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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

Ye Xi repeated his quest instructions to Shen Xiulin, he crossed his arms as he pondered, “My quest doesn’t go into any details about how to actually ‘pretend to submit to your will’. Does your quest explain what I need to do?

Shen Xiulin contemplated the question for a moment, then enunciated each word slowly and distinctly, “After bringing Murong X to his island, in order to confirm if he has really learnt the meaning of obedience, Huangfu X submits Murong X to various tests. When Murong X passes these tests, give him the autonomy to move freely around the island…

Force Murong X to help you change, proactively kiss you, sweetly call you ‘husband’ and fall asleep while curled up docilely in your arms. Once Murong X completes these tasks, let him move freely around the island. (0/1)”

Ye Xi froze for three whole seconds, “Fuck…the system is a goner.”

I can’t believe ‘pretend to submit to his will’ includes so many conditions?!

Shen Xiulin slightly furrowed his brow, as if filled with hatred for a common enemy, he cursed, “Yes, what a rotten system. So many demands.”

Since his IQ and EQ had both drastically improved after the shock from Shen Xiulin’s earlier confession, Ye Xi carefully examined Shen Xiulin’s expression and asked with vigilance, “I’m going to ask you this once, are these really demands from the system? As in…you didn’t make them up just now?”

The outline of Shen Xiulin’s face froze as if hit by a cold wave. With an expression that was both stern and calm, he replied, “Of course those are the system’s demands.”

Ye Xi quietly locked eyes with him for three more seconds, then suddenly slapped the sofa seat and shouted, “No they’re not! That’s the same expression you used during company meetings when you told us you got up at 5AM every morning!”

It looked like the little idiot had finally wizened up.

Shen Xiulin was so piqued that he almost wanted to jump off the helicopter so he could start over from a save point.

“Swear to me that you didn’t lie.” Ye Xi narrowed his eyes with a face full of mistrust. He added, “But don’t swear on anything too random. If it’s possible to transport us to such an absurd world as this one, then it’s entirely possible that you could be sent to another world where ‘random oaths become reality’…”

The tip of Shen Xiulin’s brow imperceptibly twitched as he fell silent.

Ye Xi poked Shen Xiulin on the chest, “You don’t need to swear on anything too vicious either. Do you dare to swear in front of me, that if you lied to me, you won’t be able to have sex in the second half of your life? Well, do you?”

The chief executive suddenly fell into a serious dilemma.

Perhaps he really did not want to risk his sex life, plus incredulous things were indeed happening to him right now, Shen Xiulin sighed with resignation a few seconds later, “Sleeping while curled up in my arms, that’s the only condition.”

Ye Xi immediately jumped up from the sofa and bellowed with fury, “Shen Xiulin!”

“…” Shen Xiulin rested his chin on one hand. Then with a sheepish look, he quietly turned to watch the moon outside the cabin window. His profile was so gorgeous that it seemed divine. His disposition was as icy sharp as a blade, as if a thin layer of frost had condensed in the air around him. Yet, underneath his flawless shell…

Lay a dirty, rotten scoundrel.

“Shen Xiulin, you pervert!” Ye Xi had finally become unafraid of his rascally boss. He jumped into Shen Xiulin’s lap and straddled him, then pulling on the chief executive’s collar, he forced Shen Xiulin to look him in the eye. As he disrespectfully shook the chief executive by his collar, Ye Xi asked, “Did you lie to me in the earlier quests as well?”

Shen Xiulin followed his lead and supported Ye Xi’s butt with his hands. As if trying to coax a piqued lover out of his kitty tantrum, the chief executive gently swayed the body in his lap and replied in a soft voice, “Just a little bit. I’m sorry and I won’t do it again.”

Since Shen Xiulin approached this with the right attitude and apologised, Ye Xi did not really know what else to say, he could only humph loudly as a sign of his anguish.

“I had a crush on you and you wouldn’t even speak to me.” Shen Xiulin widened his eyes slightly and looked up at Ye Xi, “Something came over me, I couldn’t help it.”

Ye Xi stared into Shen Xiulin’s innocent-looking eyes for a moment and all of his seething fury evaporated. With flushing cheeks, he feebly replied, “Just don’t do it again.”

“Okay.” Shen Xiulin raised the corner of his lips and replied with tenderness, “I will never take advantage of you in the system’s name again.”

Ye Xi glared at him, then leaned to one side, wanting to get off from Shen Xiulin’s lap. But Shen Xiulin chose this moment to hold the back of Ye Xi’s head in place and pull him marginally closer towards himself. He asked candidly, “May I kiss you?”

“No!” Ye Xi shook his head so hard that one could almost see an afterimage.

“Alright.” Shen Xiulin released Ye Xi, “Then I’ll ask you again in an hour.”

Ye Xi, “…”

What’s with the outright PDA? I suddenly miss the Chief Executive who only dared to take advantage of me in secret.

A faint light glowed in the east when Shen Xiulin brought Ye Xi to his private island.

Ye Xi looked down from the window as the helicopter descended. He saw a heart-shaped island covered in cascading hills and lush green vegetation, as if the verdant heart of the azure ocean was gently cupped by varying hues of clear turquoise water. Rolling waves crashed against the rocky shores, then shattered into an ethereal veil of white foam on the sandy beach. Sea birds took flight along the coastline against a backdrop of vermillion clouds that rolled across the horizon, setting the scene for an ideal holiday destination.

I wish I wasn’t in the Mary Sue world! I’ve never even travelled to a place this beautiful …Ye Xi lamented as he stuck his face to the cabin window to take in the stunning scenery.

