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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


When Chen Jing walked out of the study room, it was already getting late. He slowly walked on the path by himself, when suddenly, a pink figure flashed out at a corner and disappeared around it.

Surprise flashed in Chen Jing’s eyes, and he sprinted over to catch up. After turning the corner, sure enough, he saw a girl with shoulder-length hair wearing a pink coat, hastily walking forward. Her back was so familiar, Chen Jing couldn’t help but follow her closely, watching her from a short distance.

When she arrived at the stone steps of the small garden at the west side of the campus, the girl stopped; there was already a boy waiting there. The two of them stood under the lamppost and seemed to be discussing something, and the boy kept gesturing around. His movements were a little irritated, yet the girl kept shaking her head. Chen Jing watched them for a while before feeling that he was being quite ridiculous, so he was about to turn around and leave. At this time, the girl suddenly stepped forward and angrily hit the boy’s chest. Chen Jing stopped in the middle of turning away.

The boy seemed to be irritated by her push, and he roared, “You’re so annoying!” Then, he reached out and pushed the girl. The boy was rather strong and the girl was caught off guard, so she stumbled from the push. She slipped, lost her balance, and fell down the steps. Her whole body simply swayed and disappeared with a scream.

Chen Jing was shocked, and his body moved of its own accord, rushing over. He ran to the steps and looked down. A body was laying at the bottom of the long steps in the dim light, unmoving. Chen Jing slowly turned around, his expression ferocious. “You killed her!”

The boy seemed to be in shock, and he was stunned for a while before protesting, “I-I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t think she…”

Chen Jing’s expression became dangerous as he slowly walked towards the boy, and right when he raised his hands, a voice he hated came from behind him. “Hey, what are you doing here on such a dark and windy night?”

Guan Jin was crossing his arms and leaning against a nearby sycamore tree.

“You again! Why are you so nosy?!” Chen Jing said through gritted teeth, his gaze murderous.

Unfortunately, Guan Jin couldn’t care less. “What? You’re finally not pretending to be innocent anymore, and you’re revealing your true nature? Why bother to pretend when you saw me before then? When you said hello to me, you must’ve wanted to hack me into pieces, right?” said Guan Jin as he walked to the steps and looked down, ignoring Chen Jing’s vicious glower.

“Is that a person down there?!” Guan Jin was very shocked. “Chen Jing, are you addicted to pushing people?”

“It wasn’t me!” roared Chen Jing.

“Then why do you have time to pester other people? There’s an injured person here and you don’t even care, isn’t not saving a dying person the same as killing them?”

Chen Jing was stunned, and fear and doubt flashed in his gaze. He seemed to have woken up from a dream. “Ah, right, help! Call 120, 120…” He anxiously fumbled around in his schoolbag, fished out a phone, and trembled as he began dialing the number.

“Gao Yun’s bleeding a lot.” Guan Jin grabbed his arm. “It might be too late.”

“She won’t die!” Chen Jing shouted, his face contorted. “She’s still alive, she’ll still wake up!”

“She died, she was brain-dead a long time ago, so there was no point in maintaining her life like that anymore,” Guan Jin said slowly.

“Dead… It was you, it was you all along!” Chen Jing turned to the boy, who had been cowering in the corner the entire time. He shouted hoarsely, “You made her fall down the stairs! Apologize to her, apologize!”

The boy was pale and sitting on the ground. At this, he staggered to his feet and ran away. Chen Jing seemed to want to keep shouting crazily, but he had just opened his mouth when he stiffened. After a while, his eyes moved, his mouth slowly closed, and he instantly returned to normal.

Guan Jin raised an eyebrow. “Tch, that sham of a psychic really was right.” He let go of his arm. “Chen Jing, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

The gaze of this Chen Jing in front of him was arrogant and careful, and he seemed to be an entirely new person, completely different from the cautious and timid Chen Jing from before. He humphed. “I was only passing by and wanted to help. Since you want to be the hero, then whatever. You’d better call quick, or else she’s going to die.” Chen Jing put his phone back into his schoolbag, dusted off his clothes, and was about to walk away.

“You’re just going to leave Gao Yun here?”

Chen Jing paushed. “Gao Yun? Are you saying that that person down there is Gao Yun? Are you joking?”

“I thought you didn’t know her? How do you know her name isn’t Gao Yun?”

“Who exactly are you?!” Chen Jing asked directly, as he didn’t plan on avoiding it anymore.

“I,” Guan Jin paused for dramatic effect, “am Gao Yun’s most important person. She had a boyfriend outside of school. You know this, right? That person is me.”

Chen Jing’s pupils dilated. “What do you want?”

“I’ve been investigating Gao Yun’s death for a while now, since I don’t believe that her death was accidental. Thus, I worked very hard, because I want to bring the murderer to justice. I found out that that night, she had actually gone with you guys to explore, yet she ended up dying. I believe that her death is connected to you all.”

“Do you have proof?”

“What I say goes, I don’t need any proof!” Guan Jin seemed to have entered his own world. “I’m going to make all of you go and apologize to her one by one. Just when I had gotten everything ready and was about to kill that girl that Gao Yun hated the most, I was praying to succeed, and Cheng JiaoJiao died. I thought that perhaps this was retribution. Unexpectedly, soon afterwards, Wang TianPeng also died. He was the second person on my kill list. At this time, I finally realized that I have this ability, that everything I think about is directly transmitted to god, and whoever I want to die will die! I’m almighty.” There was a crazed and triumphant look in Guan Jin’s eyes. 

