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Chapter 116: Assorted Tempura

Translated by Kollumceti/Rara/Addis Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Over the next hour, Shen Fu and Chen Fang talked in detail about what they needed to do two days before and on the day before the wedding. Chen Fang was really looking forward to his buddy’s wedding. Moreover, this was his first time as a groomsman. The combined sense of novelty and expectation was more exciting than his own marriage.

At first, Lin ShuYi was leaning on the sofa as he listened to the two of them. Then, he slowly began to feel sleepy and closed his eyes and dozed off. Shen Fu moved back a little, while talking with Chen Fang, he openly put Lin ShuYi’s head on his leg and adjusted his posture to make him sleep more comfortably.

Lin ShuYi moved a little and fell asleep without any reaction.

“The guest placement in the evening…” Chen Fang opened Shen Fu’s guest list and talked a bunch. When he looked up, he found that Shen Fu was not looking at him. Instead, he was tenderly looking at Lin ShuYi asleep in his arms, and planted a kiss on his forehead in front of Chen Fang.

Chen Fang: “…” He knew that Shen Fu thought of him as air, but air also has a sense of existence, okay?! Can we have a pleasant chat?!

Shen Fu looked at him, “Keep talking.”

Chen Fang: You weren’t even listening, why talk ah?

The two men continued their discussion, during which Lin ShuYi changed his position in Shen Fu’s arms. He turned his body so that his face was to Shen Fu’s stomach and put one hand on his leg, as unconsciously breathed in and out within his arms. Within a little while, Shen Fu hardened.

Lin ShuYi’s sleeping position was awkward. His lips would touch him if he moved a little further up. However, he did not touch it, but he kept blowing his warm breath on it. The thin pants could not stop anything. Shen Fu felt that it was more unbearable than being touched.

The position of his hand was even more wonderful. His fingertips were lightly touching the tip of his member without the slightest strength. Shen Fu was getting harder and harder.

Chen Fang was spouting an unceasing torrent of words, yet Shen Fu couldn’t hear a single thing.

Exhaling a hot breath, Shen Fu said, “Xiao Yu is thirsty.”

Chen Fang looked up at him in confusion. Xiao Yu who was watching preschool education cartoons with his little brother turned looked back with a face full of questions.

Shen Fu kept a straight face, “You’ve been watching for a while. Go drink some water and let your brother drink a little too.”

Although Xiao Yu was somewhat baffled, he obediently listened to his daddy and got up to fetch up his own water bottle in the car and brought in his brother’s feeding bottle as well.

Shen Fu leaned to one side and took out his keys and threw it to Chen Fang. “Go and open the door for them.”

Chen Fang was not prepared for this change of topic before he had been sent to open the door by Shen Fu. He looked at Lin ShuYi who was in Shen Fu’s arms. Chen Fang finally stood up and as he followed Xiao Yu to open the car door, he looked back at Shen Fu and sized him up.

This topic… came too bafflingly!

Chen Fang and Xiao Yu were gone. Tao Tao was still shaking his head as he watched the animated cartoon. He did not have the slightest intention to look back at Shen Fu. Shen Fu was finally able to move his body, so he picked up Lin ShuYi’s hand and laid it on his already swollen body part.

Of course, there was no time to do anything at all. Shen Fu only borrowed Lin ShuYi’s hand to console himself a few times. Then he softly and quietly lifted Lin ShuYi and leaned him against the pillow before he got up and went to the bathroom by himself.

Xiao Yu came in with his bottle and the feeding bottle and fed water to Tao Tao. Chen Fang followed behind and when he saw that there was only one person left on the sofa: …

It took more than an hour for Lin ShuYi to wake up in bed. He fell asleep on the sofa and didn’t even know when he was carried to bed. There was a freshly-changed fragrance emitting from his bedding. Lin ShuYi dazedly sat up and heard Tao Tao giggling happily from outside.

Shen Fu and Chen Fang were no longer sitting on the sofa to talk about things. Instead, they were sitting on the carpet and playing games with Xiao Yu and Tao Tao. Chen Fang put his hands on both sides of his cheeks and mimed an animal, making Tao Tao laugh with exaggerated roars. Xiao Yu sat on Shen Fu’s side and laughed till he swayed. He laughed while saying, “That’s not a tiger. It’s a cat. Daddy, quickly show Uncle Chen how a cat sounds!”

Shen Fu smirked and mimicked Chen Fang’s gesture, “Meow~”

Lin ShuYi sniggered and burst into laughter. Everyone looked back at him, Shen Fu’s eyes still had the remnants of his fading laughter, and his eyes curved further when he saw Lin ShuYi.

Lin ShuYi touched his stomach. “Aren’t you all hungry? I am hungry.”

Tao Tao drank a large bottle of milk, Xiao Yu ate a large piece of dessert cake, so both of them were not very hungry, Chen Fang was very hungry, but since everyone did not say anything and Shen Fu’s two precious sons were having a good time, he was embarrassed to say that he was hungry. Now that Lin ShuYi first mentioned it, he could openly and honestly say, “I am hungry too.”

