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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


During the confrontation between Bessemer and Xie Quan, Ding Fei had been watching from the sidelines. Hearing the words of Bessemer, his words full of the contempt of betas, Ding Fei was full of anger.

When she first enrolled as a beta, she also received a lot of contempt, but later, as she gradually showed her strength in the mechanical profession and received the badge of honor with excellent grades, no one ever mocked her gender in front of her. But she knew that Bessemer, the alpha, still despised betas, and Bessemer even felt insulted that she, a beta, could be on a par with him.

It was unbearable.

She turned her head to Xie Quan and promised, “Don’t worry, I will never let you lose.”

Xie Quan was speechless.

Xie Quan looked at the crowd of onlookers, listened to the whispered words, and he numbly began to wander out of the world.

Why did things come to this point? What went wrong from the beginning? Did it start when he couldn’t resist intervening? No, it started when he entered the auditorium with Miss Lilith…

He looked flatly at Miss Lilith, and saw the pretty girl looking at the crowd around her in confusion, and when she met his gaze, her watery eyes were full of apologies and worries.

He heaved a long sigh in his heart. What else can be done when things have come to this? Anyway, it’s the two of them, he can watch from the side.

He thought.

Although it was inexplicable, after all, it was a competition to determine the future number one of the Mechanical College, it certainly could not be treated casually. Many of the students who were competing in the competition had given up this week’s regular competition in order to watch the show, but of course there were also many students who wanted to compete with Bessemer and Ding Fei and were ready to show their talents.

Not only that, but in order to comply with the competition’s style, members of the Mechanical College Student Council, who organized the competition, hurriedly went to discuss with the professor to see if the rules should be changed or something. The professor, who was sitting as the judge today, thought for a moment and sent a message directly to the Mechanical College professor group.

[Professor Elaine, Professor Morrison, your two students are going to fight it out in the regular season.]

Among the students of these two, the only ones worth saying within the professor group were those two future rising stars of the mechanics world. Among them, Professor Elaine was the mentor of Ding Fei, and Professor Morrison was the mentor of Bessemer.

These two professors, out of curiosity and also out of the mentality of protecting their pups, did not sit in their offices anymore and appeared in the auditorium in unison. These two professors could not be the referees, so two more professors, who did not mind the hilarity, suggested themselves to be the referees.

So, for a regular game, five professors gathered.

The students wondered, Are all professors so idle?

The professors thought, Professors are also human beings, and professors also love to watch the show.

With so many professors around, this unusual regular season game became even more compelling.

Think about it! If you perform well in this game and are accepted as a student by one of the professors, you will be able to live your academic and professional life without any worries!

The number of participants that had been reduced increased dramatically, and it even attracted many students from other colleges. After all, there were students from other colleges who wanted to switch to the mechanical department.

The student council looked at this messy situation, and after some further thought, reopened the competition.

Those who were to participate before were all canceled, and from then on, they officially re-registered candidates for the competition, and then it would officially start in two hours!

With the preparation time, the competition became more official.

Other professors who had nothing to do also decided to come over and watch the game.

Once word of this game spread, it instantly spread throughout the entire school.

The only one who didn’t get caught up in the fallout was probably Ji Cheying’s mecha class that he was taking right now. After all, the group was in the training room being practiced to death and didn’t have any chance to read the gossip.

The silvery-white, three-meter-tall mecha stood valiantly on the training field, with a longsword in each hand like a rainbow, in the midst of several mechas, with an athletic stance like a dragon.

So many mecha but not a single mecha touched each other.

The next cadets were replaced with combat uniforms that already looked like they had been soaked in water, and took a towel to wipe a sweat as they looked in awe at the tireless mecha on the training ground.

“No wonder he’s the youngest five-star Major General ever.”

One trainee exclaimed incredulously, “Doesn’t he ever get tired? You know that operating a mecha requires an extremely high level of physical and mental energy.”

“From the beginning to now, no one has been able to touch him, it’s terrible.”

The student gasped and said thankfully, “Luckily, I’m not in the same class as him.”

Another person nodded in agreement. “I heard that Major General Ji pulled up the entire school’s rating line by himself.”

“By himself?”

“Because his scores were so high, the students in his class worked so hard to catch up that they became the best students since the school was founded.” The student smacked his lips and said, “The newcomers who are now showing their talents within the military and Empire government are basically from that class, known as the god-like S17 class.”

Gulping, he watched as the silver-white mecha on the training field stopped dodging and switched between longsword and firearm as if they were flowing, without stagnation, then cleanly knocked those mecha on the field to the ground one after another.

The student said in admiration and awe, “It’s the hellish S17 class, isn’t it?”

The silver-white mecha stood there like a sword stuck in the ground, the mecha cockpit opened, and Ji Cheying, wearing a battle suit, leapt down from the cockpit without using the mecha’s lifting measures.

He landed firmly on the ground, stroking his soaked hair back with one hand and wiping a handful of sweat from his face, and looked down at the clock as he said, “That’s it for today.”

A cheer went up on the training ground.

The coach, who had been watching from the sidelines, walked up with a towel. “Cheying, thank you for your hard work, the Ministry of the Army is busy, and you have to make this trip.”

Ji Cheying took the towel and said respectfully, “Teacher, I’m sorry, I’ve just returned to the empire and I’m fine.”

