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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


There was a ding-dong.

The competition was announced to be over.

Everyone in the room stopped moving at the same time, their work was labeled, and dozens of carrying robots entered the room and packed each group’s work away. Ding Fei looked at the work packed by the robots, and she still felt like she was dreaming.

Was this real?

At that moment, Bessemer also finished submitting his work, and he walked over to Ding Fei with his head hanging and his eyes staring at the empty table. With a mocking laugh, he stood next to Ding Fei and said, “I heard you made a power pod? Not bad, brave.”

Ding Fei, however, looked at the table as if she were an old monk, deaf to Bessemer’s words, and muttered, “How is it possible? He actually did it? Is that right?”

Bessemer frowned at Ding Fei’s ignorance, but the next moment, thinking that she was devastated by losing to him, he happily relaxed his frown again. He hadn’t forgotten the reason for the dispute in the first place, and as he searched the crowd with his eyes. He asked, “Where’s that little white boy? He’s not trying to escape, is he? I’m waiting for him to apologize to me on his knees.”

Hearing this, Ding Fei finally showed a reaction. She raised her head and eagerly searched for the figure. “Where is he?”

Bessemer raised his eyebrows. “I was asking you.” He said persistently, “But even if he escapes now, I’ll get him back, it’s not that easy to get away after offending me.”

At this moment, Ding Fei seemed to be aware of Bessemer’s presence, her searching gaze fixed on the chattering man with a slight frown of disgust and confusion. “What are you doing here?”

“…” The fire in Bessemer’s heart flared, and he sneered, “I’ll see how long you can bluff.”

Ding Fei wanted to choke, but when she saw Bessemer’s smug look, she wanted to see his face when he knew the truth. “Bessemer, you’ll have to wait until the last minute.”

Bessemer frowned, his heart raised a few doubts. Could it be that she had really completed the power pod? However, Ding Fei was not prepared to waste any more time on Bessemer, she directly pushed Bessemer and then dove head first into the crowd.

“You!” Bessemer looked at Ding Fei’s back as she left, in an unhappy mood, but at the same time he pondered, “Did she really finish?”

At this moment, the alpha cadet in the next group heard it and hurriedly came forward and said, “Bessemer, don’t worry, she couldn’t have finished.” He came up next to Bessemer and whispered, “She doesn’t have an energy balancer, how can she finish it?”

“…” Bessemer heard, but he did not show a relaxed or joyful look as the student expected, but his face suddenly turned gloomy. His eyebrows furrowed as he stared at the student who came forward to take credit, his voice was not happy. “You took her energy balancer?”

The student was caught off guard by this unexpected development, and he replied inwardly with trepidation, “I… I did it to help you…”

Bessemer narrowed his eyes. “You thought I’d lose?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant.”

Bessemer’s jaw muscles tightened, his lines taut, and he snorted, “More than that, don’t let me see you again!” And then turned to leave.

Ding Fei finally found Xie Quan in front of the restroom, he had finished washing his hands and was walking down the hallway with his head bowed as he meticulously wiped his hands with a paper towel.

Ding Fei shouted out of breath, “Mr. Xie!”

Xie Quan’s footsteps lurched, he raised his head, looked at the young girl blocking in front of him, inclined his head. “Is there something else?”

Ding Fei’s chest rose and fell violently, she stared at this man with glowing eyes. The young man in front of him had handsome eyebrows, the lines of his face were not too sharp and not too warm, everything was just right, standing there quietly looking at her, just like a man in a painting.

The youth’s appearance was first-class, but! Was his face important? It did not matter! What matters was that this person actually fucking really accomplished something beyond imagination!

When she thought of the youth’s bemused face when he handed over the completed energy processor to her earlier, she could hardly believe that he had actually done it.

Even now, she felt that it was all unrealistic. He was able to redesign the energy processor in such a short period of time and complete a processor that did not have an energy balancer. Such an achievement could only be accomplished by a seasoned mecha engineer, it was too impressive.

But he was still about the same age as her. She had never heard of such a person.

Ding Fei asked incredulously, “Mr. Xie, please, who are you? Are you a first-class mecha engineer?”

Xie Quan replied, “No, I’m not.”


After Xie Quan wiped his hands clean, he held the tissue in his hands, and then he said slowly, “I’m just an ordinary mechanical enthusiast.”

“…” Ding Fei almost said the word “bullshit” and swallowed it with difficulty. She knew that Xie Quan was unwilling to reveal his true identity, and she did not come out with the purpose of pursuing the root of the matter, but— 

She sincerely requested, “Please, can you be my master?”

Xie Quan was silent for a second and he asked, “Don’t you have a mentor?”

Ding Fei smiled awkwardly. “Yes…” Too excited to forget about it for a moment, she explained anxiously, “I’m not greedy, I just, just want to further refine my mechanical abilities.”

Xie Quan did not blame her, he said in a light tone, “You are very talented in mechanics, follow your current mentor well, you will be outstanding in the future.”

Ding Fei clenched her fist. “I know… but it’s not enough. As you can see, because I am a beta, even if I have decent mechanical ability, they do not recognize me. I want to be like you, with absolute overwhelming strength, then they will recognize me.”

Xie Quan looked at this young girl and thought of what happened before, he suddenly said, “Your character is too hasty, your mind is not stable enough.” 

Ding Fei was very smart and ambitious, but she was also too easily influenced by her environment. Previously in the process of building, because of the surrounding evaluation, she lost her place, and after a moment of imbalance, it was difficult to recover. This would definitely be a significant obstacle in her future path of mecha engineer.

