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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“You hit him that hard?” Guan Jin recalled that that person only seemed to be knocked out.

“Of course it wasn’t me. After people arrived at the scene, I was worried about you going alone to get treated for your skin, so I went to find you. I heard that when the people from the police station came to arrest him, right when they exited the laboratory building, the person was shot and killed by a hidden sniper.”

Guan Jin was shocked. “Why would there be a sniper? Where did that person come from, and why did they go to the laboratory building?”

Lu YunYang served him a bowl of congee. “They didn’t catch the sniper. As for the person who died, I heard JingHan say that there are no records of him in the database, and they can’t find him in the household registration system either. But, he doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the case.”

“How come I don’t know anything?” Guan Jin was a little dissatisfied.

“Didn’t you get injured while on duty? I called them today and learned of this just now.”

“Right, you located me without my consent, this type of behavior is very rude, don’t you know?”

“Saving someone’s life is also rude?”

Only now did Guan Jin realize that this shame of a psychic he’d wanted to get rid of the whole time had become his ‘savior.’ This word suddenly pressed on Guan Jin’s body, and his upright shoulders slumped.


The next day, Guan Jin turned from crimson to light pink, and was mercilessly driven out of the hospital by the evil Doctor Jiang, who had said that he “should stop occupying public resources.”

Ridiculous, in the future, even if you begged me to go back to that fucking hellish place, I wouldn’t go!

When he arrived at the police station, he couldn’t avoid being surrounded by his unsympathetic colleagues.

“Enough, stop bothering him.” Lu YunYang finally had a conscience and dispersed the unscrupulous crowd before Guan Jin could explode.

“We still haven’t been able to find the identity of the person who died yesterday, so we suspect that he immigrated here illegally. However, there’s a special situation.” Wen JingHan said to Guan Jin, “Through comparisons, the bullet used to kill the person last night came from the same gun as the bullet that had assassinated Yang Guang at the film set a few months ago.”

Guan Jin widened his eyes. “The same assassin? What’s the connection between these two people?”

“The assassin might’ve been hired by two different people, but it’s very hard to know right now.”

“Have you notified Interpol of this situation yet?”

“Interpol? This is such a small case, so why would I disturb them?” Wen JingHan smiled.

Well, well. This was the case that Interpol had taken over halfway through, so Wen JingHan probably wasn’t telling them on purpose. Is Wen JingHan really not an enemy that snuck into our public security team? How wicked… Guan Jin completely forgot the reality that he himself was the actual enemy who had snuck into the police force.

“Okay, let’s put this aside for now. Ding Ding, Gu Xiang, didn’t you two make a lot of progress on Yu Hua’s side?”

Gu Xiang said, “Yes, we looked into Yu Hua’s family situation and questioned some of her neighbors, relatives, and friends. Her experience was actually very miserable. Yu Hua’s husband passed away relatively early, and she brought her son up as a single mother while also taking care of her father-in-law. Later, her father-in-law had a long-term illness and became depressed, so he hung himself. She was very busy with her work, so she couldn’t take good care of her son, and she quarreled often with him. In the end, her son ran away when he was fourteen years old, and she never heard from him again.”

Lu YunYang’s eyes lit up. “How did her father-in-law hang himself?”

Ding Ding gave him a thumbs-up in admiration. “You’re worthy of being an expert. We learned from their neighbors that at the time, the hospital was lax in security, so Yu Hua would take used infusion tubes or bottles back home for other purposes. When Yu Hua’s father-in-law hung himself, he used an infusion tube.”

“Then do you have any clues as to where Yu Hua’s son is now?” asked Wen JingHan.

“His name is Yu Meng, and we were only able to get a picture of him from when he was in middle school, around eleven or twelve years old. None of his family and their friends have seen Yu Meng since. According to his date of birth, Yu Meng should be 28 years old this year.” Gu Xiang handed him a yellowed, black-and-white photograph.

In it was a chubby boy, looking at the camera with sunken eyes.

“Little Bai, in the files of the hospital’s staff members that you looked at, were there any called Yu Meng or looked similar to him?”

Lin Bai tried hard to think back, but Guan Jin replied for him. “No, I’ve looked at all of them.”

“Yu Meng’s experience is very much in line with our inferences of the killer, so this is a major breakthrough. When he went missing, he was still a minor, so his later identity and appearance might’ve changed. Moreover, there are a lot of people at the hospital who are nonemployees, so they’re not in the official files, which means we’ll have to verify them one by one. I’ll go find a team to help us. We’re going to find Yu Meng, even if it means we’ll have to turn Hospital Three upside down.” Wen JingHan pounded a fist onto the table.

“Does Yu Hua’s death have something to do with Yu Meng?” asked Guan Jin.

“Not necessarily, but I’m more inclined to believe that Yu Meng knew about it, and Yu Hua’s death affected Yu Meng, making him search for a way to vent. No matter what, we should find Yu Meng first. I hope that he’s the person we want to find, so this case can stop here.” Lu YunYang sighed.

That afternoon, Lu YunYang received a call and left hastily. After work, Guan Jin suddenly felt a little unused to going home alone. He really hated to stand in the crowded subway, so Guan Jin strolled on the sidewalk by himself. After he passed an intersection, Guan Jin slowly stopped, looked back, walked to a Porsche that had just stopped at the curb, and knocked on the car door.

The window slowly rolled down, and a familiar face appeared.

“Officer Guan, long time no see. Are you by yourself? Do you want me to give you a ride?”

