Chibi Demo Ii yo.

Chibi Demo Ii yo Cover
It’s fine if you are short too.
Artist: Kurusu Haiji
Language: English
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Wataru and Souta met in their first year of high school and have been best friends since. Souta has a tendency to make fun of Wataru’s small build and doesn’t miss a chance to make a comment about it. There is only one thing that bothers Wataru, and that is Souta always treats him like a child. But will Souta ever find out the secret Wataru has been hiding?

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  1. Errrmmm, excuse me , what is exactly the passwords of the complete volume.. I’ve been trying to open the file for a long time now.. .Using the hint you give me. ..the date of the anniversary but I still fail. .I am et the end of my wits now. . In fact. .I feel like crying now.. .

  2. I have been offline for some time, I hope this is not a problem to know the password because in many pages to not be active do not let you get this kind of benefits (in this case the password)
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