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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Jiang Ci took care of Ash all afternoon. He said he was taking care of him, but in fact, he just stayed by his side, and sat down to go through the documents that the other party had to deal with, to learn more about the latest human situation.

When he found that the person lying down was awake, Jiang Ci reached out his hand to check his forehead again. “The medicine is quite effective, your fever should have gone down.”

When Ash heard that voice and felt the touch on his forehead, he instinctively felt relieved and woke up. As soon as opened his eyes, he subconsciously looked for the figure of the young man next to him.

He sat up, and because he was now very clear-headed, he managed to suppress his feelings of love and affection for God’s care and replied, “I will remember to prepare medicine in the future.”

Jiang Ci blinked lightly, “It’s not a problem. You are very cooperative as a patient.” He smiled at Ash, “All I did was have you take your medicine and then sit beside you and watch.”

Ash said slowly, “Once is enough, you can’t always take care of me. You need to look over the world, you have already taken on too much.”

Jiang Ci chuckled and looked into his eyes, “Then aren’t you one of the things I need to watch over?”

Ash’s demeanor shifted slightly, as if he was having trouble keeping his gaze on Jiang Ci and averted his eyes slightly.

If there were an emotional battle happening in that stare, Ash was definitely losing.

Then Jiang Ci said, “I should have paid more attention to the administrators of each race, because you have done a lot of things for me.”

Ash looked at him again, “It was only what I should have done as the administrator you created.”

Jiang Ci shook his head at this point and did not speak.

If the existence of an administrator were just a game setting, there would have been no problems, but if Jiang Ci had created a real world with the same setting by synchronizing his thoughts, the administrator’s setting would be unreasonable. Giving eternal life to a creature with normal emotions was equivalent to giving the other person solitude, while, at the same time, giving him the permanent responsibility of managing the race.

This was undoubtedly a very heavy burden, and after understanding it, Jiang Ci cannot help but feel guilty for creating each of his administrators. Because of this guilt, Jiang Ci’s attitude towards each administrator was softer, and he speaks better to them than he did to others in the original world.

“You said before that it would make you feel happy if I stayed.” Jiang Ci mentions the incident not long ago, and his voice was warm, “This is something I hope to do, so don’t feel it’s a problem for me.”

Out of the six administrators, Jiang Ci felt that Ash was probably the hardest worker, so he was more willing to compensate. Ash found it difficult to cope with Jiang Ci’s words, and his emotions were always easily provoked by the other administrator’s words.

Ash was not used to this kind of inner turmoil, but subjectively, he did not resist the turmoil caused by Jiang Ci. He smiled at Jiang Ci and let go of his suppressed emotions a little, “When I see you, I feel happy.”

After all, he was very fond of the God who created him.

Jiang Ci listened without reacting, and the system cracked on the spot as he listened.


Not wanting to keep going with this, the system was even thinking about slacking off at this very moment.

That’s it?

Is this the only thing that can be saved?

The system was numb inside.

Today, because of the cancellation of a trip to take care of a patient, the next day, Jiang Ci still fulfilled his promise to Ivy and accompanied him to the theater. He didn’t want to see too many people with him. Ivy’s expression was indifferent and full of unhappiness, to which Jiang Ci had to calm him down, “Don’t be unhappy.”

If Jiang Ci had been silent, Ivy would have just pursed his lips and remained silent, but after being reassured by Jiang Ci, he asked, “Why could you be alone with him yesterday, but not with me today?” Without waiting for Jiang Ci’s answer, he added, “You were alone with him the day before yesterday.

The ‘him’ in Ivy’s words referred to Ash. Hearing the question, Jiang Ci looked at the faces of the several people present. Needless to say, Ivy was unhappy, and the Black Dragon on his shoulder seemed to be staring at Ash, and Jiang Ci saw that Luci’s expression was now indifferent, not saying anything.

These three conditions added up, and Jiang Ci felt his hands trembling slightly as he served the water.

“Yesterday, it was because Ash was sick, and I was taking care of him.” Jiang Ci gave a valid reason, “As for the day before yesterday, there was something to talk about alone.” After giving his reason, Jiang Ci quickly said again, “I would have reacted the same way if any of you had been sick.”

Ivy listened and accepted without making a sound.

Jiang Ci was relieved when he regained enough composure to hold the water steady.

