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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“You’re Second Young Master Lu? Nice to meet you, I always hear your older brother mentioning you.” Fang Sen walked out of the crowd and walked towards Wang XuTong and Lu YunYang.

My brother? He never brings up his family members in front of outsiders. Lu YunYang still continued to smile politely. “Likewise, I always hear my brother praising Mr. Fang, and before I left, he even told me to ask you for advice.”

“Haha, I’m flattered.” Fang Sen grinned widely, but the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Guan Jin scorned to the side, They’re all experts at putting on an act.

“I wonder who this is?” Fang Sen noticed Guan Jin, who was standing near Lu YunYang.

“Oh, Guan Jin.” Lu YunYang merely said, “He’s my friend.”

Fang Sen’s gaze shifted from Lu YunYang to Guan Jin and then back again, and his expression was amused. He was just about to say something, but he stopped when he saw someone at the doorway out of the corner of his eye.

“Brother Min 1, you finally showed up, you were hard to find.” Fang Sen, holding his wine glass, strided towards Min Yan, who had come in through the door.

“Here, eat something first.” Lu YunYang picked up a plate that was already filled with food and handed it to Guan Jin. “These are all your favorite.”

Guan Jin impolitely took it and began to feast. He had to admit, the chefs on this ship were top-notch. Thus, the pile of food on the plate slowly dwindled, but soon afterwards, it slowly piled up again, then slowly dwindled, over and over. Just like this, one of them ate, one of them added food, perfectly harmonious.

“Ah, I’m full, stop adding more.” Guan Jin ate some cod and sighed in content.

Lu YunYang naturally used the napkin in his hand to wipe the corner of his mouth. “You can drink some prune juice, it helps with digestion.”

“Drinks also have volume, do you think I can still drink anything?” Guan Jin glanced at him.

“Hahaha,” Wang XuTong, who had been standing nearby the entire time, couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “the virtuous couple really is in perfect harmony, how enviable.”

Lu YunYang looked at Guan Jin pamperingly and didn’t deny it. Unexpectedly, Guan Jin didn’t deny it or lose his temper, and he even looked down and moved a little closer to Lu YunYang.

“…He’s a little shy, so please don’t joke around like that, Mr. Wang.” Lu YunYang’s expression was calm, but his mind was whirling. What did this mean?

Lu YunYang’s older brother had come out of the closet a long time ago, and this was well-known in the upper class business circles. Because of the Lu family’s status and strength, as well as Lu YunShen’s famed intimidation, no one dared to say anything against it. And, this type of thing was everywhere in the circle, and compared to Lu YunShen’s openness, many people were secretive about it. Wang XuTong was quite close to Lu YunShen, so he wasn’t surprised that his friend’s brother also liked men. 

“Mr. Guan, what line of work are you in?” Jiang LingXuan, who had stayed quietly by Wang XuTong’s side the entire time, suddenly seemed interested in Guan Jin.

Guan Jin looked at her and replied happily, “I’m from the police.”

The people nearby who heard this were taken aback, and subconsciously focused their attention on Guan Jin.

“…I really couldn’t tell.” Jiang LingXuan was a little shocked.

“Officer Guan has even done me a big favor and prevented me from making a big mistake,” added Min Yan.

A lot of people had heard about the news of the incident involving Min Yan’s clubhouse’s manager, and when they heard this, their gazes towards Guan Jin became even more curious.

“However, it was also because of that that Mr. Lu met Officer Guan. Thus, I’m more or less of a matchmaker,” Min Yan said shamelessly.

Ah… The nearby people were taken aback and forced a smile as they went along with it, saying things like “what a blessing in disguise” and “Mr. Lu has a good taste” and other similarly baffling things. They seemed to have completely forgotten that Guan Jin was a man.

Guan Jin inwardly rolled his eyes. Damn, they’re all so good at acting. In this case, I have to work harder.

Thus, Guan Jin uneasily moved behind Lu YunYang and seemed to be a bit at a loss. Lu YunYang reached out and held him gently. “Excuse us, but we’ll be leaving for a bit.” As he said this, he walked towards his family, still holding onto Guan Jin.

Mu QianHe and Qin Se were gazing at them with bright eyes, and they said to themselves, “So pampering.” “Brother-in-law is so shy.” “So loving.”

“Brother, I got goosebumps from that. If you’re so pampering, be careful you’ll be stepped someday,” said Lu YunChi, patting Lu YunYang on the shoulder, and he didn’t seem to care that Guan Jin was present.

“Husband, I want to eat lobster dipped in lemon butter,” Qin Se suddenly said coyly.

Lu YunChi immediately ran to the dining table to get the lobster.

“See, this is the good quality of us Lu people. We dote on our spouses.” Lu YunYang pointed at his brother, implying, Be with me, I’ll be very caring.

“I can even tell you to commit murder or arson?” Guan Jin smirked.

Lu YunYang rubbed his chin. “You were so eager to come here with me, you didn’t really come to commit murder or arson, did you…”

Guan Jin shrugged and didn’t continue this conversation topic. “Go get me some prune juice.”

Lu YunYang happily ran to do so.

“Mrs. Fang, you must have the recipe for eternal youth, your skin is practically like white jade.” Qin Se said to Fang Sen’s wife, Zhao WanQing, “I’m so envious.”

Zhao WanQing smiled. “Ms. Qin, don’t make fun of me, time is unforgiving and I’m the envious one upon seeing all of you young people.”

