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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu WuQing’s usually sharp and fierce eyes curved, causing his eyes to glimmer. It was easy to imagine how alluringly beautiful they would be, misty and on the verge of tears.

Even the usually cold corners of his eyes would redden just slightly, like blooming cherry blossoms, that took root in one’s heart. They’d stain the clearest of waters and have even the most righteous and pure Daoist wanting nothing more than to see him cry.

Then, lick away those tears.

From the bridge of his nose to his lips to his jawbone.

No one noticed that right then and there, there was a person hiding in the darkness. No one knew how long they had been there for. Not even the strongest cultivator in the Lower Realm, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect, noticed this presence at all.

The figure’s fingers curled slightly, veins popping out on their slender, unblemished fingers from holding back.

Formless demonic energy seeped from their fingers, leaking into the ground. The ten-thousand-year-old ley line under withered in an instant, but the grassy lands above remained lush and green.

Only a Soul Transformation stage cultivator using their spiritual energy to dig deep would notice this change.

Chu WuQing stared down at Gu Yu who was cautiously, carefully begging. The sentiment and dependence in his gaze was like a child begging for love from their elder, yet still abiding by the restrictions of servant and master.

This was Gu Yu. The Gu Yu that had once pushed the Chu Family over the edge.

The Gu Yu that had once used arrays to trap even the Void Comprehension stage patriarch of the Chu Clan!

He was still so young, still held belief in the goodness of human nature. Chu WuQing’s lips curled into a smile and the malice in his heart grew limitlessly. He stretched out his hand and said to the teen that had grown quite a bit taller now, “Very well.”

His voice, like the sound of ice jade striking stone, held a natural tone of arrogance to it, lofty and untouchable, yet it made one’s imagination spin. You’d want to see his pride and dignity torn down and taint the coldness of his voice with sensuality.

Every sound that came from those lips landed on the most sensitive part of their hearts, causing their blood to heat up.

No matter what kind of thoughts they had, they couldn’t help the jealousy they had towards Gu Yu. They wanted nothing more than to replace him, be in his shoes and erase him.

How dare Gu Yu?

This despicable brat.

Even after these few battles, Chu WuQing’s robes were still impeccable, but his slightly opened collar revealed a hint of the beauty beneath. His usually tightly covered Adam’s apple was now exposed.

The scenery below that delicate bump was still hidden, but if he were to bend down just slightly, Gu Yu, who was in his embrace, would be able to peek at the collarbones beneath his robes…

No, no, he couldn’t. The veins on the back of the hidden figure’s hand turned slightly brown. They covered their body in snow and frost to try and calm themselves, blood dripping from between their fingers.

Chu WuQing’s voice was like a song from the heavens, falling in Gu Yu’s ears. As if he had been bestowed some kind of great honour, Gu Yu managed to keep his expression composed, but his heart was thudding loudly in his chest.

Gu Yu stretched out a hand, his fingertips trembling. He didn’t know if it was from nerves or excitement, but his breath grew heavy and the atmosphere around them seemed to grow heavy and suggestive.

In order to hide his dangerously mounting emotions, Gu Yu slowly closed his eyes.

Yet when his hand was about to touch the corner of Chu WuQing’s robes, there was a flash of white, and sharp claws left a bleeding scratch on Gu Yu’s fingers. When he opened his eyes to look, he found out some rabbit had popped out of nowhere.

The aura this rabbit exuded was clearly only grade one. It was a most insignificant prey animal used for nothing but food, a tiny snow-white ball of fluff. It looked completely harmless.

Yet Gu Yu somehow sensed triumph and arrogance from this creature, and the moment it had scratched him, he had even felt a thick killing intent from it.

This killing intent definitely wasn’t a hallucination.

Gu Yu was about to kill this strange rabbit that had appeared out of nowhere, when he saw this usually clumsy species of animal dexterously climb up Chu WuQing’s robes and onto Chu WuQing’s chest.