Jiang Ci didn’t know much about the development of film and television in this part of the world. Sitting in the theater, which was basically the same as a movie theater, the illusion of going back to the original world was very strong in an instant.

The movie shown today was still a romance theme, and watching it with the four administrators that he created, Jiang Ci felt something was wrong. But today, only this movie was shown, so Jiang Ci thought he would just watch it.

Since it was not a movie subject that he was interested in, Jiang Ci didn’t take in much of the content of the movie while he was sitting in his seat, but when he looked around at the administrators sitting on either side of him, he was surprised that they all seemed to be watching it seriously. Luci was watching it with an indifferent look, which made Jiang Ci feel especially contrasted.

After leaving the theater, Jiang Ci heard Ash say to him that he was going to start the project of rebuilding the city on the ground.

“After the rebuilding, the humans will also join in the plan to build a neutral city,” he said. Ash had agreed to Jiang Ci’s proposal before.

Humans had lived in the underground city for years, and even though the city had a technologically simulated sky and sunlight, people still longed for a normal life back above ground. Therefore, when the reconstruction plan was announced, the enthusiasm of the people was very high and they quickly mobilized on their own.

Even with technology, rebuilding a city-state on the ground was a huge project, but Jiang Ci’s help has cut the workload in half.

His ability to influence the elements with his mind and achieve almost ‘anything he wants’ was at full play here. As long as Jiang Ci wanted it, he could make a vast area of land that had been ravaged by a natural disaster normal again in an instant.

Seeing the miracle, the admiration on the faces of the people from the underground city up to the ground when they looked at Jiang Ci was clearly visible.

Jiang Ci had pre-designed a suitable environment for the rebuilt homes, not only the land, but also the mountains and rivers, and he could have done more, but Ash stopped him.

“The townspeople are very grateful for your help, but no one wants to bother you with the rest of the rebuilding work.” Ash looked at the people who were enthusiastically rebuilding, “The process of rebuilding a city on the ground brings us together, and we all want to show you the results of our efforts.”

It was the result of what human beings had achieved through their own abilities.

Jiang Ci could only nod his head, “Yes.”

Seeing the human side on the right track, Jiang Ci could not help but think of the Celestials who were still waiting to show him the beautified city, and he should return to Arsène once before going to meet the next race.

After following the reconstruction work for a while, Jiang Ci made the decision to follow the trip. Humans were busy rebuilding cities on the ground, and Ash wasn’t usually able to get away, let alone at this time.

“In addition to another trip to Arsène, you’re going to meet two other races, right?” Ash correctly surmised, “If I have some free time afterwards, I will come to see you.”

Now having to continue to manage the human race, Ash still put his responsibilities before his personal emotions. After such a long interval, it was time for Ivy to go back to Phantom, so he did not follow Jiang Ci on his trip back to Arsène.

Only Luci and Noyce accompanied Jiang Ci on this trip.

According to the way of life of a Dragon, there was nothing special about the development of Dragon Island that needed to be managed by Noyce. Before leaving the human city, Jiang Ci was lured to the theater by a Black Dragonling fluttering its wings in front of him.

Jiang Ci didn’t understand what the Black Dragon wanted to bring him here for, but he understood that it wanted him to follow, so Jiang Ci complied. Jiang Ci and the Black Dragon were the only ones there; they could not see any customers in the large theater. Jiang Ci moved his lips to ask something, and then the Black Dragon in front of him suddenly changed into his human form.

Noyce looked at the huge screen in the theater, where the plot of the movie was being shown, and the main character was kissing the hair of the person next to him.

The Black Dragon did the same to Jiang Ci, but before Jiang Ci could recover from the sudden kiss, he heard Noyce say in a deep voice, in sync with his character’s lines, “I want to pursue you.”

The next part of the movie was that the person whose hair was kissed agreed and kissed back, and the Black Dragon waited too long for this to happen, his head tilting as he waited.

Noyce didn’t know what other races do when they pursue someone, and the Black Dragon thought the behavior in the movie was standard practice, so he did it to Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci, after regaining composure, vaguely figured out the reason for doing so, and he didn’t know what to focus on for a moment, “Don’t learn such things.”

“If I like someone, isn’t it possible to pursue them?” the Black Dragon asked him.

Jiang Ci coughed but nodded undeniably.

Then the red eyes of the Black Dragon gazed into his, “I like you and want to pursue you.”


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