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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“Boss, about Guan Jin…” Chen QiaoYu scratched her head, and was a little hesitant, as she rarely was.

The other people also looked down, and they seemed like they wanted to say something but were stopping themselves.

Wen JingHan looked at the group and smiled. “Actually, there are a lot of things that we don’t have to get to the bottom of. Life isn’t a case, so being a little muddled isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I know that Guan Jin suddenly becoming keen and outstanding like a switch turned on inside him is a little hard to get used to, but no matter what, Guan Jin is a police officer that has received formal training. He is still him, but he’s just become more dependable, right? QiaoYu, actually, I noticed that at first, he only came to see what was going on, but after he saw that you got injured, he suddenly became serious. Although Guan Jin never says it, he cares about every one of us, and someone wanted to harm everyone, which was why he worked so hard to help. Knowing this is enough, right?”

Everyone’s gloomy expressions dissipated, and they smiled brightly.

“That’s true, people are mysterious creatures. I’ve heard that someone can become a genius after being struck by lightning,” said Ding Ding, smiling. She liked this Guan Jin, and she didn’t want everyone to be suspicious of him.

After Wen JingHan reassured the group, he turned around, and his smile disappeared. “A switch…”


“How are things going with the cruise?” Guan Jin hid in the bedroom after receiving Simon’s call.

Why did he have to hide? Because a certain person was sticking to him, and he couldn’t get rid of him no matter how hard he tried, and he was currently busying himself in the kitchen.

“I need to confirm something with you, will there be anyone you know on the cruise?”

“How would I know? I don’t know who’s going to be attending, and I don’t know who Guan——, um, I mean, maybe someone I don’t know will coincidentally recognize me.”

“That would be a little troublesome. If no one knows you, then you can choose to board the ship using any convenient identity. But if someone might recognize you, then you can only appear as yourself, but there must be a reasonable excuse for you attending an upper class business activity. You should know this, aren’t you a policeman now?”

Guan Jin nodded. “I understand. Let me think about it for a bit.”

“Ah, right. Psychologist and Street Artist are already confirmed to board the ship. However, they can’t expose themselves and contact you directly, so they can only assist you secretly. Just pay attention, and as a last resort, they can help you escape,” informed Simon.

“I understand, this is for the best. We can be sure of winning without showing our cards.”


In the kitchen, Lu YunYang, who was preparing food, was wearing earbuds, making a call over the rumbling noise of the kitchen hood.

“How come you didn’t even stay long when you came back, you’re lucky my sister-in-law is willing to follow you around. …I’m going, how could I ignore our brother’s hospitality? But you better not mess around. …Yes, Qian He told me. …The route was changed? Why? …Good, Hawaii is just what I want, it’s the birthplace of deep affection. …Third Brother Lu, if you dare to cause a mess, it’s none of my business, I’m not going to help you clean it up. …Okay, that’s all. You and your wife better work hard, we’re counting on you two to continue the family line. Haha…”

When the two of them were each doing their own thing, the doorbell rang. Lu YunYang wiped his hands and went to the living room to open the door.

“Is this Guan Jin’s place?” The person was wearing a baseball cap, and he was a normal-looking young person.

“Yes, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to make a delivery, are you Guan Jin?”

“No, he’s inside.” As Lu YunYang said this, Guan JIn walked out of the bedroom.

“I’m Guan Jin.”

“This is the sex toy you ordered, we need your signature,” the delivery person said impassively.

The two people in the room couldn’t help but exchange looks. Guan Jin inwardly rebuked Tony ten thousand times, that bastard could have called it anything except for a sex toy! Lu YunYang stared at the box in amusement and then looked at Guan Jin, whose face was twitching, and wondered what he was thinking about.

Guan Jin signed for the box with a dark expression, slammed the door, and rushed into the bedroom. When he opened the box and made sure all the equipment was correct, he sighed in relief, put the equipment inside a bag, and locked it in a cabinet, placing the box on the top shelf of the closet.

Later, if Lu YunYang asked about it, how should he explain it? He would just say his friend sent it as a practical joke. But what if he didn’t ask? What if he secretly believed that Guan Jin was a pervert that secretly bought a sex toy… Dammit!


“Why are you interested in attending this type of event? Our Lord Duke has always been noble and cold and disdains associating with ordinary people. This time, you’re willing to stoop to our level?” teased Wen JingHan, looking at the invitation card in his hand.

The man’s green eyes stared at the neckline of Wen JingHan’s slightly loose pajamas, and drawled, “You haven’t taken a vacation in a long time, so I wanted to take you there to relax for a bit.”

