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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


The regular competition was held in the auditorium of the Mechanical College, which was a soccer field and a half in size, and was swarming with people. Seeing this scene, Xie Quan realized that it was no wonder he didn’t see many people in the hall just now, they had all come here.

As Lilith said, this regular competition was very free, there were no complicated rules and no rounds. As long as people wanted to participate, they could get a copy of the materials with their ID, then find an empty seat in the auditorium, sit down to assemble, and then submit their work to the organizer.

Inhaling the scent of fresh soap from the person next to her, Lilith’s head hung low, and with her long light brown hair tangled between her fingers, she whispered, “Mr. Xie want to go down and take a look?”

They were standing in the stands, and although the big screen overhead showed images of the students building, it was nothing compared to what they were seeing with their own eyes.

Xie Quan nodded, and then he frowned slightly in concern, was it his illusion? Why did he feel like there were a lot of people watching their side?

He turned his head sideways and glanced slightly at the pretty girl beside him, she had her head buried, her hair parted on both sides of her neck, revealing the omega glands at the back of her neck.

No wonder he kept smelling a light scent, so it was an omega. And although this fragrance was light, it was very pure; she should be a high-grade omega.

Those who looked over kept them in their line of sight, probably because of her.

As the two walked down, the sighting became more and more intense, so much so that Xie Quan could not help but stand still, and then under the girls’ puzzled eyes, he said with a complicated expression, “You…”

However, just as he opened his mouth, a voice suddenly came out from the race area.

“Miss Lilith, did you come to see me?”

A male alpha came from the crowd, he was strong and tall, sunny and handsome in appearance, and wore a badge of honor on his student uniform. As he came, the smell of pheromone on his body gradually approached, it was a scent of heather.

To be honest, it’s not hard to smell.

But it’s not as seductive as the fiery burning smell he smelled at first.

The glandular patches these people used were not quite the same as the glandular patches Ji Cheying and the others used, it was just a normal size glandular patch.

Different sizes of glandular patches on the market have different levels of pheromone isolation. The regular size glandular patches more or less reveal a slight pheromone scent, just like Márquez before.

But from Ji Cheying and Henry, as well as the rest of the imperial army on the airship before, he did not smell a trace of pheromone.

That the glandular patch used by the military department was more sophisticated also made sense, after all, pheromones in the army floating around would be quite disturbing.

The invisible gland patch used by Xie Quan was also of the same specifications used by the military, so it could closely isolate the smell of pheromones.

The male alpha approached them and looked at Xie Quan unkindly, his eyes looked at Xie Quan from top to bottom and then disdainfully averted his gaze, then immediately fluttered politely to Lilith and said, “Would Miss Lilith like to see our work?”

Lilith’s amber-like eyes flashed with a hint of concern, she maintained good manners and greeted with a slight smile, “Good afternoon, Mr. Balk, what a coincidence to run into here.”

Bessemer Balk stood fixed in front of Lilith. “Miss Lilith, as I said, you can just call me Bessemer.” After a pause, he looked at Xie Quan and asked, “Is this a friend of Miss Lilith’s?”

Lilith was a little nervous, and she said quickly, “This is a guest who came to visit the college, we just met.”

Listening to the conversation between the two, Xie Quan’s eyes roamed around the field and came back. These two were still talking, Xie Quan sighed slightly in his heart, a little impatient and helpless. He really didn’t think wrong just now, those eyes were all directed at this Lilith.

This look, or high-level omega, it’s some kind of influential person, house flower or something. He seemed to have been inexplicably involved in some strange trouble again.

At this time, Lilith’s beautiful and gentle face in the eyes of Xie Quan directly wrote on the word trouble. He pondered for a couple of seconds and then said gently and politely, “Since you two know each other, why don’t you have a nice chat while I go for a walk.”

Lilith’s eyes blinked helplessly, she opened her mouth slightly as if she wanted to stay, but subconsciously glanced at Bessemer next to her. She lowered her eyes again and said with a forced smile, “Okay, Mr. Xie, then you have a good time shopping, I hope you have a good time.”

Bessemer hooked up the corners of his mouth rather smugly as he extended his hand to Lilith. “Miss Lilith come and see our work, we are very confident about this piece, the winner today will definitely be us again.”

Lilith hugged her things and softly refused, “No, I just came by, I still have something to give to the professor, so I won’t look at it. Good luck, Mr. Balk.”

Bessemer said without giving up, “Came all the way here just to leave straight away? How unfortunate.”

Lilith’s eyes showed disgust, but her good upbringing made her just shake off and leave. Just when she was in a difficult situation, another voice came from the side.

“Bessemer, don’t be so shameless, can’t you see that Miss Lilith doesn’t want to talk to you at all?” It was another alpha.

Alpha was a minority among the general public, but it was common among military schools. After all, as long as one is an Alpha, they were all working towards enrolling in the empire’s top military school.

“That’s right, Miss Lilith, ignore Bessemer and come see our group.”

This Lilith Noria was, as Xie Quan had envisioned, indeed the talk of the town within the academy. Beautiful, A-grade omega, excellent grades, and moreover, a young lady from the duke’s family. Not only within the academy, but also in the celebrity circles of the empire, she was a figure with endless suitors.

And at this time, it was not known who led the way, three or four noble students, plus Bessemer, from the Mechanical College came forward to invite Lilith. Between their own words, they also tried to continue to suppress the other few, vaguely having a kind of a showdown.

Lilith found it more and more difficult to leave and did not know what to do. A clear spring voice suddenly sounded, “It’s not much fun to watch a game like this. Miss Lilith, let’s go.”

