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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Of the six races, only the Dragons did this kind of marking with their breath.

In their original form, Dragons could be classified as beasts, and unlike ordinary beasts, they had great strength and higher intelligence and could change into human form, but in some ways, they retained the same habits.

The marking with their breath was one of these habits.

Marking could have several meanings, from marking one’s affiliation, to warning others that harm was not allowed, to expressing affection and love. Noyce lowered his head and lightly rubbed against the mark as a form of protection, but also as an expression of affection.

Jiang Ci reacted after being rubbed twice, and the Black Dragon that lowered its head and approached him didn’t stop the light rubbing, the side of Jiang Ci’s neck was a bit itchy from the other’s hair.

He sighed and pushed the Dragon away again quite helplessly. After only a few rubs, the scent mark was obviously not complete, so after being pushed away, Noyce looked at Jiang Ci silently for a while.

Dragons always acted exactly as they wanted to, and there was almost nothing they couldn’t do that they wanted to, and accordingly, it was hard to stop them from doing what they wanted to do.

But when Jiang Ci pushed Noyce away, the Black Dragon obediently stopped doing it.

Strictly speaking, even ‘being pushed away’ was a result of his obedience to Jiang Ci. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Jiang Ci to push a Black Dragon… without using any of his abilities, even though he was in human form.

Jiang Ci met the other party’s silent gaze, “Not even if you do it like this. You can’t just approach so casually.” Jiang Ci explained carefully, “others will find it rude.”

As a Dragon, Noyce really didn’t understand these social rules that were common among other races. In the Dragon tribe, Dragons approach the creature of their affection very directly, and they show their affection enthusiastically. And once they had a mate, they remained permanently loyal to their mate.

But Noyce was still willing to listen to Jiang Ci, and he caught the word ‘others’ in Jiang Ci’s words. If only others would have found it rude, then the words did not include Jiang Ci himself.

Noyce asked, “Is it okay not to do this to others, but only to you?”

Jiang Ci was speechless for a moment, and the Black Dragon’s understanding of his words made him both speechless and laugh for a moment. The other party did not intentionally catch his language loophole, but just made his understanding very intuitively.

So Jiang Ci replied, “Not even for me.”

Noyce tilted his head slightly again at that, “Why?”

Jiang Ci felt that the Black Dragon he was facing was a combination of the attributes of a big dog and a big cat, and he explained in a warm voice, “What you just did would usually only happen between two people who are very close to each other; lovers.”

That kind of leaning in and gently rubbing the side of the neck was difficult to do between friends, and it’s uncommon between family members as well.

Noyce didn’t respond right away; he seemed to be thinking. He asked, “What is a lover?” 

Dragons only have the concept of mates, so Noyce didn’t understand what Jiang Ci meant by ‘lover.’

Jiang Ci blinked at the question and thought about the literal meaning of the word, “The person you like in a particular relationship.”

Jiang Ci said ‘particular relationship’ because he wanted to avoid being asked what romantic  was if he said ‘romantic relationship.’ This would be difficult to explain. But Jiang Ci didn’t consider that Noyce would choose to put aside the part of his words that he didn’t understand and focus on the part that he did understand.

Not long after Jiang Ci finished speaking, the Black Dragon in front of him approached again and lowered its head to nudge his neck.

At the same time, Jiang Ci heard his deep, slightly hoarse voice, “Like.”

Noyce understood that if he liked it, then he could do so.

“…” Jiang Ci was silent, actually he was stuck. Just a feeling that can’t be explained in any way. What if the explanation was unclear? Jiang Ci thought, it’s quite unreasonable.

“Like or not.” Jiang Ci simply took back his own words, and this time, without waiting for Noyce to ask him why, he just made up his mind, “Anyway, it can’t be done.”

Noyce responded softly, “Oh.”

Jiang Ci had never done anything unreasonable before, and when he heard the Black Dragon obediently respond, he couldn’t help but add, “When you really meet someone you like, you’ll understand why.”

Noyce didn’t respond to Jiang Ci’s remark and just stared at the young man quietly. As a Black Dragon, Noyce had never met a treasure that could capture him in the more than three thousand years since he was created.

Jiang Ci was the only one who captured him.

Noyce had seen other Dragons captured by their treasure, but until now, he could not understand why his fellow Dragons had such a strong obsession with a treasure. No treasure, no matter how precious, could cause this Dragon to become obsessed with it.

But when he saw the young man in front of him, Noyce understood in an instant what it was like for a Dragon to be captured by a treasure. Couldn’t this feeling be considered like?

Noyce didn’t quite understand.

When the conversation was over, Jiang Ci continued to sit back and ponder ways to facilitate the movement of the various races, and his first thought was trade. Once the world didn’t have frequent natural disasters anymore, could he considered building a neutral city as a free trade zone connecting all the races?

