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As soon as the black dragon entered his house, he sensed a dangerous and strange smell.

Someone broke into my house! The black dragon’s brain was full of alarm bells. He must be an innocent thief. Otherwise, how would one even dare to break into a dragon’s nest! He must teach the thief a lesson and let him know the consequences of upsetting the dragon. 

Unfortunately, the times have changed, and he could not arbitrarily put human beings to death. If this had happened in the past, he would have let the thief experience terror that he wouldn’t forget all his life, and then swallowed him up!

The black dragon sniffed the air and soon found the location of the intruder — the wine cellar. The thief was not in the treasure house full of gold and silver jewelry, but in the wine cellar? Was he interested in his wine? It was very elegant. Pooh, Pooh, Pooh! Even if he was an elegant thief, he was undoubtedly still a thief. Prison Fire would never let him go!

He used magic to hide his body and footsteps, and went straight to the wine cellar. As soon as the door was pushed open, the strong stench of wine escaped. Oh! The thief not only stole his wine, but also drank it on the spot! Prison Fire burned with anger. Black scales appeared on his neck, and he was so angry that he almost changed back to his original shape! He resisted the anger in his chest, walked into the wine cabinet, and finally found the thief.

The thief lay on his side, holding a bottle of wine older than his great-grandfather in his arms, like a child holding his beloved teddy bear. There were three or four empty wine bottles lying beside him, and some wine was even spilled on the floor. It seemed that he had drunk a lot and was dreaming!

“Get up, little thief!” Prison Fire angrily yelled, “Kneel down to beg for mercy, and I may spare you!”

Hearing the sound, the thief’s eyelids moved. He turned over, while still holding the bottle, smacked his lips, and went to sleep again.

Prison Fire was so angry that he couldn’t help but want to spray fire on the spot and burn the thief to ashes! If it wasn’t for the fact that the cellar would also get burned, he would have done it! He removed the invisibility magic, grabbed the thief’s collar and lifted him up. The bottle of wine in his arms fell to the ground with a bang. Fortunately, it didn’t break.

According to the age of human beings, the thief was very young. He was in his early twenties. He was very handsome (in terms of human aesthetics). He had golden hair and it glittered like gold in the light. Prison Fire liked gold, and he was a bit stunned. But he soon woke up and shook the thief with force, “Wake up! Or I’ll throw you down from the top floor!”

The thief frowned and struggled with the sleeping God. It took him a while to open his eyes. He looked at Prison Fire blankly, and his eyes took a long time to focus. His eyes were sea blue, like bright sapphire, and emerald at some angles. It was not right to compare those precious gems to the eyes of a thief, but he couldn’t figure out how to describe the other’s eyes properly. After all, they looked so good.

“You are… It is…” The thief said slowly, “Are you a dragon?”

“Nonsense! You don’t know me, the master of this place, the great black dragon Prison Fire?” The black dragon roared.

“I recognize you.” The thief said slowly, “Please let me go. You’ve got me out of breath.”

“You broke into my house and you’re asking me to let you go? Ha, you think I’m stupid?”

Instead of answering, the thief made a gesture. The black dragon immediately noticed that a magic force gathered around the thief. The thief touched his hand, and in a flash, an electric current hit his hand. The black dragon gave a painful cry and subconsciously released him.

“Do you know magic?” Prison Fire swung around the hand hit by the current. He only felt pain, but was not hurt. In other words, he couldn’t be hurt by his trivial skills.

The thief sat down on the ground, grabbed the bottle of wine, popped the top of the bottle, and the stopper jumped out. He took a sip from the bottle.

“My name is Cavaldien. I’m… a disciple of the great master Tevesey. I heard that the wine cellar of the black dragon Prison Fire is the best in China, so I came to visit him,” he said. 

This drunkard…Prison Fire did not know whether he was talking nonsense or telling the truth. But at least it was a compliment, and Prison Fire liked to listen to words of praise.

With his hands around him, he looked down at the young man named Cavaldien. “If you really came to visit me, why didn’t you come to visit me in a dignified manner? Why did you break in instead?”

“You were out, I… I waited a long time.” The young man’s thumb rubbed the bottle. “I couldn’t wait.”

Prison Fire was a little unhappy. He went out to visit his friends only for three months. Where was he? Well, the life-span of humans was so short, maybe three months was really long for them!

