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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The last glimmer of the setting sun loomed beneath the horizon, and night dominated this side of the earth. A full moon crept up into the sky. There were some clouds floating in the night sky, so the moon was dim and hid behind the clouds from time to time. But for some creatures on the planet, the moon’s mysterious gravity had not been weakened by the weather at all. They went out to the outdoors to receive the baptism of the magic of the moon. The secret call from the sky was as strong as ever. They could not help but yearn to break free from all constraints, run freely, roar at the moon, and liberate themselves.

At this moment, outside Radier, Hollic County, in the forest belonging to the Hollic family, Kyfayar shivered in the cool air, holding a test tube full of strange colored potions in his hands.

“Are you ready, Kyfayar?”

Opposite him, Augusta, holding a notebook and a ballpoint pen, was looking at him with a researcher’s objective and prudent eyes in front of the subject, making Kyfayar feel like an orangutan tied to an anatomical table.

“…To be honest, if you’re not ready, can we postpone the date?”

“Today is the full moon, and it will be next month if it is postponed!”

Kyfayar sneezed pitifully. “Do I have to drink this potion? You changed the formula again?”

“If you don’t try it, how can I know what’s wrong? How do I know how to modify the recipe?” Augusta shook his head and resented Kyfayar for not having the spirit of scientific empirical research.

“What if it fails?” Kyfayar asked timidly.

“Failure is the mother of success.”

“I mean if the potion fails, I may lose my mind and even hurt you.” Kyfayar sniffed. The magic of the moon was getting stronger and stronger like the hightide water, and Kyfayar could hardly resist it.

Augusta gave a strange smile, “You make me laugh. It’s funny.”

Kyfayar shivered when he recalled the last time Augusta used magic bullets to make him fly.

“In case the medicine has strange side effects…” He tugged at his tail in dismay. The ear and tail of a wolf can be regarded as ‘lovely,’ but if he grows fangs or claws, he will not be a good thing.

“I’ll change you back!” Augusta was impatient. “Drink the potion quickly, or it will be too late!”

With a whimper, Kyfayar put the test tube to his mouth and looked at Augusta in the hope that he would change his mind at the last minute. Augusta was indifferent. Kyfayar had to take a sip of the potion and make a face to show that it was very hard to drink.

“Don’t make faces! I added honey and sugar to the recipe. It’s not hard to drink at all!” Augusta said sullenly.

Kyfayar licked his lips. It was really sweet. Although his mouth was still filled with a strange smell, he felt much better. The thought of Augusta’s thoughtfulness made him feel less cold.

“Can you change now?”

Kyfayar looked up. The moon was covered by the luxuriant branches of the forest. He couldn’t really see it, only a trace of moonlight fell on the wet ground. Kyfayar took a deep breath and filled his body with the magic of the moon. Augusta instinctively took a step back and set up a transparent magic barrier in front of him to prevent Kyfayar from getting out of control and injuring him.

The young werewolf crushed the test tube in his hand and bent down in pain. His body grew rapidly, with long, coarse gray hair coming out from under his skin and muscles bulging from under his hair. Augusta quickly recorded Kyfayar’s transformation in a notebook. It was the first time that he had tested the anti-transformation drugs on the night of the full moon. He had no idea what the effect would be. As long as Kyfayar didn’t turn into something weird.

Kyfayar was about to turn into a werewolf when he suddenly screamed and fell to the ground. The gray wolf fur retreated, and his body shrank back to the size of an ordinary human. However, the ears and tail of the wolf were still on his body. Augusta was so shocked that he lost his pen and notebook. He quickly removed the barrier and ran to Kyfayar, kneeling beside him.

“Kyfayar, are you okay?” He picked up the upper body of the young werewolf and put his head on his knees.

“I’m… feeling… not good…” Kyfayar said with difficulty.

Augusta pushed the sweat-drenched hair from his forehead. Kyfayar’s brows were tight, his body was curled up like shrimp, and every muscle was tight. Augusta immediately regretted his decision. Why did he try this medicine? He should have let Kyfayar run naked in the forest every full moon night! Anyway, there were only one or two days a month, so it was much easier to face Kyfayar who became a werewolf than to face a violent woman in her physiological period! He could make sure Kyfayar didn’t run out of the forest. What’s wrong with making him a free wolf?

“Augusta… My Lord, I…” Kyfayar groaned in pain.

