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Chapter 115: Caramel Pudding

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even though Mama Shen took care of the vast majority of the wedding preparations by herself, there were still quite a few issues that the two of them had to resolve on their own. While Shen Fu went to the church, Lin ShuYi brought Xiao Yu and Tao Tao to go get their children formal attire custom made.

In total, they didn’t see each other for about two or three days.

There were a lot of things Shen Fu was busy with during those few days. Usually, Lin ShuYi was already asleep by the time he got back, and when Lin ShuYi woke up in the morning, Shen Fu was already gone. It led to them not being able to actually see each other very many times even though they were living under the same roof.

Shen Fu devoted his attention to driving, while Lin ShuYi devoted his attention to looking him up and down.

Up until Shen Fu couldn’t take it any longer and he whispered into his ear, “You watching me makes me want to eat you up…”

Lin ShuYi’s ears reddened, and he averted his gaze a little uneasily.

He didn’t know if habit made it so, but nowadays it seemed as if it was getting harder and harder for him to be apart from Shen Fu. If he wasn’t at his side for a long period of time, he would keep feeling as if he was missing something. He would miss Shen Fu whenever he saw certain things, miss him so much that he wished he could just appear at his side instantly.

While Lin ShuYi kept thinking about how that kind of situation wasn’t very good, he still couldn’t help but think about how extremely happy he was.

Before they went to get Chen Fang today, Shen Fu wasn’t home. He had only found out at the time when he picked up Chen Fang’s call that his flight would be arriving that afternoon. He called Lin ShuYi as soon as he could, telling him to get ready so that the two of them could go to the airport together.

Even though they hadn’t seen each other for just two days, Lin ShuYi unexpectedly felt as if it had been a very long time. Shen Fu came back very late the past two days, and Lin ShuYi wanted to wait for him, but he couldn’t stay up and ended up falling asleep first. When he woke, Shen Fu was gone, so when the two of them were together in the room at noon, both of them couldn’t really control themselves. The moment before a spark was about to ignite a whole explosion, Shen Fu glanced at his watch and said a bit regretfully that they truly didn’t have enough time.

Although this wasn’t the first time Chen Fang was coming to Los Angeles, it was clearly a bit too excessive to make him wait at the airport like this.

Lin ShuYi could only put away all the desire raging in his heart, adjust his clothing, and leave with Shen Fu.

After they picked up Chen Fang and dropped him off, they were the only ones in the car again. Lin ShuYi looked outside the window, feeling a little hot.

As for sex, Lin ShuYi never really avoided it as if it were taboo. If you liked someone, then you liked them. He would never play hard to get either; in the first place, men tended to be easily impulsive about sex, especially in front of those they liked. If they could control themselves completely in front of them, then they probably didn’t really like them all that much. Even though Shen Fu was always the one initiating between the two of them, when it was time to cooperate, Lin ShuYi was never too shy about it.

Maybe because his mood concerning his impending marriage was making mischief, but recently, it seemed as if there were more and more situations where he wanted Shen Fu. But Shen Fu was extremely busy recently as well. Now that they were the only two in the car…

Lin ShuYi took a deep breath. He felt like he was being absorbed more and more into desire; if things continued like this, it would be bad.

Lin ShuYi took another two deep breaths when he thought of that. He wanted to expel some of the hot air in his chest, but he wasn’t able to let out his second breath when the car suddenly stopped.

Shen Fu jerked his shoulder around, looking at him with dark eyes. “I wanted to take care of it when we got home. Why are you always seducing me?”

Then, with a fuming expression, he kissed him.

The moment their lips touched, Lin ShuYi shuddered slightly before he shut his eyes, reaching out and hooking an arm around Shen Fu’s neck. Since he was accusing Lin ShuYi of seducing him, then he might as well seduce him a little more thoroughly.

Shen Fu’s eyes narrowed, and they kissed as if they were competing.

In the tiny space, this kiss quickly changed in nature, and neither of them were really satisfied by the cozy pleasure the kiss brought. Since the sky was already dark, and they were on a deserted street anyway, Shen Fu raised the dark brown car windows as they kissed. He lowered the front seats before he hauled Lin ShuYi up by the butt and carried him into the relatively wider backseat.