“But you shouldn’t break in!” Prison Fire exclaimed in a shrill and sharp voice, “Still stealing and drinking my wine!”

“I’m sorry.” Cavaldien said vaguely, “I’ll pay you the price, no, double it. I am…” He took another gulp of wine. “It’s just that I want to drink.”

Hearing the word ‘double’, Prison Fire felt much better. He lost a few bottles of wine, but got several times the compensation. It sounds like he made money! Of course, it would be better than punishing this intruder!

Cavaldien sat back down in the wine cabinet and drank with his head up. Such a large bottle of wine could not stand his drinking method, and soon it was empty. He found that there was no more wine in his mouth, so he set the bottle aside with regret. 

After a bottle of wine, he was probably hot, so he untied the front of his clothes and exposed his chest. He looked dejected. His eyes wandered on the wine bottle opposite him, as if he were looking for the next prey. Then he suddenly waved angrily and knocked over the bottles around him.

Prison Fire did not understand why he suddenly lost his temper. Humans are so moody.

Cavaldien bent his legs, held his knees, and buried his head in his arms. After a while, Prison Fire heard the sound of broken sobs. It turned out that he was crying. But he was crying and suddenly he was laughing again. The black dragon couldn’t tell whether he was crying or laughing. Human temperaments are so unpredictable!

“I often hear people say that as long as you are drunk, you will have no worries…” Cavaldien giggled, but his voice was crying, “but why am I still so miserable? Is it because I have too much alcohol to drink?”

Looking at his crazy, stupid and unclear appearance, Prison Fire suddenly felt a little sympathy for him. Alas, human beings are so fragile. He sat down beside the young man and asked, “Why are you sad? Are your relatives dead?”

Cavaldien looked up at him from his arms as if he were smiling. “No, they’re not.”

“What are you crying about?”

The corner of the young man’s mouth bent down and he looked like he was going to cry again. “I lost a good friend.” He paused. “My best friend.”

“Oh, so your friend is dead.” Prison Fire nodded, “I know that you human beings will comfort others like this — ‘mourning and changing’.”

Cavaldien chuckled, as if he thought Prison Fire’s words were very interesting. “He’s not dead,” said the young man, and then he dropped his gaze sadly. He was happy for a while and then sad the next moment, and Prison Fire was almost driven crazy by him!

“What happened to him?”

“He… is very angry with me, he vowed never to see me again. He’s still alive, but I’ve lost him forever. It’s worse than death.”

“Why is he angry with you?”

Cavaldien stared at the bottle lying on the ground. “I betrayed him. I used his good intentions to achieve my own goals, and deliberately attacked his weaknesses. I made him lose everything he wanted, because that was what I wanted.”

“That is to say, you argued with him for the same thing, but you managed to squeeze him out from getting it?”

“Mn, you can say that.”

“Was it something necessary to get?”

Cavaldien stared at the bottle, “I think so. I have to get it. “

Prison Fire reached out and slapped him on the back. Cavaldien coughed violently.

“In that case, whatever you did is worth it! If you don’t have friends, you can make them again!”

Cavaldien bowed his head dejectedly, “But he is very important to me…”

Human beings are greedy. Prison Fire thought. Wanting this, wanting that, but in most cases, being unable to have both. Human beings! How pitiful!

“Then why don’t you go and apologize to him?” Prison Fire asked, “I heard that you humans are good at forgiveness. Why don’t you ask him to forgive you?”

“I have no face to see him, and I don’t want to bow to him. At least… Not right now.”

“After a while? Oh, it seems that the same is true of our dragon people. I quarrel with other dragons and often don’t see them for decades, but one day, everything will be better.”

Cavaldien wryly, “You dragon people can wait, but we humans can’t. The life span of human beings is too short. If two people are angry with each other all the time, they will soon be old and will die, and there will never be any chance to recover.”

“You humans are so strange! You want to apologize to him but you don’t want to apologize to him. What do you want?”

“Human beings are like this, always so contradictory. If we were not so contradictory, we would not be sad.” With a bitter face, Cavaldien hobbled to the opposite wine cabinet, trying to take out another bottle of liquor. But he walked unsteadily and with a ‘thud’, he fell face down on the ground, unmoving.

