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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


The big man returned to the store, but was surprised to find that Xie Quan had left. He walked sharply around the store and looked around, but did not see the arrogant young customer. Puzzled, he returned to the store and saw his boss standing at the counter, holding a piece of paper in his white gloved hand.

“Sir, he seems to have left.” The big man spoke cautiously.

The corners of the man’s mouth, wearing a half-mask with a weeping expression, did not match the expression on the mask and curved up in an amused curve. Looking at the note that was left behind, the man asked, “You said he was a tall, thin young man?”

The man nodded. “Yes, wearing a mask, but the skin on his neck was white, and his voice was gentle.” He didn’t dare to miss a single thing, he said in detail, “Look at the way he lifted his hands and feet, he doesn’t look like a normal person.”

“How can a person who can buy a kilogram of meteorite steel be an ordinary person?” The man’s tone was slow and relaxed as he held the paper in his fingers and handed it to the big man. “Go and get the kilogram of meteorite steel ready.”

The man took the slip of paper and looked down at it, it had an address written on it, and a bank account password, with a sentence at the bottom: “Deliver the goods to this address in two days, there is already a deposit in the account, I will make the final payment when I receive the goods.”

The big man froze for a moment, he did not expect this young man to be so sure that they would trade, and even prepared a deposit first, he did not expect his boss to agree to this. A kilogram of meteorite steel. That’s almost their entire inventory. The big man wanted to say something, he wanted to persuade his boss to think again, but he also knew very well that the man in the mask never allowed others to question his decision.

So he could only nod his head, respectfully and obediently. “Yes.”

And that’s not all.

The man turned around and walked in the direction of the secret passage inside the store, and the moment he turned around he dropped a sentence, “That man should still be nearby, find him.”

The big man hurriedly answered, “Yes.”

But after answering, he looked at the man’s back as he left, and he was confused.

What did the boss mean by this?

It seemed that he wanted to do this business with the young man, but then he was so ambivalent about going to the young man, as if he was looking for trouble. But no matter what, that young man has messed with someone who can’t be messed with. The big man looked at the entrance of the store and shook his head gently.

Xie Quan, of course, would not wait there forever.

Although the underground market had its own order, they would ensure the safety of traders, and never allow anyone in the market who was malicious but human malice was not confined by order. In a place like this, where one didn’t know if the opposite side was human or ghost, they should never take either lightly.

So when the big man turned around to find his boss, Xie Quan had already decided to leave. As for why he was sure that the other side would do this business, he was actually not sure. But he knew the other must have the goods, leaving that note was right.

But… A kilogram of meteorite steel.

Seemed to be flashy.

It couldn’t be helped, he needed it. For the sake of the material, it was right to take a risk. Xie Quan wanted to order another batch of meteorite steel, but after thinking about it, he didn’t want to buy enough for the time being, as long as it could be used for the next stage. So he gave up the idea of continuing to look for meteorite steel merchants, and instead bought some small things, after all, it was rare to make a trip.

Everything was going quite well.

However, just as he was about to leave, a change occurred. A man brushed against him, a hand knife suddenly cut him on the back of the neck, and Xie Quan’s eyes snapped open with full surprise and incredulity. He never thought that in such a crowded place, someone would dare to make a move…

Xie Quan’s eyes went black and he lost consciousness.

Xie Quan quickly regained consciousness, and when he opened his eyes again, he found himself sitting on a jewel green leather chair, in front of which was a black glass-like table, while opposite sat a man in a white suit wearing a mask of crying expression.

The room was lit with warm yellow lights and no one was there but the two of them.

Xie Quan found a restraint around his waist that confined him to the chair. He found himself in contact with restraints a lot lately. He was tied up all day long with nothing to do.

“You’re awake.” The man watched as Xie Quan opened his eyes, a faint smile in his lazy voice. “I’m sorry I asked them to invite you here, but they were a little unaware of the importance of the situation. I’m sorry for being rude, but don’t worry, I’ve already punished them.”

Xie Quan didn’t listen to the other man’s hypocritical remark at all, his hands were not confined, so he subconsciously touched his mask, which was still on his face. Although there was no guarantee that this man had not seen his own face, perhaps just like the rhetoric, after looking at his face, he then put the mask back on his face, hypocritical.

The eyes under Xie Quan’s mask surveyed the room again. There were no windows in this room, only a door to his right, which would have been guarded by someone outside.

Xie Quan thought for a moment before slowly asking, “Who are you? How dare you do it openly in the underground market.”

The reason why the underground market had always existed was because it had its own order. The people who traded in the market were not allowed to buy and sell by force, not allowed to have martial arts fights, and not allowed to hurt the people in the field.

The man smiled lightly. “Although a bit rude, but I did not hurt you, so technically it is not a violation.” With a slight pause, he added, “What’s more, I wasn’t subject to that rule in the first place.”

Xie Quan’s brow furrowed.

