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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The next morning, Guan Jin yawned as he walked into the police station building. Waking up early to go to work was practically abuse! He had to work overtime last night and still had to wake up early for work.

“Morning, Officer Guan!”

Guan Jin struggled to keep his eyes open, and he looked at the person who greeted him. 

“Morning? Hmph, it is quite early. President Min, you’re really diligent to come to the station this early in the morning.” Guan Jin blamed his lack of sleep on Min Yan.

Min Yan didn’t mind. He continued, “This time, it was my fault for being so lax in supervision and letting people break the law right under my nose. It brought a lot of trouble to you guys, and it also affected my company’s reputation, ah…”

Guan Jin thought, You really are worthy of being a giant in the entertainment industry. Your acting skills are already professional enough to be a role model for the actors in your company.

It was proved that Wen JingHan’s view was correct. Min Yan hadn’t participated in it, nor was there any proof that he knew about it. Thus, they merely went through the formalities, and at the end, Min Yan left the police station as all the policemen looked daggers at him. As for Du Sheng, he refused to say anything else and was determined not to confess anything.

“Is this case really just going to end like this?” Zheng Fei said unhappily.

“Well, there’s no more leads, since we’ve already obtained those unsightly recordings and saved that group of poor boys.” Ding Ding spread her hands helplessly.

“Right, what are we going to do with these recordings? There’s some really powerful people in them, so they should still bear legal responsibility and moral condemnation for it,” said Gu Xiang.

“It’s useless, there’s too much involved in this, so if it was exposed, then it would be City S’s huge scandal.” Chen QiaoYu pointed at the chief of police’s office. “Our boss is reporting to the chief right now, and I reckon that even if the chief hands them in, the higher-ups will still cover it up.”

“That’s just letting those people off the hook too easily!”

“There’s no other way, officials have protected each other since ancient times. However, knowing our boss’s temper, it’s impossible for nothing to happen to those people. He’ll definitely negotiate with the chief, and even if the truth was announced to the public, those ‘powerful people’ should still be dealt with severely,” said Chen QiaoYu.

Lin Bai leaned back in his chair, an eye mask covering his eyes. He said feebly, “They must be dealt with severely! They made me have to watch those HD uncensored movies for an entire day, and my eyes were practically bleeding!”

“I thought you were very happy to watch them.” Guan Jin glanced at the video discs that were locked in a box nearby.

“How’s that possible? I’m very pure, and if it weren’t for analyzing the contents’ authenticity, then a noble policeman like me definitely wouldn’t watch stuff like that.” Lin Bai reached out for Guan Jin like a blind man.

Guan Jin quietly dodged and ignored him. His gaze hadn’t left the box the entire time.

Suddenly, Wen JingHan walked in, and his expression was strange.

“What is it?” Guan Jin straightened up.

“Du Sheng was taken away.”

Everyone was shocked. “Why?!” “Who took him away?!”

“The Interpol is taking over the case.”

Guan Jin frowned. “So they’re actually very clear about who that Mr. X is, and they also know what X wants to do.”

“Perhaps. But these are orders from the higher-ups, and we’re not allowed to participate in this anymore, so I have no way of knowing.”

“So it’s actually a transnational case, and it even caused the Interpol to come from thousands of miles away to take Du Sheng away.” Gu Xiang wondered, “Could it be international smuggling?”

“Okay, although this matter ended unsatisfactorily, at least everyone was rescued. Everyone, finish your work at hand. Guan Jin, summarize things and archive this case.” Wen JingHan didn’t seem to intend on pursuing the matter further.

Even though everyone felt uncomfortable, they couldn’t do anything about it, and could only follow orders.

This was his first time writing a summary for a case, and although Guan Jin was impatient, he still used his photographic memory to summarize things and organize the case files.

After he wrote the serial number of the case, Guan Jin closed the folder and stroked its cover. His gaze landed on the evidence room, where the box that contained all the recordings was. Maybe, if he could get a hold of them, then he would be able to blackmail those people in City S to provide him with resources so he could return to Country M and investigate…

“You haven’t left yet? You’ve worked hard today.” Wen JingHan was leaning against the door frame, and he smiled at Guan Jin.

Guan Jin pretended as if nothing had happened and looked away from the evidence room. “I just finished. You haven’t left yet, either.”

“I’m a diligent boss, so I’m always the last to get off work and the first to arrive.”

That was a blatant lie.

“Are you still doubtful about this case?” Wen JingHan asked suddenly.

Guan Jin looked down at the case files. “If that X was really making an important move, then why would he find someone as irrelevant as Du Sheng to fight at the frontlines? Although that prevents the possibility of exposing themself, it’s still a little too careless. I keep getting the feeling that he was only gambling. If he succeeded, then it was luck, and if he didn’t, then it was heaven’s will.”

“He’s testing the waters,” Wen JingHan said in certainty.

Guan Jin looked at him in confusion.

“He’s testing the abilities of City S’s police force and seeing how good we are at handling cases.”

