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Chapter 33: Eat Something Sweet, Don’t Be Angry

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey wants to punch the Lus in the face


Gu Ang glanced at his ID, showing Lu ChangBai boldly.

Was this guy sick?

He became self-conscious, as he squeezed the man’s shoulders and spun him around, pushing him into the room, “Kids shouldn’t surf the net, come on, go inside and eat.”

Lu ChangBai’s cheeks, which were hidden under his long hair, gently curved up a little. Every move you make is in my hands.

The two men entered the booth one after the other, the adults went to the cubicles to talk about their business, and the large booth seemed empty. Ye Fei saw the person behind Gu Ang, and his gentle expression suddenly returned to coldness. His previous encounter with Lu ChangBai was done through a hologram, but the man’s appearance was already deeply imprinted into his mind.

Long hair, morbidly threatening, every inch of it burned into his heart. And now, out of the blue, appearing straight and bold, was he trying to make a move? Ye Fei’s eyelids narrowed, and when he looked at people coldly, it was like a knife trying to poke into their hearts.

The whole person is enveloped in a do-not-approach aura.

Lu ChangBai was just standing there docilely, and he felt a great threat.

Ye Fei reflexively pulled Gu Ang to his right and sat down, blocking the person behind him and withdrawing his eyes.

As if Lu ChangBai didn’t feel Ye Fei’s killing intent at all, walked up in a single step, holding Ye Fei’s hand with both hands, his voice very soft.

“Brother Ye Fei, I finally got a chance to meet you in person today, I’ve been a one-sided friend of yours for a long time.”

One-sided friend?

Was this to reveal that you’ve done your homework to set me up?

Ye Fei grunted inwardly and gave the cold palm of his hand just a faint squeeze before quickly pulling the gripped hand back. He glanced sideways at Gu Ang, who also had a cold, even slightly impatient expression. He knew what Gu Ang was thinking, this kind of innings, it was torment for them both.

Seeing Ye Fei draw his hand back without saying anything, Lu ChangBai turned his head and smiled at Gu Ang again, “It’s true that God Ye is only gentle with you, I didn’t expect you guys were really in the kind of relationship I thought you were.”

As he spoke, a hint of joy unfolded between Lu ChangBai’s eyebrows. Like he caught them in the act of stealing. Since he was Ye Fei’s person, it was only fun to die pretty.

Gu Ang wrinkled his brow as the two men shaking hands next to him looked really out of place.

Lu ChangBai looked as if he had everything under control and was at ease, his brows all showing a great mood. Ye Fei, on the other hand, could tell that his muscles were tense and his entire being was in a state of impending explosion, as well as intense killing intent. He was more than familiar with Ye Fei and wouldn’t have acted so perversely if it had been a first meeting.

Anyone who could make Ye Fei so nervous must be a threat to him.

Since Lu ChangBai identified himself and Ye Fei as a pair, was he planning to use him to blackmail Ye Fei? 

But… Did you guys get something wrong?

I’m the #1 5-star Admiral in the universe! Even stronger now than back then! Gu Ang snorted inwardly, Using me as a breakthrough, wrong person. However, since that was the case, it was better to go along with it and set Lu ChangBai’s guess. In case something happened to Ye Fei that he couldn’t solve alone, he could still lend a hand.

He touched Lu ChangBai, feigning shyness and whispering, “Me and Ye Fei are just ordinary roommates, don’t talk nonsense.”

In terms of acting skills, Gu Ang crushed Lu ChangBai. It almost made Ye Fei believe it when he looked at it.

This expression fell into Lu ChangBai’s eyes, but it had the flavor of a desire to cover up, “I know, you guys are in a secret relationship and don’t want them to find out right, I won’t tell.”

Gu Ang waved his hand, a plausible tone, “No really.”

He was sure that Lu ChangBai had tied the two men up, which was just as well.

Next time they faced each other, settled old scores with new ones, and sent that dead unlucky brother with your own hands. It could be considered collecting a little interest from the culprit who caused his family to die. Ye Fei didn’t want Gu Ang to get involved, but he didn’t expect the man to push his way in.

It wasn’t enough of a messy battlefield, it was really a heart fucked up and broken. The room fell into silence as each of the three men sat down. Gu Ang thought of Ye Fei’s subconscious protection, and it was a lie to say that he wasn’t moved. Ye Fei moved in and out the other day, presumably to get involved with those potential dangers.

The man was really putting his life on the line to protect him, no matter what time it was.

Gu Ang softened a bit and stole another glance at Ye Fei.

