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Chapter 64: My greatest hobby is playing with nuns… 

Auguste rubbed his finger across Hai’an’s long pointed ears, causing a feeling of numbness to travel down his spine. Hai’an trembled all over and tried not to moan. Fortunately, Auguste just plucked the hair for him, instead of pressing against his ear as he did last time.

Hai’an breathed a sigh of relief, then smiled happily, “Think ~”

Would he like Auguste to take him out? He had never been out of the Elune Forest before, and his greatest pleasure was to see the fights and parties of the plant goblins. After he came to this world, he seemed to have been on the run. The scenery he could see was similar to that of the Elune Forest, and it was not long before he became human.

Flower Street’s Oriental style buildings, food, and clothing were his first contact with the outside world as a small human. The inn had carved beams and painted buildings, and gold bronze tiles. The structure revealed the Oriental breath was continuous, even a small window was exquisitely carved. Ancient color and fragrance, exquisite and unique.

Hai’an was almost blinded.

There was also the long stairs to the street with star beads hanging, bright bonfires and bright moonlight. Pedestrians paddled slowly under the bridge, leaving a circle of ripples. The clothes worn by tourists on the road were fabrics that Hai’an had never seen before. They looked faint with dark lines. When the night lights shined, they glimmered with satin and silk yarn, which completely attracted Hai’an’s eyes.

Hai’an pulled Auguste’s coat with one hand and pointed at the pedestrian below with the other hand. Most of his body was poked out. Auguste quickly held his waist to prevent Hai’an from falling out.

“Yes, I’ll buy one for you.” Auguste’s voice echoed Hai’an’s thoughts. As soon as Hai’an heard this, he sat down and shook his hands at Auguste’s clothes.

 “Auguste is so kind to me.” Hai’an, like most children, once he started speaking, would speak more smoothly and longer, and now he could speak short sentences.

But Hai’an was not going to ask Auguste to buy clothes for him. He was just curious about the shape of the clothes and wanted Auguste to tell him about them. He didn’t expect Auguste to buy clothes for him as soon as he opened his mouth.

Auguste took Hai’an to his bosom and said, “Let’s go and find someone first. When we get back, we’ll take you down to the mall and buy you new clothes and toys.”

“Um-huh!” Hai’an nodded quickly with his eyes open.

Just then Jamie knocked on the door. “Hello, Auguste, are you ready? We can go now.”

“All right.” Auguste answered. First they had to go to Palatine and ask him to help translate maps, and then they could have a good time on the planet.

“Take your hood with you.” Auguste raised his hand and put the hood behind Hai’an’s coat on Hai’an’s head. “Grey fog is windy.”

“Oh ~” Hai’an obediently pressed his hood, then immediately pulled on Auguste’s clothes and pointed to his collar, “Augustine also wears ~”

Auguste lowered his head and gently swept Hai’an’s face with his lips. Hai’an’s face was now a little cold by the wind, but it was still slippery and soft. “I don’t need it. I’m not cold.”

“How are we going?” said Carl, leaning outside the door. As soon as he saw Auguste coming out of the room, he straightened himself up and began to ask, “Go on sitting in the ship?”

“That’s for sightseeing while traveling. Why do we have to fly with that?”

“Yes, let’s try some other tools. I think that flying broom is good.” Colin took Jamie’s words, Flower Street has many means of transportation, but there were no normal flying cars, spacecrafts and other aircrafts, but carpets, magic brooms, and painted ships, these wonderful vehicles and more.

Finally, Colin sat on his magic broom as he wished, while Auguste and the rest of them sat in a pumpkin carriage.

“Shit! It’s so windy outside!!!!” Colin held his hair and tried to catch up with them outside the pumpkin carriage.

Jamie waved to Colin inside the carriage. “You said you were going to ride a magic broom.”

Colin’s voice grew more and more blurred in the sudden wind. “How would I know the wind in the Grey Fog City is so heavy!!” His clothes were pounded by the wind and propped up. At first glance, he looked like a fat man. His hair was blown up like a beast. All of his clothes were fluttering backwards. The silk was vertical, like a lot of thorns growing behind his head.

His brother, Corson, took out his nanocomputer and shot ten consecutive photos of Colin. “Colin! Look here!”

Colin heard his brother calling for him and turned his head. “Fuck you!!!!”


Both pumpkin carriage and magic broom flew very fast. They were not ornamental walking tools like the painted ship, but were used for long distances. In addition, Grey Fog City and Long Street were very close, so only a few minutes later, they arrived in Grey Fog City, where Palatine had been staying for almost three hundred years.

