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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Augusta’s scream got stuck in his throat.

For a moment, he thought Kyfayar had come over, but the naked man was obviously not Kyfayar. The werewolf youth had, after all, been influenced by civilization, and didn’t run around naked now. 

So who was this naked man? What was wrong with Cavaldien? Was it some truth that all creatures related to him would eventually turn into naked running maniacs?

Ignoring Augusta, the naked man walked into the room, passed the living room and disappeared behind a door. After a while, he came back with a can of cold beer in his hand. He sat on the sofa like no one else was there, opened the beer and took a sip in silence. He seemed like a tired office worker who just returned home, without feeling that the gilded sofa under his buttocks was too hard.

Cavaldien and Prison Fire seemed to have already met this shocking naked man before. So they continued to love each other, and were about to go even further together.

Augusta finally screamed, “What’s wrong with the two of you? Didn’t you see this naked man come in? Why are you turning a blind eye to him? Or am I the only one who can see him? Is this like, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’? Is he dressed in your eyes?”

Cavaldien raised his head from Prison Fire’s arms and said impatiently, “What are you making a fuss for? This is Night Shadow, my nightmare.”

“I see. It’s your mount… Fuck you! Why did your nightmare come into the house without clothes? Pervert! Savage! Rude!”

“It’s not strange since animals don’t wear clothes themselves. Why make such a fuss? Do you feel shy when you see a cat without clothes?”

“But he has turned into a human being.”

“He is still a nightmare in essence. What you’re looking at is only his appearance. Don’t be so superficial.” After that, Cavaldien turned to Prison Fire. “I’m not the same as him. I think that way no matter whether you’re a human or a dragon.”

Prison Fire said, “Of course, I am more powerful in the shape of a dragon.”

“Enough from you two!”

The nightmare on the sofa put down his beer, rubbed his brows, and said in a deep voice, “This magician is as noisy as the unicorn outside. Shows that people are exactly like their pets.”

Augusta thought this nightmare was scolding him! Does he know Cavaldien is not a good bird!

“What did the unicorn do?”

The expression on the nightmare’s face was like he was having a nightmare, “Performed a talk show.”

That scene was really easy to imagine. 

“I didn’t know unicorns had such talents. There will be another way to make money from him in the future.” Then, the nightmare’s expression became even more grey, “…What kind of pet am I?”

He continued to drink the beer while thinking deeply.

It took Augusta a long time to figure it out. Does this guy mean I’m like the unicorn? The nightmare’s words were true. Cavaldien’s pet was just as arrogant, annoying and contemptuous as he was.

Augusta coughed, “Then I will not disturb your little family of three’s get-together, I will leave.”

“Don’t go in a hurry, my friend, or it will appear as if I am not a good entertainer.” Cavaldien made a gesture to Prison Fire. The black dragon picked up the walking stick on the ground and sent it to the great mage. Then he was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he didn’t understand why he was so obedient to him.

Cavaldien, leaning on his cane, walked up to Augusta and hugged his shoulder closely, “At least stay for dinner.”

He grabbed Augusta’s arm and pulled him to another room. This guy was obviously disabled. He always looked weak at ordinary times, but his strength was really great at the critical moments. It seemed that he was pretending to be weak.

“Do you think a meal is too good for you?” Cavaldien pointed to the door with his cane and it opened silently. “There is a wine cabinet with a lot of good wine in it. You must try it, or you would have come here for nothing.”

“Wait, I did come here to drive you away, but it now seems I’ve come here in vain…”

Cavaldien interrupted him and said in a loud voice, “Prison Fire! Do you mind if we drink a few bottles of wine?” He turned his head and chuckled. The black dragon looked at Cavaldien in confusion. “Oh… It doesn’t matter. Drink whatever you like…” He said, and then looked around in horror, wondering why he had agreed to Cavaldien’s request.

Cavaldien led Augusta through the rooms. Prison Fire’s apartment occupied a whole floor, so large that it looked like a palace, and its decoration was no less luxurious than that of a palace. Augusta was dazzled with it (Prison Fire’s decorations were not flattering, and he only liked gold. In fact, most of the time, Augusta was dazzled by gold). Finally, they came to the room where the wine was stored.

