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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Duke Canterbury’s expression was cold. “There is so much time, do you really have to talk with me at four in the morning?”

“I think that at four in the morning, you’ve probably already finished what you wanted to do and are still awake.” The other person eyed the closed bedroom door.

“Are you really that confident you’ll be able to persuade me to change my mind at this hour?” The Duke narrowed his eyes.

The other person smiled. “Duke, you are never persuaded, since you make the decisions yourself, no? I’m only here to provide you with more reference for your decision.”

“I’ve already decided to kill you, so can you provide me with what time is more suitable to do it at?”

“Clearly, I’ve already provided it, but the person you found wasn’t very reliable. When I was in New York, the assassination organization failed in their own territory. Wouldn’t it be a little naive to try to make a move on someone else’s territory? Don’t you feel scammed after paying so much money? It’d be better if you paid this money to the Gods, I’ll make sure you get a fair deal.”

The Duke’s dark green eyes flashed. “You’re going to commit suicide?”

“The only reason you want me dead is because the Gods tried to, no, have already invaded your privacy. Our job is to gather information. The more secret, the more valuable it is. Since you don’t want to be disturbed and we want payment, why don’t we just eliminate the intermediate process and directly make a transaction?” The other person was very happy with their suggestion.

“You want me to pay you to seal your mouths? This bribery is too fanciful.”

“No, no, you misunderstand. We’re not this unprofessional and unethical. We are businessmen who sell information, and if you become our most esteemed customer, we naturally won’t pry about you, and we can even provide you with information whenever you want.”

“Esteemed customer? Hmph, do you think I need the likes of you if I want to know something?”

“That is true for your foes, but regarding certain topics, your power isn’t necessarily effective. For example, the details about a certain police officer and such.” Hermes smirked and watched in satisfaction as the Duke’s eyes lit up in interest.

“I guarantee that we won’t pry about things we shouldn’t pry about, and we will respect your privacy.”

“You are the only person that would dare to negotiate and coerce me yet make it so that I am still willing to pay.” The Duke happily accepted the offer.

“Thank you for doing business with us. As the guardians of businessmen, we will definitely satisfy you.” Hermes stood up, nodded slightly, and turned around. Suddenly, he stopped. “Ah, I nearly forgot, before I guarantee that we can provide our services to you, can you first lend me those bodyguards of yours? Otherwise, if I am killed by someone, you would lose a lot.”

“You really have to get your money’s worth, don’t you?”

“It’s merely mutually beneficial.”


In the morning, Min Yan was awoken by someone knocking on his door. He yawned and reluctantly got up to open the door.

“Good morning.” Lu YunYang smiled politely.

Min Yan glanced at his watch. “It’s only seven, don’t tell me someone else died.”

“Your attitude isn’t very good.” Lu YunYang saw that there were dark circles under his eyes. “It looks like you also didn’t get a good night’s sleep.”

“I’m seasick.” As well as the fact that a certain person’s rash behavior had kept him up for most of the night.

“I need your help with something.” Lu YunYang walked in the room and quickly closed the door.

Min Yan looked at him in surprise and couldn’t help but laugh. “There’s even a time when you come asking for my help? Mr. Lu, I didn’t mishear you, did I?”

“As long as it’s about Little Jin, I don’t care about saving face.”

“Is that so? It looks like I’ve been exposed,” said Min Yan.

“It was actually very simple. Little Jin said that one of his partners is very rich, and although there are many rich people on this ship, there is only you who likes the thrill of danger and wanted to attend this cruise despite being easily seasick.”

“You guessed it a long time ago, yet you didn’t tell Guan Jin?”

“What good would telling him do? So he can go to your room everyday?”

“Tsk tsk, it must be really sad to be liked by someone like you. Jealousy is a very destructive force.”

“This isn’t jealousy, it’s preventive measures. Since you say that you only boarded this ship for Little Jin, then prove it.”

Min Yan crossed his arms and scoffed, “Mr. Lu, are you out of your mind? I’m Guan Jin’s partner, not yours.”

“Didn’t you come to help him? Then listen to my suggestion, I believe that you won’t refuse. That is, if you truly care about him,” Lu YunYang said slowly.

“You want me to care about him?”

“There’s nothing wrong with a lot of people caring about him, as long as I’m the person he cares about the most.”

“Okay, let’s hear your offer.”


In the morning, Guan Jin unexpectedly saw Fang Mo, who was comfortably drinking coffee and chatting with Mu QianHe. When he saw Guan Jin show up, he smiled strangely at him and raised his coffee mug in greeting.

