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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


In the cold white light of the laboratory, the young man leaning on the metallic table said indifferently, “You’ve been putting on a dead face since you came here this afternoon, my assistants are scared away by you, you are affecting my work.”

In front of him, Ji Cheying sat on the high round stool, but even with the high stool, his legs were still slightly curved forward, showing the long lines. Ji Cheying leaned on the table behind him with one hand and casually fiddled with a round instrument with the other. He said carelessly, “Then your assistants’ psychological quality is not good, how can such a psychological quality do a good experiment?”

“…” Yan Siyu said expressionlessly, “We never ask the experimenters to do experiments with the pressure of S-class alphas.”

If the pressure was tangible and could be seen, then now this seemingly relaxed man was constantly emitting a strong pressure around him. The pressure in this room was like a huge mountain, so that every beat in the chest cavity felt laborious; also like a fierce beast, roaring to tear up everything in the room.

If not for the fact that Yan Siyu himself was also an A-class alpha, it would be difficult for him to continue to stay in this laboratory. This was a laboratory that had walls made of a special material that could isolate the pressure, otherwise it would not be clearing a laboratory, but a floor.

Ji Cheying tossed the expensive round instrument as a ball and caught it, he said lightly, “If we go to war, the pressure of interstellar beasts and warriors will be everywhere, we must adapt to it earlier.”

Yan Siyu said, “We are not prepared to go to the front line to do experiments.”

Yan Siyu crossed his arms in front of his chest. He straightforwardly asked, “Did you get dumped?”

The round instrument shattered in Ji Cheying’s hands with a pop, and the remnants fell to the ground with a dense crunching sound.

Yan Siyu swept his eyes at the residue on the ground and frowned. “That thing was very expensive, I just bought it recently.”

Ji Cheying said without the slightest apology, “I’ll buy you one then.”

Yan Siyu nodded in satisfaction. “Okay.” Then, he turned the tables and pointedly continued, “So you really got dumped.” 

If it were a normal person, afraid that after seeing Ji Cheying’s reaction before, he would know that he shouldn’t go on, but Yan Siyu never knew what it meant to look at the air and talk. His desire to know was greater than anything else, and nothing could make him back down before that.

Seeing Ji Cheying’s acquiescence and that gloomy face that almost dripped ink, Yan Siyu raised his eyebrows. “You actually got dumped, how rare, who the hell was it?”

The pressure in the room silently enhanced again, even the air was a little thin. So even Yan Siyu could not help but pale a little, he still asked, “Why did he dump you?”

Ji Cheying took a deep breath. He coldly pulled up the corner of his mouth, and self-loathingly said, “Why don’t you go ask him?”

Ji Cheying looked at Ji Cheying’s restrained but still tumultuous eyes. His inner conscience as a friend was finally awakened a little, he sighed inaudibly, and then said, “You need to be at ease during your susceptibility period, I have already prepared the place for you.”


“Sir, please show me your pass.” The man in the mask and black suit held out his hand toward Xie Quan.

The hood of his jacket half-hid Xie Quan’s face, and Xie Quan, who was also wearing a mask at the moment, took out his own pass from the pocket of his jacket, and after checking it, he walked into this underground exchange with his heavy shoulder bag.

Every city must have an underground exchange, but the scale was easily different, and the Imperial Capital’s underground exchange scale would naturally not shame the identity of the Imperial Capital.

Under the Star Hotel in the west of the Imperial Capital, a whole residential area 500 meters underground, was a kingdom belonging to the underground. The identity “Yan Bai” was born from the underground exchange; Xie Quan naturally would not be unfamiliar with the underground exchange.

He didn’t often deal with the underground exchange personally, for his work transactions, as well as the purchase of items, Anna basically went for him and he just needed to sit in his own studio. Now he definitely could no longer let Anna handle these things for him, so he inevitably needed to go to the underground exchange himself.

At the moment, the underground exchange was like a marketplace above ground, the difference was that all the people here were wearing masks, and the stores were not selling any food and clothes, but all kinds of weapons, materials, forged documents and other things that were not legal.