This was definitely not a ‘wine cabinet’, but a wine cellar. The room was full of wine cabinets, and bottles of good wine were arranged in chronological order. For alcoholics, this was a paradise. Cavaldien skilfully shuttled through the wine cabinets, took down a bottle of wine, looked at the label, and nodded with satisfaction. Looking at his manner, it seemed that he had already mastered this place. Prison Fire even let him drink freely from his own wine cellar? Was he too comfortable with Cavaldien, or was he too indifferent to his wine?

Augusta asked in a low voice, “Did you put an enchanting spell on Prison Fire?”

Cavaldien held up his cane and summoned two floating glasses. “I was born with charm.”

“…I don’t understand how a man can have such a thick face like yours.”

“I take that as a compliment.”

“It’s time to introduce the unicorn to you. You both will have a common topic in the field of narcissism.”

Cavaldien popped the cork open, the bottle and the glass floated in the air, like an invisible hand was holding the bottle and filled the two glasses. Cavaldien reached for one of the glasses, and Augusta hesitantly grabbed the other.

“Cheers, friend.”

“You didn’t put something in the wine?”

“You think I have time to spend on drugging you?” Cavaldien drank the red wine in one gulp, and the floating bottle automatically refilled his glass. “Alas, this is good wine, but it’s a pity that you can’t drink too much. If you drink too much, you will lose your self-control… Unexpected things…”

“What will happen?”

Cavaldien looked at Augusta with a wry look, “It’s something that has never happened to you, since you can still ride the unicorn now.”

Augusta’s looked like a glass of red wine had been poured on his face, “You… What do you know! The so-called ‘unicorn can only carry virgins’ is a myth. I have tried it myself. If a unicorn wants to, it can carry anything.”

“Wow, why don’t you write a paper about it? I think the magicians would love to publish it.”

“Compared with you, you have tested the intelligence quotient of dragons with practical actions, filling the academic gap in this field.”

“Prison Fire’s IQ is too high to imagine. After all, he has lived for hundreds of years.”

“I’m not fooled by you.”

Cavaldien raised his eyebrows, “How could I have lied to him?”

Augusta chuckled, “Don’t tell me that’s all your feelings.”

“Huh? Why not? Am I not qualified to find true love?”

Augusta thought for a moment and replied positively, “Not qualified.” He took a gulp of wine. “People like you deserve to die alone. It’s better for everyone to stay away from you, or you’ll take advantage of them.”

“I see. You’re still very upset about what happened.”

“Unless you have Alzheimer’s disease, anyone will be upset about it!”

Cavaldien held the glass in one hand and hugged Augusta’s shoulder with the other. “I’m sorry. Although, I admit, I’ll still do the same even if I go back in time,” he sipped, ignoring Augusta’s knife-like gaze. “But I swear to make up for it. Haven’t you seen how hard I’ve tried?”

Augusta shook his head slowly.

“How about the werewolf I sent you? Is he a good young man?”

How about what?! Augusta’s face was hot. He couldn’t tell Cavaldien that he and Kyfayar had developed a relationship beyond friendship! Cavaldien would laugh and spasm on the spot!

“He is…” He replied vaguely.

“From the way you look radiant, I know that the werewolf must have served you well.”

Augusta digressed. “Why did you send me a werewolf?”

Cavaldien frowned. “You don’t seem to be able to take care of yourself. I had another werewolf who needed work, so I made a reasonable decision. He’s a good young man, isn’t he?”

“…He’s very industrious, but a little stupid.”

“Sometimes being too smart is not a good thing.”

“Like you?”

“Are you praising me for my cleverness? Thank you.”

“I really should introduce you to the unicorn, you will become close friends.”

Cavaldien patted Augusta on the shoulder, “It’s enough for me to have a close friend like you in my life.”

“Oh, come on, disgusting!” Augusta dodged him. “I’m going home! Save your energy and use it on Prison Fire!”

“But you just had a drink! Not afraid of traffic accidents?”

“I didn’t come by car!”

Cavaldien casually took a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet and stuffed it into Augusta’s arms, “Then take this. Thank you for bringing Prison Fire back.”

Augusta glanced at the year label on the bottle and was surprised. “Did you come to live with Prison Fire for this wine cellar?”

“That’s one of the reasons.”

Augusta deeply sympathized with the big stupid dragon who was confused by love. I hope Cavaldien doesn’t run Prison Fire out of money before he runs out of life.

“Come on, I’ll take you out. You don’t know the way.” Cavaldien waved his cane and the door of the wine cellar opened silently. “Prison Fire and I will have a wedding soon. Can you be my best man?”

