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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


After saying the one sentence, the Duke smiled faintly as he got up and left, leaving a furious Wen JinHan glaring at the men in black.

“A room has already been arranged for you, sir. Please come with me.” A cold, young person that seemed to be a butler suddenly appeared, breaking the stiff atmosphere.

Wen JinHan followed him into a guest room, closed the door, and slowly calmed down. The motivations of the Duke of Canterbury confused him a little, since he knew how picky the Duke was in choosing a lover. That being the case, he should be safe, but why did the Duke always have such a persistent demeanor? This was the first time Wen JinHan felt a little perturbed, since his opponent was simply too difficult to see through. Since he was here already, Wen JinHan could only focus on thinking about what kind of bargaining chip he could use to negotiate with the Duke to obtain some key information.

He was alone in the room until someone came to deliver dinner. When night fell, he still didn’t see the Duke. Wen JinHan sighed in relief and filled the bathtub, about to take a bath and sleep. The Duke probably wouldn’t stoop so low as to attack in the night.

Just as Wen JinHan picked up a change of clothes, the door creaked open.

Wen Jinhan slowly stood up and turned. Sure enough, the Duke was standing in the doorway, his gaze sweeping over Wen JinHan.

Wen JinHan pursed his lips. “Duke, it’s already very late, so if you came by to say good night, that’s very polite of you. So, good night, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The Duke was impassive, and his gaze stopped at Wen JinHan’s mouth.

What kind of weird atmosphere is this?! Wen JinHan was just about to storm off when the Duke suddenly began walking towards him.

Wen JinHan took a step back, his body tense as he stared intently at his movements.

The Duke stopped when he was practically about to press against him and put his hand up, trapping Wen JinHan between the wardrobe and the wall. His warm breaths brushed his neck, and Wen JinHan turned away, the clothes in his hand tightly scrunched.

The Duke sniffed Wen JinHan’s cheek lightly. “What’s this scent? Are you wearing perfume?”

Wen JinHan resisted the impulse to punch him. “Your sense of smell must not be working, I only have sweat, not perfume, on me.”

The Duke raised an eyebrow. “Then it must be very fragrant perspiration. It’s quite picturesque.”

Using his body as a tool for his success was a last resort, and Wen JinHan definitely wouldn’t do it a second time.

“I remember now, I never wear perfume, but Brother Chen does. This must be his scent. You know, we were practically inseparable.” Wen JinHan could only resort to using this to disgust the Duke.

When the Duke heard this, he frowned and backed up a few steps.

Before Wen JinHan could even feel glad that he had escaped, the Duke reached out and carried Wen JinHan over his shoulder before he could even react.

“You’re crazy! Put me down!” Wen JinHan was taken aback, and he pounded the Duke’s back, struggling to escape. He could practically see himself being thrown onto the bed in a moment.

However, something completely out of his expectations happened. With a splash, Canterbury threw Wen JinHan into the already filled bathtub.

Wen JinHan coughed and climbed up, leaning against the side of the bathtub.

“Since your body’s scent isn’t pleasant, wash it clean from inside to out for me,” the Duke was coldly as he towered over the drenched Wen JinHan.

The water was only moderately warm, but there seemed to be a fire raging within Wen JinHan. In all his years, no one could make him this angry and lose all reason so easily. The emotions he had suppressed for so long were also bursting at the brink, and Wen JinHan completely lost control.

“Fuck you!” Wen JinHan grabbed the bottles at the edge of the bathtub and hurled them at the Duke’s face.

The Duke didn’t seem to expect this reaction at all, and he was slightly frozen for a moment. He didn’t have time to dodge, so the bottles hit his arms. His gaze darkened a little. “You really haven’t been trained properly, and you’re too uncivilized.”

Uncivilized?! Wen JinHan was furious. If this is uncivilized, then what about throwing someone into the bathtub?! Is that supposed to be gentlemanly?!

The Duke seemed to be about to teach him a lesson. He stepped into the bathtub and pulled Wen JinHan toward him, tearing his clothes.

“You damned foreigner!” Wen JinHan blocked his advance with one hand and reached toward his neck with the other. The two of them began scuffling in the bathtub.

“Why don’t you fucking die?!”

“You’re like a little wild cat——”

“Go to hell!”

The Duke hadn’t expected that Wen JinHan would be this strong and skilled at fighting. For a time, he couldn’t escape, and his neck had even been scratched. In reality, Wen JinHan still had a trace of sanity left and was controlling himself so he wouldn’t use too much strength, or else…

As they were fighting, something must’ve fell into the water, as bubbles were overfilling the bathtub, abruptly stopping their movements…

“Ha, ahaha, hahahaha…” Wen JinHan suddenly laughed crazily and uncontrollably, splashing the water so that even more bubbles rose.

The Duke’s clothes were crooked, and there was a suspicious red mark on his neck. There was water on his face and body, as well as traces of popped bubbles. He practically looked as if he had broken into a women’s restroom and been thrown out. He probably hadn’t looked this unseemly his entire life, and Wen JinHan suddenly felt satisfied, his anger dissipating.

The Duke, who had lost his patience and was almost about to hit him, was also feeling very conflicted. He had always disdained being forceful with lovers, as that was no different from violence, but he did like using various methods to make them submit to him. However, as Wen JinHan sat in a pile of white bubbles, laughing, no matter how unbecoming he looked, he couldn’t hide the pure and striking light in his eyes, even if that light was ridiculing him. At this moment, the Duke really wanted to explore this person even more to see exactly how many intense emotions he was hiding and to see how far he could persist, and even where his own bottom line was. This process might be very interesting, and the end result could be surprising, so the Duke looked forward to it.

“Wash yourself and go to bed. Tomorrow morning, come downstairs at nine to eat breakfast with me.” The Duke straightened his clothes as if nothing had happened and elegantly walked out of the bathroom.

Wen JinHan, who had finally vented his emotions, regretted it a little. He would rather have had the Duke fight with him more instead of ending it this calmly. Under the calm surface, there was definitely a deeper whirlpool and danger, and that insufferably arrogant and perverted Duke would definitely leave the “best” for last.


From the moment he began taking his revenge, he seemed to be always asking for trouble and even deviating from his original plan. Had he been too hubristic and made the wrong decision? Wen JinHan’s mood suddenly fell again…


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September 20, 2021 7:26 am

After last chapter, I wondered if the Duke was working undercover with Intelligence or something, to get WJH away from Ou Chen and his behaviour was a front so his cover could continue after.
Now it feels more like he sees WJH as a project. He’s an odd mix of refined yet vulgar, as though he’s no idea how sleazy he comes across, or doesn’t care…

Sue R
Sue R
September 20, 2021 10:25 am

Interesting start of their relationship.🤔🤔. Thank you.

September 20, 2021 10:36 am

Interesting, I’m looking foresaw to their beginning! I do wonder if the Duke is working with the police. Not sure what is going on, but I know the Duke hasn’t experienced someone like WJH, he is used to getting everything he wants. It will start as a project and end in a relationship ❤️❤️ I do wonder about OC!

September 20, 2021 10:36 pm

I bet the Duke labelled ‘training’ WJH as a ‘taming the wild cat’ project. I still don’t feel right about the whole situation, but it’s an interesting start. I hope that soon this perverted Duke, will turn into a powerful ally for WJH.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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