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Chapter 65: Your good friend [Uncle Ye] is online. 

Palatine’s grey eyes gazed at Hai’an with infatuation. “White elves… A very pure race, you are too clean…”

He stretched out his right hand, his white fingers were distinct, and his cool fingertips lightly touched Hai’an’s forehead.

In an instant, fragments of many pictures rushed to Hai’an’s mind.——

Fire and smoke covered the clear blue sky of the Elune Forest. Every few steps, burnt plants or dead animals lying on the ground could be seen. Those plant Goblins who could not leave their main body could only let the tongue of fire wrap their hair and fill them with tears. There was a bright red light in his eyes.

Later, the tree of life withered, the leaves quickly withered and turned yellow, and fell off the branches. All the moonlight flowers on the lake had already died, and the withered smoky yellow petals floated quietly on the lake…

Hai’an could not hear a sound, but the rapid flash of the picture was silent with despair. It cut a wound in Hai’an’s peace of mind. Hai’an stared, tears filled his eyes quickly, and finally he could not bear it and cried, his tears hit the ground. At this moment, the silent church made a little unheard sound.

Seeing Hai’an crying, Palatin slipped his finger on Hai’an’s forehead down his nose, wiped Hai’an’s tears, and then opened his mouth, as if to taste the tears.

Slap! Auguste suddenly moved, clapping Palatine’s hand with the arm he did not hold Hai’an with.

Auguste laid down a heavy hand, and Hai’an could hear Auguste’s dull crash on Palatine’s arm. Palatine covered his arm and retreated a few steps. He looked down at the ground and stopped staring at them. He frowned slightly and took a little breath. “Ah… What a terrible possessive desire…

After Palatine moved away from their eyes and stared at Auguste, all the people could move. Hai’an lowered his head and held his hand tightly. Auguste held Hai’an’s head and took him to his arms. Palatine rubbed his arm and turned around with the map and wanted to go. “Oh, I’m old…”

“Palatine,” said Auguste, whose quiet, steady voice you could not hear the joys and sorrows, “I will never ask Colin to give you a photo of the new nuns in the stars again.”

Palatine froze suddenly.

“No,” said Palatine, turning quickly and lowering his voice, “Auguste, I have something to say…” Palatine wanted to say something more to save it.

Knock. There was a sound of blunt knocks on the door of the church. Auguste turned and looked at the sound source – the man they had first seen sweeping the floor in a black cloak at the church door.

“Time is up.” His voice was cold and hoarse, like that of a cold wind blowing through dead leaves.

“Uncle Ye, time is not yet…” Palatine raised his hand, but the man only looked up at Palatine, and Palatine closed his mouth.

The man named Uncle Ye by Palatine had a pair of very bright blue eyes, like the best sapphire, which glowed brilliantly. When he took off his cloak, he showed short and messy golden hair, reflecting the candlelight in the church, shining like the sun, but his face was very cold. Cool, pale lips, high nose, deep facial features, like the hall sculpture, no expression. But when he saw Palatine’s gesture of covering his arm, he went forward and kneaded Palatine’s hand.

“Oh, nun portraits.”

“Well,” sighed Palatine again, as if he hadn’t heard Uncle Ye’s sneer, waving at Auguste, “Go ahead, I’ll translate the map for you.”

“What is a spirit?” Colin suddenly asked. Obviously, he had just heard what Palatine had said to Hai’an, “Aren’t you a plant?”

“You have no culture…” Palatine’s voice, with a trace of indulgence and helplessness, whispered softly, but still looked down. “He ate the fruit, in fact, he did not need to, but he became like this…”

Auguste frowned at this. “How did you know that?”

“One month later, one month later, you come to me to get the map, and I’ll tell you everything.” Palatine laughed softly in a low voice. “Do you have anything else to ask?”

A month later, it was Ariella and Ivan’s wedding.

“Yes,” Auguste tightened his arms around Hai’an. “Why did Dean’s eyes turn grey?”

“He…” Palatine raised his eyes, but instead of looking at Auguste, he looked out into the sky. “Maybe it was burned by the stars of the Grey City…”

Carl couldn’t help but take a step forward. There were no stars in Fog City. What kind of ghost answer was this? Did bullying them make him feel better?

“You should go now.” Carl wanted to say something, but Uncle Ye supported Palatine and ordered him to leave.

“Hai’an.” Palatine’s voice was still soft.

But Hai’an, who had been huddled in Auguste’s clothes, was startled.

This name… He hadn’t heard it for a long time.

“Don’t be sad, you’ll find your home.”

Hai’an couldn’t help looking back at Palatine. He still had drooping grey eyes, white hair hanging over his ears and a gentle smile on an uncommon face.

Astrologers. He didn’t know why, Hai’an suddenly thought of such a name in his mind.

Legend has it that they were descendants of God, had the blood of God, the ability to retrospect the past and predict the future, but because this power was too strong, they spent a part of their life stuck in every retrospect or prophesy they told. Although they would not grow old, they had white hair, all people who looked at them, would fall into the whirlpool of time, static in that instant.