…You really want to marry him?! “I’ll think about it. Liliana will probably get married soon, and if your marriage dates collide, I’ll have to choose one side.”

Cavaldien said in surprise, “Lilianna? That fast?” 

“She recently got a boyfriend, and I think they’re not far from getting married.”

“I did hear that she had a new boyfriend, but I never met him. Marriage? Are you sure?”

“Ha, I thought Lilianna had already shown off her sweetheart to everyone. She didn’t introduce him to you because you’re not on good terms — in fact, you don’t have a good relationship with anyone.”

“Then I’ll really ask her about it.”

Cavaldien sent Augusta out of the house. As soon as he stepped on the roof, he heard a long howl, “A! Gu! SU! TA! That nightmare cursed me! And he doesn’t even wear clothes! He’s immoral!”

Cavaldien turned to Augusta, “Is this the ‘close friend’ you want to introduce me to?”

“…When I didn’t say that?”

When Augusta got home, it was time for the stars to slowly appear. After a day’s work (and enduring the unicorn’s complaints the entire way), Augusta was so tired that he could hardly speak. 

He sent the unicorn back to the stables (the latter, of course, erupted in an earthshaking protest), lifted his heavy legs and went to the gate of the house. The door opened before the doorbell even rang. Kyfayar rushed out like a whirlwind, embraced Augusta and twirled in a circle.

“I thought you were not coming back, Lord Augusta!” Kyfayar was in tears.

Augusta tried to reach for the ground with his toes and unfortunately failed. “If I wasn’t coming back at night, I’d have called you in advance.” He rubbed Kyfayar’s wolf ears and said, “Put me down!”

“I thought maybe Lord Cavaldien locked you up, and you couldn’t touch the phone at all!” Kyfayar placed Augusta down and felt him up from head to toe. “Are you not hurt? Has Lord Cavaldien done anything to you?”

“Dare he?”

“I don’t think there is anything in the world that he dare not do…”

It was late into the night, but the house was lit with orange lights. The light streamed out of the windows and doors, and Kyfayar was shining. Looking at the worried look on the werewolf youth’s face, Augusta suddenly felt that the exhaustion of the day had been swept away. There was someone waiting for him to come back, and others would worry about him. He never knew that it was such a warm thing to be welcomed home after the journey.

Augusta suddenly thought of Cavaldien and Prison Fire. Cavaldien’s move of ‘indulging in hard to get’ was really wonderful. He ate Prison Fire to death. He also wanted to try…

So he put away his mild expression and said sternly, “Don’t touch me! Go away!”

Kyfayar looked at him in panic, “What’s the matter with you, Lord Augusta?”

“I don’t want to see you!” Augusta said, pushing Kyfayar away and walking into the room.

When he went back to his bedroom to change his clothes and take off his coat, he took a picture from his pocket — the one of him and Kyfayar kissing in the great master’s shop. He looked at himself in the picture for a moment, sighed, found a wooden frame from the cupboard and put it in. It was just the right size. 

He put the picture frame on the bedside table and went downstairs to enjoy the late dinner, only to see Kyfayar sobbing and pulling a huge box out of the storage room.

“Wu, wu, wu! Lord Augusta doesn’t want me. I’d better send myself back…” He stepped into the box as he wiped his tears away.

…So for the rest of the night, Augusta had to comfort Kyfayar and tell him that he was only joking, and that he didn’t really want to drive him away.

Why was that? Why doesn’t ‘playing hard to get work’? The magician thought sadly. Kyfayar hugged him around the waist, rubbing tears and snot on him. What went wrong?! How did Cavaldien use this to catch Prison Fire, but when I used it, it only caused such consequences?! Ah, ah, ah, I can’t think of it!


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January 23, 2021 6:25 pm

Bcoz prison fire has low eq while kyfayar eq is slighty higer than prison fire…that why😂😂😂

January 24, 2021 1:12 am

Cavaldien is the type that’s hardest to deal with. And from the looks of it, Prison Fire is probably an uke in bed. Augusta, you are better off not using that guy’s tricks, it’s not going to work. Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 26, 2021 2:16 am

Because playing “hard-to-get” games is for people who are a bit twisted. Kyfayar is honest and pure with his feelings.

November 15, 2021 11:37 pm

I would say that Cavaldien is at least twice as shameless as the unicorn. I don’t believe he’s in love for a minute. He’s just mooching off the richest sugar daddy in the world.

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