Ye Fei still had a scowl on his face and was staring deadly at Lu ChangBai, contemplating the possibility of killing him on the spot.

The Lu family head was right next door, and he was afraid that even if he killed Lu ChangBai, there was no way he could leave here alive. After all, an existence on the same level as his old man couldn’t be weak. There were too many people and eyes to make a move.

Besides, Qin LeHe’s industry, if a person really got killed, his own image would be ruined.

Only, this time, after releasing Lu ChangBai… 

The next time you try to catch him, it might not be so easy.


The side door pushed open, Qin LeHe and Lu Yan had just entered, and before they could speak, Gu Shen walked in with big strides behind them. He apologized to the crowd, “I’m late, so I’ll punish myself with three glasses.”

Gu Ang called out ‘Dad’ with a blank face and nothing more. He couldn’t really hand out any good looks to the face that he had inherited seven points from. Seven or eight waiters fishtailed in and placed a course on the table in a unique order, and the group began to eat.

Gu Ang had little appetite and casually fiddled with his chopsticks to pass the time. The silver chopsticks weren’t placed firmly and fell off the table after a couple of wobbles. Gu Ang bent down and squatted to pick it up, under the tablecloth, just in time to see Lu Yan touch his father’s hand.

The hand hadn’t left instantly, cupping the back of it and rubbing it twice, quickly intertwining and separating, infinitely ambiguous. The movement was skillful and light, like it had happened many times before.

Gu Ang felt like he was going to throw up before he could eat his meal. He quickly lifted himself from under the table just in time to see his mother place the peeled crab meat into his father’s bowl.

A smile bends the eyes, a frown deepens the brow. The former was sincere, the latter false. On the surface, the two were a lovey-dovey, a loving match. But behind the scenes, in front of his sons, he had to see his lover and make eyes with him, disgusting.

Gu Ang’s heart chilled and his ears could no longer hear the sounds of everyone joking. The derailment was a full eight years long by the time projection. For the latter eight years, his mother was kept in the dark, mistakenly believing it to be a deep love affair.

That was why the sudden divorce at the end could hit her so hard.

The meal was tasteless, and Gu Ang put his chopsticks away after two bites.

The banter at the table was all hypocritical pretense.

Ending the meal, the adults stood in the doorway exchanging pleasantries and goodbyes as Gu Ang stood on the side. The communicator in his pants pocket vibrated a few times. He lowered his eyes and saw that ID BaiBai had pulled a small group in the forum for nothing.

The group name was even more creepy, [Ye Fei Gu Ang CP Fan Backing Association (22 people)]

Gu Ang ground his teeth. What the hell was this Bai SiNing up to?

BaiBai: Saw that you all voted for Double A Absolute Love, so I pulled you all into a group. Although we like cold niches at the moment, I’m confident that our organization will grow. Please leave no stone unturned to promote our backing group and try to attract more people in!

Xiao Bai Bai Bai: @XiuYong, how do you mix the forum with your real name?

XiuYong: @LuChangBai, that’s also his real name.

Lu ChangBai: I’m off-campus and can only register in my real name, no way.

Shu Yung: … Then I’ll go change the name.

Gu Ang propped his forehead and felt an overwhelming sense of heartfelt exhaustion.

There’s only 22 of them. Why did everyone in there look so familiar? From the corner of his eyes he saw Lu ChangBai’s fingertips flying to type, this man’s small movements were really mind-boggling.

Lu ChangBai: Glad to join the group, let’s give them a CP name, shall we?

Kobayashi: How about Luminous? Gu Ang is pinyin for light.

BaiBai: Coco coco, what a talent, I’m on fire to change it.

BaiBai: By the way, Lin XiuYong you don’t seem to make much difference if you change this name or not… 

Gu Ang looked at the two words and froze.

How could he say, Nightlight, was it really a coincidence?

The group’s discussion was still rolling along at a rapid pace, and Gu Ang’s heart was sinking. The General Bureau’s like being caught in an invisible net, and the man who reeled it in, was pulling the noose tighter little by little. Except for these three who were stammering, the rest of them didn’t talk much and were in a diving state.

Gu Ang stared at the comment chat scrolling by and eventually didn’t hold back from posting.

Interstellar Fierce A: No, what’s the point of this group?

Little White BaiBai: @Interstellar Fierce A, you can’t have that name, are you better than Ang God Ye?

Gu Ang wanted to go through the net and take Bai SiNing out and beat him up. This man wasn’t doing his job all day long, but he was getting into some nonsense. No wonder when he initially worked with him, he heard that he graduated with mediocre grades and nothing outstanding. Only by that time he had become quiet, abused himself like crazy every day, and was growing rapidly by doing nothing but training.