That guy really was crazy; he clearly knew that he had been exposed, yet he was still so relaxed and openly provocative. However, he sure was keen; he had only seen Guan Jin’s back a few times that night but had still recognized him. Actually, Guan Jin felt relieved, and since things had gotten to this point, he would just wait and see what happened. Mu QianHe was Lu YunChi’s attendant, and she couldn’t have come just to chat. Guan Jin wondered if Fang Mo knew that that girl was giving him a death notice.

“Hi handsome, you don’t look too well, did you not sleep well last night?” Elena curled her hair around her finger as she walked towards Guan Jin.

“It’s nothing. Where did you come from?” Guan Jin noted the direction she had come from.

“I just went to visit Tao Yu, he seems to be doing quite well,” said Elena.

“That must be thanks to you. You even remember to guide and console him.”

“I’m flattered.”

“Is this a habit because of your career?” Guan Jin asked lightly.

“What?” Elena was taken aback.

“You like to guide people, solve their problems, and hit the nail on the head every time.”

“Haha,” Elena giggled, and said quietly, “Guan, you’ve gone astray, how can you scare others like this?”

“Because the enemy has already shown themself, and there are only so many people left. When I think back to what you’ve said and done, I feel like I was blind before and overlooked so many details. You persuaded Fang Lin to confess the truth so freely, right? After all, she was so scared and tried to avoid everything before.”

“I didn’t persuade her, though I did instruct her,” Elena said frankly.

“What do you mean?”

“I just hinted at her to do something.” Elena winked.

“You hypnotized her? So it was also you who sent me the note to remind me not to pay attention to those cases? That night, you then consoled Fang Lin to get her to say the truth.” Guan Jin finally understood.

“Smart. Actually, I didn’t do too much, because none of the people on this ship are simple. It’s not that easy to get people to talk, and if I was too obvious, it would only bring trouble.”

“You’ve already helped me a lot, but I think that you and that other person know more than you’re telling me.” Guan Jin glanced at her.

“Ah,” Elena covered her heart, “what a scary gaze, it’s very frightening. Don’t be so suspicious. Just remember that we’re definitely on your side.”

“I think that you’re implying a lot of things with that sentence.”

“Guan, you’re this rude after finding out what my career is? I study the same field as your dear lover, but your attitude towards each of us is so drastically different.”

“You’re both the same, never being truthful.”

“What, did you two get into an argument? Tsk tsk, although Lu YunYang appears very gentle and refined, he’s from the Lu family, and that overbearance must run in the blood, right? A tiger cannot change its stripes and become a cat, since it’s due to their lineage and environment. In my opinion, you’re just too pure, you’ll definitely be bullied.”

“Bullied? Do you regard me as a cat?” Guan Jin glared at her.

“The Persian cat narrows his eyes, the Persian cat stalks his prey, and the Persian cat guards his love, yet in the blink of an eye, he’s gone again…” Elena suddenly hummed and walked away, her hips swaying.

…Sure enough, I indeed hate psychologists the most!!!

Guan Jin walked back, his mind in a jumble, while complaining to himself that these two partners were unreliable and unloyal. They were practically adding fuel to the fire, and they had even said…

Wait. Guan Jin abruptly stopped. Before, he seemed to have forgotten something very important, something so obvious and clear. He finally latched onto that most important clue, and he tugged on it; everything unraveled in front of him.


Guan Jin continued walking impassively back to his room, yet his heart was already turbulent and stormy, so fierce that it was practically going to overturn this ship.


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June 27, 2021 5:00 pm

I can’t!! The suspense is just too much!! But now we know more key characters! I’m just like what in the world is getting ready to happen here! What did GJ realize in the end??!!

Sue R
Sue R
June 27, 2021 6:23 pm

I was very disappointed how Guan Jin was so careless. Hope that Lu YunYang still on his side and protect him.

June 27, 2021 9:59 pm

Oh, what, what?! Desperate for next chapter!
Thank you for translating.

June 27, 2021 11:43 pm

Wahhh, what was that last thing he finally understood?

June 28, 2021 2:35 am

This chapter sure revealed quite a bit. The next chapter will either bring the climax or end up in a cliffhanger even worse than this one.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 28, 2021 4:29 am

…thank you but ah ah cant wait! No more!

June 29, 2021 12:36 pm

This story is so intriguing, can’t wait for the next chapter!

July 22, 2022 7:16 am

LYY has him wrapped around his finger..

December 22, 2022 8:53 am

What did you figure out?! So it’s not WJH or Canterbury, not MW, it wouldn’t be a waiter or someone we don’t know the name of…there’s too many people on this boat!

Thank you for the chapter!

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