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Chibi Demo Ii yo Cover
It’s fine if you are short too.
Artist: Kurusu Haiji
Language: English
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Wataru and Souta met in their first year of high school and have been best friends since. Souta has a tendency to make fun of Wataru’s small build and doesn’t miss a chance to make a comment about it. There is only one thing that bothers Wataru, and that is Souta always treats him like a child. But will Souta ever find out the secret Wataru has been hiding?

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April 9, 2018 12:48 am

Thank you very much for all your hard work on another project! :3

Seiryu Fudo
April 11, 2018 2:28 pm

hola y gracias por su trabajo quería consultar cual es la contraseña para descomprimir el archivo

April 17, 2018 5:47 pm

Finally I got it, was so hard to guess the password…
Thank you so much for completing this lovely manga!❤

April 19, 2018 8:48 am

Thank you for all of your work!

July 8, 2018 9:16 am

thank you

August 4, 2018 12:07 pm

I have been offline for some time, I hope this is not a problem to know the password because in many pages to not be active do not let you get this kind of benefits (in this case the password)
Thank you

September 5, 2018 11:55 am

Thank you! ^^

October 12, 2018 7:19 pm

Weren’t it for some tricky passwords this is is Hell! (No Paradise, Paradise would be too boring) Thanks for your hard work!

February 5, 2019 5:43 pm

Thanks for the hard work!! A lovely story

March 20, 2019 5:28 pm

LOL. Effort in getting the format of the password correctly especially since the guidelines were a teency bit vague. Thank goodness for copy-pasta though 🙂 Totes worth

May 17, 2019 5:55 pm

Thank you so much.

January 10, 2020 3:50 pm

Thank you so much

January 19, 2020 2:43 pm

So weird… I had to download it onto my Mac because the password wouldn’t take on my iPad…
Anyways! Thanks for the hard work! I’m really enjoying going through all your completed works!
Also, if anyone needs the password you can find it here
the month is capitalized and the number includes the last two letters of the number.
Thanks again for your hard work 🙂

February 6, 2020 2:29 pm

Thank you very much for your hard work!

February 7, 2020 3:22 pm

Thank you

March 15, 2020 6:31 am

Thank you! 🙂

May 18, 2020 4:02 am

Too bad for me .. im a newbie and dont know what the pw is … but thank you for your hard work .. I really love your works!

June 12, 2020 10:44 pm

Thank you for your work !! And that was so fun to find the pw 😉

July 9, 2020 1:18 pm

Thank you for all the chapters & complete volume!

July 31, 2020 7:51 am

So adorable!
Thanks for sharing 👍

August 4, 2020 6:39 pm

this’s way harder than answering my sosciology final exam, but if’s fun tho~ haha

March 23, 2021 2:35 am

Thank you very much.

July 15, 2022 8:45 am

Tried for hours now, password still won’t work….. 😦
What is the official password?

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