Before Palatine came to the city as a priest, he was the most famous translator in the empire.

There were no words he did not know and no one knew how many years he had lived. The only thing people knew about him was his gentle tone, calm, indifferent image, as well as his crazy obsession with medicine and music. So people understood his behavior of running to Flower Street as a priest when he retired.

But three hundred years later, there were many talented people in Dituli. No matter how famous Palatine was before, time would gradually bury his past. Nowadays, few people remembered him.

The pumpkin carriage stopped on a broad road surrounded by dilapidated houses. Auguste got out of the carriage in turn. Colin touched his broom to the ground and immediately jumped on Corson. “I’m going to throw up…”

Corson quickly held Colin.

“It’s the same here.” Jamie stood on the sidewalk with his arms crossed and looked around, sighing.

Flower Street had night, day, dusk, dawn, and the city of fog, on this dawn line.

The wind was very strong in the foggy city, and the withered black leaves fell with the cold wind gusts. There were few pedestrians on the street, because this was the slum of Flower Street, the most desolate place of the whole Star.

In the distant withered woods, there was a white point, and the white cross on the top was solemn and steady. After a few more steps, countless carefully carved spires lay on top of each other, piercing the clouds as if they were going to penetrate the grey vault.

That was where Palatine lived, the Church of Erenie.

“Colin, can you still go?” Colin’s whole body hung onto Corson, and Alia looked at them helplessly.

“Yes… Help me…”

“Go then,” Carl said, waving to them. “Keep up.”

The church was not far from them, just around the corner at the end of the road, which was lined with dead trees with fallen leaves and sporadic leaves hanging from the black branches. It was estimated that the cold wind would blow them down in the near future.

At the door of the church, a man in a black cloak swept the floor. The cloak covered his face, making his face invisible. The door of the church was open. From the outside, they could see the dazzling enamel window lattices and tall stone pillars with vivid marble reliefs, candlesticks on both sides of the church, rows of candlelight flickering, and the sound of flames burning.

In the church stood a man in black sacrificial clothes, standing before the cross, praying softly. The glass lamp hanging from the ceiling gave him a soft yellow light, as holy and quiet as if he was bathed in the Holy light.


Palatine heard Auguste’s footsteps early. After Auguste called his name, Palatine turned around with a smile on his face, but his eyes looked at the ground, not their eyes. “Long time no see, Auguste.”

This greeting was almost identical to Dean’s. Dean’s every move was almost a copy of Palatine – but it was only when he was not mad.

“Are you here to tell me something?” Palatine spoke, his eyes drooping slightly, and his long eyelashes cast a shadow on his face, matched by his snow-white hair, as if he were a god.

“No, I’m here to ask you for help.” As Auguste spoke, Jamie stepped forward and gave the map to Palatine.

Palatine took the map and unfastened the rope. “This is…”

“This is a map. I want you to translate it for me.”

Palatine gave a light laugh, and his lips drew an elegant arc. “Okay. Come back to me in a month’s time.”


So simple? It was just a few words, Hai’an thought it would be more difficult. After the war broke out in Nore, the priests and priestesses in the temple of mankind began to change. They also learned from the fallen black magicians to make profits for themselves. He didn’t expect the world priests to be so gentle and loving.

As Auguste was about to turn and leave, Palatine suddenly said, “By the way, the elf spirit in your arms is very lovely. Can you let me see him?” 

Spirit? Auguste stopped when he heard a word he had never heard before.

Hai’an was also frozen. He didn’t expect that somebody in the world would know about the elf race. Hai’an turned his head, but just went up to Palatine and looked him in the eye.

It was a pair of grey eyes, the same color as the sky in the Grey Fog Street. Hai’an suddenly remembered that Dean’s eyes were the same, oppressive and deep, even deeper than black, as if they had condensed countless past events.

Hai’an could not help shrinking his neck. The scene of Dean crushing the dragon’s eggs still echoed in his mind. When he saw Palatine’s eyes, he would think of Dean and make him afraid.

Without waiting for Auguste’s consent, Palatine went straight down the front desk and came to Auguste. The plain black sacrificial clothes gently brushed the steps without a sound.

Auguste stood still.

No one in the church could move except Palatine, who was approaching them. Hai’an held Auguste’s clothes tightly in his hand. He wanted to look back at Auguste, but he found that he had no strength to turn back. He could not even move his eyes, and could only stare at Palatine.


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