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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


In the small room with only one skylight, the poor door was tossed with a painful wail. The unoccupied room was changing rapidly every second. At first, with a slight kata sound, a steel plate suddenly descended from the small skylight, locking out the sunlight and air circulation.

The next second, the black device in the four corners of the room suddenly lit up with a faint red light. The front of the device began to spray out a thin, light green mist. Q-167 was a poisonous gas that disrupted the immune system of an organism, causing the cells to attack themselves and eventually leading to an extremely painful death.

When Xie Quan moved into the apartment, the first thing he did was to modify the apartment to isolate pheromone leaks, block surveillance signals, alarm systems, and so on. There was no shortage of weapons.

Gas was one of them, but there were also automatic firing devices and missiles. But choose the latter two, and the contents of the house would not be spared.

Xie Quan still felt for his babies.

It didn’t matter if he got hurt, his babies couldn’t get hurt.

Outside the door, Xie Quan sat against the wall, his abdomen burning and tearing with pain, sweat soaking the fabric on his back, his consciousness slightly blurred, and his eyes half drooping helplessly as he watched these people jump up and down like clowns.

In the haze, these people in his eyes changed their appearance. The torso was still the torso, but then the body of the head was constantly changing.

At one moment Janice’s face became a man, and then another woman, and others as well.

Their faces were hideous or indifferent, and without exception, all had a disgusting ugliness.

Then the world in front of him suddenly changed, not the crowded and dark corridor, but instead, a magnificent palace, and he ran along the jade corridor, beyond which was a labyrinth of gardens planted with blue flowers. Someone was chasing him behind him, shouting at him.

As he ran, he suddenly fell down.

The jade floor hurt him so much that his backbone and knees turned black and blue. But he did not cry, because they taught him not to shed tears at will.

So, he held back.

No crying, no fussing, no complaining.


It actually really hurt.

Whether it was then or now, he was in pain all the time.

It hurt to the point of exhaustion.

If only he were really a robot.

“Attention! Body temperature abnormal!”

“What are you guys grumbling about? Is it so hard to pry a door? A bunch of losers!”

“Boss lady, this door is a bit difficult to pry, you need to use the laser knife.”

“Attention! Body temperature abnormal!”

“Almost there, almost cut.”

Xie Quan’s consciousness gradually blurred as he watched these people about to pry open the door, and a wave of pain rose in his heart.

It’s okay, these people will be dead soon.

It would be quiet then.

“What are you doing?!”


The sound of people boiling up again. Thump, thump, thump, the sound of something heavy falling to the ground, people screaming, people shouting, and people wailing. It was chaotic, like the noisy sound of snowflakes after a signal break.

Suddenly, one voice suddenly became clear.

“Xie Quan? Xie Quan, how are you? Can you hear me? Damn it! I’ll take you to the hospital!”

Xie Quan barely maintained his consciousness as he struggled to keep his eyes open. Although his pupils almost lost focus, he still struggled to look.

The person in front of him was looking anxious and worried, his handsome eyebrows were full of anger that had not yet dissipated. Xie Quan frowned. “Ji Ming?”

At this time, Xiao Bai in his hand reminded, “Attention, the poisonous gas is about to overflow, please take refuge.”

And Ji Cheying’s voice sounded at the same time. “It’s me, don’t worry, it’s okay, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“I’m not going to the hospital…”

Ji Cheying restrained his emotions so as not to lose his strength and hurt Xie Quan by mistake, his voice was low. “Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Xiao Bai warned again, “Attention, the poisonous gas is starting to overflow, please take refuge.”

The poisonous gas overflowed from the room. It would first paralyze the nerves of those present in less than a few seconds, like a poisonous snake preying on its prey, and ultimately no one could escape. Xie Quan looked at the man squatting in front of him, listened to his firm and strong voice, and his eyes, like the darkness of the night, were firmly engraved with his own shadow.

Xie Quan sighed, the hostility in his eyes melted like ice and snow. He fell forward and fell into the man’s warm, firm embrace. His voice was inaudible as a sigh. “Xiao Bai, stop the device.”