After the long kiss finished, Lin ShuYi’s entire body felt a bit soft, as if he were lacking oxygen. But his rationality finally returned, and when he looked at the dusky sky outside, he said, embarrassed, “We’re outside, we should go back…”

Shen Fu’s eyes appeared exceptionally bright in the night. He smirked before he pushed Lin ShuYi down, and as he pressed light kisses against the corner of Lin ShuYi’s mouth, he said, “I can’t wait till we get home anymore. Who told you to seduce me.”

The street lights glowed warmly, and Lin ShuYi made a 囧 face. He felt as if he had made a very big mistake. In the end, doing this kind of thing in a place where anyone could pass by at any time – it was still a little bit outside of what he could accept. As a result, he said hastily, “Someone will see us, it’d be better if we went home…”

As if in response to his problem, there was a splat as the first drop of rain landed against the glass, followed by the second, third, until a continuous sheet of rain fell from the sky, creating an extremely distinct sound as it pattered against the car.

A place that very rarely rained in the summer had started to rain.

Shen Fu pressed his lips together, looking at Lin ShuYi with a hidden smile.

“See? Now it’s even more unlikely that someone will pass by this place.”

Lin ShuYi still wanted to say something, but he didn’t have time to before Shen Fu already covered his lips with his own. Under Shen Fu’s invasive kiss, his reason scattered, and whatever logic he had flew out of his brain. He could only do his best to suppress his moans a little bit more, which made Shen Fu like a ravenous fierce wolf when he heard it, attacking even more viciously and deeply.

This rain lingered and fell for a long time. Even when the car started up again, it still hadn’t stopped.

When the car parked in the garage, Shen Fu bent over and picked up Lin ShuYi, who was limp and sore all over and was already fast asleep. He walked into the house, and Lin ShuYi turned a bit in his arms before he was hugged even more tightly by Shen Fu.

The servant came to see what was going on when he heard them come back. When he saw Shen Fu, he shrank back again; it didn’t matter if he actually saw anything, but he would pretend as if he hadn’t. No one was in the living room. Shen Fu went straight towards their room, but right when he was about to go in, he bumped into Jiang Cheng, who was about to leave.

Shen Fu: …

Jiang Cheng: …

Jiang Cheng wore oversized pajamas, a few strange red marks still showing on his neck, as if he had been scratched. His lips were a bit bright red, as if they had been bitten unobtrusively, and he was holding a water cup, clearly looking like someone who had just finished doing… that.

Shen Fu was even more obvious. Lin ShuYi, who was deep asleep in his embrace, indicated everything.

They shared an awkward look before they both turned and went their respective ways without even a greeting or saying anything.

What was there to say? Should they compare techniques or something?

Shen Fu carefully put Lin ShuYi down on the bed. Lin ShuYi shifted a little uncomfortably before he fell back asleep. Shen Fu took off his clothes again; earlier in the car they hadn’t had time to clean themselves up properly, and if he didn’t do it now, Lin ShuYi probably wouldn’t feel very good tomorrow.

After adjusting the water temperature and getting it ready, he carried Lin ShuYi into the bathroom. Just when he put him into the bathtub, Lin ShuYi opened his eyes.

“Don’t move, I’ll help you clean up.”

Lin ShuYi didn’t even bother to feel bashful. He saw that it was Shen Fu and fell back asleep, at ease. Shen Fu lightly cleaned him up, and Lin ShuYi didn’t wake up once.

In the other room, Jiang Cheng carried the cup in and sat down at the edge of the bed before he scooped up Brother Shen so that he could drink water. Brother Shen didn’t like to be treated like an extremely delicate woman, and he sat up himself and drank a few sips to relieve his hoarsened and dry throat. “Why did it take so long?”

Jiang Cheng, who had only stopped for a few minutes at the doorway: …

When Brother Shen didn’t hear a response, he looked at him even more suspiciously.

Jiang Cheng could only say, “I bumped into Shen Fu outside.”

Brother Shen let out an ‘oh.’ He didn’t understand what there was to hesitate about that. Then, he took in Jiang Cheng’s current appearance by accident, and he was shocked. “You went out just like that?!!”

Jiang Cheng nodded.