Shen Fu did not look at him. He stood up and began to pack up.

“Come on, let’s go to Los Angeles to get Japanese food.”

Los Angeles had a relatively large population with many immigrants, so it had a very diverse cuisines. So in Los Angeles, if one wanted, they could basically enjoy the cuisines from all around the world.

Chen Fang was not very familiar with Los Angeles, but when he heard that it had delicious food, of course he couldn’t miss it. Three adults and two children drove to the downtown area, after taking many turns, Shen Fu finally stopped in front of a japanese restaurant.

The restaurant’s name was very simple, a single word “弘(Hong)”. The decoration however was very standardized like most japanese restaurants, light wood decorations, short tatami mats and  doors with painted cherry blossom patterns on them.

Ra: I search gg for japanese, appr 弘 in japanese is Hiro, chn is Hong

Most of the workers were Asian girls in kimonos. They were stunned to see some obvious Asians coming in. Then they greeted them in Japanese and said, “Welcome.” (Yokoso.)

Lin ShuYi could not understand this. Shen Fu took him and went straight inside.

The japanese ingredients were not particularly expensive so the price tended to be geared towards the regular civilians so the price was reasonable for the regular folk. The dish decorations wer very fresh and not overdone, with fresh flowers fragments could be seen everywhere. Even the curtain that acted as a divider was made from blue flower patterned fabric and looked particularly comfortable.

They entered the private room and a girl came in from outside. She put a thick menu in front of Shen Fu and asked in Japanese, “What do you want to eat?”

Shen Fu pushed the menu to Chen Fang and then ordered from the list according to his memory, “White tuna sashimi, assorted tempura, Eel Sushi roll… Chen Fang, order what you want to eat.”

White tuna:

When the waitress heard them talk, and her eyes immediately turned round. “Are you from China?”

At last came a sentence that Lin ShuYi could understand, he smiled and nodded.

Perhaps it was because she saw a fellow Chinese person in this foreign land, the waitress began to talk more. She praised how cute Xiao Yu and Tao Tao were, then she asked them where they came from. Lin ShuYi answered them one by one, without feeling impatience.

Shen Fu looked at the glass on the table without expression.

Xiao Yu looked at Shen Fu’s face, looked away, raised his cup and said, “Sister, I’m a little thirsty. Can you pour me a glass of water?”

Only then did the waiter realize that she had chatted too much with the guests. She said embarrassingly, “I’m sorry, I’ll be right here.”

Shen Fu looked at Xiao Yu and praised him with his eyes.

Chen Fang smacked his lips and sighed in his heart that, even at young age Xiao Yu already had a belly as black as his dark, this kid gonna become someone formidable in the future.

Lin ShuYi knew every twisted thought inside Shen Fu, he reached under the table and pinched Shen Fu’s hand. His smile on the corner of his mouth never dropped. Shen Fu showed a jealous expression once in a while, quite handsome in a way.

Shen Fu saw Lin ShuYi’s smile and raised his eyebrows. He squeezed his hand and pulled it in his direction. Two minutes later, Lin ShuYi snapped his hand back, stared at Shen Fu fiercely, and his ears were red.

Shen Fu was in a much better mood.

Chen Fang turned away with a constipation face/sour face, pretending that he didn’t know what they were doing.

The restaurant Shen Fu recc was defo a good one, although not a well-known place, the cuisine was not bad at all. The wasabi tasted very authentic, spicy but didn’t overlay the freshness and unique flavor of the food. 

Addis T/N: Real wasabi can be found in certain markets in the US. Though fresh wasabi is highly expensive at around $99.99 USD a pound (.45 kilogram). 

In order to cater to Xiao Yu’s tastes because he didn’t like the sashimi, Shen Fu ordered an eel fried rice set, it was accompanied by a small portion of chawanmushi and miso soup. The amount was not particularly large, but for Xiao Yu it was enough, and since Taotao could not eat too much rice, he ate the chawanmushi.

After dinner, Chen Fang officially followed the family of four and went to Uncle Alan’s house to meet old master Shen and Shen Fu’s parents.

Everyone warmly welcomed his arrival. Shen Fu had already told him about the details of the wedding and there was nothing for him to help with. They just measured his height and size so that they could pick out his suit. After all, as the only groomsman at the wedding, his position was only a display item.

Chen Fang was naturally asked if he wanted to stay for the evening. He grew up with Shen Fu when he was a child. For Shen Fu, he was just like a brother. Of course, this should never be said in front of brother Shen, although Brother Shen himself regarded Chen Fang as half a brother.

Chen Fang thought about it and finally refused.

The reasons were as follows: Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi were too fond of each other. He was a single dog, and he felt awful. Brother Shen and Brother Jiang Cheng were also a couple, this single dod had to suffer from the same deal.  Even Papa Shen and Mama Shen loved to show their love even when they were old… To sum up, for the psychological safety of single dogs, it was better not to stay here.

Chen Fang drove back in a car and another day passed, which meant that there were only four days left for Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi’s wedding.


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