Palatine must be an astrologer! Hai’an remembered the pictures that came to his mind when Palatine met him. He had never said anything to anyone. Only astrologers had the ability to retrospect time.

“Death is another rebirth… God loves all…” Palatine was still mumbling.

What does he mean? Hai’an didn’t understand, but Palatine didn’t seem to want to go on. If what he said was true, would he still have a chance to meet the queen, the elders and other elves? But Hai’an did not get an answer. The church door closed behind them slowly. Uncle Ye’s golden hair flashed through the crack of the door, leaving a gentle closing sound.

In the distance came the sound of the evening bell, and the cool wind outside blew Hai’an’s hair. Auguste pulled at Hai’an’s hood.

“Hai’an… JianJian…” Someone was crying out his name in the wind, but Hai’an didn’t hear it very clearly, because after coming out of the church, it seemed that there was an irresistible force dragging him into the darkness. Strong frustration hit him. Hai’an blinked twice and lost consciousness.

When Hai’an woke up, they had already returned to the inn. When he opened his eyes, he saw the red gauze tent with beautiful embroidery above his head, and the room was silent. What about Auguste?

Hai’an flipped the quilt and sat up, only to find that he seemed to have grown up?

Hai’an licked a circle of his teeth and found that all his teeth had grown in.

Hai’an: “…”

Look at his fat arms and his fat hands. It was not really an illusion. He was really grown up! But what about Auguste?

Hai’an looked around the house and found no shadow of Auguste. Was he thrown away???!! Hai’an was frightened to walk out of bed. First he lay on the bed, then he put his legs down, but the bed was very high. Even if Hai’an grew up now, his legs were still very short.

Auguste pushed open the door where he lived with Hai’an with the express food he had just got. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Hai’an’s white buttocks shaking at him.

Auguste: “…”

JianJian is too open. Auguste had not forgotten that when he first saw the Hai’an figure, he was naked. And it was in the light of a ship! But he was the only one who saw JianJian’s naked body, which should be considered a kind of progress.

“How did you get out of bed?” Auguste stepped forward, grabbed Hai’an’s butt, held him as if he was holding a child, and kissed him on the cheek. Well, it felt good and his face was soft.

Hai’an was stunned by Auguste’s series of actions.

“I’m going to get you some new clothes.” Auguste walked over to the table with Hai’an in his arms, put Hai’an on the table covered with soft tablecloth, shook the express bag in his hand, and opened it in front of Hai’an.

Inside were two sets of clothes, both black and red Tang clothes. When Hai’an saw the clothes, he thought of Auguste. The red silk embroidered on the Tang costume was a Chinese dragon, jumping on the black brocade, there was a sense of majesty and domineering, “I heard this is called Chinese dragon, is also a kind of dragon, but I haven’t seen them. We don’t even look the same…”

After that, Auguste’s voice was a little low. The two dragons were not very similar, but two completely different species. Hai’an looked up at Auguste and opened his mouth to speak. But Auguste did not give him the chance.

“Come on, I’ll change it for you.” As he spoke, Auguste quickly shook off his Tang costume and began to put it on Hai’an. Hai’an had to shut his mouth first, but Auguste still played with his body.

Hai’an sat on the bed. Auguste knelt half on his bed and put on his shoes. They were small black embroidered cloth shoes. They also had a thick layer of fluff in them. They looked very warm.

“Auguste…” Hai’an whispered Auguste’s name.

Auguste suddenly looked up and licked Hai’an’s mouth, either kiss or lick. Hai’an’s eyes were wide with surprise as his hot tongue scratched across his lips.



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July 28, 2019 11:52 am

OMG.auguste no tiene control me va asustar a hai’ an.
Thank you

July 28, 2019 12:14 pm

I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous chapter the whole day today. I’m glad none of the scenarious I thought about went through. Oh, and I’m glad Hai’an skipped teething pain. Now that he is bigger, Auguste may not feel as guilty as he did before.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 28, 2019 5:01 pm

Ohh, Palatine Just arouse more questions. Those visions were the past or the future? What does he mean Hai’an Will find his home? Hmmm.

Thanks for the chapter!

July 29, 2019 4:13 am

So glad Palatine is not a bad person~ However… That was the meaning of the cryptic previous chapter title? 🤔 *Image of Palatine crumbling down*

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October 18, 2019 12:56 pm

wow… that Priest is really something….
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Omg apakah berarti hipotesis ku benar? Heum sepertinya iya. Dan mungkin hanya Jianjian yang tersisa?. Bukankah jianjian bilang hanya dia yang paling kecil di tmpt tinggalnya dulu? Dan yang lebih dewasa dari nya mulai menghilang saat mendekati hari kedewasaannya. Dna mungkin tetua dan ratu elf tau itu dan tau Jianjian akan bisa membangkitkan lagi e

September 22, 2021 4:51 pm

Well that’s all a bit sudden! Hai’an seems to have had a noticeable growth spurt and now sounds generally larger, especially if Auguste can kiss his lips. No wonder he’s excitedly happy… and Hai’an’s confused.
I hope nothing happens to Palatine before he can speak more to them. I just have a bad feeling.
Thanks for translating.

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