Brother Shen felt like he had nothing left to live for after losing face like that in front of his little brother.

Jiang Cheng grew calmer instead. “It’s not like he doesn’t know about our relationship. What is there to be embarrassed about?” And then he said, “In any case, he’s not much better.”

There were question marks written over Brother Shen’s face.

Jiang Cheng fully narrated how they met outside, which made Brother Shen’s face become “…” instead.

Actually, he was gladder that he wasn’t the one who went outside just then to get water. Or else if the two of them were to compare, it would be hard to say who lost more face.

However, speaking of which, he really didn’t have the strength to go out to get water…

The next day, Brother Shen and Lin ShuYi both inevitably woke up a little late. Mama Shen, who didn’t know the situation, laughed and said, “Oh, did you two both agree to wake up at this time?”

Lin ShuYi didn’t understand. He glanced at Brother Shen, who feigned calm and looked away. Shen Fu and Jiang Cheng shared a look, the atmosphere indescribably awkward.

Fortunately, after breakfast, Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi went out to see Chen Fang. This time, they brought along Xiao Yu and Tao Tao.

Tao Tao didn’t see Lin ShuYi last night at all, so he was particularly affectionate when he saw him in the morning, kissing Lin ShuYi before he kissed Shen Fu. When he sat on the car, he insisted on Lin ShuYi holding him. He sat in the car seat, leaning against Lin ShuYi’s leg, chatting with Xiao Yu.

Quite a few words only Xiao Yu could understand as he chatted away.

Chen Fang was extremely tired from being on the flight for most of the day, and he had slept the moment they left yesterday, not even waking until they got there. Chen Fang was only woken by the doorbell when the entire family was standing on his doorstep. He casually wrapped himself in a bathrobe and went to open the door, staring blearily at Lin ShuYi and the two children staring at him with wide eyes.

Chen Fang: …

Shen Fu’s face went black immediately. He kicked Chen Fang inside and said, “Get back out here once you’re dressed.”

Chen Fang finally woke up completely, and he let out a curse before he closed the door. He also felt extremely awkward. Even though they were all male, Chen Fang always had this awkward feeling as if he definitely couldn’t be wanton in front of Lin ShuYi. What’s more, besides Lin ShuYi there were still two radish heads who hadn’t grown up yet outside his door. It was truly too hard to look straight at him with his style of wearing clothes that revealed both his chest and legs.

When he changed and opened the door again, Shen Fu also looked impatient.

Chen Fang’s suite had a bedroom and a living area. The living area was furnished with quite some taste, and there was a sizable bar along with the usual essentials. All sorts of different colored wine cups were placed on the bar, and differently priced fine wines were placed along the bottom of the bar. There were ice cubes in the mini fridge to the side to go with the wine. Nearly all the wine here was marked clearly with prices, and after the seal was broken, the cost of the wine would be counted into the bill.

After they entered the room, Chen Fang went to order breakfast from downstairs. The meal he ate yesterday afternoon had long since been digested. Simultaneously while ordering breakfast, he didn’t forget to curry favor and order a caramel pudding for the two children.

Xiao Yu still somewhat remembered this uncle who had appeared scandalously in front of them just then, and he went up obediently and greeted him with an ‘Uncle Chen.’ Tao Tao looked at Chen Fang with Bambi-like eyes. Chen Fang felt his heart jolt with the two kids’ adorableness, and he answered them enthusiastically. He rummaged around all over but still couldn’t find anything the kids could eat, and he looked dejected.

Shen Fu had already turned on the television as he sat on the couch, Lin ShuYi next to him. He adjusted his position a few times before Shen Fu found him a comfortable position by tugging him into his arms, not considerate at all about Chen Fang, that lonely bachelor.

The space inside the car was too narrow yesterday, so they did it a little too roughly. Lin ShuYi still felt a bit uncomfortable sitting, even now, but being hugged by Shen Fu like this made him extremely uneasy. After all, Chen Fang had a ‘you-do-whatever-you-want’ expression as he sat across from them, assessing them, full of interest.

Lin ShuYi: …

As they say: birds of a feather flock together.

These two good bros from China were truly equally obstinate; so shameless that the entire universe would be afraid of them.

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