Even people of different races could choose to settle in the city if they wanted to. When working together to build something, it was always the quickest way to form an alliance, and Jiang Ci felt he could mediate if there were any hiccups in the beginning of the process.

The plan was feasible, and Jiang Ci quickly decided on a general direction.

If other races were willing, the Dragons would not reject it. The next step was to talk to Luci and Ivy again to see if they could confirm the plan or not.

Jiang Ci was in no hurry and waited until the next day before going to look for them.

Seeing him go out, Noyce transformed into a black baby Dragon on his shoulder. In view of this, Jiang Ci decided to look for Luci first. After all, Ivy might not be happy to see this Black Dragonling on his shoulder, so he had to think about how to appease him first.

Jiang Ci thought it would be easier to find Luci first, but the result was not what he expected.

“Luci.” Jiang Ci walked over to the silver-haired Celestials whose name he called, and before he could say anything, he watched as the other man turned his attention to the Black Dragon on his shoulder, and then, with an indifferent expression on his face, activated his right eye’s ability.

It was the ability to manipulate space, and he teleported the Black Dragon to another place.

Jiang Ci stayed for a second, and he had to call out the other’s name again, this time in a questioning tone, “Luci?”

Luci looked at him with downcast eyes, “Just sent it somewhere else, you don’t need to worry.”

The transmission distance was very far, but with the Dragon’s flying ability, it wouldn’t take much time for Noyce to come back.

Jiang Ci hadn’t fully regained consciousness yet, mainly because he didn’t expect Luci to do this at all, in Jiang Ci’s perception, this should be something only Ivy would do… At that moment, Jiang Ci felt that Luci’s eyes seemed to be stuck on the side of his neck, and they were stuck there continuously.

Jiang Ci was confused. He opened his mouth to ask why he was looking at him like that, but as soon as he moved his lower lip, he heard Luci say, “I want you to just look at me.”

Jiang Ci’s first reaction was neither hesitation nor struggle over how to answer, but surprise. Because this was the first time Jiang Ci heard Luci say what he wanted something to him so directly.

Jiang Ci, of course, was not angry at the other party’s idea, and he replied, “Mn.” 

Jiang Ci’s answer finally made Luci shift his gaze from the side of his neck to his face.

Yesterday Luci was still looking at God from a distance through the mirror created by magic, and he saw all of Noyce’s disrespect for God, and it was the first time that his heart was so clearly unhappy.

–He was not allowed to touch God at will.

The thought clearly surfaced in his heart, but Luci now raised his hand to the side of Jiang Ci’s neck, and as if to erase some trace, he wiped his fingers there a few times.

Jiang Ci froze, but not only that, in the next second, he was caught in Luci’s embrace. It was a hugging position, but not really holding him. Then Jiang Ci saw the six wings behind Luci’s body closing in on him, also not completely closing in, leaving him a lot of visual space.

–One should not have selfish desires.

But after Luci held Jiang Ci in an empty embrace like this, and with his wings half closed, he whispered, “My God.”

Jiang Ci responded reflexively, “Hm?”

Luci was silent.

Of the two names, ‘My god’ and ‘My Liege,’ Luci had always chosen only the former.

If he were to go into details, there was a reason for that.


Because the title ‘My god’ sounded as if God belonged to him.


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January 15, 2021 6:15 pm

Hsjsjs i didnt realize it was updated until i saw my mails.
Anyways, Luci, pls, it’s okay to be selfish but don’t hog him for yourself, everyone deserves a better future and happiness, and all of us are more happy when we share (੭˙꒳˙)੭

Thank you for the update and take care!

January 16, 2021 9:12 pm

Thanks for the update. It’s so heartwarming to see Jiang Ci being cared for.

January 19, 2021 5:26 pm

Luci’s overbearing president mode activated 😌

January 21, 2021 11:40 pm

Luci reminds me a little bit of a certain little-snow-leopard-emperor who got a lot of lemons when MianMian “found” the next cute cub to care for ….. XD
Thanks for your hard work.

February 6, 2021 4:17 pm

Qué bonito

February 8, 2021 6:30 am

While reading I briefly thought about Palaces of 12 sacred beasts, because Luci is getting more and more possessive and ultimately Jiang Ci will have to balance all of the administrators. Good luck with that! Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 18, 2021 7:58 pm

When luci got caught on ‘desire’ probably he will evolve to ‘lucifer’ in the end. With 3 black wings on the left and 3 pure white wings on the right.

September 7, 2021 7:39 am

Hahaha…assorted jealousy attic🤣😂🤣😂🤣

October 26, 2021 1:42 pm

Stuff’s getting complicated with only these 3 Administrators! Jiang Ci’s in a pickle.
Thank you for translating and editing.

November 24, 2021 6:35 pm

Spying on God all the time = vinegar pot. You won’t become perfect for god doing something so naughty Luci. Hehe. I can’t wait until the other admins show up…..

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