In the noisy crowd of pheromones, Xie Quan seemed to be wandering around, not entering, just seeming to walk aimlessly and constantly. Xie Quan did not come here to make money, but because he needed to buy some materials to make his new mecha.

After about an hour, Xie Quan’s eyes suddenly narrowed slightly from beneath his mask, and his eyes stopped at a store in the corner. Xie Quan finally stopped and walked in towards the store.

As soon as he entered, a big man wearing a mask came up to him. “Sir, what are you looking for?”

Xie Quan glanced at the list of materials displayed on the display and asked in a voice muffled by the mask, “Is there any meteorite steel?”

The big man did not expect such a big business, he froze and spoke tentatively, “Meteorite steel is not something that is just available, that thing is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Military Affairs, even the Ministry of Military Affairs itself only produces less than ten tons per year, where is the surplus in circulation?”

Xie Quan said without wavering, “I want one kilogram of meteorite steel.”

“…” The big man laughed a little absurdly. “Is this a joke, little brother? Let’s not talk about whether I have it or not, do you know how many star coins 100 grams of meteorite steel costs? 100 grams of meteorite steel costs 500,000 star coins, and it’s not always available.”

As he said before, meteorite steel was a rare metal, under strict control by the military ministry, plus the annual production was rare. This thing was the necessary material to build armed starships, even what the military ministry itself had was not enough, and meteorite steel flowing outside was even rarer.

A few hundred grams of meteorite steel was already very impressive, a kilogram of meteorite steel was simply a dream.

Yet Xie Quan not only dreamed, he didn’t think it was a dream at all. He said with certainty, “I can offer more than the market price, I want all of your meteorite steel.”

Xie Quan didn’t just come in and ask at a random material store. He was not that stupid and knew the special nature of meteorite steel. The reason he had been walking down the street and didn’t go in when he saw a material store was because he knew that something like meteorite steel wasn’t something that a normal seller could sell.

So, what he had been looking for was a seller who would have meteorite steel.

This store’s list of goods was not much, but there were many things that were processed by the military ministry, which meant that the seller had a source of goods from the military ministry.

That’s why Xie Quan dared to ask directly.

In addition to the previous reply of the big man, he was even more sure that the other party must have meteorite steel. In fact, he didn’t just want one kilogram, he wanted two kilograms, but this was no longer the amount that a seller could provide.

“Oh? How high can you offer?”

“That depends on how much you have.”

The big man thought for a moment as he looked at Xie Quan. Xie Quan’s appearance was really a bit unsettling and he asked, “I wonder why little brother needs so much meteorite steel?”

Xie Quan’s voice was cold. “Look only at money, not ask where it comes from, this should not be a question you should ask.”

The big man’s face changed, he almost broke the taboo of the underground exchange, and he said, “Little brother, don’t be angry, I will go ask our boss now.”

Xie Quan was not surprised, there must be a power behind such a store, and his willingness to communicate with the boss showed that they did have meteorite steel on hand.

The big man walked to the inner room, which has a corridor leading to a deeper place, a dark red as if a blood colored carpet extended all the way inward. Many paths coming out from the side were gathered together like rivers merging into the sea. These paths extended from various stores, and they all lead to a common space.

The senior member area of the underground exchange.

In a group of cups and goblets, the big man found a man wearing a mask, his hair hidden in a hat, a white mask on his face with a crying expression. After hearing what the big man said, he had a long elegant tone. “A kilogram of meteorite steel? A bit interesting, I’ll go and meet them.”



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JC sulking! His best friend is so blunt! Lol I’m wondering who this big boss of the underground is??!! Thank you for the translation and editing!

November 18, 2022 5:41 am

Poor JC; it’s good to have a friend like Yan Siyu, who can be up front and prod where others don’t want to or care to.
Wonder if this elegant dark trader is a character we’ve already met, or soneone new. Stay safe, Xie Quan.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thank You for the new chapter (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡

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