel City. “The nearest one is here…”

The words had not yet finished when, from behind, suddenly came a familiar voice. “Xie Quan!”

Before Xie Quan could turn around, wind-like footsteps caught up with him, and his wrist was tightly grabbed and his neck filled with a warm gasp of breath.


Xie Quan turned around with a frown and saw Ji Cheying, who had a burning gaze. His forehead was beaded with sweat, and his narrow, deep eyes were burning with light.

“Shit! Are you okay?!”

What’s wrong with this guy? Why does he come up and curse right away?


The author has something to say:

After yesterday, I realized that no one even noticed the little robot on my cover (cheek rest)

Xiao Bai: Boing Boing I’m not cute enough?

Yesterday many little angels came out to praise me and comfort me, thank you! Hahahahaha I’m already very satisfied ~ love you guys (pencil)


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September 6, 2022 4:58 pm

I noticed your cover art❣️ And Author/editors I LOVE this story, love the 2 MCs, and am enchanted with the concept of “Snail Girl/Boy”❣️ Usually I am prevented from commenting, so let me take this opportunity to offer my soul’s gratitude for this story and so many others!

September 7, 2022 5:08 am

Oh no, oh no! D:

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

September 7, 2022 5:10 am

Ji Cheying’s reaction to hank goodness Ji Cheying has found him; it sounds like he needs urgent help.
Explaining what happened and the presence of Xiao Bai might be challenging though; but then JC might also need to explain how he’s come to be there 🙄☺
Thank you for translating and editing.
Lots of chapters released at once; thank you, I love a binge!

September 7, 2022 6:36 am

I need to check the cover again. I remember the summary better than the cover. SORRY! Thanks for the chapter though!

September 7, 2022 6:28 pm

Loving this novel! That was action packed! It was almost like watching a live movie love it lol and XQ reaction was hilarious! Hope he is okay! Thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️❤️

December 31, 2022 7:09 am

Woww an mc whose body isn’t protected by plot armor and needs supervision & medical fixin for full recovery 🥺

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