Change World

Artist: Minaduki Yuu
Language: English

This is the sequel to Sayonara Game. Do not read it until you have read the prequel. You can find the entire first volume HERE.

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Arimura Ikou and Itou Yousuke have been going out for several months after Ikou confessed his love to Yousuke. Yousuke is the most worried about their relationship because he feels like he cannot express his love as well at Ikou. Will he be able to finally shower Ikou with his love forever?

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Goodbye Harlequin
Sayonara Game

192 thoughts on “Change World

  1. Dear Addis, Yuan, Rara, Tee, Jess, and the rest of ExR Team.

    I cannot express how much I’m grateful for this series, and it’s prequel. Both have touched my heart more than I thought any story was capable of.

    You see, I came from a broken family. My dad left my mom when I was little, and I think it made my mom bitter and emotionally abusive towards me. Naturally, I grew up very reclusive. When finally I let myself in a relationship, my commitment phobia made him left. My heart was broken very badly, and it affected me physically. Somehow it also made me kept a distance from the already small number of people who closed to me. I left my home town, changed my workplace, and loosed contact with my best friends, family, and relatives, until my cousin found me and confronted me to contact my mom. Currently, I’m living with her again.

    During my reclusion, my feelings became numb. Oh, I watched movies, read novels, manga, etc. and laughed or being sad accordingly, but somehow they never really touched my heart. It felt like there was a distance between my inner self and the outside world. And it made me feel safe

    That kept going until I read Sayonara Game. I read it in one go, and cried afterward. Back then, I didn’t understand why. Now, I think it was because it reminded me how it felt to be deeply in love, and that love could be sweet, warm, gentle, and unconditional.

    Sayonara Game made me brave enough to pause and take a good look inside myself. Now I realized that I was grieving back then, and probably still am. I’m not sure how I could change or whether I even want to change. I still don’t have the longing for a relationship like most people do (maybe because the risk is too big for me). Instead, I’m happily pursuing romance through this series. In the past I’ve read a poem (or is it a song?) about “borrowed feelings” and “loaned emotions”. May be this is what they meant.

    In overall, Sayonara Game and Change World have taken me to explore feelings and emotions, in a journey of romance that I haven’t yet dare to take by myself. It brought smile in my face and joy in my heart. And for that I’m very grateful to you all.

    It’s kinda sad that the story has ended. But I’ll be waiting patiently for the spin-off (which I really hope you will take up … finger crossed XD). In the mean time, i will enjoy your other works.

    Least but not last, I wish you happiness, joy, and laughter in everything you do, individually and as a big family.

  2. Thank you so much for all the hard work you poured in this story and the prequel!! I loved it so much!! And you all made it possible for us to read it in the best quality possible. I’m so, so grateful!

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