But if she could change that, she could become a great mecha engineer.

Xie Quan said, “When you get rid of this problem, you can come back and talk to me about it.”

Ding Fei froze, she thought for a few seconds, and then the expression on her face suddenly brightened up, “You mean, you’ll teach me then?”


Ding Fei was overjoyed, she was momentarily excited and didn’t know what to do, after she jumped happily, she hurriedly asked, “So, then can I add your contact information?

At that moment, a voice came from the side.

“No.” The voice was quiet and deep, accompanied by leisurely but sharp footsteps.

Xie Quan and Ding Fei turned their heads in unison to see Ji Cheying coming from the other end of the corridor.

Ding Fei frowned at the man who appeared from nowhere, she said unhappily, “Who are you? Don’t you know not to interrupt when people are talking?”

Xie Quan saw Ji Cheying raise that good-looking eyebrow, and then walked straight to his side. Xie Quan’s nose twitched, and he smelled a familiar scent from the warm body heat of the man beside him. However, without waiting for him to think, he found that the man’s strong hand suddenly encircled his waist, and the force was so great that he brought him in his direction.

Xie Quan: ?????

Ding Fei: ???!

With his arm around the person, Ji Cheying glanced at the little girl who seemed to be an eyesore to him and said nonchalantly, “Since you know this, now I have something to say to him, please go away.”

Ding Fei’s eyes widened in disbelief. “I was here first!”

Ji Cheying snorted coldly, and the corners of his mouth curled up in a disdainful arc. “Old me was eight hundred years ahead of you.”

Ding Fei looked at Xie Quan in confusion, however Xie Quan was not quite sure what this man was suddenly angry about. He still said to Ding Fei, “Go back, it’s almost time to receive your prize.”

Ding Fei heard the meaning of Xie Quan’s words and was surprised. “Master, you won’t receive the award?”

“…” This little girl was really acting quite familiar with him. The corners of Xie Quan’s mouth twitched, and did not bother to dwell on this issue of address, just decisively said, “No.”


“I didn’t want to compete in the first place.”

Ding Fei thought of his unbelievable mechanical strength, the regular season was indeed not worth mentioning to him. Thinking that he had repeatedly refused to compete, but she agreed to do so on her own, her eyes apologized, and was about to apologize verbally too.

The youth admonished, “But don’t forget to let that alpha keep his promise after the game.”

Ding Fei blinked, she forcefully beat her chest. “Master, don’t worry! I will make Bessemer kneel down and apologize.”

Xie Quan nodded his head.

When Ding Fei left, Xie Quan lowered his head to look at the arm that had a high presence around his waist, he frowned. “Quickly let go of me.”

The waist under the hand was not soft, Ji Cheying could feel the muscle lines exercised under the clothes, but this waist was lean, filled with force and he couldn’t feel any fat near his rib cage.

The corners of Xie Quan’s mouth twitched as he patiently asked, “Have you touched enough?”

The man’s hand then reluctantly let go.

Xie Quan immediately stood a little farther away, he looked at Ji Cheying strangely and asked, “What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

Ji Cheying was feeling sorry for himself for being a bit rude, but when he heard Xie Quan’s words, his unresolved fire was rekindled. His hands were wrapped around his chest, and he narrowed his eyes in displeasure. “I should ask you that, how come I never knew you were so helpful?”

Xie Quan was silent.

Ji Cheying took a step forward to shorten the distance Xie Quan had closed before, and he said in a sour tone, “I heard that you got into an argument with someone to relieve the flower of the mechanical department?”


Ji Cheying took another step closer, his gaze somber. “During the competition, you also risked Yan Bai’s identity to help out in order to take out your little disciple’s anger, right?”

Xie Quan subconsciously took a step back and retorted, “Not my disciple.” And confiscated.

Ji Cheying heard Xie Quan did not refute the help, his heart and mouth became more and more depressed and irritable. A big step away directly forced Xie Quan back. He gritted his teeth, but pretended to be calm and casually asked, “Is her hand that good to hold?”

Xie Quan looked up. Looking at the man who had arrived in front of him, he could even feel the breath of the other side. He was very puzzled.

Wait a minute, when did he hold hands with someone?


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October 30, 2022 4:42 pm

Bessemer is so mad, and I feel that alpha who “helped” him is going to be blamed for him losing. Ding Fei is just now actually processing the events that led up to her competition, I imagine she is going to be hiding under the covers later thinking about everything she thought or said to XQ during the competition.
But JC! Haha! I’m worried all that vinegar he is drinking is going to make him sick! Hahaha! Put down the jar!

October 31, 2022 12:53 am

So, even though he’s an ass, Bessemer didn’t actually have anything to do with their stolen part.
If I were XQ I’m afraid I’d want tge satisfaction of him kneeling in front of both of us 😏
JC really needs to reign in his jealousy. It’s too much.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 31, 2022 12:09 pm

Why am I suddenly getting “schoolboy picking on his crush” vibes from Bessemer in regards to Ding Fei? 🤦🏻‍♀️

October 31, 2022 3:52 pm

So happy to see positive female characters. Strong, intelligent and not chasing after XQ’s pretty face. Ding Fei will be a force to be reckoned with in future.

November 4, 2022 3:51 am

Thank You for the new chapter (´,,•ω•,,)♡

December 31, 2022 9:52 pm

Even Bessamer doesn’t want to be associates with the ones that stole.
Hahaha jealous JCY

Thank you for the chapter!

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