“Tsk tsk, that’s not true. If you changed into casual clothes and went to school with me, the next day, there will definitely be a bunch of boys running to the girl dormitories to inquire about you.”

“You’re so flattering.” Zhao WanQing was smiling from ear to ear now.

“Does this ship belong to you?” Qin Se immediately changed the topic. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Yes, this is the smallest ship among our family’s several cruise ships, but it has the best service and equipment. The captain, crewmen, and waiters all work full-time here, and they’ve been working on this ship for over two years. They’re very familiar with everything here, and they can provide the best service.” Zhao WanQing began chattering about the ship.

“Full-time indeed, the captain looks very experienced.”

“Of course, ever since he was in charge of this ship, James directs it almost all the time. In the past year alone, he’s made round trips between Hawaii and City S many times, and all of the waiters and crewmen here were working with him the entire time, which is why I’m familiar with them.”

“Oh, then that’s just like living on the sea.”

“Exactly. Except for the three months of summer, they haven’t taken a break.”

Guan Jin silently eavesdropped on their conversation, and he felt delighted. Two of Spider’s missions last year had been during the summer. Someone like Hermes definitely couldn’t disguise himself as a crewman or waiter who was practically isolated from the world. Moreover, Street Artist and Psychologist would occasionally do things in New York, so they definitely couldn’t be working on this ship. In this way, the captain, crewmen, and waiters could all be eliminated.

Suddenly, a shadow covered him. He looked up and saw that woman who had been singing earlier, and she was standing in front of him, smiling and with one hand on her hip.

“Hi, my name is Elena, can we be friends?”

Guan Jin looked at her sky blue eyes and suddenly asked, “Do you have mixed blood?”

Elena was taken aback, and she suddenly alluringly tucked her hair behind her ear. “Handsome, you’re so interesting. I do have mixed blood. My mom is Spanish, and my dad is British. What, do you like women who have mixed blood?” She straightened up.

“Are you a professional singer?”

“No, I’m a freelancer. I work for a while and then travel around. This time, there was an opportunity to work and travel. Handsome, since you’re asking me so many questions, it’s making me misunderstand that you’re interested in me.”

“There’s no point in you striking up a conversation with me. Those rich and handsome men are behind you,” Guan Jin said coolly.

“No, I like clean men, those people are too stinky.”

“Sorry, I already have a man, a stinky one.”

Lu YunYang, who was eavesdropping from nearby, smiled in delight.

“…” Elena widened her mouth.

“Oh my god, what’s that I see?! An angel?!” Elena, whose spirits had sunk just then, suddenly widened her eyes and drifted away from Guan Jin and towards the doorway in the blink of an eye.

It was Wen JingHan who had come in. He was wearing a white, tailor-made tuxedo which made him look like a prince, and he instantly captured the attention of everyone present.

However, very quickly, his radiance was also overshadowed. The two foreigners dressed in black and the tall, handsome man with dark green eyes froze the excitement of the entire banquet hall, practically turning it into ice.

Guan Jin stiffened; this person had mixed blood.

“Lord Duke of Canterbury, you’re finally here.” Fang Sen excitedly walked over and bowed slightly. “Your presence at my party really makes my humble boat splendid.”

The green-eyed man nodded impassively and swept his gaze around the hall. His dark green eyes were practically bottomless, and the pride and demeanor of his ancient English aristocratic lineage was shown in his posture. This person was a true noble.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this most esteemed guest is the master of the Canterbury family, Lord Duke of Canterbury VI.”

There was an uproar. The name Canterbury wasn’t famous only because of their history and lineage, since the current duke was one of the giants in Europe’s finance and energy industries, and there were also countless legends regarding him, all of them unbelievable. They went along the lines that he was immortal and had actually already lived for hundreds of years, he was ferocious and evil and drank human blood, he had many lovers, both men and women, he had an eccentric personality, and he was sadomasochistic… All in all, there were enough rumors to write an entire story about European ghosts.

Everyone was shocked that Fang Sen had been able to get a hold of such a large predator, and they all looked up to observe the legend.

Guan Jin felt a little breathless. He could tell at once that this person’s blood contained bloodthirstiness and madness, and he was never wrong when sniffing out one of his kind.

“Guan Jin, you’re done eating, right? Tell your leader which dishes are the best, I’m starving.” Wen JingHan didn’t even glance at the Duke, and he directly went to the dining table and began looking for food.

Lu YunYang pulled Guan Jin into his arms and narrowed his eyes. “JingHan, is that person really sadomasochistic?”

Wen JingHan accidentally spat out the small cuttlefish he was eating.


The author has something to say:

Character relationships:

Lu family: Lu YunYang, Lu YunChi, Qin Se (YunChi’s fiance), Qin Xiao (Qin Se’s younger brother), Mu QianHe (distant cousin of the Lu brothers)

Fang family: Fang Sen, Zhao WanQing (Fang Sen’s wife), Fang Lin (Fang Sen’s younger sister), Fang Mo (Fang Sen’s distant cousin)

Wang family: Wang XuTong, Jiang LingXuan (Wang’s fiance)


Tian QingLin and Dong Chong (Fang’s friends)

Elena (female singer), Tao Yu (male singer)

Min Yan

Seth Canterbury (Leader Wen’s man~)

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Translator Notes:

  1. They’re not brothers, in this case, brother is just a friendly and casual way of referring to him.


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