Then that damned rabbit even dared to situate itself inside his master’s robes, only its head and drooping ears exposed. Gu Yu even saw it narrow its red eyes in enjoyment.

It was just an insignificant, weak, rabbit only good for being food, yet Gu Yu recognized human-like emotion in its eyes, taunting him.

Then, when Gu Yu was about to get mad at the damn rabbit, it even took out its paw, a chilling light glinting at its soft fur pad, like a cat flashing its claws. Afterwards, it didn’t forget to flick its ears against Chu WuQing’s chest, acting cute.

This was certainly the dirtiest, most despicable, most shameless rabbit in existence. A being that completely overturned the view people had about rabbits.

It made him want to put it in a pan of oil and fry it then feed it to some dirty strays in the mortal realm. No… even starving strays wouldn’t lower themselves to eat this rabbit’s meat.

Yet, no matter what emotions brewed inside, he couldn’t let any of it show. Gu Yu plastered an appropriate smile on his face and looked at Chu WuQing with worry in his gaze, asking, “Master, this thing is…?”

Thing? Your whole family are things! The rabbit’s fur bristled, making it look even more like a ball of fluff.

Chu WuQing comfortingly stroked the ball of rabbit that had stuffed itself into his robes before dragging it out by the neck.

The moment Chu WuQing’s fingers touched Xiao Yan’s skin, Xiao Yan felt his blood heat up uncontrollably.

Chu WuQing’s fingers were cold. After establishing foundations through the Sword Path of Slaughter, it gave this coldness an aura of detachment from the mortal world, yet when Xiao Yan felt it on his body, it was even more intoxicating than wine. Each and every inch of his skin seemed to burn, and if it wasn’t for his still intact fur, even the roots of his hair would probably be red by now.

When Chu WuQing picked Xiao Yan up by the neck, Gu Yu saw, to his utmost surprise, blood dribble from the rabbit’s nose!

Chu WuQing frowned slightly, tossing the rabbit into Gu Yu’s arms in disdain. “A pet I picked up.”

He had only left for one day and one night, and Master had picked up a strange rabbit? Who knows where it had come from? Gu Yu held the rabbit down, making sure it wasn’t able to return to Chu WuQing as he quickly said, “Master, this rabbit is extremely suspicious. How could a normal grade one spiritual beast move so fast, never mind break through this subordinate’s defenses, especially considering how coincidental its arrival was. I believe this rabbit might be a puppet under the control of a high-level cultivator, purposefully approaching you, Master, with some ulterior motive.”

The rabbit could originally easily escape Gu Yu’s grasp, but upon hearing Gu Yu’s words, it suppressed its movements, pretending to struggle futilely while wiping the blood from its nose on Gu Yu’s hand.

“In addition, it doesn’t move like a normal rabbit. What normal rabbit would fly and run instead of hopping? Just in case,” Gu Yu solemnly petitioned, “Can master grant my request and give me the rabbit so that I may dissect it. A puppetry technique that allows cultivators below Nascent Soul stage to split their soul and inhabit the body of a puppet would vastly improve the XianLing Sect’s combative prowess, if successfully reverse engineered and applied.”

By the time he finished speaking, Gu Yu’s entire expression had twisted. That rabbit had sliced open Gu Yu’s hands until they were bloody and torn, and even wiped its claws on the grass in disgust after, as if Gu Yu was some disgusting, dirty thing… even dirtier than the ground.

This dirty human brat, wait no, he wasn’t a real rabbit, why did he subconsciously call the other “human brat”? At this thought, the rabbit grew even more merciless in its slicing, not just attacking Gu Yu’s hands, but even going down towards his wrists.

Why was he a cultivator and not a mortal? Then he would die from having his wrists sliced open.

When Chu WuQing’s gaze landed on it, though, the rabbit swiftly hid its little claws under its chubby, fluffy stomach. Its wide red eyes gazed at Chu WuQing innocently, and it exuded an aura of a weak, harmless prey animal. It looked even less like a real rabbit now.

