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Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just as Shen Fu suspected, the situation wasn’t so easily defused. It was barely ten days before Yang JianGuo returned again and this time, it wasn’t just him and Yang Xiao, there was also his wife, the one that hadn’t shown her face yet.

It was only when the car stopped at XiQin’s front doors did Zhao XueMei slowly get out of it. When she got out, the first thing she did was take a look at the restaurant and then say, “Seriously, after all these years I’ve been away, it’s still just as cheap.” She looked both ways, made sure no one saw her, then replaced her mocking expression with a smile. She turned around to call her son, “XiaoXiao, come out, we’re going to see your grandpa.”

Yang Xiao made a sound of acknowledgement and then jump out of the car. He was actually holding a box of milk and a pretty looking dessert as he walked over to Zhao XueMei. From an onlookers perspective, maybe they would’ve thought that a relative of old man Yang’s came to visit. Since with the milk and dessert, it did have some feelings to it.

Yang JianGuo was the last to get out. He took his time, not wanting to go in. Even if other people didn’t know why Zhao XueMei was here, there was no way he didn’t. For the past few days, Zhao XueMei had been blowing a fuss, throwing things, all for that house and that super-money-grabbing-spa. The owner of the store was likely urging her and thus she turned around to urge him. But, there was no way Yang JianGuo could come up with that money on the spot.

All his relatives have been offended by Zhao XueMei’s love of fortune and distaste for the poor. Most weren’t in contact with him anymore, much less willing to lend him money. Not only that, with this kind of situation, even if they had money, he couldn’t bring himself to ask. Since she couldn’t borrow the money, she could only turn to that old building of old man Yang’s.

In their house, Zhao XueMei had scolded him from head to toe, then turned around to tidy herself up and had Yang Xiao buy the gifts. She then took the two of them to a place she hadn’t returned to in years. Even if Yang JianGuo was a hundred percent unwilling, there was nothing he could do now. Zhao XueMei was determined, if she wasn’t happy, then no one was.

The three people inside were currently eating. It wasn’t meal time yet, but those who worked in the restaurant business could never have meals at the right time. Thus, as there were currently no customers, just the three gathered together chatting, full of smiles like a real family.

Zhao XueMei’s gaze instantly turned cold, but her mouth didn’t stop, “Dad.”

Old man Yang quickly turned around. Seeing that it was her, he wiped his hand on his apron then stood up and said, “XueMei, you’re back, have you eaten yet? We’re still eating, if you haven’t, then I’ll make you something.”

Old man Yang had always been respectful to Zhao XueMei, not because he wanted to, but because his wife died young. So when Zhao XueMei married in, he was the only one left. As the only in law, the more respectful he was, the more he took her in as part of the family.

Zhao XueMei’s smile became even brighter, “No thanks, we ate on the way here. This time we are here to visit you.”

Once he heard ‘we’, old man Yang saw two people coming in from the back and that was Yang JianGuo and Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao had things in both hands. The first thing he did was fiercely stare at Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi, before smiling at old man Yang. He placed the things on the table and said, “Grandpa.”

Old man Yang stared at the pastry for a while. This store sold pretty good Chinese pastries, it just that it was a bit too sweet.

Yang JianGuo, who stood beside Zhao XueMei also greeted, “Dad.”

The family of three and old man Yang, it was as if a uncrossable gap appeared between them, separating them to two fronts. Both Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu furrowed their brows.

Zhao XueMei only took a look at them when she walked in and then proceeded to ignore their existence. She sat down and pushed the stuff on the table towards old man Yang, “Dad, we’re here to say sorry. Last time, JianGuo and XiaoXiao didn’t know any better and angered you.”

She went all the way, no matter who saw this scene, they would have believed her to be a polite and thoughtful daughter-in law. Hearing this, old man Yang also had a smile on his face.

Lin ShuYi also loosened his brows. Only Shen Fu rubbed his lips thoughtfully and looked knowingly at Zhao XueMei, clearly he figured out what she was trying to do.

Old man Yang said with a smile, “We’re all family, so don’t say things like sorry. JianGuo’s my son and XiaoXiao’s my grandson, there’s no way I would actually get angry at them. So stuff like this, don’t say it anymore. Come, sit down, I’ll get you guys some water.”

Hearing that, Lin ShuYi stood up and said, “Grandpa, I’ll get it.”

Old man Yang didn’t think further, but Zhao XueMei took another look at Lin ShuYi. Yang Xiao couldn’t retain his composure and wanted to say something, but Zhao XueMei pulled him back. She give him a look, then unwillingly, he stepped behind her. Lin ShuYi went to pour water while old man Yang cleaned up the table, thus only Shen Fu saw this laughable scene. With that, he was sure they were up to no good.

“Dad, how’s the business these days?” Zhao XueMei asked.

In reality, she couldn’t care more about this restaurant. Looking at how run down this place was, how could there be business? If it was good business, why couldn’t it earn any money? She simply found a topic to ease into things, since she didn’t want to piss old man Yang right off the bat with the house.

Old man Yang was just happy that Zhao XueMei, who never cared about the restaurant asked about it. So with happiness he replied, “It’s okay, but recently it’s been pretty good, mostly because of these two kids.”