Injustice had its head and he couldn’t drag Ji Ming down with him.

With his head on the other side of the man’s chest, the tip of the nose lingered with a burning intoxicating flame fragrance. Probably by the compulsion of this fragrance, in the last seconds before losing consciousness, Xie Quan actually confusedly said, “It hurts…”

The hands that were holding him sharply tightened.


The VIP lane of Noel City Hospital was opened, and the tall, handsome man carrying a man walked with great strides into the long-arranged ward, where doctors and nurses had been notified and were waiting. Ji Cheying quickly but carefully placed the person on the hospital bed, and once he withdrew his hand, he quickly stepped back to make room for the person next to him.

“He’s running a fever, his temperature is 38.4 degrees, he had a slight rupture of the liver before, and today he was hit again, so I don’t know if the injury is aggravated…” Ji Cheying, in rapid-fire succession, quickly and methodically explained Xie Quan’s current situation clearly, talking in a calm and composed voice.

But when the doctor finished listening and was ready to go forward for treatment, he suddenly grabbed the doctor. The pair of awe-inspiring starry eyes added a bit of helplessness and panic. Ji Cheying frowned and said, “He was crying out in pain.”

The calm and steady demeanor suddenly broke down. With these ruptured internal organs, how can there be no pain?

The doctor looked at Ji Cheying’s face and promised, “We’ll give him pain relief right away.”

Ji Cheying let go of his hand and looked at the doctors and nurses surrounding Xie Quan. He could only stand there, eyebrows taut, and watch quietly.

And at that moment, a nurse came over. “Mr. Ji, over here, please register the patient’s information, do you have his ID card?”

Ji Cheying smiled, took his eyes off Xie Quan and looked at the nurse. He said without hesitation, “He doesn’t have ID registration.”

The nurse froze for a moment, embarrassed. “Huh? But it’s… It’s a rule that you have to be registered in order to be treated.”

Since His Majesty came to power nowadays, in order to ensure public safety, the verification of all aspects of residents’ identity information had been strengthened, including the previous requirement for citizens to pass between cities with a letter of introduction, etc.. Before entering a hospital, there was a requirement to register one’s identity before medical treatment could be performed.

This was why Xie Quan had been reluctant to go to the hospital. It was the same reason why he was not willing to use his ID to go to the museum. His ID was fake and he could keep as low a profile as possible.

When he heard the nurse’s refusal, Ji Cheying didn’t budge. He said very firmly, “Whoever has a problem, let that person come to me directly.”

Except for the doctors and nurses working in the high-level isolated ward, the rest of the hospital staff did not know Ji Cheying’s major general status, but the fact that Ji Cheying had directly chartered the VIP ward was a good indication of his extraordinary background.

So finally, the nurse hesitated and could only nod. “Yes, Mr. Ji.”

On this side, the police station in Noel City was also very busy, because they had received a call. The caller was a woman, and the content of the call said that they were attacked by their own tenant, and three people were injured and unconscious.

The officer who answered the call got serious.

That’s not good! A brawl in broad daylight! And three people were injured! A big case! A big case!

So the officer quickly asked, “Where are you? What is the name of the perpetrator? Where are you now? Okay, 17 Vine Street… Ji what? Ji Ming?”

This address, this name, why did it sound a bit familiar?

Henry, who happened to be coming back to take care of things, heard this and walked up to the police officer who was on the line, and asked, “What’s going on?”

The officer, once he saw the general parachuted in from the military, hurriedly told him what happened on the phone, not daring to leave a single thing out.

After Henry finished listening, he took the communicator from the officer’s side and his voice was coarse, “Who did you say you wanted to arrest?”

Janice, who had broken her foot and was standing on the wall, said in a voice that was almost a scream, “Ji Ming! He suddenly attacked us today and injured three of my staff members! And now he’s escaped!”

“Escaped?” Henry was delighted to hear that about the Major General who had never escaped in the face of five intergalactic beasts, and then he asked, “What’s your name? Where do you live? What are the names of the three men? What do they do? What were you doing before?”