The man’s white-gloved fingers shook gently. “You don’t have to worry, I won’t hurt you either, I only invited you here because I want to do business with you.”


“Don’t you want meteorite steel?”

When Xie Quan heard that, he immediately understood the identity of this person. “You are the boss behind that store just now?”

“That’s right.” The man moved forward slightly. “So I just want to make this deal with you.”

Xie Quan laughed coldly. “That’s not a business-like attitude.”

The man smiled. “This is only temporary, after we reach an agreement, I will naturally turn you loose and worship you as a guest of honor, and of course, you are now.”

“What exactly do you want to do?”

“Didn’t I just say, business.” The man said lightly, “I’m a businessman, and businessmen only care about business. I can sell you a kilogram of meteorite steel, but I don’t want money. I want you to design something for me, Mr. Yan Bai.”


“Lilith, you asked me to keep an eye on Saroyan’s side for you before.” Inside the flower room, by the floor-to-ceiling window, at the round table covered with a white lace tablecloth sat two pretty girls, the one who was talking had short light-colored hair and looked very dainty. And this was none other than one of the Crown Prince candidates, Her Royal Highness Erica.

“He is recently looking for someone called Xie Quan,” Erica scooped up a mouthful of ice cream into her mouth, “that’s your friend, right?” She said with a spoon in her mouth, without any sense of decorum, “It seems that whoever it is has really gone to sue.”

“It’s just like Bessie to go home to his mom and complain.”

Lilith frowned, her heart full of worry, but even so, her mouth still subconsciously corrected, “Bessemer, Erica.”

The situation she was most worried about still happened. It was because she was worried that Bessemer would take the matter to the Third Highness that she asked her best friend to keep an eye on it. But she didn’t expect it to actually happen.

“No matter what the name is, it’s just an ignorant alpha who doesn’t know his own weight, just like that he still wants to pursue you, I feel ashamed for him.”

Lilith did not care to crusade Bessemer, she just seized the brow. “How can this be?”

Erica sniffed and put down the spoon in her mouth, she tilted her chin. “Lilith, you like that Xie Quan guy that much? He’s a beta, right?”

Lilith’s face flushed slightly. “What are you talking about Erica, me and Xie are just friends.”

Erica blinked and sipped her cold drink. “I remembered, you don’t like alpha, no wonder.”

“…” Lilith’s body stiffened, then she sighed long and hard. “To be honest, the first time I saw Mr. Xie, I really thought I had met my true love, he was the most unusual temperament, elegant and gentle person I had ever seen, but unfortunately…” she shook her head regretfully.

Preferred actually to have an alpha to make the first move. It’s too hard to like betas and omegas, not only omega competitors, but also alpha guys. Lilith lamented in her mind, then suddenly snapped back to her senses.

“It’s all you Erica, what nonsense, these are not important, what’s important is that Saroyan now noticed Xie, what if Xie is in trouble?”

Erica’s mouth sipped the ice-cold drink. She had no empathy for her friend’s concerns, after all, Xie Quan was just a common stranger in her eyes. So she said with little concern, “It’s just a little argument, Saroyan is not too serious, at most will teach him a lesson.”

This was not comforting, and made Lilith more anxious. “That can not happen, I have to think of a way.”

“You still do not understand Saroyan? The more you stop him, the more energetic he will be, it is best to let it go. Just like the Major General Ji incident, in order to get the support of Marshal Ji, he went to hook up with Major General Ji, and when he was rejected, he went to the emperor and complained to him, relegating him to that country place.” Erica sighed with her hands on her cheeks. “If he becomes the crown prince in the future, I don’t know how arrogant he will be. Hey, how come I was chosen to be a candidate for the crown prince anyway?”

Lilith listened and inquired with some concern, “I have heard that His Highness Saroyan is determined to win the crown prince position, what are you going to do?”

Erica laughed coolly. “What can I do? We’re just here to make up the numbers, Your Highness Amelia… See if she can find a way, after all, there are too many people who support Saroyan. His father is known as the god of war alpha admiral? Or an admiral who died heroically.”

“But in the end, doesn’t it still depend on national support?”

“National support is also dependent on public opinion? Even if Saroyan is willful and narrow-minded, they can still blow him out of the water.” Erica said wryly, “I would like to see Her Highness Amelia win, that would be a good show.”


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A lot has happened in this chapter.
XQ’s identity is now known by a shady dealer, which can’t be good.
Saroyan seems disliked by everyone for being arrogant and spiteful. With XQ having both humiliated his friend and having the eye of his desired partner, once Saroyan realises both these things, it will definitely mean even more problems for XQ.
He isn’t having the best time right now 😕
Is JC powerful enough to protect him, or would his brother step in?
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 20, 2022 7:12 am

Thank You for the new chapter (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡

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What will Xue Quan make with that metal? Lilith is, is ABO gay the right term beccausr she doesn’t like alphas? Xie Quan’s going around breaking hearts lol

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