Not bothering to tangle with him, he simply put away his communicator and raised his eyes to crash into Ye Fei’s. Gu Ang saw Ye Fei so tense for the first time, his entire expression felt like it was frozen, cold into a harsh blade.

“What’s wrong with you? Not feeling well?”

“It’s fine, you go back first, I’ll go out to buy a pack of cigarettes.” Ye Fei casually said a few words and said goodbye to the people. He had just seen the group as well, and two others had him on high alert, so he needed to warn Gu Ang.

“Okay, I’ll go first.” Gu Ang stuck his hands in his pockets, finished greeting his parents, and headed towards his dorm.

After a few steps, he noticed that someone was still following behind him. He looked back and saw Lu ChangBai, “Why didn’t you go with your father?”

“Couldn’t read Red Flame and wanted to come and hang out.” Lu ChangBai gave a flawless smile, “Can you show me around?”

Gu Ang didn’t think much of him, dropping an after-dinner piece of gum into his mouth and chewing lazily.

“I’m not available.” He chewed twice more before he eased out, “Let’s get out of here.”

Lu ChangBai stood still in his spot, his face embarrassed. Anyone who looked at it looked pathetically aggravated.

Gu Ang was ruthless and turned his head. Whoever’s child this was, pick him up yourself. He went back to his dorm and slumped down on the couch, feeling really haunted by the meal. His dad and Lu Yan’s eyebrow-raising and darkness was disgusting enough.

Ye Fei didn’t know what was going on, and the other probably wouldn’t tell him if asked.

The communicator vibrated again and Gu Ang clicked on it to see that YG had sent him a private message in the forum post.

YG: Gu Ang is it?

Gu Ang remembered the last time he friended this guy and blew his cover, so he didn’t bother to hide it.

Interstellar Fierce A: It’s you, it’s not nice to be forced into a group, is it?

YG: I confess to you that I’m the one who marked you on the rooftop. I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been forgetting to remind you that you must not say anything about you being an Omega or you’ll be in danger.

Gu Ang’s eyes widened as the mystery man, himself, came to his door.

Interstellar Fierce A: No, you’re mine and Ye Fei’s CP fan? Then what did you mark me for?

YG: Like I said, I see you’re not feeling well and just trying to help.

Interstellar Fierce A: Are CP fans so sweet these days????

Interstellar Fierce A: Besides, how did you know I’d be in danger?

YG: Anyway, watch out for Lu ChangBai.

Interstellar Fierce A: Who the hell are you?

The sentence was sent but he never heard back from the other side. Like a small stone thrown into the sea, not even a ripple was made. He’d suspected the mystery man was Ye Fei before, but the man had pulled a birthday present excuse and brushed off the brandy thing. It was so strange that this man now jumped back in and said things that were indeed about his well-being.

Gu Ang couldn’t figure it out and was even more annoyed as hell. He rested his leg on the edge of the couch, with little spirit. Hearing the door lock open, Gu Ang lifted his eyes and saw Ye Fei enter carrying a bag of stuff.


Ye Fei hmmed and sat down on the couch across from him, lighting a cigarette with a sullen face. He wasn’t quite sure now if he should confess everything to Gu Ang.

Gu Ang couldn’t hold his tongue and grumbled, “That meal was fucking annoying.”

He didn’t say why, and Ye Fei didn’t ask, he naturally understood the reason.

Ye Fei chewed on his cigarette and got up, carrying the small bag to the sink as the water picked up. After a while, he returned with the bag in its original packaging and stood by the couch.

Gu Ang looked up at him, wanting to say something. Trying to tell him all the thoughts he couldn’t make sense of, like he used to, but now he didn’t know where to start. The two men looked at each other, speechless for a moment.

Suddenly, Ye Fei bent down and shoved a red cherry into his mouth.

The sweet, creamy juice exploded in his mouth, and Gu Ang chewed mindlessly, his teeth biting into Ye Fei’s fingertips.

Ye Fei was still biting on his cigarette without moving it, the ashes almost falling off. He didn’t bother, his fingers still in Gu Ang’s lips, unable to let go, “I don’t know what you’re angry about. Have something sweet and don’t be angry.”


The author has something to say: 

God Ye has a tough time cajoling wife in a vest.


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April 10, 2023 7:06 am

So the past is going to happen again?

April 17, 2023 7:22 am

Must be horrible to be aware of an affair your father is having, that will crush your mother and feel like it’s impossible to change fate.
These 2 are so easily intimate. It’s like a pressure cooker.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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