“You followed me for so long, so if I don’t let you do something, how can I be worthy of your hard work?” Guan Jin sneered, opened the door, and rudely sat in.

Min Yan wasn’t surprised at all, and he grinned widely. “I saw you from afar, but I was hesitating since I wasn’t sure if I would be interrupting.”

Guan Jin recalled what Tony had said, and he couldn’t help but look Min Yan up and down. “I haven’t eaten yet, so you can drop me off at a restaurant.”

“Perfect, I haven’t eaten either, shall we go together?”

Guan Jin didn’t refuse. Since you came with a purpose, then I’ll give you some bait and see exactly who is fishing for who.

“Officer, have you been busy recently?”

“Kind of.”

“I heard that there is a serial killer at large in this city?”

“You care about these things?”

“Of course, I’m a good citizen that cares about public welfare.”

Welfare 1? What was that? Guan Jin inwardly decided to go back and look at a dictionary. On the surface, he was still cold. “Keeping yourself safe is the best way to support us.”

“I’ll definitely do so. Officer Guan, are you hot? Your face seems to be a little red.”

He had touched a sore spot. Guan Jin looked down and poked at the food on his plate. “The dish is a little spicy.”

“You’re eating steamed striped bass.”

There was another long silence.

Guan Jin put down his chopsticks, took a sip of his tea, and said lightly, “I heard that you have a large family, did your ancestors also do business?”

“Small businesses.” Min Yan also took a sip of tea, and he commented, “Good tea.”

“Then your family also does big businesses, right? I haven’t heard of them before.”

“They’re not as patriotic as me, they went overseas.” Min Yan smiled.

“They’ve even gone abroad, that’s quite impressive.”

“Officer, are you interested in business?”

“As a police officer, we get a fixed salary, and it’s also very dangerous. If it’s possible, I’d like to go start a business, but unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to do so.” Guan Jin sighed.

“Anyone can start a business, it just depends on whether you can seize opportunities or not. If you intend on starting one, I can provide some useful information. But I wonder, what area of business are you interested in?”

“I’m a police officer, so besides dealing with criminals, hand-to-hand combat, and playing with guns, what else do I know?”

“Then that’s hard to say. At the beginning, it’s easier to start if you have a direction,” Min Yan said vaguely.

How slippery. Since he didn’t want to take the bait, then they could do it slowly. Anyway, Min Yan wasn’t the best choice, so Guan Jin wasn’t in a hurry to build a relationship with him.


These past few days, everyone had been looking into the situations of all of the employees at Hospital Three, and there were over three thousand of them. Zheng Fei and some others continued to explore the nearby situation. When they passed the clinic that Du XiaoYue used to work at, Zheng Fei went in, but came back out, unsuccessful.

He sat down on the chair of a small convenience store on the roadside and bought a bottle of cold Coke to ease his irritation. It happened to be when Hospital Three changed shifts, so a lot of doctors and nurses passed this road to leave. The store owner greeted some of them.

“You’re so familiar with the people from Hospital Three.” Zheng Fei pretended to be making small talk.

“Of course, they often pass by here and buy things.”

“Then what about the neighboring clinic?”

“I’m even more familiar with the people there. Whenever I have a headache or fever, the clinic’s doctor gives me medicine for free,” the shopkeeper said proudly.

“That’s convenient.”

“Of course. Some of them have even helped me out before.”


In the office, while they were busy and in full swing, Lu YunYang was unexpectedly nowhere to be seen.

“How come that expert hasn’t shown up these past few days, did he get sick of this that fast?” Guan Jin asked casually.

“He wasn’t an official part of the team anyway, and lately, he had to go participate in an academic seminar, so he told me he was going to take a few days off,” replied Wen JingHan. Then, he looked at Guan Jin. “If you’re concerned about him, then you can just call him and ask.”

“Concerned? I think that he gets in the way, so it’s best if he doesn’t come back,” Guan Jin said disdainfully.

“Ding Ding, what is this type of behavior called again? Hypocrisy?” Wen JingHan rubbed his chin and narrowed his eyes.

“More specifically, it’s called tsundere!”

“Right, exactly.”

Guan Jin refused to continue the conversation with the evildoer and his accomplice.

At night, he worked overtime for two hours, and Guan Jin complained about it to himself the entire way home. After he took a shower and lied down on his bed, Guan Jin turned on his backup phone. Suddenly, he received an incoming call.

Tony still had his scratchy voice. “Oh, sure enough, you turned on your phone. We really do have a tacit understanding.”

“What did you call me for?”

“Your voice is so moving, bro, it’s a shame, I was hoping that a beauty would pick up the phone.”

“Sorry to disappoint. I’m hanging up.”

“Wait, don’t! I actually have something to say. Our boss seems to have eaten the wrong medicine or something, and he won’t give up that commission no matter what. He’s decided to appoint a new assassin in place of Ethan. I think that if this person can’t get it done, then Hermes is going to get very irritated, and it’ll be even more troublesome. You’d better sit tightly for a while.”

Guan Jin wanted to say something, but he suddenly heard something being broadcasted on the other end.

“Where are you right now?”

“The airport. I’m running away to lay low until the dust settles. If something happens to you, don’t drag me into it. Bye-bye.”

Run away? Guan Jin suddenly felt very apprehensive.


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Translator Notes:

  1. When Min Yan said “welfare”, he used a word that’s quite uncommon, which is why Guan Jin doesn’t know it.


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