“Come on, haven’t you always liked to find a deserted place to hide me so you can enjoy me by yourself? This is such a crowded place, are you really willing to let these social activities disturb your privacy?” Wen JingHan sniffed.

“I also need to deal with something conveniently.”

“You mean you’re taking me for convenience and your pleasure.”

“Can’t you say some nice things to me for once?”

“Oh? Don’t you really like this type of stubbornness and resistance? I’m finally willing to go along with your act, hmph.”

“I’m getting old, I want to live a little more insipidly.”

Wen JingHan’s jaw dropped. “Seth, did you forget to take your medicine today?”

“What, you don’t believe I want to live a happy life with you?”

“Mhm, you only ever think about yourself.” Wen JingHan scooted closer to the man. “If we were people who liked to live insipidly, then we wouldn’t be together. Snakes and rats belong together, understand?”

“Snakes and rats? How can we be compared to such unfitting things? It should be prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix.”

“Pft! If you don’t understand the idiom, then don’t use it randomly!”

A-Dai slowly walked over and tried to squeeze into her master’s arms and squeeze away the confused master’s commoner.

“Go play with Tom.” The man picked A-Dai up by the scruff of her neck and threw her out of the bedroom.

A-Dai laid beside the door for a while, but when she heard moaning come from inside, she curled his tail up and left in satisfaction. Hmph, the master is punishing that rude commoner again. He definitely won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

The two men in black at the door silently withdrew to the lounge. If they heard something that they weren’t supposed to hear, it wouldn’t end well for them.


“Why do you have to stay here to make food? Ah, I’m already tired of asking such questions.” Guan Jin felt very troubled.

“I’d also have to make food if I went back, but eating alone is too boring. If I make food here, then we can also eat together. Win-win.” Lu YunYang was carrying the groceries that he had just bought at the supermarket as he followed Guan Jin inside.

“Where’s your chef cousin?”

“She’s been a little busy recently.”

Forget it, it’s not like there would be many more days like this. As Guan Jin watched Lu YunYang enter the kitchen, he suddenly felt a little upset. They were destined to be people on different paths, so why were they bothering to get this entangled? Not to mention, Guan Jin had never, in both of his lifetimes, thought about spending his life with a man. How could two men tolerate each other, and live together for an entire lifetime?

“What are you thinking about? Your expression seems to be hiding bitterness.”

“Nothing.” Guan Jin looked at Lu YunYang’s amused expression and suddenly thought of an important matter. “Um, yesterday…”

“What about yesterday?”

“…Never mind.”


After dinner was ready, Guan Jin glanced at Lu YunYang as he ate. He was holding his chopsticks gracefully, not eating too quickly but still quite engaged.

Had he forgotten about that? But when Guan Jin thought about how the future, if Lu YunYang ever thought about him again, all that emerged in his mind would be that “I know a pervert who secretly bought a sex toy”, Guan Jin felt very perturbed.



“What I bought yesterday——wasn’t that sort of thing!”

“Haha,” Lu YunYang laughed as he put down his chopsticks. “This was what you were worrying about? I never believed that you would buy that sort of thing. But, if we’re together in the future and you want to buy one, I’d be very happy to.”

“Dammit, sure enough, you’re the pervert.”

“Little Jin, you don’t like them? Then we won’t buy one.”

…No, how come they had strayed off topic again!

“By the way, you have some extra vacation days, right? Do you want to relax a little, such as going to Hawaii?”

“Hawaii?” Guan Jin looked at him suspiciously. “You didn’t book something like a luxurious seven-day trip to Hawaii for two, did you? Hey, don’t pull those tricks used to coax women on me. Besides, I’m not free.”

“I didn’t book it, but I have something to give you.” Lu YunYang fished out something that looked like a greeting card out of his folder. “Cruise tickets.”

“What cruise tickets? Noah’s Ark? It’s not 2012 yet,” retorted Guan Jin as he took a ticket to look at it closer.

“It’s not for Noah’s Ark, it’s a luxury cruise ship——Clear Sky.”

Guan Jin looked up abruptly. “What?”

“My older brother’s business partner is privately holding a cruise, and it’s destination is Hawaii. This opportunity was hard to come by, and although I know you’re going to decline, I still wanted to give it a try.”

“Decline?” Guan Jin suppressed his ecstasy and looked down at the invitation letter and ticket. Then, he looked up again and beamed brightly at Lu YunYang. “When do we leave?”

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Sue R
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May 3, 2021 2:53 pm

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