Janice was ready to answer seriously at first, but as she listened, she felt something was wrong, and she shouted discontentedly, “I told you to catch Ji Ming! Why are you interrogating me? I’m the victim!”

Janice’s voice was so sharp that it could almost break through the sub-dimensions.

Henry had read Xie Quan’s file and knew what his “aunt” was like, so Henry didn’t even finish listening and hung up the communication.

The officer next to him was dumbfounded. “This, just hang up?”

Henry picked his ear. “Ignore her, crazy one.”

“Then don’t go over to check?”

Henry walked out while not looking back and cursed, “Don’t look at shit!”


Xie Quan once again dreamed of the long white jade corridor that seemed to have no end in sight, and beyond it was a blue ocean of flowers. The dream was shadowed, and he was exhausted as he ran along the alabaster corridor.

No end in sight.

Only the pain that he could not get rid of, as if it was a shadow, disappeared. Then he stopped on that white jade corridor, and a man appeared before him, a man with heroic eyebrows, dressed in luxurious clothes, not angry, but powerful.

“Father…” Xie Quan opened his eyes and looked at the softly colored and brightly lit ceiling, his consciousness gradually returned. He quietly stared at the ceiling, motionless, but his mind was frantically sorting out his disorganized thoughts.

And just then, a concerned voice rang out beside him.

“You’re awake? That’s great!”

Xie Quan turned his head and saw the svelte doctor wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

It was the one he had met before at the resident management office.

When they spoke before, it seemed to be just a few hours before he lost consciousness.

“It’s you…” As soon as he opened his mouth, Xie Quan’s voice was like a broken gong.

Tang Wenshao poured a glass of water and used a cotton swab to moisten Xie Quan’s dry and cracked lips. He said thoughtfully, “You had an operation before, your throat will be uncomfortable because of the intubation, drink this to moisten your throat first.”


Xie Quan was more concerned about what he said than this man’s intimate gesture. “This is a hospital?”

Only then did he notice, as an afterthought, that this man was wearing a white coat.

Tang Wenshao seemed to know what Xie Quan was thinking. He said soothingly, “Don’t worry, I deleted your information, no one knows that you are an omega.”


The author has something to say: 

Ji Cheying: Fuck you! I’m the one who took cover!!! Wait, you said he’s an omega?

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September 10, 2022 8:40 pm

Super interesting!!!! Oh my gosh what is this doctor doing here!!?? That sucks he had to get surgery this aunt is out of control! She even called to complain! JC friend Henry is hilarious lol loved how he hung up on her lol now this doctor knows he is an omega? What will he do? He admitted he was in pain because he smelled JC’s pheromones, I love it! He pulled back last minute because JC would die. What kind of childhood did XQ have? Thank you for the translation and editing! 🥰🥰

September 11, 2022 5:58 am

Janice deserves to have a broken neck, not foot. Henry, you’re the best.
This Doctor, who seemed shady, now also knows he’s an Omega. If they are involved in some way with the beta attacks, hopefully XQ won’t be on his radar for that reason.
Has JC heard this revelation?
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 11, 2022 6:44 am

This doctor is so creepy! If he is the beta attacker, I hope he doesn’t want to experiment on XQ! That Janice on the other hand….she is just too much! I hope we get to see her finding out who her tenant that “attacked” her really is!
Is XQ really royalty or something?!?!

September 12, 2022 4:04 am

OMG!! I hope Tang Wenshao doesn’t have evil designs on XQ!!
Problem with all these Omega stories…they’re all beautiful with crazy pheremones and so many Alphas falling in Love with them.
Very enjoyable read indeedy : )
I’m reading all the Ongoing Novels and trying to remember all the characters is quite a challenge for my memory : )

September 12, 2022 1:57 pm

Thank You for the new chapter (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 24, 2022 6:49 am

Henry walked out while not looking back and cursed, “Don’t look at shit!”

oh, Henry~ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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