Change World

Artist: Minaduki Yuu
Language: English

This is the sequel to Sayonara Game. Do not read it until you have read the prequel. You can find the entire first volume HERE.

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Arimura Ikou and Itou Yousuke have been going out for several months after Ikou confessed his love to Yousuke. Yousuke is the most worried about their relationship because he feels like he cannot express his love as well at Ikou. Will he be able to finally shower Ikou with his love forever?

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The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation
Goodbye Harlequin

151 thoughts on “Change World

  1. Guys, thank you for the full volumes (1 & 2). But I think there are more extras? I saw some pictures in the internet, with Yousuke with glasses, and pictures of Ikuo and Yousuke on a trip to a hot spring. Will you scanlate those somedaY? Because I didn’t see any future release on this page.

    1. Sorry, my bad. There is a “Change World extras part 2” in your schedule, on April 23rd. I’m so caught up in the mention of “Full Volume” that I forgot the release schedule. Cannot wait to get those extras :). Thank you for the hard work, Guys 😀

  2. Just finished reading the extras…. for several times already :). They are so cuuute…and fluffy. I like that the stories revolve on their day-to-day experiences. Make me know them more… and want more…. 😀

    1. Kudos to you who can wait for the full volumes. I was enticed by Sayonara Game and did not have the patience to wait for the full volumes of Change World. As the consequence, I have suffered tremendous angst and anxiety while following the journey of these two. But in the end…. it’s worth it 😀

  3. Less than a week until the final extras release date by ExR. I’t’s gonna be bitter sweet when this series is moved to “complete” list 🙁

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