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Chapter 5: Self-Study

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

The evening self-study sessions start from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm and Hu Yu used the first hour and a half to finish his homework from other subjects in a hurry, before looking at the clock above the blackboard and  staring into space.  

One minute before eight, he didn’t know whether he should go to the classroom on the top floor. After all, he had a fight with Fu Anli only a few hours ago.  

“Ai-” Hu Yu hesitated and hesitated, and was ready to pretend that he had forgotten it.  

Shen Yu put down his pen, picked up the  cup and took a sip of water. At the same time, he turned to talk to Hu Yu. Unexpectedly, he saw a figure standing behind the two of them. He was scared for a moment, “Cough, cough, cough!”  

“Fuck! What’s the matter with you?” Hu Yu responded quickly, dodging the other party’s spraying water and looking at him with disgust.  

“Keke ke… Hua Ke… Teacher Hua?” Shen Yu opened his eyes and looked at Hua Tang, who had been standing there for a long time. Suddenly, his heart was beating like a drum.  

Hu Yu was also shocked, but he quickly realized why he was here.  

“Hu Yu, why haven’t you gone to the top floor yet?” Hua Tang patted Shen Yu on the back, then looked at Hu Yu with a smile, “Don’t let Fu Anli wait for a long time.”  

Looking at Hua Tang’s smile, Hu Yu suddenly had a creepy feeling, so he quickly picked up the Chinese book and exercise book and rushed to the door, “I’ll go now!”  

The door of the small classroom on the top floor has been opened, and there is warm yellow light inside. Fu Anli should have arrived.  

Hu Yu paced around the entrance.  

Ah, he’s already here. Anyway, I can’t go back to the classroom. Can’t I hang out here for two hours?  

Hu Yu clenched his teeth and pushed  the half open door. As soon as he looked up, he saw Fu Anli, sitting by the first row of windows, writing with his head down. Under his cool eyebrows, he has a high and straight nose, and his two thin lips are   light in color. Hu Yu thinks that this may be natural.  

As soon as he opened the door, Hu Yu smelled Fu Anli’s scent, which became more and more intense after taking a few steps closer.  

Hu Yu thought, did he smell this strong before?  

Before he could understand, Fu Anli looked up at the sound of footsteps. There were no expressions on his face and his tone was light, which almost made Hu Yu think that this was a different man from the one a few hours ago.

“I thought you would not come.”  

The seats in the classroom are arranged in two rows. The one by the window is against the wall. Fu Anli sits in the first row by the aisle, and Hu Yu chooses the second row against the wall.  

“I really didn’t want to come, but Hua Ge didn’t give me a choice,” Hu Yu, sitting in the seat at the back of the other side, lowers his head.  

After hearing this, Fu Anli didn’t get angry. He just said, “Finish today’s homework first. If you don’t understand, you can ask me.” Fu Anli stopped for a moment and then said, “Mr. Wang showed me your last monthly test results. Your foundation is not very good, especially in ancient Chinese. So next, I will tell you the ancient Chinese prose one by one.”  

Hu Yu is aware of the change in Fu Anli’s attitude towards him, he didn’t sneer at him for example,, but Hu Yu didn’t know why, so he won’t think about it.  

“Mn,” Hu Yu said in a low voice, and then went to open his Chinese exercise book.  

About twenty minutes later, he doesn’t know if it’s an illusion, but as Hu Yu is working on the topic, he feels that the temperature in the classroom seems to be getting higher. It’s a spring night and he starts sweating.  

Hu Yu is only wearing a long sleeve shirt that can’t be undone or taken off. The scent of Fu Anli enveloped him and penetrated into Hu Yu’s body, arousing his deep desire.  

“Mn…” Hu Yu’s pen was shaking in his hand, a slight groan came out from his lips. 

In the open and quiet classroom, Fu Anli’s ears caught the sound. Fu Anli turned his head, “What’s the matter with you?”  

Hu Yu took a few deep breaths, “I’m ok, it’s just a little hot…”  

“Hot?” Fu Anli looked at the wide open window, there was a cool wind blowing through it.  

After a moment of silence, Fu Anli frowned and sat down beside Hu Yu, he reached out and touched his forehead, the touch surprising Hu Yu.. His temperature was indeed a little high.  

“Do you have a fever?” Fu Anli repeatedly checked to confirm that the other boy’s temperature was higher than normal..  

Fu Anli’s hands  were cool on Hu Yu’s forehead and he couldn’t help but sigh. However, Fu Anji quickly took back his hand, which made Hu Yu a little lost.  

Surrounded by the smell of Fu Anli, Hu Yu felt that his head and tail vertebrae were itchy and sore. He knew that his ears and tail were about to grow out and started panicking from this uncontrollable feeling.  

“I’ll go to the teacher…” Before Fu Anli finished this sentence, he saw two sharp fox ears growing out of Hu Yu’s head. The white fluff became especially obvious through his black hair. The beautiful Phoenix eyes gradually filled with tears. Looking at Fu Anli, he could not help breathing quicker.  

“What’s wrong with you?” Fu Anli realized that it might not be as simple as a fever.  

All of a sudden, his mind flashed with an introduction about the demon tribe that he had read in the book a long time ago: Although different demon clans have different living habits and ethnic customs, most demon clans will usher in the first heat period of a demon’s life when they are adults.  

Although Fu Anli lacks common sense, he has a good brain and soon realises it, “Are you in heat?”  

“I feel like my heat has arrived…”  

After that, there was a sense of embarrassment in the air.  

Fu Anli said stiffly, “What do we do now?”  

The person he liked was right by his side. Hu Yu’s current state is the equivalent to soaking in a bucket of aphrodisiac. Luckily, Fu Anli was smart but  also so incredibly stupid.

His fluffy white tail made Hu Yu uncomfortable since it was stuck in his pants. He simply pulled down his pants and released his big tail behind him, shaking it back and forth in the air.  

Fu Anli was fascinated by the scenery in front of his eyes. A beautiful young man with animal ears and tail was lying on the table with a pair of moistened phoenix eyes staring at Fu Anli in a daze and groaning intermittently. He couldn’t control it, okay?!  

Fu Anli held back. He took out his mobile phone and checked the Internet to find out what to do in this situation. Many demon people’s replies were very simple and crude: “the heat period has arrived? It’s good to have a few dozen meals.”There was one serious reply: “Generally, the heat period will last more than a month, but it is different between each demon clan. During this period, they need a long time of companionship until the other party’s heat breaks.”

Fu Anli glanced at Hu Yu’s side and found that he had put his hand into his pants. Fu Anli’s eyes darkened, so he got up to close the classroom door and then turned off the light.  

After his sight suddenly darkened, Hu Yu looked around, confused. Suddenly, he saw a figure approaching him with a familiar and pleasant smell. Hu Yu can’t help but lean towards him.

Fu Anli hugged the fox who took the initiative to throw himself in his arms. He carefully swept his hands over Hu Yu’s waist, placing the man on the table top. He asked in a low voice, “Do you know who I am?”  

Hu Yu hugged the man and rubbed hard. After hearing this, he tried to clear his brain. He looked at his face and carefully identified him, “Fu… Anli.” After calling this name, Hu Yu calmed down a little, “You… You let me go…”

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