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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


‘Was’ may not be the right word, but perhaps Ash had harbored those feelings of jealousy towards the silver-haired Celestial in front of him. It’s just that Ash knew how to suppress this feeling and play it down as if it didn’t exist at all. With so much to do as a human administrator, Ash needed to remain sane and calm all the time, so he didn’t allow himself to be affected by any strong feelings.

Jealousy, of course, was included.

“Why would I be jealous of you?” Luci, who had not spoken until now, said this in a flat tone. There was no questioning tone in the sentence as if stating that the other person did not possess any value that could make him jealous.

Mankind, a mediocre and weak race.

Luci tore his gaze away from Ash, no longer giving him the benefit of the doubt. The arrogance of the Celestials was on clear display, but it was so natural that it was difficult for those who felt it to even question it.

Ash was not shaken at all by the words, he just kept on smiling, “Since I look more like God than  the others.” After a pause, he added, “That’s why you were looking specifically at my eyes and hair.”

Ash’s comment caused Luci to move his wings slightly, then grimace.

When God created human beings and their stewards, He gave them a form similar to His own.

It was a kind of favor.

Even if he felt that way, Luci would not show it, but he looked at the other one with indifference, “I wonder why you are so weak and mediocre, even though you are similar to God in appearance.”

Among the administrators of the six races, Ash had no special ability as an administrator in any way, except that he had eternal life like the other administrators. He gave a sigh, showing some frustration, “If I were both godlike and powerful, you would be even more unhappy.”

He made it sound like he was thinking of other races. As Ash’s voice trailed off, an arrow-like beam of light approached and grazed his left cheek, leaving a small cut on the side of his cheek.

Ash didn’t even think of dodging the attack the moment he noticed it, instead he stood still. When he felt the slight pain on his cheek, he raised his hand to the edge of the wound and touched it.

This Celestial was really very powerful…

Overwhelming and unreasonably strong.

Ash looked at the silver-haired Celestial in front of him and thought, ‘If he were seriously trying to kill me, I’d probably have a hard time resisting.’

God’s most powerful and perfect creation. Ash sighed at the thought; this was why he felt ridiculous when he noticed Luci’s jealousy. In fact, Luci was the one who was favored by God.

After a silent warning with this attack, Luci left.

Ash didn’t say anything, but as he watched the other walk away, he couldn’t help but think of God. What was God’s attitude toward them? Ash could not deny that it did bring him joy when he discovered that God’s face was the same as that of a human, but he could not let that feeling go too far.

God’s liking, even if given only a little, would affect his thinking. Not being able to think rationally and calmly was a very terrible feeling, especially so for Ash.

The next day when they met again, Jiang Ci noticed the wound on the other man’s face instantly. It was a small, shallow cut a few centimeters down from the left corner of his eye, and now looked scabbed over.

“How did you get this?” Jiang Ci looked at the wound and asked. “I remember that that wasn’t there when I saw you yesterday.”

“Hmm.” Ash didn’t answer directly, but then he looked over at the silver-haired Celestial who were standing nearby.

Jiang Ci followed his gaze. Jiang Ci questioned a little hesitantly, “Luci? “

Luci looked at him, but didn’t say anything. Jiang Ci saw this and was able to confirm the situation more or less. The two had some kind of conflict yesterday in a place he didn’t see…

Jiang Ci looked left and right, and finally chose to ask directly, “Did something happen?”

Without knowing the course of events, Jiang Ci’s tone of voice when asking Luci this question was actually very gentle.

Luci replied in a soft voice, “No.” 

This answer made it difficult for Jiang Ci, he had to ask again, “Then why did you do it?”

Luci stood still and did not respond to this question, indifferent and silent. In this situation, Jiang Ci could only say to him, “Don’t do that again.”

Then Jiang Ci walked up to Ash and touched his finger near the wound on his face, then withdrew it after a second, “Okay.”

The wound was shallow and the recovery was simple.

Ash didn’t seem to expect Jiang Ci to do this, he was obviously stunned when his cheek was touched, but it quickly turned back to that faint smile. Why did he feel like he couldn’t let it go, but at the same time, he was still in such a joyful mood?

It was the first time Ash had found emotions that escaped the control of his intellect. He was, however, also surprisingly fast at sorting out his emotions, and in a few moments Ash forced himself out of that blindly joyful mood.

Composing oneself and thinking more calmly and rationally were skills that humans must not lose.

At the same time, Luci spoke out, “My God.”

Jiang Ci looked over at him, but Luci was silent again, just watching him. Jiang Ci was a little confused, because there was something else he wanted to tell Ash, and he turned his head back.

But as soon as Jiang Ci did so, he immediately heard Luci calling him again, “My God.”

Jiang Ci finally realized that Luci didn’t seem to want him to look at Ash.


Even with Ivy and Noyce, Jiang Ci had never seen Luci care about him visiting anyone before.