Is he going to die? Prison Fire stood up in fear and cautiously poked Cavaldien with his foot. There was no reaction. He knelt down beside the young man and felt his pulse. Fortunately, he didn’t die, just fainted. Human beings are so bad at drinking that they get drunk.

“Ah, wake up! You can’t stay in my house! Wake up, pay me for the wine, and get out of here!” Prison Fire shook the young man’s body. Cavaldien still didn’t respond.

How could this happen? Prison Fire was very depressed. He had heard that many drunk human beings do not die of drunkenness, but are choked to death by their vomit after getting drunk. Cavaldien wouldn’t be like this, will he?! He quickly turned the young man over, holding up his neck with his left hand, parting his teeth with his right hand, and putting his fingers into his mouth.

“It’s not blocked…” Prison Fire groped inside Cavaldien’s mouth and talked to himself. Cavaldien whimpered, but didn’t wake up.

For the first time in his life, Prison Fire put his fingers into the mouth of a human being. Before, he cooked fingers and ate them. The human tongue was soft, wet and slippery. He tried to press it twice, and Cavaldien took a breath and woke up.

Cavaldien’s face was incredible once he woke up. He pushed aside Prison Fire and stood up. His injured right leg suddenly softened. He fell over. Prison Fire quickly held his body.

“You have an old injury? Then don’t move. I’ll take you to rest.”

Cavaldien distanced himself from him, “I didn’t expect this to happen. It was so unexpected. I have to go. I have a lot of work to do and unfinished research…” He shook his head as if to throw Prison Fire out of his mind.

The black dragon felt a little disappointed. He didn’t want Cavaldien to leave like this. He wanted the young magician to stay a little longer, and he wanted to study more about this human, and explore his body more.

“Won’t you stay a little longer?” Prison Fire tried to keep him.

Cavaldien blinked in surprise. “Do you want me to stay?”

“Can’t you?”

Cavaldien picked up the clothes on the ground and threw them on. “I really… I have to go. ” He hesitated for a moment and turned to the black dragon, “but I still have time. Can I call on you again?”

“Of course.” Prison Fire helped him button up his coat. “You can come whenever you want.”

“No one ever said that to me,” Cavaldien whispered, shaking his mouth, bending up and laughing. “The dragon people are so interesting.”

“So are human beings.” Prison Fire thought, I also want to know more about you.

“You have to be prepared. If you get entangled with me, it will not be easy to get rid of me. Don’t regret it in the future.”

“Regret? I don’t have such a word in my dictionary.”

Many years later, Prison Fire sat in Lord Augusta’s house, talking about the evening when Cavaldien was drunk in his wine cellar, and recalled what he had said.

“Why did I say that? Why would I sleep with him? That’s strange! It happened naturally! He must have used a trick on me!”

The great mage Augusta sat opposite him, sipping a cup of coffee, and idly browsing through an academic journal on magic research. “You came all the way here to tell me that? Cavaldien’s weakness lies in his chest? It’s very sensitive there. Once touched, you’ll be moved beyond control?” He sneered, “This is useless!”

“I promised to tell you about Cavaldien’s weaknesses…” Prison Fire was in a cold sweat. “It’s over. I’ll be trapped by that human for decades until he dies.”

“In any case, it’s only a few decades. It’s just a matter of time.”

“No! I can’t waste my time! Strange, what happened to me?! It must have been Cavaldien who did it!”

Augusta flipped a page of the magazine, “Next time you come, let me know in advance so that I’ll invite a Gypsy Witch who divines love.”

“This is not the trouble of love!”

“Ha.” He smiled. “Really. “

Prison Fire felt chagrined and pulled at his hair. He should learn from Cavaldien and drink in the wine cellar to forget his troubles. But he couldn’t get drunk, and Cavaldien had forbidden him to drink too much, saying that drinking too much was bad for his health. How thoughtful of him incorrect! Why does he think Cavaldien had become cute again? Why was this so?!

Prison Fire wanted to cry without tears. “Human beings are really hard to understand! Is it enough for me to understand a single human being after decades?”

Augusta squinted at him and sighed, “It’s hopeless…”



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I’m so happy to be able to read it now, sadly I can’t take cliffhangers but you guys are fast so I’m so thankful.
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This was a cute story. I don’t feel sorry for Cavaldien even with this little insight since he said repeatedly he’d do it again. Feel a bit sorry for the dragon except he’s a hopeless case. Thanks for the translation!

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