This coach, Cory, was Ji Cheying’s mecha coach when he was a student, and it was only because of his request that Ji Cheying returned to school to train the mecha students. With his hands behind his back, Cory walked with Ji Cheying to the training ground while saying, “You were sent to Noel City by His Majesty a few months ago.”

Ji Cheying looked ahead without squinting, he was still in high spirits and calm after the two hour long mecha sparring session. “I had my teacher worried, but rest assured, I have my heart in the right place.”

Corey nodded. “You have a number on it.” After that, Corey suddenly noticed that the students, who should have been exhausted after the drill, suddenly became noisy, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise, and then asked in a medium voice, “You are still in good spirits, why don’t you practice for a while?”

The students froze, not knowing what to do in response.

If they said they were tired and wanted to rest, they were afraid they would be considered unmotivated.

If they really go to practice for a while as the coach said, they are really tired.

One of the students struggled and said, “No, we just saw a news story from school.”

Corey asked, “What’s the news?”

Seeing that Corey’s attention seemed to be drawn away from the news, the student lifted his spirits and replied, “The Mechanics Academy’s regular season is back on and everyone is signing up now.”

Corey frowned. “Is a regular tournament worth all the fuss here?” No sense of composure!

He skimmed his eyes, saw Ji Cheying standing straight next to him, and sighed long and hard in his mind, that was so far from it.

The student hurriedly defended himself. “This time is rather special, quite a few professors from the mechanical department will be present, and several honorary students from the mechanical department will be competing.”

Ji Cheying, who was standing next to him, frowned slightly; not knowing why, he had some strange premonition in his heart.

Looking down at the time, which was almost the time he had agreed with Xie Quan, he turned towards Cory and said, “Teacher, I have some business to attend to, so I’ll leave now.”

Thinking he was talking about the military, Cory waved his hand briskly, “You go ahead and get busy.”

Ji Cheying nodded before turning around and striding toward the locker room.

Sitting numbly in the auditorium’s playing area, Xie Quan was at this moment completely unaware that the game had attracted the attention of the entire school. He sat docilely on the bench, not moving a muscle.

Ding Fei, on the other hand, took care of all the tasks of registering and getting the materials.

Although she was a female beta, as a mechanical student, she often had to move metal equipment up and down, so her arm strength was naturally exercised.

The five big boxes of materials were carried to Xie Quan’s place, where they would build their work later!

Ding Fei did not think Xie Quan sitting there and doing nothing was any problem. She saw Xie Quan as a soy sauce person, so she rolled up her sleeves while bending down to start unpacking, while saying, “Later you will come to assist me, do not have to do anything complicated, just hand me things.” Here, she straightened up and stared at Xie Quan, grabbed a handful of parts in her hand and brought them to Xie Quan, asking with some concern, “You… You should know the type of screws, right?”

If you don’t even know this, then it’s very troublesome to pass the materials!

But luckily, Xie Quan nodded his head.

Ding Fei was relieved, but immediately, she asked, “Do you recognize all the tools?” She took out several more fine irons of different shapes from the box. “Do you recognize these?”

Xie Quan nodded and then said smoothly from left to right, “Single-hole square beam, 0.33mm triangle connecting piece, 413 double-hole connecting rod, 0707 single-hole beam, chip connecting plate.”

Ding Fei blinked, then complimented, “You’re not bad! You have studied mechanics?” She thought the other side was completely white.

Xie Quan mused, then said flatly, “I know a little bit about it.”

I thought the other party would know nothing, but I didn’t think there was some mechanical foundation, even if it was just a little, that’s lucky!

Ding Fei put those materials back into the box, then patted her chest and said, “It’s okay, I’m here, I won’t lose.”

Looking at the girl’s confident look, Xie Quan asked, “What are you going to do?”

Such a short competition would not allow time for detailed design and drawing of plans, which required a mecha engineer to have an excellent big-picture view of mechanical construction and excellent control of details.

This was a very demanding requirement for the mecha engineer’s overall ability.

Although the competition restarted, Bessemer had completed nearly half of their work before, which was a great advantage. They were more familiar with the materials inside the box, and also had the experience of building before, so they had a better grasp of the design of the work in their mind.

But Ding Fei was different, Ding Fei was really starting from scratch.

Ding Fei was not unaware that she was at a disadvantage, but she was confident enough in her own strength. In order to exercise, she often randomly took a bunch of materials to a practice building.

She looked at the five boxes of things to win over Bessemer, those ordinary things would certainly not work. She thought about it, and replied, “Beast-shaped mecha power pod.”

It was impossible to build a complete mecha in such a short time, but the power pod was the core of a mecha, and looking at the design of a mecha’s powerhouse would show the overall ability of the mecha.

The most straightforward way to design and build a mecha power pod would show one’s strength in a short time. Of course, what Ding Fei said was not really a power pod, but a scaled-down version. After all, these materials and tools were not enough to build a real power pod.

But even if it was a model, building a power pod was also a project that the average student would not dare to challenge, Ding Fei actually had no bottom in her heart, she even thought that after saying it would discourage the other party.

The handsome young man’s face did not change in the slightest after listening, just gave a gentle nod. His warm and soft voice inexplicably had some reassuring power as he responded, “Quite good, power pod is very suitable for the competition.”


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