“It indeed isn’t a normal rabbit,” Chu WuQing commented as he placed his hand on the rabbit’s body. He could feel the rabbit’s anxiety from hearing his words. It was so nervous, that the thumping of its heart was clearly felt through its skin and fur. What an interesting little thing.

Though he didn’t know why this cultivator had come to him, Chu WuQing didn’t want to look into it because this rabbit clearly didn’t hold any malice towards him. It had even stood guard while he was establishing foundations.

Even if the rabbit did have ulterior motives, he had confidence that he’d be able to escape unscathed.

More importantly, wasn’t it ever so amusing to press this rabbit’s buttons, pushing to the edge of anxiety over and over again, making it struggle on the precipice of being found out?

Especially when he thought of the rage and humiliation the rabbit would feel at being treated and toyed with like a pet.

Yet, no matter how enraged, how humiliated they felt, they would be forced to swallow their emotions and pretend they were a harmless rabbit, treating him as their master.

Chu WuQing’s lips curled into a slight smile. The rabbit’s nerves vanished in an instant like a burst balloon, laying limply on Chu WuQing’s palm before once again bleeding from its nose.

Chu WuQing weighed the rabbit in his hand, his sleeve slipping down his arm slightly and revealing his slender white wrist as well as a hint of his arm. The rabbit’s nosebleed intensified.

If it weren’t for not being in its original form, it would probably become the first ever rabbit to die from blood loss with a nosebleed.

Chu WuQing frowned slightly. “What’s going on? Did it eat something that had gone bad and qi deviate?”

How could a rabbit possibly qi deviate? If gazes could kill, Gu Yu’s gaze would’ve murdered this rabbit over and over again countless times. However, when his gaze landed on Chu WuQing, it transformed into loyal admiration. For the first time, Gu Yu pressed his limit and said, “Master, this thing is too suspicious to leave by your side.”

“It’s fine,” Chu WuQing replied calmly, “Perhaps this is a mutated rabbit, or some hybrid breed between a rabbit and some other beast, giving birth to something so strange.” Just as the rabbit gave a sigh of relief, he continued, “But, you aren’t wrong.”

Gu Yu hadn’t expected that he’d be able to convince Chu WuQing. All he wanted was for Chu WuQing’s resolve to soften. Just a little was enough. He quickly pursued the issue while Chu WuQing was still wavering. “Considering Master’s prowess, it would be fine if Master wants to keep this strange thing. After all, no matter what strange creature it is, it wouldn’t have the power to escape Master’s control, but at least, it should learn some rules of being a pet first.” Gu Yu smiled, saying, “At least to make sure it won’t qi deviate out of nowhere again.”

Damned qi deviation. He didn’t believe for a second that this rabbit had qi deviated or whatever. It clearly just had a nosebleed. He wanted to, too, but he couldn’t.

Gu Yu had never imagined that he would be so jealous of a rabbit. No, this was no rabbit, this was a piece of puppet meat that even starving dogs wouldn’t eat.

At that thought, Gu Yu’s tone grew even more sincere, as did his gaze. He knelt down on one knee and requested, “Please give this unruly pet to me to train, Master, and I’ll return it to you in three days.”

Perhaps if he said it once, Chu WuQing wouldn’t believe there was truly something wrong with this rabbit, but if he continued to emphasise it, seeds of doubt would be sown into even the most confident of thoughts, and the next time Chu WuQing looked at the pet, he would be reminded of these suspicions.

Gu Yu lowered his gaze slightly, looking upon that scheming rabbit that was using its current species’ advantage to get intimate with Chu WuQing with a gentle gaze like never before.

Three days. He had confidence that he would be able to use that time to create a real puppet that one could split their consciousness to inhabit and replace this rabbit with it at Chu WuQing’s side.


The dead couldn’t tattle, after all.

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