Even if old man Yang hadn’t brought it up, Zhao XueMei was going to ask more about these two kids. Now that he brought it up himself, Zhao XueMei carried along with the conversation, “These two kids…”

Back when Zhao XueMei was still at home, she barely spoke a word to old man Yang. Being upset was a daily occurrence, so now that she was so soft spoken, old man Yang just thought that she had gotten better over the years. Seeing that she asked, he just casually told her, “This is Xiao Fu, that’s Xiao Yi, they’re cousins. Xiao Yi’s parents are gone, so I took pity on him and had him help out in the restaurant, it’s been a few months. Xiao Fu just arrived and has been living with Xiao Yi. He often comes over to help as well.”

Ah, so it’s a kid without a mom or dad, Zhao XueMei snorted coldly in her heart. Old man Yang could barely take care of himself, and now he wanted to take care of another. If he had that kind of free time, why not do something actually money-gaining? Even though that’s what she thought, Zhao XueMei didn’t let it show on her face. No matter what, she had lived with old man Yang for a long time and she knew about him. Although he was old, he wasn’t as meek as Yang JianGuo. Even though he appeared mostly soft spoken, he had fire in him. The house was under his name, so if they angered him and he didn’t want to give it to them, there was nothing they could do about it. Thus, it was better to go along with his attitude.

Thinking it this far, Zhao XueMei smiled again, “Now that dad said that, poor child.”

Now old man Yang was sure Zhao XueMei turned around for the better, and ignored the fact that they hadn’t come to visit for years. He asked, “JianGuo, there’s no work today?”

Even though it was Wednesday because Zhao XueMei’s ‘do as it comes to mind’ attitude, he took a day off. Yang JianGuo didn’t even dare look up at his father, so he replied with a muffled sound, “…yes.”

Whenever Zhao XueMei saw him like this, she couldn’t help but feel pissed. There wasn’t an ounce of manliness in him. A coward couldn’t ever achieve anything. Zhao XueMei glared at Yang JianGuo, but he ignored her. Since she was already here, even if it worked out, he wasn’t needed and if not, then it was better she gave up early.

Lin ShuYi came out of the curtains carrying a few glasses of water, first handing one to old man Yang, then Yang JianGuo and Zhao XueMei, and lastly to Shen Fu and Yang Xiao.

When Yang JianGuo took the glass, he at least said thank you, whereas Zhao XueMei didn’t say anything. She didn’t even look at him and Yang Xiao didn’t even bother taking the glass. When Lin ShuYi came over, he just glared at him, but was ignored by Lin ShuYi, who just placed the water on the table in front of him. Then, he turned around to sit beside Shen Fu.

Although from appearances, he looked younger than Yang Xiao, but in reality, Lin ShuYi felt like Yang Xiao was acting like a stupid kid. He was too lazy to be bothered by him.

Shen Fu, seeing that Lin ShuYi sat beside him, whispered into his ears, “I feel like this Yang Xiao’s really not likeable.”
At first, he thought Lin ShuYi would say it was non-sense, but to his surprise, Lin ShuYi took a look at Yang Xiao and then formally nodded. Shen Fu couldn’t hold it in and laughed.

Yang Xiao had his attention on Lin ShuYi this whole time, so first it was Shen Fu whispering to him, then he looked over. From Yang Xiao’s perspective, they were clearly talking trash about him, especially since Shen Fu laughed in the end. That made it intolerable for him. In a heartbeat Yang Xiao stood up and yelled, “What are you two talking about over there?!” Not only that, he also pointed his finger at Lin ShuYi .

Shen Fu narrowed his eyes. Not only was he hot-tempered, unable to take a joke, his personality was just as bad. Really, nothing like his grandpa. Lin ShuYi didn’t say anything and just stared at him coldly. His made such a commotion but was completely ignored by the other side, that made Yang Xiao boil in anger. His arrogance wasn’t something new and he felt the consequences, but he still didn’t change. Especially since he saw Lin ShuYi was much younger than him, he wanted to change even less. Even if he couldn’t beat the bigger one, there was no way he couldn’t beat the shorter one.

His commotion disturbed the two who were still talking, old man Yang, who didn’t know what happened, quickly asked, “What happened?”

Zhao XueMei looked over as well. She knew her son well, so he was definitely holding a grudge over the two from last time and now was trying to pick a fight. Zhao XueMei had wanted to bring this up as well, but because she was trying to gain old man Yang’s favor, there was no need to make him upset over two outsiders. Thus, she looked towards Yang JianGuo, hoping he would say something.

However, Yang JianGuo didn’t want to help Yang Xiao make trouble. He knew very well that it was Yang Xiao who made a move first and Shen Fu only squeezed his wrist, with no intention to harm him. Not only that, if he let Yang Xiao continue, Shen Fu might not let him off so easily this time.

“XiaoXiao! What are you doing?!” He yelled.

Seeing that Yang JianGuo didn’t follow her will and instead helped the other side, Zhao XueMei bit her lips, remembering to deal with him later. Right now, the house was more important.

Yang Xiao saw that neither his mom nor his dad helped him, yelled with wide eyes, “What did I do?! They were talking behind my back, why can’t I say anything?!”

Old man Yang looked at Yang Xiao, then looked at Lin ShuYi , then finally at Yang Xiao and said, “Xiao Yi’s still young, XiaoXiao don’t take it too seriously.”

Now that had blown the fuse for two people, but before Zhao XueMei could say anything, Yang Xiao shouted, “Who is your grandson here?!”


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