Guan Jin was still a little doubtful, but Wen JingHan had already turned around to leave. He walked away as he said, “This is only the beginning. Clean up and go home to rest. You’ve worked hard lately, so I’ll give everyone a day off tomorrow! Tsk tsk, I’m such a good leader…”

Guan Jin was speechless.

After he put the case files in its proper place in the filing cabinet and closed the doors, Guan Jin stared at the dark blue cover of the folder as it gradually disappeared from his field of vision. A strange feeling surged in his heart, kind of like when one closed a book they had finished reading: a yearning for more.

Guan Jin went home and opened his laptop. A few doubts floated around in his mind: Who had sent that assassin who killed Yang Guang? Why would they take such a large risk just to murder an irrelevant person, yet they hadn’t tried to kill Wang BingKang or Du Sheng? Exactly what role had Min Yan played in this? Why were there so many perverted people in City S’s business and political industry that just happened to enjoy that sort of kinky stuff…

Ah, no, no, he had digressed! Guan Jin shook his head to clear these thoughts.

He opened a website and followed the method Lin Bai had given him before logging onto the forum.

He searched for a while before finding the post he had sent two weeks ago. He looked at the post’s status, and his pupils dilated slightly.

Someone had replied!

Guan Jin could feel his hand shaking a little as he clicked on the post. Sure enough, there was a reply:

[Drinking after getting heartbroken isn’t a man’s style, cheer up, dude!]

It was in the tone of an onlooker, and there was no name at the end. This wasn’t how Tony would contact him. Maybe, someone had found out about his and Tony’s method of contacting each other and was impersonating Tony to try and spy on Guan Jin. Or, maybe Tony had purposely changed his tone to test him. After all, the real Ethan had already died. Or, maybe it really was the casual reply of a random passerby.

Guan Jin didn’t dare to jump to any conclusions, so he could only reply vaguely. However, he used code words that only he and Tony could understand.

[Since you don’t want to drink, then let’s relax. The starry night sky here is unusually bright, and I can see the magnificent tail of a constellation drawn across the night sky.]

Guan Jin closed his computer and flopped down on his bed. He looked towards the sky outside. The night sky of this bustling city was yellow because of all of the lights, and not a single star could be seen. Guan Jin buried his head into his pillow and suddenly felt very dejected.

His phone suddenly rang, and Guan Jin grabbed it. It was an unknown number.


“I’m not disturbing you, right?”

“You are.”

“Well, since I’ve already disturbed you, then hanging up now wouldn’t be worthwhile.”

“Did you call just to pick a quarrel with me?” Guan Jin frowned.

“Of course not.” Lu YunYang’s deep laughter sounded from the speaker on his phone. “I’m writing in my study, and I suddenly saw the bright night sky outside. I felt very unhappy, so I wanted to chat with you.”

Guan Jin’s heart fluttered a little. “What kind of logic is that? You think of me when you’re unhappy?”

“I just suddenly felt that you must understand my thoughts.”

Guan Jin waited silently for his next words.

“The first moment I saw you, a color emerged in my mind. It was the color of the night sky: dark, mysterious, and pure. I think that you probably don’t like the urban night sky.”

Guan Jin humphed. “How much money did Wen JingHan give you, you’re so dutiful.”

“I’m not analyzing you, this is simply my perceptual instinct.”

“What a pity, your instinct is nonsense. I like intoxicatingly luxurious cities the most, especially at night.”

“Then that proves that I can only be a psychologist, not a fortune-teller.”

“What’s the difference between you and a fortune-teller?”

The two of them bickered back and forth for a while before hanging up.

Guan Jin looked at his phone blankly. Was he out of his mind? Talking nonsense with that sham of a psychic in the dead of night…

Go to sleep!


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February 17, 2021 3:16 pm

Not an ideal conclusion to the case. Though if it’s interpol, they really can’t do anything else about it? I feel something else is gonna happen. 🧐🤔

Lu YunYang, Is he actually a psychic? 😅 Knowing how Guan Jin feels at that moment. Maybe he knows how the case went and so figured out how GJ felt after. *shrugs* Still so sweet of him. ❤️

February 17, 2021 4:46 pm

Oh my gosh.. What if that was TONY!? Like, Guan Jin said that there’s a night sky, and then at that moment he got phone call from Lu YunYang and he said something about the night sky. IS THIS ALL A COINCIDENCE!?

February 17, 2021 10:20 pm

Good thing they saved the boys, bad thing they were cut off from continuing the investigation. Really unsatisfying case ending. Left many unanswered questions and I don’t think that phone call was just a coincidence. Looking forward to more mysteries.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 24, 2021 11:21 am

The case was not concluded as I would have hoped! Clearly there are bigger players involved! I’m not sure if this was Tony as it was slightly different and such a coincidence that LYY called him and used some descriptions he used with Tony’s message! Can’t wait for next chapter! ❤️❤️

December 20, 2022 11:39 am

Hmm I wonder if X has connections to the people who killed Guan Jin originally and also, who is WJH’s partner? How have we not even gotten a name yet?

Thank you for the chapter!

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