“I know, I know,” the magician rubbed Kyfayar’s wolf ears heartily. “There must be something wrong with the recipe. I shouldn’t have tried it directly on you! Can you still stand up? We’ll go home, and I’ll get you some medicine, so you won’t feel so bad.”

Kyfayar snuffled and struggled to get up with Augusta’s help. He was taller than Augusta, and his muscles were stronger than the weak Magician. Augusta could hardly hold him. Kyfayar also liked to stick to him. This was what made the magician miserable.

“I feel terrible, my lord…” Kyfayar said weakly, in a coquettish tone.

“Why don’t you tell me what it’s about?”

“… I feel like I’ve stuffed the shit back in… Ouch!”

“Disgusting!” Augusta slapped him on the back of the head.

Kyfayar flattened his mouth pitifully. “I can’t change my body. Although I can feel the call from the moon, I don’t have any strength. I want to change, but I can’t change.. It’s like…” He thought over the words, “It’s like constipation!”

“Enough! The dog can’t spit ivory out of its mouth!”

“You wanted me to say it!”

Augusta glared at him. He did not dare to speak anymore. He rubbed against the magician as if he were a piece of mud that could not be pasted on the wall. Augusta hesitated to send them back with teleportation, but the house was near and he didn’t want to waste his magic.

Out of the forest, Augusta met the moonlight and yelped.

“What’s the matter, my lord?”

“There seems to be something wrong with my magic barrier around the house…”

Since the last burglary at home, Augusta had been using magic to protect the whole house when he went out to prevent thieves from breaking into empty doors – after all, he had learned a terrible lesson. He thought that his magic barrier was rare, even if not the best in the world. The one who could break his magic barrier must be a magician with high magic attainments. He probably didn’t care about petty theft, so he was very relieved. Only Cavaldien was a man who worried about nothing and gave him a ‘werewolf security guard.’

Now the barriers around the house were broken, and most of them were still intact, and there was enough damage for a thief to break in.

“You wait outside.” Augusta said to Kyfayar, “I’ll check it out first.”

Kyfayar couldn’t see the magic barrier. He didn’t know why. Augusta walked around the house and saw no suspicious footprints. Of course, the intruder may not have come ‘on foot’ at all. The unicorn was grazing alone in the stable. Seeing Augusta sneaking around the house, he sneered scornfully, “What are you looking for? Is there gold on the ground?”

“The magic barrier is broken. I’m looking for any signs of an invasion.”

“‘There’s something moving. And a dark figure flew into the house on a Persian carpet.”

Augusta was stunned and found that the unicorn was not joking and yelled, “Damn you, why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“You didn’t ask me!”

“You let him in like this?”

“What else can I do? I’m a pure and kind unicorn, and I’m not your watchdog. Do you expect me to fight the gangsters and defend the family property? What if he’s armed?! How can I be weak enough to fight a fierce and cruel gangster?”

“Don’t you shout every day that you want to kill people with your horn? You’re afraid of just a gangster!”

“Can I really go thinking that I will die! Then I said that I am the king of the world, tomorrow the earth will become my family? You’re so old that you can’t tell a joke from a heart?”

“Ah, ah, ah! I’m going to be pissed off by you.” Augusta tugged at his hair in a frenzy.

“Look, you’ve learned to be funny, and you’re not really pissed off.”

Augusta left behind the unicorn, who was not too busy to watch the scene. Even if the house was on fire, he would not help put out the fire, but would happily bake marshmallows nearby, and go back to the main door. Kyfayar was sitting at the door blankly waiting for him to come back.

“Someone broke into the house!” cried Augusta.

Kyfayar jumped up, with sprang at his feet. “I’ll catch him for you!”

“Forget it, just like you…” Augusta opened the door. This seemed to be a bit too coincidental. Why did someone invade the house on the night of the full moon? Was it possible that neither of them would be home tonight?

“I’m fine! I can protect you!” Kyfayar held the door frame, breathing every step.

“It’s good for you to protect yourself!”

Augusta recited the incantation and performed the search technique. Within a period of time, all traces in the room changed into white shadows and appeared in the air. Sure enough, in addition to his shadow and Kyfayar’s shadow, there was a third person who had passed here. It must be the suspicious intruder!

“He went upstairs…” Augusta looked up the stairs. “Up there is my study… Is his goal, like last time, my research notes?”


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Awww… poor Kyfayar, hang in there. But I think we have a progress, he wants to change but can’t, so the pain aside (sorry! 😥) isn’t that how the potion should work? And who is bold enough to break into this mage’s house again?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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