Was it really so bad that Celestials and humans were born with similarities?  This was a question that Jiang Ci had considered before he came to the human territory, but he did not expect it to be this serious.

Having been summoned twice in a row, Jiang Ci could not easily avert his eyes now.

Ash said in a warm voice, “If you are interested in this underground city, I can accompany you.”

Unlike the administrators of other races, Ash had to deal with a lot of things personally every day to keep the underground city running smoothly. To be honest, he didn’t have the luxury of having time to go out, but he said so anyway.

The price for making this happen would probably be a long overtime shift tonight, he thought to himself.

Jiang Ci was indeed interested, and he unconsciously nodded his head in agreement, “Okay.”

“Then I’ll go make the arrangements now,” Ash said.

Jiang Ci naturally responded, “Okay.”

Probably because he was dealing with an environment that was most familiar to him, Jiang Ci was particularly relaxed in the city, but his relaxed attitude was tantamount to special treatment in the eyes of the other administrators. The Black Dragon following Jiang Ci could feel it only by instinct, so it made a low sound from its throat as something to attract Jiang Ci’s attention. Jiang Ci didn’t know what was wrong, but he touched the Black Dragon’s wing to calm it down.

In the city, all the humans who saw Jiang Ci could not hide their joy. In addition to the intense joy, they also felt a sense of recognition of themselves.

It was impossible to say that the humans never had any self-doubt when they realized that there was a decisive difference between themselves and all other races.

Why were they the only ones so weak? Why did all the other races have different natural abilities, and why were they the only ones with nothing? Were they a failure of God’s creation?

These self-doubts disappeared when they saw Jiang Ci.

God looked so much like them.

If they were failures, God would never have given them such a shape.

“In addition to hovercars, we’ve also created trains and spaceships.” A young human didn’t hold back from showing his pride, “None of these things use magical guidance devices, but they can achieve almost the same effect.”

They couldn’t use magic as freely as other races, and the magic guide devices couldn’t be driven at will, but even so, humans had found a suitable alternative. Jiang Ci could understand that pride, and really thought it was something to be proud of indeed.

“Would you feel that I’m being unfair to you?” Jiang Ci asked the human administrator walking next to him, “Compared to other races, humans started out with nothing.”

Ash paused, and after about two or three seconds, he replied, “There was a time when I thought that.” He trailed off and smiled, “But I never blamed you, and I now feel that you have actually given us something very precious.”

Jiang Ci looked at him.

“Thinking and creativity, I guess,” Ash said.  Because of their weakness, human beings had not stopped for a moment to think about their own development and progress, and to create new things.

“This is not what I have given you.” Jiang Ci could not help but marvel at the strength and greatness of Mankind. Finally, he said, “I’m proud of you.”

The smile on Ash’s face lessened a little, and his handsome face suddenly looked a bit more reserved, but this seemed to be closer to what he would look like naturally. There it was again, this blind joy.

Ash resisted this state, but he also realized that it was just a reason to resist, and that his heart didn’t actually hate the feeling.

He wanted to go.

When the thought arose, Ash realized that he might not be able to resist more than a few times.

If he let God continue to appear to him, the thought would grow stronger and stronger.

Until reason couldn’t stop it.

After moving around the city for most of the day, Jiang Ci returned with the feeling that he hadn’t gotten enough of it, that the city had really brought him back to the old world.

Now that he had space to be alone, Jiang Ci asked Luci to follow him back to his apartment, ready to chat with him about the events of this morning.

“Luci,” Jiang Ci called his name, and then said with deliberation, “Ash doesn’t have as much power as the other administrators, so…”

Jiang Ci was trying to say try to get along without getting physical, but he only got so far before Luci cut him off, “Is he the most special creature to you?”

Jiang Ci was confused by the question.

Luci asked the next question, “Is he more loved by you than I am?”


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Of course not! Jiang Ci loves you more than anybody else!

January 25, 2021 4:38 am

I’m healed after seeing those cute creatures fighting over Jiang Ci’s attention 😍 Honestly I just got heartbroken after reading [10 years where i loved you the most] but not anymore. Show me more cuteness 😚 I’m begging you 😆 And thanks for the chapter 👍🏻♥️

January 26, 2021 1:03 am

Of course not. Stop being so insecure.
And Ash, you should let that feeling go the way it goes. You deserve it. You deserve love. So, don’t resist it anymore, Okay?

February 7, 2021 10:52 pm

The harem is growing….

February 9, 2021 12:12 am

Here comes another one, who can’t resist his god. Be careful dear god, depending in your answer, you may drive this Celestial do destroy an entire human tribe.

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I hope this story can end without Luci becoming a fallen Celestial, like.. change yes, please let it be good in the end.
You can do it 🙂 You are loved!!

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Poor JC..dealing with vinegar is much harder than starting a common conversation😅😅😅

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Oh good grief. A lot of very jealous, not seeing the bigger picture, Admins here!
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