“You’re almighty? Hahahaha,” Chen Jing guffawed disdainfully. “God. Do you know who the god is? It’s me.” He leaned forward. “I am your god.”

Guan Jin looked at him in confusion.

Chen Jing’s tone contained pity. “You’re so ridiculous, did you really think you could avenge Gao Yun? You’re just as ridiculous as that cowardly fool.”

“That fool? Chen Jing, talking about him like this isn’t very nice.” Guan Jin said coldly, “He’s your creator, and you’re no different from him.”

Chen Jing seemed to be shocked, and after a brief silence, he said slowly, “What are you saying? I don’t understand.”

“You do understand. Don’t try to pretend in front of me. How could your every move escape the eyes of the most outstanding psychology student? And, I am descended from a family of psychologists, so I’ve also been the keenest. These eyes of mine are very discerning indeed,” Guan Jin said proudly.

Chen Jing’s expression darkened.

“I’ve been observing you for a long time. You’re not Chen Jing at all, you’re merely a part of him. You’re just a subservient alter ego, and since that Chen Jing was timid, you were uncomfortable and emerged to take the lead. Thus, you killed Dong Ping, who was looking for trouble, right? Huh, I originally thought that I wouldn’t have to make a move and that handing you to the police was enough to make you go to prison. It’s a pity that that group of policemen are too stupid.”

Chen Jing was looking around covertly. They were in a corner of the campus, and it seemed to be past lights out, so no one would come.

“Guan Jin, you’re the stupid one. I have to thank you. If it weren’t for you, then those policemen wouldn’t have known that I would break down just because of a random, accidental death and eliminated me from their suspect list of the other cases. At least that fool isn’t completely useless, he can be an excuse for when I need one.”

“Don’t be so full of yourself. Did you really think this was the only thing I did after being here for so long? I already know everything. I know that those people’s deaths were not accidents, they were murdered by you. Ah, don’t get agitated, listen to me. You used some method to lure Cheng JiaoJiao out, and when she was waiting in the laboratory, she saw someone wearing the exact same clothes Gao Yun had worn on the day she died. Cheng JiaoJiao was frightened, and she thought that Gao Yun’s ghost had come back to take her life. 

“Thus, she crouched in the corner of the laboratory, but that person wearing a pink coat never left. He calmly set up the laboratory table and finally opened the vial that was full of phosgene gas, and he put on the gas mask he had brought. Cheng JiaoJiao was hiding the entire time and didn’t dare to come out, and it was only until she noticed that she was poisoned and was experiencing severe symptoms that she couldn’t help but crawl out of the corner, but she fainted halfway. You stood there the entire time, watching her slowly succumb to the poison.”

Guan Jin looked at Chen Jing, whose expression was still dark, and continued, “As for Wang TianPeng, you used the same method to lure him to look for something in the warehouse, which you set up beforehand. He was startled and frightened by the realistic cockroach you put in the cabinet, so he fell from the ladder, and he was unluckily pierced and died. This time, the heavens seem to have been on your side. 

“However, the third time, you pushed Li Qiang into the water tank, and he nearly suffocated because of the tight space and the claustrophobia he experienced. However, he was rescued. It appeared that the god of luck had already moved on. These people are the ones that I wanted to get rid of, yet someone helped kill them for me. Don’t you think this means that anything I want will manifest itself?” Guan Jin smiled in satisfaction.

Chen Jing laughed coldly. “You have a wild imagination. Moreover, there are flaws in your imagination.”

“I’d appreciate further details.”

“Even if someone killed her, that person is also very smart. They threatened Cheng JiaoJiao, forced her to go to the laboratory at night, and made her create the phosgene gas. Cheng JiaoJiao was forced to obey their orders, yet she didn’t know that she was digging her own grave. However, it’s not very likely that a large amount of phosgene gas was created there that night, so maybe the fatal phosgene was actually brought by the killer. Thus, when Cheng JiaoJiao died, a lot of people can verify that she got all of the materials from the teacher herself,” Chen Jing said triumphantly.

“Flawless indeed.”



On the other end, in a surveillance car, Ding Ding stomped in frustration. “This Chen Jing is so hard to deal with. He’s clearly talking about himself, but he just won’t admit to it.”


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April 15, 2021 7:37 pm

Ooh I knew they were watching from somewhere! But oohh, best psychology student huh? What will Lu YunYang say about this? Huehuehue~

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

Sue R
Sue R
April 15, 2021 9:45 pm

Finally, the killing plots were exposed from his own mouth. Good job Guan Jin and I can feel you have hidden admiration to ward some one. I am waiting for them ( you know whom) to start their relationship. Thank you

April 15, 2021 11:13 pm

At first I was confused and thought I’ve missed something, but then they started talking and I thought “ah, a set-up to make him confess”. And yeah, I agree with DingDing, this murderer is a tough nut to crack. Go Guan Jin! Irritate the guy and make him slip!
Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 2, 2021 9:49 am

So interesting! Can’t wait to see what happens next! He is still speaking in the third person!

June 22, 2021 4:12 am

Clever! Guan Jin is so in character 😊
I think he’s enjoying being a sleuth.
Thank you for translating.

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