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Chapter 2: F – H

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


The Silver Dragon said that if you want to see through magic, you must first be calm and focused, and should not be frightened by what is happening in front of you. Even if you are worried, you should calm down and observe. Once you have a firm will, in fact, the flaws of illusion can be easily found.

Xue Qiu and Ren Yun followed a bipedal pterosaur into its nest, it was not a natural creature but was raised by an ambitious human as a source for medicine.

Two dragons in elf shape found a secret passage in the cave, which connected to the underground residence of a mage. This place was transformed from a tomb, and now there are magic traps everywhere, which is beyond defense.

After knocking down a stone demon, they came to the cave with a high dome. They were standing on a platform, tens of feet away from the opposite stone platform, with the abyss below. Only a suspension bridge less than four feet wide connected the two ends.

“Don’t go over there,” Ren Yun grabbed Xue Qiu, who was trying to get on the bridge. “Don’t you notice that it’s an illusion? This is not a real bridge.”

Xue Qiu stepped back from the edge of the cliff and cautiously asked, “So is the canyon fake?”

“The canyon is real.”

“What shall we do?” Xue Qiu looked around, trying to find the narrow part of the canyon. “I have a coil of rope in my backpack, but there is no claw. We have to fix it…”

Ren Yun looked at him, his beautiful eyebrows wrinkled, “Xue Qiu… We can fly there.”



At first, Xue Qiu didn’t think Ren Yun’s elf transformation was so beautiful. It was not until he began to go into human society and compare with others that he had a clearer understanding.

There were one or two beautiful singers and waitresses in every tavern they walked through. People praised and were infatuated with them, smiled and whistled when they saw them. However, when people see Ren Yun, they are silent. Both men and women are surprised, and their eyes always drift to secretly look at him, as if they are ashamed to look.

Xue Qiu thought that the girls were not as good-looking as Ren Yun. He also asked Ren Yun why people were not so enthusiastic about him. Ren Yun explained that since our essence is a dragon, even if we no longer have such strong dragon power after transformation, we still have a kind of awe and charisma.

On that day, Ren Yun and Xue Qiu lived together in an elf tribe in Silent Tree Sea. The elves knew the identity of Ren Yun, and have always trusted and liked the silver dragon since ancient times.

Ren Yun lied to the elves. He said that Xue Qiu was a young silver dragon, but had been raised by a white dragon. He didn’t let Xue Qiu hear this because he was afraid of hurting his self-esteem or something.

Under the bright moonlight that night, the elves held a banquet under the vines and danced in the rose garden with magic and cold-flame lighting. Xue Qiu drank a lot of fruit wine, but he was not drunk. Two young elves were teaching him to dance, but he just wanted to have a few more drinks.

Because Ren Yun was not here right now. Ren Yun seemed to want to discuss things with the elves and hid in the house. During the most interesting stage of the dance, Xue Qiu wanted to dance with Ren Yun, not with an elf. Unfortunately, his wish could not be realized.

He also wanted to go directly to Ren Yun, but he was afraid that Ren Yun would not be happy. It’s not difficult for him to dance. He doesn’t feel tired even if he dances one song after another, although the steps don’t look good enough. He has been drinking and eating all this time, since Ren Yun was not here, his biggest entertainment was drinking and eating.

Towards midnight, along with the light wind music, the elves formed several large circles hand in hand, changing positions and partners according to the rhythm.

In Xue Qiu’s team, an elf turned several times and flashed over a rose pillar. When Xue Qiu turned back, his hands were held by the familiar silver dragon. Ren Yun was wearing an elven ceremonial robe, the fabric is a smooth silver-gray with gold thread and dark lines. On one side of the neckline is the emblem of friends and on the other is the symbol of the Silent Sea of Trees. Compared with the usual adventurer’s leather armor and cape, this dress made Ren Yun look even more elegant and noble.

At this moment, Xue Qiu felt as if he was drunk. He felt that Ren Yun’s hair was soft in the moonlight, and his smile was so sweet that his back went soft.

As soon as he grabbed Ren Yun’s hand, Xue Qiu didn’t want to let go. But at this time, he felt that he did not dare to look Ren Yun in the eyes. He didn’t know why, as if he could also feel that kind of ‘charm.’

But he wasn’t afraid of Ren Yun, so he didn’t know what this feeling was and why.

Before changing partners with the music, Ren Yun took his hand and gave him a kiss, as if to tell him, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.’ At this time, Xue Qiu felt an intense shiver on his back.



“The sand-gray guinea pigs are best at hiding in the sand. They dig out a hole quickly and bury themselves in it to ensure that the sand pit can’t be seen from the outside. They use this method to rest and avoid detection by predators… “

That’s what the local animal guide said.

Xue Qiu closed the book, “What’s so hard about this? We white dragons bury ourselves in the snow, and we can’t be found from the outside!”

“Why do you want to compare with sand-gray guinea pigs…” Ren Yun looked at him with one hand on his chin.

“Hiding is a hunter’s skill,” Xue Qiu said proudly. “By the way, don’t a silver dragon also hide in the snow?”

Ren Yun smiled and shook his head. Adult silver dragons were very big. If you hide in the snow, you have to dig very deep into the snow…

“We sometimes hide in the clouds.” He said.

Xue Qi’s eyes brightened. He imagined the silver and white dragon flying in the clouds, looming from time to time, revealing his eyes from the cotton like clouds. This is so much fun! The little white dragon began to pester the silver dragon, hoping that he could demonstrate how to get into the clouds so he could learn to do the same.

At first, Ren Yun clearly told him “You can’t.” But Xue Qiu didn’t like that answer. He mentioned it every day, and finally Ren Yun agreed.

On the mountain peak, they released the form of the dragon and flew high into the sky. The higher he went, the more he couldn’t keep up with Ren Yun’s speed. However, Xue Qiu didn’t want to admit defeat and tried to keep up with the tail of the silver dragon.

The silver dragon can walk through the clouds without flying, they are born with this ability. The inside of the cloud is totally different from what Xue Qiu imagined, it is not soft here, but more difficult to breathe and master the directions than the outside. The air flow here is turbulent and odd, and the closer the cloud is, the darker the light is. Even lightning shook from time to time.

The white dragon’s tiny body couldn’t carry the internal flight of the clouds, but the air flow here was too fast for him to rush out. Ren Yun approaches Xue Qiu and guides him on his wings to climb up his back.

A white dragon being carried by a silver dragon is really strange. Ren Yun took Xue Qiu out of the cloud and spiraled down to the top of the mountain where they started.

After they changed their appearance to an elf and half-elf, Xue Qiu was so tired that he threw himself into Ren Yun’s arms and refused to move.

“In some things, you’d better trust me,” Ren Yun stroked Xue Qi’s curly, creamy hair. “My advice to you is for your own safety and health.”

Xue Qiu hummed a few times, but still couldn’t get up. Ren Yun asked, “What’s wrong with you? Not feeling well?”

“No,” said Xue Qiu, “although it is really tiring, hiding in the clouds doesn’t suit me. White dragons are still suited for snow…It’s good to be in your arms.” he added. 

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