The helicopter landed in front of a villa not too far from the coastline. Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin entered with an entourage of bodyguards. Ye Xi was tired and hungry after such an eventful day. He sated his hunger and took a bath under the ever-watchful, omnipresent eyes of the bodyguards. When he finally returned to Shen Xiulin’s bedroom, the sun was already high in the sky.

Shen Xiulin also did not manage to get any rest last night. When Ye Xi entered the room, he sat on the edge of his massive, hectare-plus bed, his body looking very small in contrast…

Like a grain of sand in a vast ocean.

Embarrassed, Ye Xi deliberately walked away from Shen Xiulin. Once he trekked some dozens of metres down the edge of the bed, he kicked off his slippers and threw himself onto the soft mattress.

He became anxious every time he thought about having to sleep with a gay man who had a crush on him. It was so much scarier than having to sleep with his boss.

At least his boss would not lust after the little virgin.

From a distance, Shen Xiulin waved at Ye Xi and shouted, “COME HERE!”

Ye Xi sat up and shouted at the top of his voice, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

Shen Xiulin cupped his hands around his mouth as he shouted, “Drop the act! The system said I have to sleep with you in my arms! I swear!”

Ye Xi, “…”

Shen Xiulin paused for a moment, then continued shouting, “YE XI! I LOVE YOU!”

Like lovers professing their their feelings for each other at the top of their voices in a vast valley, echoes reverberated throughout the empty room in uninterrupted waves. Ye Xi stood up, he stepped over the cottony soft mattress in uneven footsteps and wobbled his way towards Shen Xiulin. He grumbled with flushing cheeks, “What are you doing, shouting nonsense across the room?”

Shen Xiulin, “Don’t you think it’s more romantic to profess your love at the top of your voice?”

Ye Xi, “…”

Not at all. Actually, I think it’s really weird to shout your feelings on a bed, alright?

Shen Xiulin pulled back his duvet and patted the space next to him. He commanded, “Lie down.”

Resigning to his fate, Ye Xi laid down next to Shen Xiulin.

“Relax.” Shen Xiulin’s seductive voice mingled with the warm breath that blew across Ye Xi’s ear, “It’s not like we haven’t slept together before.”

Peeved, Ye Xi immediately corrected him, “‘Slept’ only in the literal sense.” 

“Don’t overthink it. Sleep now.” Shen Xiulin reached out and pulled Ye Xi into his arms, “Pretend to submit to my will, so I can let you move freely around the island.”

Ye Xi forced his eyes shut, but his heart pounded frantically in his bosom. His nose rested against Shen Xiulin’s firm chest. The refreshing scent of Shen Xiulin’s shower gel and a heartbeat as fierce as his own were clearly transmitted back to Ye Xi.

Ye Xi immediately opened his eyes, “What are you thinking about…?”

Shen Xiulin licked his lips and replied with darkened eyes, “What do you think?”

Hitting the chief executive coyly, Ye Xi demanded, “Recite the ‘Eight Virtues and Eight Disgraces of Chinese Socialism’1, loudly this time. Keep your thoughts pure and stop thinking about lewd things.”

Shen Xiulin was lost for words for quite a while before he finally surrendered to Ye Xi’s sparkling little revolutionary gaze and recited in a low voice, “Loving my country is honourable, harming my country is disgraceful…”

“Leave it on repeat.” Ye Xi cruelly commanded, then closed his eyes.

Shen Xiulin repeated the verse five times before stopping.

Ye Xi slept peacefully. His eyelashes, being a little thicker than reality, left small shadows under his eyes like crow feathers. His lips parted slightly, revealing the tip of his moist, pink tongue. Shen Xiulin stared at Ye Xi’s seductive tongue and his breathing quickened. He could not help but reach down with his sinful right hand, in an attempt to generate electricity through love. 2

That’s right, ‘generate electricity through love’ in the literal sense.

However, the chief executive only managed to use his conductor rod to disrupt the lines of the magnetic field between his fingers a couple of times when Ye Xi woke up vigilantly, “What are you doing?”

Shen Xiulin replied calmly, “Generating an electric current.”

“Stop that and behave yourself.” Ye Xi immediately realised what was going on. To ensure Shen Xiulin did not continue his sinful behaviour after he fell asleep, Ye Xi decisively held onto Shen Xiulin’s arms in a vice-like grip, like a little squirrel that prepared for winter by tightly embracing a pine cone in its arms.

The chief executive was immediately overwhelmed by the adorable scene in front of him.

With a cruel display of cuteness from a beauty within close reach of him, it was quite frustrating not being able to pull his…

The two of them fell asleep with different trouble on their minds. When Shen Xiulin woke up, Ye Xi had not only let go of the chief executive’s hands, his duvet was kicked aside and his nightgown was rolled up all the way, exposing him from his belly to his toes.

The chief executive not only decisively generated electricity while Ye Xi slept, he also wiped clean the stains from his electric current. Then he pulled down Ye Xi’s nightgown before waking him.

“Very well, it looks like you have finally learnt the meaning of obedience.” Completely sated in his lustful desires, the chief executive declared with a commanding presence, “Before our wedding is re-held, I have decided to give you the freedom to roam freely on this island.”

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Translator Notes:

  2. Reference to a slogan from Taiwanese environmentalists in 2017 who opposed nuclear energy and demanded the closure of nuclear power plants despite widespread power outages. These environmentalists suggested that citizens could “generate electricity through love”, ie. generate electric power from bedroom sports, especially during power outages. The slogan captured the attention of Mainland Chinese netizens, who often used the term to mock people persisting with unrealistic ventures or passion projects which yielded little or no commercial return.
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