Lilith heard the voice and turned her head in surprise. “Mr. Xie, you, why are you still here?”

Standing nearby, Xie Quan stood in his T-shirt and casual pants. Standing like a green bamboo, he was light and inexplicably made people despise him.

Xie Quan walked back to Lilith’s side. Due to the gathering of alphas, the area was filled with several alpha pheromones. Xie Quan felt some repulsion. His brow wrinkled, and his pair of clear and ghostly eyes rippled with unease.

But then they became as flat as a mirror once again. Just like his tone of voice at the moment. “I looked and there was nothing interesting. Miss Lilith, aren’t you leaving? Why don’t we go together?”

Lilith’s eyes overflowed with feelings as she looked at Xie Quan. She was about to nod, but Bessemer scoffed, “This… Mr. Xie has very high vision.” He clasped his arms, a pair of eyes full of offended displeasure and hostility. “None of us here can catch her eye, is that what you mean?”

The few alpha students who came out to tear each other down before were now charging toward the same enemy.

“This must be some unknown master to say such words, I wonder where he was so highly educated?”

“Isn’t he just a beta?”

The fight between them for Lilith could be put aside for now, what qualifications did this beta who appeared from nowhere have to speak here?

Lilith was happy at first that Xie Quan stood up for her, but at the moment she was more worried. Due to her nervousness, the smell of her pheromones on her body became stronger. She hurriedly stood in front of Xie Quan and said to Bessemer, “You guys are so rude to Mr. Xie. Mr. Xie does not mean this, Mr. Balk you misunderstood.”

Lilith standing up to protect Xie Quan’s actions made the anger in their hearts even greater. Bessemer frowned and looked at Xie Quan, his lips hooked up unkindly. “A beta, and also just a wild boy who came out of nowhere, gained a few points of Miss Lilith’s favor, and then thought he was qualified to judge our Mechanical College tournament.” He said word for word, “Take a look at yourself and see if you are worthy to stand in this auditorium.”

Xie Quan had heard things several times worse than this, and it didn’t sound painful to him, so he didn’t retort, just ignored them to look at Lilith who was in front of him and asked, “Aren’t you going?”

Lilith probably didn’t expect Xie Quan would completely ignore Bessemer, she froze. “This…”

The ignored Bessemer’s fists clenched, he directly stepped forward like an arrow, forcefully grabbing Xie Quan’s shoulders. “Are you ignoring me?”

Xie Quan, who was stopped from leaving, turned around and waved away Bessemer’s hand as he asked frankly, “Aren’t you the one who said I don’t deserve to stand in this auditorium?”

There was uncontrollable laughter from the people watching.

Bessemer’s face was covered with clouds, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Xie Quan with fury. In fact, according to Xie Quan’s looks, normally he wouldn’t be so rude, but now his dignity was provoked! “You defied me, and you want to leave just like that? Don’t think too hard.”

Xie Quan thought for a moment. “Are you going to beat me up?”

Bessemer’s eyes slanted and fell on top of the nearby squad participating in the competition, he sneered, “You’re a beta, I won’t use force with you, lest others say I’m a bully. Since you just said you can’t even look up to the works here, you must be very confident in the mechanical aspect. How about we take this regular competition and have a match, whoever loses, will kneel down and apologize to the winner?”

Lilith heard and was startled. “Mr. Balk, you are too rude!”

The rest of the crowd heard and laughed.

The badge of honor on Bessemer’s uniform could only be obtained after two consecutive years of excellence in the college, and he was arrogant because he had the capital to be arrogant. He was indeed the outstanding student in this year’s Mechanical College. He said to Lilith that he would win the championship of the regular competition, but he had already won the championship three times in a row before that.

He had also obtained an invitation from the Imperial Mechanical Research Institute, and would enter the Mechanical Research Institute, which symbolized the empire’s highest mechanical strength, as soon as he graduated.

In their opinion, this beta could not even compare with Bessemer’s mechanical construction, that was simply a sure loss.

Xie Quan shook his head after hearing Bessemer’s words, and said without hesitation, “No, as a courtesy, I won’t compare either.”

Bessemer did not compare force with him, afraid that others would say he was bullying him. He also can’t compare machinery with Bessemer, because he was also afraid of bullying Bessemer. However, the onlookers all ignored Xie Quan’s four words of “courtesy” and only focused on the four words that followed.

The other few alpha hummed and laughed, “What a coward, only dare to show off the prestige of the mouth, he’s really afraid?”

At this moment, a voice came from the gradually increasing crowd of onlookers. “Don’t be afraid! Fight with him! I’ll help you!”

Another long-haired girl pushed her way out of the crowd, and she also had a badge of honor on her school uniform. She was not an alpha nor an omega, but a beta. She stood next to Xie Quan and said to the arrogant alpha, “Let’s play, let’s team up for a game.”

The onlookers saw the situation and started to coax.

Bessemer stared at the female beta sorrowfully, then the corners of his mouth hooked up disdainfully. “Yeah.”

There was another uproar, this time more enthusiastic than even before.

This beta was Ding Fei, one of the top students in this year’s Mechanical College. The duel between Ding Fei and Bessemer, now there’s a good show! After all, these two were the first and second place, the two sides were at odds, but there had not been a real fight to determine a winner.

Even the students began to lower their heads and send messages to students who were not present, informing them of the battle of the century and asking their friends not to miss it. Seeing these two people set the match on their own, the corner of Xie Quan’s mouth twitched as he stood in the middle.


Such young people.

But why did he have to be involved?


The author has something to say: 

Students: Wow! Bessemer and Ding Fei! The race is going to begin!

Xie Quan: … Do I really have to play house with this group of kids?


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